The Bubonic Plague in... San Francisco?

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    That time San Francisco was plagued by THE LITERAL PLAGUE.
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    Mortician: Caitlin Doughty
    Producer & Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
    Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair (@landisblair)
    "Black Death ('Hollaback Girl' by Gwen Stefani)": historyteachers
    This video was largely informed by "Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague" by David K. Randall. Thank you to Mr. Randall for your exhaustive research and illuminating insight.
    We'd also like thank Marilyn Chase for her book, "The Barbary Plague: The Black Death in Victorian San Francisco". Thank you Ms. Chase for your research and thoughtful explanations.
    Go read about the plague everyone!

    Impact Prelude by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons
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    "San Francisco's bubonic plague epidemic has eerie parallels to modern day"
    "San Francisco’s Plague Years"
    "Maybe Rats Aren't to Blame for the Black Death",go%20on%20to%20bite%20humans.
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    "The ‘Chinese Flu’ Is Part of a Long History of Racializing Disease"

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    1. Caitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician

      I love that you all love the "plague song" in this video! Alas it did not come from my brain, check out the full song here:

      1. RenzXVI

        I just noticed that Historyteachers had uploaded a new HD version of the Black Death song a few hours ago. They now have new videos! I can't help but think Caitlin's use of the song on this video helped revive the channel... :D

      2. Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOES!

        Theres at least one usually a couple of bubonic plagues each year in the USA, same for leprosy!

      3. Tuxi Talk 1

        @DollsAndSpooks "Hey, don't blame me! And watch where you put that swab!". I am a fan of bats, and hate the fact some people will eat them. We need them for killing mosquitoes and propagating seed distribution of berries and other seed fruit.

      4. Lois Reese

        @Brianna Tuttle congratulations!

      5. nelson lariccia


    2. Baerno

      So Henry Gage invented the "Fake News", and witty nicknames for people who didn't agree with him? Also knew more about disease than the experts? Under the thumb of big business? Familiar hairline? Did he have any great grandchildren that went into politics? Recently?

    3. Dimitar Y

      I was sure she would jump on the next ferry to Hawaii 😀

    4. Zippy101

      This is starting to sound very familiar 🤔

    5. RenzXVI

      I just noticed that Historyteachers had uploaded a new HD version of the Black Death song a few hours ago. They now have new videos! I can't help but think Caitlin's use of the song on this video helped revive the channel... :D

    6. Brandon Thailand

      Covid is not the plague. Its a cold virus. 99.95% survival rate. Masks are a placebo.

    7. Human Being

      How annoying. “Don’t make this about race....” I’d be like, “B-ish, I didn’t. Feel free to sample your own advice tho. “

    8. World Society for the Protection of Vocalists

      "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Damn! We are bad at History.

    9. Rei Z

      Whacha gonna do with all that pus, all that pus inside your lump?

    10. Aegri Somnia

      Fucking Skaven!!!

    11. S DM

      Thank you very much for making this video. It is a very good history lesson.

    12. Knott Reel

      I love Caitlin's videos, but I'm afraid her political bias is showing a little bit. First off, Covid does belong to China. They created it in their lab. They let it infect the world. China owns this. Secondly, don't conflate Covid with the Bubonic Plague. They are not the same in terms of their morbidity rate for the numbers who contract it.

    13. Scott C

      I don't care for a latte, I prefer a littlte. The big bucks - not more, just larger, like the lottery checks.

    14. Auriga

      poor ratties :(

    15. gladto begone

      I'm not a fan of death when it comes to me. I like your Bettie Page hair.

    16. Joe Blazer

      I thought she was going to talk about the current crop of plague rats running thru the trash in ol Frisco..

    17. Rebecca Reali

      Bubonic Plague is EXTREMELY different then a glorified cold that has a 99.9% recovery rate!! More people have died from driving but continue to drive, more people have died from the flu yet we didn’t hide from that either... You love research 🧐 check out the CDC...they’re declaring mask usage is ineffective. I adore you and your videos but then you have to take a political and bullying route... every liberals favorite go to... “He DoWn PlAyEd ThE vIrUsE” but all the while there’s VIDEO OF NANCY AND BELOVED FAUCI PARTYING IN China town telling people “it’s no big deal” “no need to wear mask or worry” and all the while Trumps being called a xenophobic for restricting travel to and from China! The hypocrisy is thick and I can’t fathom almost like y’all so blinded with hate that you neglect the hypocrisy and lunacy of the Democratic Party. Orange man bad.

      1. Rebecca Reali

        And I’ll add because you take what he said out of context and edited for your own agenda...he didn’t call it the “China plague” or “China virus” because he thinks Europeans can’t get it, he calls it that because it CaMe FrOm ChIna!

    18. Art Vader

      We have over 40,000 homeless in Silicon Valley, our local politicians have done little to nothing to address the issue.

    19. Meredith Seidl

      Great history lesson! Thanks!

    20. MannyBot -DEAF-

      You know you would be an awesome SCP narrator. Especially SCP-049 😉

    21. Michele Austin

      Caitlin, I absolutely love your videos ,they are both informative and entertaining !. Tonight I was listening to COAST TO COAST with George Norry at work ( radio talk show) George told the audience he has NEVER had on a mortician. ..and said he would love to have one on. You were the first person that pooped in my mind... Please contact George Norry.. he has millions of listeners...just think of all your new followers to come.

    22. Toasted Macaron

      Lol she gave me major apothecary vibes with the intro

    23. Bella

      Caitlin we love you! You are our dark, dead, rat history queen who always has the right memes and songs for the occasion. Your ability to combine good information, story telling, and current issues is astonishing, and to top it all off you are stunning! Thank you for this video as well as all the others!

    24. A G

      I was eating a burrito or at least trying when the discussion of rats and fleas started 🤢

    25. john roobol

      when you said wear a mask i spit my coffee out lol

    26. MistakenlyAwesome

      Wooooow, there were do many deer around you!

    27. erich moller

      Again... China

    28. Michelle Linder

      It is still endemic in Yosemite and up near the Oregon border. Don't play with squirrels in those areas.

    29. Nekomi Son

      Why do I feel like history repeated itself but this time with covid?

    30. Stacy Collier

      Sounds like ebola

    31. Richard Deese

      Intensities in tent cities... interesting. Aw, RATS - it's the plague! *_Ring around the rosies / A pocket full of posies / Ashes, ashes / All fall down /_* Funny how a children's song preserves that awful memory. Now *_that's_* what I call a meme. I also find it interesting that we say, "Rats!" as an interjection. Not snakes, turtles, worms, frogs, etc. Rats. Hmm... tavi.

    32. Richard Deese

      "Here! He says he's not dead!" "Yes he is!" *_'I'm getting better...'_* By the way, Ms. Rat: I'm a Snake. "Run away! Run away!" :) tavi.

    33. janae linder

      Caitlyn can you please do a video about the rabies virus?

    34. Any OM

      I need that song in my cellphone

    35. Kenneth Frazee


    36. Pres Nicely

      i’ve grown up in the bay area and spent a lot of my childhood in sf chinatown. people act like it’s a lawless place because of stuff like this happening and it’s just not fair. in any case, the story of the sf bay area is really interesting.

    37. Connor Brady

      Dude you are funny

    38. Alec Moore

      “William Randolph Heart, renowned newspaper man and shit disturber” - love it!

    39. Jeffrey Conner

      WoW. China again......................

    40. ThSilentKiller 10

      My gf got me into your videos and I love it!!! Ps. (In trump voice) The China Plague 😂😂

    41. Lee Newsom

      Incredible parallels with the Covid situation here in US

    42. Duncan Biswana

      I love this channel!

    43. Nicole S

      “There’s probably a rat near you now,” *lives in Alberta, Canada* nope, don’t think so.

    44. Grace-Lynn Thode

      Mannnn Im so glad shes connecting the plague to the virus...maybe if someone who was against the vaccine would see this and realize "maybe I shouldnt be"

    45. Michael-John L. Mushill

      Hey, Caitlin, just imagine how much the public would pay you to find a cure for the “Karen” virus! You would be more popular than McDonald’s the world over!!! LoL!

    46. Dean Burkette

      Perfect last comment of what we need to do . WEAR A MASK . haha

    47. stardusth2o

      10:05 now all of Chinatown knows you have the plague

    48. AUroraMoon _Draws16

      Mamma Mia Here we go again~

    49. Marguerite Mikelyn Allred Crawford

      I was so glad you pulled in the modern very-similitudes! Sorry I laughed at such a sad reoccurrence of governmental deniability (though no one heard me). It's my coping mechanism. I can't listen to the News any more - because of my allergy to bullshit.

    50. Tara Beamer

      I'm a rat too. My name Backwards,....yeah My favorite animal, world's largest rodent, Capybara! You'd think 2020 would have been my year, not so much.

    51. c c

      -- love it

    52. ꧁Shiloh The Lonely Goose꧂

      Rats the someone eating a bat. Coincidence, I think not.

    53. Ri Kreiner

      "It was rats." I was half expecting to hear Rats by Ghost.

      1. LadyStar 10

        Same, or Caitlin to do an episode of Iconic Corpse for the bodies of Papa's I, II, & III.

    54. TwoBagels

      So i just noticed if you search this video without being logges into youtube, it does not appear at all!! Not on the channel or searching it directly!.....why is YT so weird with their algorithm 😠 Great video regardless!! Finally finishing it 😆

    55. Mandy Ballge

      Guess California continues to have awful Mayor/Governors and China is once again responsible for a plague. So sad.

    56. 21 Cabbage

      I have a bubonic goochsplit

    57. sasha pitt

      I need the full song album

    58. Mouse Treehouse

      Ok, you may have to discuss racism in your vids, but can you lighten up a little bit on the politics?

    59. Americanemia

      But the unsanitary conditions brought back black plague infected rats in 2019. I live in the Bay and saw it on news.

    60. MomtherOfDragons

      “Where there be lymph nodes, there be bulbous” is kinda catchy

    61. Potato Boy

      Yay I’m so leftist it hurts

    62. George osorio

      "Why study history it has no value???" *repeats exactly the same thing every 100 years or so* *gets same results* *Pikachu faces*

    63. Potato Boy

      Wow you mean China spread disease before?

    64. brian r

      Hummm China again

    65. great pachyderm

      when you talk with that white mask on your face it reminds me of my favorite thing. a camel toe!

    66. Jamie Leigh Hostetler

      "The Plague Fake" with him popping in and out has me dying right now! 😂🤣😂🤣

    67. grimble

      To talk about a plague in 1900 to cover what's going on in 2020, does not do it for me. I would like to hear a version of Now. So many doctors and scientists have been censored and banned when they questioned the ronavirus. It just makes me even more suspiscious when a mortician speaks about something else to cover the story. Especially when I associate her with being direct and dare to say things that most others don't. :p

    68. Heather Wheeler

      Her telling this story about bubonic plague in Chinatown, while wearing disposable surgeon mask is strangely appropriate and iconic

    69. grimble

      Tji-hi, the death whisperer is afraid of the flu.

    70. Haiphong

      I'm so glad we didn't get stupider since the 1900s... I mean, we didn't get any smarter either but... Still.

    71. Assault Paperclip

      Rupert Blue, especially in these times REALLY needs to be remembered. His innumerable contributions to the Public Health Service (PHS), as well as what he did during not only this pandemic, mosquito control (yellow fever), cholera and also the Spanish Flu. The man repeatedly saved our ass in this country. At least Trump is right about it being a Virus from China in a partial sense 😂 god 1900-1920s America was on that eugenics kick hella hard.

    72. Ana-Marija Sakač

      I guess human stupidity really is endless. Look at us now. CoROnA DoEsn'T ExISt.

    73. Dirty Pagan

      I would just like to give special credit to Wang Chong doing his best while everyone was being incompetent for awhile lol. Also it’s interesting how later in the pandemic Chinatown was doing better because they had infrastructure in place to battle the disease. That’s actually similar to a lot of African countries with COVID right now since they already had infrastructure in place from previously dealing with Ebola.

    74. Dayna Young

      Watching this from AB, Canada. The only rat free place in the world. We even have rat police. No plague here 💁🏼‍♀️

    75. La Doña Mariposa Vigilis

      Those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it......


      So what you're saying is. We've gotta have something special be threatened to be taken away until America gets its act together.


      "Until it did." Hilarious :)

    78. A.M.

      Your videos are so awesome and informational

    79. Fallen Star

      So it seems like plague is always caused by the same thing, rats rats and more rats.

    80. Elena DeRoet

      I love how for the most part, human behavior doesn't really change much. There is still rabid anti-immigrant BS because fear mongers. I am so tired of people not seeing other people as being actual people simply due to a different skin color or place of origin.

    81. Inez De Kleine

      I cannot get over the fact that is all sounds so current and familiar. As the Roman's said: nothing new under the sun. It seems we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

    82. Ryan A Wilson

      We get it. You don't like Trump. 😒

    83. Ryan A Wilson

      I'll take things I've never heard of happening before for $500, Alex

    84. jim mcdonald

      its obvious that you are not a fan of the president. but tell me ,is there really a democrat or a woke californian who could have done better. if it wasent for the president ,the vaccine would still be years down the road . i respect your opinion and you are completly entitled to it ,but really? still love you and your channel tho. would love to be a patreon , but im on a fixed income and cant afford it . but thank you for all the gteat entertainment and education

    85. Chasity Randolph

      All of this sounds sooooo familiar......... Hmmmmmmmmmm.😂😂😂😂 Great video❤💋

    86. lexi carlson

      Fun fact! The plague never left. It's still very much alive in the US and yes you can still get it albeit rare

    87. Walter Fechter

      Hell, with the way CA is going at the present, San 'Frisco and LA will become rife with Typhus and other biological baddies. -- A former Californian

    88. Cheezbuckets

      People, uh.....really never change, huh? 😬

    89. Ann Carr

      Yes the plague still exists so what makes people think coronavirus will go away ...just a couple of months ago, 2 people got sick with plague.

    90. Thesweetesttea S.

      I personally appreciate the way you tell these stories accurately without whitewashing the ugly parts. It is what it is,was what is was and ain't what it ain't 🤷🏾‍♀️ You tell the truth with respect and tact and without bias, keep doing what you're doing! I always learn cool facts and new information from your videos!

    91. Mike Oveli

      The Chiii-naa Virus I knew I had heard that before.

    92. John Preisler

      Everything old is new again

    93. Steven Baker

      The thing people missed then as they still do is how what the transmission vector is for bubonic plague. It is the fleas carried on rats. It is not normally transmitted human to human directly,though it can be if the plague boils are lanced( bad idea, common practice in the middle ages though it does help. It doesn't actually cure the sickness. )The Europeans figured that out during the second pandemic. Hence why there is such a job as Royal Rat Catcher. And it is why my job as a professional pest control technician is so essential. If they had worked harder earlier to control the rodent population it would have been easier to control. And on a side note, it's not necessarily that the rats can smell poison, they can if its certain types, but they are actually resistant to arsenic nicotine and even warfarin. Warfarin is not a poison per se but today we use anticoagulants which are less prone to rejection of poison baits and other than warfarin itself not prone to resistance in the systems of rodents. If people actually knew how intelligent and opportunistic rats are, then maybe diseases like bubonic plague and hantavirus would be easier to control.

    94. karl williams

      sooo cov sars 2 aka covid 19 came from ? ohh was it wuyan china by any chance ermm and wuyan is in which country? throwning clips of trump in telling the truth were the modern covid 19 came is a cheap shot ,i thought you was above stuff like that

    95. Eyeseathem

    96. Nmccarville

      A English Study shows that Plague can also be spread by Lice human Lice

    97. Lazy Puazy

      Next time I see a crazy lady singing about rats in a S.F. alley I'm gonna think KGup instead of mentally unstable.

    98. Angie

      Love how their racism and stereotypes ended up biting them in the ass 😂.

    99. Kalee

      “There’s probably a rat near you right now” *looks at my pet rats to my left*

    100. Neil Brannan

      I so look forward to your videos,so informative and interesting xx happy new year caitlin x