What is the BEST FORWARD Facing Sonar in 2021?!

Wheeler Fishing

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    What is the BEST FORWARD Facing Sonar in 2021?! So far we have the Garmin Livescope which has recently been updated as well as the BRAND NEW Lowrance Active Target.... Which is the best? No joking around... No Bias..
    I break it down into three different tests to get a good idea of what will actually be useful in REAL fishing situations.
    Hopefully this helps answer some people's questions and helps YOU get a better idea of what is out there..

    PS: Rumor has it that the new competitor will be emerging soon so stay tuned for my opinion on that as well!

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    1. Mark Drown

      Wow lots haters on here..... lowrance won simply due to a narrower cone angle which gives more details. All of the image issues the others are talking about can be adjusted with the gain for perfect images. This video is about effective ranges. This type of settings would not necessarily be used in real life. My bet if you were not focused on range but instead focused on image quality the lowrance would still win. Smaller cone angle equals better images. Most on here are Garmin live scope users and just hating because they just got beat by lowrance. Yes Garmin was first but as of right now not the best.

      1. Craig C.

        Lowrance’s Active Target will be the better unit at some point. Garmin’s Livescope’s software has maxed the capabilities of the hardware. They have had 3 years of updates. Lowrance has had 3 weeks since they shipped.

      2. Pyrooz Rat

        @Mark Drown OK BOOMER

      3. Mark Drown

        @Pyrooz Rat I mean you stated that narrower cone angle does not affect the images so please in lightening all of us on how that is not so? This time do not avoid the question. You said "get your facts straight" so please tell me and everyone else what the "facts are" in not then do not waste any of our time with your unwitt responses....

      4. Mark Drown

        @Pyrooz Rat wow really and what does that make you? Do you even realize who you are talking to? So people they just hVe no clue....

      5. Pyrooz Rat

        @Mark Drown If there is someone that acts like a whiny baby its you my friend.

    2. David Ball

      U might explain WTF You are looking at. U say u saw it when it hit the water. Where is the surface? I see pilings. I can’t tell what’s a fish until it moves towards your lure. Does it have thermocline indicator? If this technology isn’t oppressed it’s going to absolutely ruin bass fishing. As everyone says it’s like playing a video game and I can do that from my warm, dry house.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Pretty difficult to catch fish from your couch

    3. Tn Backroads

      What I found amazing was...you were at Wolftever ramp and bridge and hardly anyone was there. Usually that place is loaded even through the week.

    4. DK Dice

      I have heard many people complain of interference using active target in conjunction with mega 360. On the other hand you can keep garmin livescope one inch from your 360 pod with no interference. I would also say a wider cone is better esp because most of us bass guys have our live technology on trolling motor mounts. (Live scope user, never used active target but im sure it works well)

    5. Robert Rodriguez

      Garmin looks very smooth. I can tell exactly what I’m looking at. I prefer Garmin, and I have Lowrance on my boat.

    6. nicolas acuff

      No way, I’m just watching this review and I realize he’s like 5 minutes from my home in my local lake (chickamauga)

    7. Southern Reels Fishing

      LOL! Lowrance "MAYBE" beat 2 YEAR OLD Garmin technology 😂. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Garmin has competition now, it was nice that the price of these systems dropped... Oh wait they didn't... Still waiting to see what Humminbird has coming... Good video

    8. Frank Gilroy

      Lol, what the hec are the bullets being fired at the fish? I thought it was a video game!!! That alone shows lack of development technology or they just didn’t finish till the end!! They both seem ok...either way.....the bullets being fired is too much of a distraction for me....

      1. TINKROCKS1979

        Best comment EVER !!! SHOTS FIRED

    9. Bart van der Hulst

      Thanks for this great video. Can't wait for a comparison with the new Humminbird Mega Live Imaging, when it's available. Takes too long 😔

    10. Fish4days Outdoors

      I own the Garmin Livescope and was getting really unclear images with the factory trolling motor shaft mount. I upgraded to the Summit Fishing trolling motor mount, so I can adjust the transducer angle and wow that made all the difference in the world. The factory Garmin Mount kicks the transducer off at an angle so it does not pick up the trolling motor foot, so at further distances the picture quality decreases big time. Jacob, can you reply which mounts you are using for both units in this comparison video? Thanks

    11. Craig C.

      Lowrance’s Active Target will be the better unit at some point. Garmin’s Livescope’s software has maxed the capabilities of the hardware. They have had 3 years of updates. Lowrance has had 3 weeks since they shipped.

    12. Nope

      Lol...new boat has Lowrance trolling motor. That tells what unit is "better" Gotta please the sponsors.

    13. deanstarfish

      Wish you would have moved in on the bridge piling to show the fish in relation to the structure. For me not being familiar with this new technology it was hard to determine what was fish on the bridge. A lot of interference on the screen also. Thanks for the demonstration.

    14. Robert Johnson

      Once the lowrance got real close I thought it looked better but for 80% of the video I thought the garmin looked much better.

    15. Jeremy Johnston

      Easy decision for me, live scope just better pic hands down

    16. Ryon Wilson

      Hope you saw that it wanted it faster

    17. Nickolas Lau

      Do you ever use perspective mount on the Garmin? Do see man pros using that mount.

    18. Ryan Sloan

      I couldn’t see or tell anything between the both of them


      Looks like Garmin has a better picture unless your settings are different.

    20. Russel Regio

      Test it in 30 to 40 meters offshore you only making review in shallow water. Sonar in shallow water fhucckkkkkkk!!!!

    21. Mike the tool man

      what lake is this? looks familiar?? garmin seemed to be a clearer view??

    22. Team Jesus Outdoors

      Great comparisons Champ!

    23. tom heun

      Garmins gain was too high 65?

    24. tom heun

      Lowrance looked like shit

    25. David Cooper

      Jacob. How is your noise reject on this? I noticed the ghost tree.

    26. Steve Sigmund

      Watched this video without volume... I felt the Garmin clearly was better, more clear, easier to read. Turned up volume and watch again, Jacob doesn't agree. When Lowrance is a sponsor I understand. For me Hands down Garmin. I have a Full Bird system now with a garmin 1242 now, but am getting a new boat and am wide open to all brands. Lowrance is out... so either a Full Garmin system, Bird with a Garmin or a Full Bird waiting on Mega Live.

    27. Shane Thomas

      Ya I’m gonna say garmin won all day

    28. Mr. David

      @Wheeler Fishing , hey J-Dub... dibs on your old Garmin??

    29. Jamarr Lagrone

      I use Garmin, but I think Lowrance won. But I also think Lowrance had so many years to get this right and they did finally, that was after they screwed a lot of their fans out of MONEY with LiveSight. I like the competition between all three major fish finder companies I think they will all make each other better. I can't wait to see what hummingbird have coming out.

    30. Scott Cozart

      I don't like the screen scrolling on lowrance

    31. linbooma1

      Thanks so much for the video Jacob!! Now can u tell me where I can buy it for the best price? Any negotiations with any place or let’s say military discount available?

    32. Outdoors In The Bluegrass

      Garmin looks way better imo

    33. callmecamo2

      I was more concerned with that big school of crappie at 15:16.

    34. Test Boga

      Lowrance has a lot of weird artifacts. Are they a practical issue?

    35. iamen73

      Let’s be honest, they are both good and changing fishing, BUT humminbird gonna blow them both out of the water

    36. Nate Jennings

      Garmin wins again

    37. Jesse Henry

      Great vid but for 1499.00 for the transducer alone im going to wait for more clarity in the image.

    38. TheDruxlol

      throw em both away once the birds out

    39. Shawn Graves

      Ultimately I wasn't sure what my ultimate choice was going to be... ultimately... Ultimately I decided to wait until I see what Humminbird's ultimate option was... ultimately...

    40. Mark Drown

      kgup.infoWiBce9WXacA This is without any adjustments 60 feet in saltwater. You can clear see the chain and the fish around the chain. Water depth is 40 foot as well. Transducer angle should be adjusted slightly to see the bottom of the chain but for my test I did not care. Point of the story is a smaller cone angle means better images and longer ranges. Does not matter what your favorite company is.

    41. Cappers Direct

      What graph mount is that on the front of your new boat for the 3 graphs?

    42. Tom Alsop Fishing

      The lowrance had me feeling like I was playing space invaders, those UFO’s coming in and off the screen drove me nuts.

      1. Deweyred Pin

        LOL! Just played that game at an arcade last week!!!

      2. yEllaMamba

        exactly what I was thinking too! pew..pew..pew..

    43. *Air bear*

      Whats up everyone? We are watching another stupid person.

    44. PoHillBilly RedNeckery

      What's up Bubba, great video. Thanks for your time and effort. You too Brody, (by the way, id like to hire you you too help me set up my new boat next time your back in town). I'm still trying to figure out what I'm putting on my new sled, currently has the Maxum and 2 7"elite ti's. I have agen 2 hds 8 and my gen 3 hds 7 from the old ride, .... suggestions?

    45. Drew Blalock

      “My unbiased opinion” Then says “I’ve always been a Lowrance guy”

      1. Nick Dawson Fishing

        Shhhhh 😂

    46. INSTA austin_01 silverado

      Lowrance all day

    47. NightFisher Custom Baits

      Garmin is the clear winner

    48. Aaron Fortner

      What’s with all the “snow” on the lowrance screen?

    49. ZMCFishing

      I personally like the Garmin better. Will try to add livescope to my kayak later this year and get a custom mount for it all.

    50. smallmouth addiction

      Great Video.. It will be interesting to see the Active Target once you make that video!!!!!!!!!!

    51. Hashirama Senju

      Keep the Garmin sell the lowrance with the old boat.

    52. Clifford Boyles

      I really appreciate the way you do the comparisons and showing us how each shows targets I think the Lowrance was easier to see details more clearly

      1. Wheeler Fishing


    53. Robinson Outdoors

      I also dislike the static on the garmin but they are both good units

    54. Robinson Outdoors

      Dang, the active target shows better detail out way farter

    55. Erich Pustol

      Here's a good question.. let's say you're someone like me who just has old 2d graphs. Do you get the live scope/target, or is it more important to start with a side imaging unit on the console.?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        I would suggest side scan/down scan unit first. Most of the time we find all our fish on those units first before we ever drop our trolling motor.

    56. Matthew Sessions1

      Non unit related question, but is this Patoka lake in Indiana? I have fished this lake some not a whole lot of luck, any pointers you could share at this lake?

    57. Peter HMan

      Im a lowrance fan, but c'mon, from this vid, the Garman was by far the superior unit here. Dang.

    58. Nikita Kucherov

      You and DC should use that at Eufalua. If they are in the brush throw a suspending stick bait in there....

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Lol good idea!

    59. Thomas Talleyrand

      On thing the updates that will come will make both units so much better over time. I don’t know which company has the better reputation for support but that’s who I would think you want go with

    60. jim Huibregtse

      Yeah, the pulsing distortion jumping constantly on the lowrance was driving me nuts. Garment for the win.

    61. Fish Out Loud

      Thanks for the comparisons that helped out!

    62. Jeremy McMahan

      🚨 Score tracker update ; Garmin owns the "live" patented technology all those thereafter are using. (Lowrance, Humminbird) 🎠Three ring circus 🎪 At the end of the day Garmin still wants to know - what's in your WALLET?$ They have completely choke holded anything/anyone in the world of video game fishing... that used to be... user friendly, networkable, maps, compatibility, apps, (even within their own units) etc, all in the name of that stanky dollar$. That interference👽though??! Jacob has stated that he is NOT sponsored by any electronics and if he were I'm sure he wouldn't have all three companies on his boat. Surely that'd be a contract clause. So would this video...so shoosh with all that biased sponsorship noise. Idk. I do know there is a significant price difference between the two 🤔 Member🍇 when we used to just go fishing? 🎣 Thanks for the videos @JacobWheeler and good luck this year. DING!

    63. FOX FISHING 4K

      The garmin looks WAY better!!

    64. Mark Cloer

      Garmin for the win!!!

    65. Kayak Angler

      The Garmin to me had the better view

    66. Mark Niles

      Looks like lowrance has missed the boat for the second time. Especially my boat. I will stay with the garmin. Thanks for the video.

    67. KansasYouthBASS

      Looks like Garmin hands down. You also struggled with Lowrance to stay on the so called active target.

    68. Tom

      Hahaha garmin hands down!

    69. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      🔥🔥Active image all the way,I can’t wait for the ice in Massachusetts to melt so I can start using mine 🔥🔥

    70. nmbr1bassr

      lowrance is coming from behind and has trailed Humminbird and Gamin for years!!!! I used to be a lowrance guy!!!

    71. mike m

      Thanks definitely buying the garmin.

    72. Chad Allen

      lol I just started using Lowrance and BOOM theirs fish, Lowrance is so much better... So how much did Lowrance pay you to make this bias video...

      1. Wheeler Fishing


    73. BassGeek

      Look man I love ya but I'm gonna need you to show us the frequency since the last "comparison" video you did you said you could see farther with Lowrance side imaging which was on 400hz vs the Humminbird with was set on Mega or 1200hz. So yeah. At lest you touch on cone and maybe frequency.

    74. Cym Moua

      are you always going to see those flashes on active target? If so, that is going to get annoying very quick.

    75. Welldang Fishing

      Big fan Jacob and awesome video comparison but I have the livescope and I think it shows more details.

    76. Dave Underdog

      Both units are awesome. I just happen to have Live units and can’t wait to get the Active Target system. Great time to be fishing 🎣

    77. Todd Weller

      Good video...i wish you would make a video of just plain graphs. Like a lowrance elite 9 t1. Thanks

    78. Larry Reynolds

      Looks like WOLFTEVER Ramp. Hump and brush on his right, just sayin..

    79. Mike G

      Garmin looked way better. The pulse on the Lowrance looks terrible.

    80. Bass Beasts

      I hate even bringing this up with arguably the best fisherman in the world, BUT.... I run the livescope, regardless, on both units your depth setting showed a ton of the bottom. In other words, if you manually changed your depth to show no more than 3 feet of the bottom it magnifies the image a little more. Here's something to consider... I have zero time on active target but it appears from the demo that you can't dial it in by the foot. I have no dog in this fight but really would want to be able to dial my depth in by the foot. I find that no more than 3 feet of the bottom maximizes the image and allows me to see much better, for what it's worth... Thanks Jacob for the awesome content.

    81. Tim Schreiber

      Hey Jason what Garmin unit and what Lowrance unit were you running on the forward facing sonar?

    82. Jeffrey Calton

      The first part of this video is a big waste of time. The question of which unit can see farther away is irrelevant as no one is gonna be looking 80+ feet away for an object to fish. In addition, distance is gonna be related to cone width and settings such as gain. The overall image quality at fishing distance is all that matters and it looks like both units have issues in this regard. They both have the "Ghost Tree" noise but it seems worst on the Garmin, the Lowrance on the other hand has that weird pulsing noise that is so distracting. Hopefully Humminbird's version of live sonar will be better.

    83. Jeffrey Calton

      What's that flashing noise on the Lowrance?

    84. Rey Kennedy

      When did Lowrance come out with live scope? How is that not a patent infringement!?

      1. Gordon Pettie Fishing

        Garmin made a Liscensing Agreement with Lowrance AND Humminbird. $$$$$ Basically it gave Lowrance and Hummingbird the rights to the technology and the ability to produce and improve upon the technology as they see fit.

    85. Skipper Ike

      Nothing looks like a fish to me

    86. Tim Delaney

      Great Job Jacob

    87. Scott Dellefave

      How the heck can you tell the fish is a crappie?

    88. Mike Kochanski

      If the transducer aint aimed exactly at the cast you wont see the bait as early. Great job putting this out there. Maybe one day HB will actually release their version to compare to. Haha

    89. Nathaniel Schneider

      Really... Lowrance is a joke. We realize you are just helping sponsors but come on man

    90. Craig Holland

      I'm in the garmin fan club on livescope.

    91. Wayne Blackburn

      Okay first of all everybody knows you are a Lowrance fanboy, I could not see the voltage on your Lowrance unit due to it not being on the display. The Clarity of the Lowrance was hideous with all that noise going across the screen constantly. The Garmin display showed 12.1 volts which we all know is not adequate for the best picture. We are comparing Apples to Apples and I think Lowrance reverse engineered what Garmin already had. Nothing against the Lowrance they have probably the best mapping on the market. Let's see what hummingbird comes out with. Good luck at Eufaula you and DC both. The only reason why I would want a Lowrance on my boat is because I can link it to my MotorGuide xi5. So if you know anyone looking to upgrade and has a Lowrance compatible with MotorGuide send to my way

    92. Grizzly B

      There’s way to many variables. Color being one, compass looks like it needs to be set in the garmin. I think the same company makes the sonar in both units. I maybe wrong🤷🏻‍♂️😁

    93. ZZ430T56

      OK so I have a Garmin and Livescope. The "ghost tree" on his is horrible, and I cant believe he fished a season like that. I went back to the pre-perspective mode update (2.2 I think} and don't get it much if at all. I think the Lowrance might look a lil better but that flashing would be totally unacceptable. Now lets see what Humminbird comes up with.

    94. Nathan Reeves

      Cant wait for hummingbirds version

    95. Jack Stein

      The Garmin looks much clearer to me.

    96. Mike Jessie

      I haven't seen a fish yet

    97. John Joyce

      Just curios, is that static on the lowrance just from the camera or is that how it really is?

    98. William Baugh

      I liked the Garmin because I can see it clearer and it looks brighter also.

    99. Captain Chaos

      Great content...Keep it comn...

    100. BMiller

      Jacob your tech videos are great. I've been wanting to go out and purchase a new unit, but honestly after seeing this video I think the Garmin had better quality and more stable imaging than the Lowrance. Appreciate the comparison and don't get rid of your Garmin.