YONEX Thailand Open | Day 3: Rankireddy/Shetty (IND) vs. Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [2]


97 миӊ. көрүүлөр25

    HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
    YONEX Thailand Open
    Men's Doubles | Round of 16
    Rankireddy/Shetty (IND) vs. Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [2]
    #HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. PB Wakana Medan

      Salam olahraga medan sekitar...

    2. Sean Fagan

      The Daddies....so controlled, crafty and unpredictable. The Indian pair were never allowed to sustain a rhythm.

    3. Flibbertigibbet

      When coming into the Arena everyone's wearing masks including the players ! Exceptions are implying to Umpires' & players' unmasking while in action ! Service Judges & Coaches are still obliged to wear them at all time ! Except the Dane(s), speaking of the rule hahaha typical huh !!!??? By the way is this Dane wearing a mask like everyone does in the bus from & to the hotel ? Could someone tell us ?!

    4. didi aja

      26:19 with the pat in the back, u can almost hear the unspoken words: "It's Ok brother, let's try again, I got u covered."

      1. Joyce Lee

        Totally agree!

    5. M. Hanafi

      Nice the daddies 😬

    6. wisanu99

      Shetty like to lunge for the net shot whenever he can get to it. However a lot of them are low in this match as the Daddies aren't in their first rodeo. Shetty ended up hitting to the net, or hit up to avoid the net and leave his partner expose with full court coverage. The first round against LYD and KGJ, Shetty lunge a lot, but the birds are higher mostly from KGJ, so Shetty was successful. This Indians pair has a future, but the shot selection needs to be better.

    7. Thanh Tùng Lê

      Khó chịu khi có thêm phụ đề,che hết màn hình

    8. Brian Li Chin Kiu

      the commentator is so shit lol literally has no idea about badminton at all

    9. Noah Nguyen

      there are too many suicide points from both side, does COVID related to performance?

    10. Vooltaar Starman

      Indians have no good histories of sports.. See the past results of Asian games, Olympics Games, World games etc. Why? Actually Indians have physical advantages.... 🤔

    11. Peji Nopeles

      Hendra/Ahsan jadi Minions

    12. Dearannissa

      Alhamdulillah.. congrat the daddies❤️🤍🇮🇩

    13. alvin rinaldi

      raket baru dah jeblos dongg... :)

      1. alvin rinaldi

        @asui zjsjs mungkin tarikan 30++ ditambah babah pake senar tebel

      2. asui zjsjs

        Patah ye kayanya ringkih ya voctor raketnya padhal ga beradu raketnya

    14. apa sih sayang

      Kostumnya the daddies keren banget desainnya

    15. apa sih sayang

      19:58 aduh coach itu masker napa dipegangin bukannya dipake. Btw nanya dong coach juga ikut di swab ga?

    16. Muhammad Rizki

      48:00 raket ahsan sampe patah gitu wkwk

      1. asui zjsjs

        Victor kayanya ringkih raketnya itu patah bukan karena clash

    17. Mo. C

      Very boring match

      1. Sarok Kuaci

        Newbie in badminton? Its amazing match

    18. Deni Adrianto

      40:42 "that is the benefit of yeeeeeeears of experience"

      1. mho

        it's @37:40

    19. Cahyo Setyo Pramono

      Aksan bagus sekali, hendra mainnya kurang bagus, mati sendiri terus...banyak poin kebuang

    20. Muhammad Yunan

      The daddies play very efficiently and effectively.

    21. King Uae

      Memang benar kata pemain korea... The daddies ini susah ditebak permainannya Karina nggak ada ekspresi dan sangat tenang.terutama di depan net sangat lihai. Selamat ...semoga sampai final.

    22. dwi ppuji


    23. Sri Utami

      Semangat pertandingan selanjutnya ko hend sama baba ahsan

    24. Goresan Luka

      Ahsan keren bgt

    25. Goresan Luka


    26. Fikri Hidayat

      Semangat terus Daddies..

    27. Melisa Anike

      Enjoy the game legend 😍

    28. Chotibul Umam

      Semangat Pahlawan Indonesia

    29. probo wijaya

      The Daddies never give up. Big salute. Supports from INDONESIA. GO GO GO

    30. Arya Nur Adha

      “Kalo bola diatas jangan nafsu bro”

    31. Meisy Fransiska

      Kangeeeeennnn 🥰🥰🥰🥰,please stay healthy 😇😇😇😇🙏 🙏🙏🙏

    32. Kartika Daras

      Daddies is amazing as always. The way they keep calm in court but on point, what a good play 👏🏻👏🏻 LOVE YOU DADDIES, ALWAYS PROUD OF YOU TWO ❤️

    33. Aubrey clothing

      Bola pelit semua, jarang angkat bola

    34. badminton mania

      Congrat The Daddies 🔥

    35. Diany Shila

      GO Daddies🔥🔥🔥

    36. Steven Senjaya

      wow waroeng steak and shake jadi sponsor :o

      1. 貝樞暖

        Yg lain ga ada sponsor, cuma tulisan "indonesia maju" sekarang daddies yg punya sponsor ✌️

      2. Nabila IP

        Sponsornya daddies tuh

    37. Bella Syarida

      Td nonton d Tv, sekarang nonton ulang di youtube pke aplikasi vpn,.. rindu nonton pertandingannya the Daddies😍😀

      1. Risky Dwi

        Main di lapangan mana the daddies

    38. Farras Syafieq

      Dipertandingan ini the daddies bersuara pas nyemash

      1. Farras Syafieq

        @Surya Dhiez iyaa betull👍

      2. Surya Dhiez

        Hehe biasanya kalem ya mau dlm situasi apapun.... Mungkin krna kelmaan break jd lbh menggebu2 skrng

    39. Gilang TA


    40. Tien Dat Dang

      Setiawan is not in fine form but Ahsan covers really well. Hope the Daddies can still go far with their experience in this tournament.

    41. Tawondu Community

      Wala sepi rek..

    42. Gibran Inzaghi

      yg nonton pake vpn mana suaranya

      1. Reza Rahmansyah


      2. Diva Rony


      3. B.R.M 17


    43. zeddlz _

      Where do I find the live from the other courts

      1. Naysa Valdez Campbell

        Bwf tv use vpn

    44. heny suryanti

      Go the daddies... I hope all of you guys stay healthy far away from covid-19 or the other variants. Aamiin Ya Rabb 😇🙏

      1. heny suryanti

        Pintar juga bahasa Inggrisnya anda yah! (Gitu kali yah mas maksudnya 🤭)

      2. Risky Dwi

        Pintar juga bahasa inggris juga ya anda

    45. Asrul Asrul

      ahsan/hendra stars from indonesian

      1. probo wijaya

        Living legend on the court

      2. Andon Laku

        No, Dude. They are legend.

    46. Hafiz Aditya


    47. Rizki Fadillah Anything

      Keep spirit legend💪💪