Reacting to Trevor Lawrence saying he is ‘pleased’ with his pro day performance | Bart & Hahn

ESPN College Football

4,7 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Bart Scott and Alan Hahn react to Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence assessing his performance on his pro day workout.
    0:00 Bart Scott and Alan Hahn discuss Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence’s pro day.
    1:31 Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence evaluates his pro day workout.
    2:05 Bart Scott and Alan Hahn react to Trevor Lawrence’s pro day comments.
    #Barth&Hahn #CollegeFootball #NFL
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    1. faisal soni

      please complete ur homework before u host shows, it was requested by urban meyer to him

    2. Daniel J

      MARK MY WORDS Trevor Lawrence won’t be the best QB in his draft class

      1. Anthony Casper

        @Daniel J i must have overwhelmed you. By newer i meant very similar in arm talent but much more mobile & athletic. I'll try and not short circuit your mind next time. And after reading your no talent tua comment, ill gladly remove myself from this discussion. Good luck with wilson who got confused by the chanticleers 😛😂😅😋

      2. Daniel J

        @Anthony Casper bruh tua has NO talent lol but was hitting 15 yard passes that the receivers took to the house lol

      3. Daniel J

        @Chelsea Campbell lol then why u replying seems like a hurt u😂😂😂

      4. Daniel J

        @Anthony Casper peyton?? yall just throwing names lol he plays nothing like him but I believed zach Wilson will be better

      5. Chelsea Campbell

        No one cares about your words

    3. seth libal

      Trevor lawerence is not good he is completely over hyped and cannot close out close games.

      1. seth libal

        @TripleMoya Games you need look at the fact that he is overhyped I think he will a complete bust but in order for me to be right about him not being good he just has to be worse than the greatest quarterbacks that he is being compared to LeBron James came in the NBA setup to fail because he was the next MJ so if Trevor Lawrence us say the next Peyton Manning he is also setup to fail facts are facts and these are facts.

      2. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @TripleMoya Games overated and will be a bust

      3. TripleMoya Games

        @Mitchell Goldschmidt facts would mean stats. What you're saying is opinion. He can't be that bad considering the fact he is ranked as 1st overall

      4. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @TripleMoya Games just saying facts

      5. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @TripleMoya Games lol

    4. Faydene Reed

      Typical ! I don’t wish him and that expensive girlfriend well! Not nice but truth is truth! He should not marry now! She’s just after that money! He’s not good looking she a beauty dresses like she’s already a millionaire her parents have spoiled her rotten! Not a good combo! He will be broke forever!

      1. TripleMoya Games

        She's been with him since literal day one. She's been with him since HS and even plays her own sports. lmao who hurt you?

      2. Chelsea Campbell

        Hahahahaha what a stupid comment Hahahah and pretty rude

      3. Jess Julian

        A person talking without knowledge of the subject. Do your homework before inserting foot in mouth.

      4. Muddy Waters

        They went to high school together plus she’s about to graduate from college and she’s a college athlete lol.

      5. PolishAssassin

        You are an idiot, they have been together since high school. She makes her own money due to sponsorships. You just wish you could've been in her place.

    5. Dexter Cochran

      Meyer asked him to do it because Trevor was gonna miss Clemson's pro day due to a surgery. That is why it was "thrown together". That is pretty well known at this point.

    6. David Cole

      He did well. He is the 1st Pick in Draft regardless..

      1. Barclay Pierre élève

        not if the JAGS SIGN DAK

    7. Cream City Boy


    8. Chef Cam’s Cooking Show


      1. Kaliba King

        Your not