She is GOING PRO In 2024 Bassmaster Elite?

Scott Martin

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    THIS GIRL CAN FISH! Hilary is on point while she explores Lake Seminole on her first road trip and learns some new tactics to get her ready to go pro in 2024!
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    1. Scott Martin

      What is your home lake to fish? This was Hilary's first time on Lake Seminole! Be sure to subscribe to her youtube @thereelhilarysue and check her out on instagram! (Links in the description)

      1. mr dubickas

        Robinson lake and a lot of others

      2. mr dubickas

        Congrats to Hillary

      3. Brian Smith

        Lake Gillis. East Dublin Ga

      4. matt harvey

        I live on the Mississippi River in Iowa so no lake fishing near by, but need to get out and find some clearer water for sure!

      5. Tim Fisher

        My home lake is lake Ontario!!👍👍👍

    2. Bob Davis

      Good job Hilary!! Nice fish 🎣

    3. Elray Banderas

      Definitely had to subscribe to pops of one the best young female bass fishermen in the state of Florida good stuff man love the content!!!

    4. Jay L

      That young lady would be a force to reckon with on a pro tour. Amazing to see such confidence in a young female angler.

    5. Bassin With Liam

      WOW.....NICE BASS

    6. Jacob Roberson

      Man Hilarys my age, didn’t know that cool

    7. omar res

      yea she’s going pro i already see it🙌🏻

    8. No name Correct

      Lake casa Blanca in Laredo Texas but 30 minutes away is falcon lake it’s a must lake to Fish in texas

    9. Brian Smith

      She has a great personality. We need some great female anglers that can compete professionally in fishing. Cheering for her

    10. Craig Canterbury

      Proud father right there. Hope she has great success in what ever she ventures in 👍👍👍

    11. Devin Burk

      Love how your daughter shares the same passion you do that’s awesome

    12. Dylan Mclemore

      She is literally my dream girl

    13. Tim Fisher

      Mr Martin you are an awesome fishermen and obviously an amazing dad and teacher you must be super proud!! And keep fishing Hillary you are an amazing im sure you will be killing it in some tournaments soon !!👍👍👍

    14. Wyatt Eanes

      I go to Parvin State Park

    15. Brooks earles

      I graduated in 2024

    16. Nolann Grant

      Scott you've done a damn good job with your daughter and I'm happy to see that, because when I have a daughter I will be doing the same thing, fishin! 👊🏿✌🏿

    17. Nicholas Grzych

      Following in her father's footsteps... What a trip.

    18. Storm Shadow

      You know what Hillary should experience, and you if you haven't. Musky fishing because when you hook into a 30+ lbs freshwater barracuda, it definitely will get you pumped.

    19. Fishing Adventures

      Do you know who Bubba Thorne is he’s my uncle and he fishes with Matt a bunch in Lake Lake Seminole In some tournaments.

    20. East Coast American Fishing

      Hilary vs James and you have to be the most proud of hilary

    21. The Biggun'

      She is way better at using a casting set-up than I am! lol

    22. Dillon Brumfield

      Expect to see her fishing in the bass masters

    23. stephen fallon

      I had a blast just watching the video! Must be so much fun fishin with Hillary! Funny and great at fishin!! Tight lines!

    24. Kendell Gary

      She got a mean hook set game on her straight rippin lips

    25. Jon Morse

      Hillary killed it!

    26. jon mills

      Pro yea.Scotts game plan an the combination of style an technique from Rollin An Scott.Going to be something serious.Lake Tuscaloosa is our home lake.

    27. Andy Davis

      I have 5 boys. My oldest loves to fish. Bass is his favorite but anything that swims he will try to catch. Scott has a lot of achievements, but I’m sure that watching his little girl or any of his kids. Catch fish and have fun like she does. He would tell you that’s is the best feeling he has ever felt. I know when my son catches a big one. There a sparkle in his eyes. And to know I taught him how to do it. Makes me feel very proud to be his father! I love Scott’s videos. And I’m looking forward to watching her grow into a very fine young lady!

    28. Family Time Fishing

      That is what it's all about next generation I love it Scott beautiful day on the water with your daughter learning...I really respect how you stepped back and let her learn from someone else I've realized over the years of coaching my son in football that he responds better to the other coaches I'm not sure if she does or not but she picks things up quick... And she's coming for you

    29. Fredrick Smith II

      What kind of rod and reel are you using? I love the colors of the chameleon paint.

    30. Lucas Ceci

      Your little girl is going pro

    31. Lucas Ceci

      My lake is snake river

    32. Krealot

      The baitcaster Hilary is using looks like a Abu Garcia Ike edition. The sexiest colorscheme ever :P

    33. HighNoon

      All the way from Clewiston Florida, Hilary Martin. A 2024 bass angler of the year in her rookie season, bass fishing millionaire and legend of the sport just like her daddy and her daddy's daddy. She has a 5 fish limit. She needs 16 pounds 4 ounces for the win........................ 22 POUNDS 5 OUNCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bassmaster Classic has a new champion!!!!!!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s is my dream! 👍🏻

    34. edgar57639

      Lake Erie and ill be bring my daughter to it for the first time , wish I had a boat like your though my God. Good times your daughter sounds just like you Dad

      1. Scott Martin

        Lake Erie is sooo awesome!

    35. Gunner Miller

      I rode in that same boat with him like 2 weeks before that

    36. Jason Pirok

      Freaking awesome never a better time fishing especially when your daughter is with you. When I get a chance to take my daughter fishing those are always my best days on the water.

    37. Is Verchoon

      *Casts normally* "Look at that cast" Words of a very proud Dad

    38. Baxter Williams OutDoors

      Some of the fish aren’t super healthy, can tell they’ve been caught before

    39. Theo Isaac


    40. Sammy Starita

      You and Hillary need to come fish saltwater in Mississippi. Ik some good speck spots to go on my boat

    41. Bass Beast

      Hey I follow you on Fishbrain🐟!!!

    42. Dave Mac

      1:40. That poor girl is thinking “ You gonna make me shake hands with these two guys?” Her hands dis not not want to come out of those pockets.

    43. James Mims

      How did you like fishing out of a Phoenix. Nothing like it for sure

    44. Chad Duplantis

      How can some give the thumbs down to a father fishing with his kid? Come on really!

    45. Stephen Grussing

      Never get tired of your video's Scott have helped break the monotonous stay in place order. Thank you so much!

    46. Ilie Baitan

      👍👍👍👍new subscribed 🎣🎣🎣🎣

    47. Boneafide_Bullies

      She crushed them ! Great video

    48. Devin Campbell

      great job scott martin u are always killing it hope your daughter goes pro she a really good at fishing cant wait to watch her

    49. Heath Moore

      Heard you talking about kentucky lake I need to make it down there I'm a few hours from it in frankfort kentucky we dont have much near me except guist creek. Lake Seminole looks nice I def need to add that place to bucket list

    50. Nemesis A6

      Right on bro!

    51. Andrew Wolf

      Hilary will be the Danica Patrick of fishing. Only she will win.

    52. christian king

      I live on the fl side of lake Seminole it’s a pretty wild lake

    53. Beau Bellamy

      I have 3 little girls. This gives me hope. Thanks Scott Martin!!

    54. Chris Butler

      I do what you say - I like, I smash! Great video, man. Inspirational!

    55. blake mclendon

      I would like her to be mine. 😂

    56. arconova1

      I saw that picture on fish brein

    57. Matthew Madison

      Wish I could get my kids intofishing like that that was just awesome. I am new to fishing but hope my kids enjoy it as much as she does.

    58. Logan Horn

      It’s literally a young female version of Scott Martin

    59. John Doeh

      Awesome. Enjoying time on the water with your daughter. Not sure there is anything better.

    60. Michael Gammons

      Ok she is definitely good at fishing but she hasn’t even done a tournament yet. I am fourteen and have already won two tournaments. Hilary needs to learn how to find fish and how they act. Hilary definitely can’t just have her dad buy her a charter every time. I fish in S.C. and that is some of the hardest fishing ever with the murky water. It is not like Florida to where you can throw a worm and catch a fish every cast

    61. j b

      I SPY..... a Mike Iaconelli signature baitcast combo.....

    62. Jt P

      Best of luck young lady your dad and grandfather are legends even if he fished flw ....I was always told you have to dominate the local circuit before you try for the big leagues.... I just bought a t shirt for Aaron

    63. Tim Dunn

      Not only can she fish, she also has a perfect personality for building a strong channel. We'll be seeing a lot of her for years to come. Be proud, Scott.

    64. C Bancroft III

      I have a feeling she will be kickin our Ass's for checks soon enough!

    65. Parker Family

      Hilary can fish she’s going to grow up to be a pro like Scott!!!

    66. buckwild 457

      What's hilary's snapchat I might need some fishing tips

    67. Shane Lucas

      hillary has a great personality perfect for the camera would definitely like to see her go pro someday

    68. Kade Johnson

      Is she actually going pro

    69. Death Stalker182

      Give the competition the boot thats a good saying

    70. Jim Burns

      Definitely a chip off the old block !

    71. Thetruth99

      You two need to fish a tournament together!!! Just a really small tournament to get started, ya'll would have so much fun together!

    72. Tim Sullivan

      Lake Seminole is in Florida, unless your fishing Flint River

    73. Todd Cadagan

      Not sure why it matters what state she’s fishing in. The fish don’t know what state they’re in

    74. Chad Barnett

      My home lake is Douglas lake. Sevierville TN!

    75. anwatkins1

      Take Hillary to Lake Chickamauga some time.😀

      1. anwatkins1

        Do it

    76. Bill Bukowatz

      Very cool! Your daughter is awesome Scott! Great video!

    77. Bill Bukowatz

      Very cool! Your daughter is awesome Scott! Great video

    78. dunkind

      how was that ugly ass ike reel? did it yell and scream when you caught a 1lber

    79. Brogan Pardue

      I’m just confused about what happens with the evinrude sponsorship

    80. Tim Fontenot

      I know you proud buddy. You raised her rt. Roland must be Beyond proud !!! Keep up the great work.

    81. Matt Teixeira

      Good see your kids love fishing with you scott

    82. EscoSierra Fishing

      Súper vídeo, Sir!! Thank you For All!! 🤘🏻😉🎣

    83. Carson Buckman

      Great video, keep it up guys

    84. LB7 Wade

      What do you think of BRP shutting down Evenrude??

    85. Frederic Gaertner

      Scott Martin since Googan has changed the claws on the bandito bug, krackin craw, and trench hang do you use the new ones or old ones

    86. Jaxon Nolen

      She is the next Scott Martin

    87. Nick Cowan

      Awesome video Scott is a proud dad!

    88. Frosty 24

      I have her snap 😂

    89. Michael O'Brien

      that was cool yall. nice video

    90. texanproud70 apex

      What about the giveaway

    91. Chris Z

      She’s great for the channel. She brings the energy!! Great to see kids so excited just by catching a fish.

    92. 12Gross12

      Such a beautiful daughter.

    93. Bobby Beans

      How was it fishing them Garcia’s ? Villain must have felt nice

    94. BashMaster

      What reel are they using for deep dive crank

    95. JJ

      Wiper is what we call the hybrids. Striper+White Bass=Wiper

    96. bang wan fishing


    97. Randy Arnhart

      Hilary is going to be AWESOME in anything she does. No doubt she knows what she is doing fishing or filming. And I see a lot of dad in her. Mr. Martin has been blessed with great kids all. Shout out from OKLAHOMA! Come see us.

    98. Johnny B Cool

      My daughter is 5, And she’s a fishing machine

    99. Steve Skiba

      I wonder who the new engine sponsor will be? Yam or Merc?

    100. Jesse Autry

      I love this