HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station


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    This explains each interior area, crew living quarters, and scientific equipment.

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      Thinking that us, human beings made the space stations and the possibility to go into space; it just fascinates me.

    2. art of life

      Very very thanks u sister,,,,😍 ❤ 😍 💕

    3. janet germones

      the hardest job of being a human

    4. Путь Рыбака

      как заколебала эта станция бесполезная. каждый раз летают туда всякие помои и снимают одно и тоже- как срут спят моются зубы чистят письку бреют.Накер она бесполезна вообше. ни каких открытий ни каких прогрессов - тупая бесполезная система в космосе .Это все можно было открыть все за 1 год и нафиг тратить деньги. Давно бы уже осваивали дальний космос - а не вокруг орбиты хуй знает сколько лет крутиться в пустую !!!!!!!!

    5. Teume Teulandia

      OK from now on I'll stop dreaming to be an astronaut...

    6. NYARAI sash

      This is sooo cool

    7. Teresa Guaita

      se parece a Mia khalifa

    8. Jaz_GameYT

      I really wanna go inside I have so much fun I wanna go there so bad it’s my dream

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    10. budhi yuliandi

      banyak yang aneh dalam video ini . orangnya terbang tapi banyak yang tidak ikut terbang seperti kabel kertas dan alat alat lainnya. rambut sih boleh dibikin oleh ahli rambut seperti itu . settingan yang sempurna

    11. Abe Coulter

      look at all those radiation spots on the camera sensor

    12. J. Lekman

      Too many movies are bad for health.

    13. Kapil Dhankhar

      Omg don't you feel suffocated

    14. Vann Somlot


    15. el menor arias

      I want to go to planet trying dies to see

    16. s p

      Do we ever say to ourselves...if the IST is filming the earth.... who's filming the Int'l Space Station?

    17. 667 ангел

      Тут так канфортна

    18. Anya Gingras

      how would you bath in space

    19. Ashish Jhabhav

      When they show us there beds where they sleep I feels I am watching inception movie 😀

    20. James Sheldon - formerly jimrutin

      Thank you for the wonderful tour!

    21. Jose Santos

      Because of him how to save a life

    22. Ricardo Annunciato

      Que mentira essa porra

    23. Parkour kid

      I want to go to space soooooo bad

    24. Charlie Tuna

      How do they shower and wash their hair? Notice the two Russians making vodka?

    25. mk mg

      I can see humans can fly only you need is a machine that takes you in the flying place.

    26. Omer Ercan

      Huston we’v got a problem

    27. Sugeng Hadiyono

      Hanya menunjukan ruangan ruangan saja , kerjanya apa diluar station luar angkasa ?

    28. Dan- Bak

      Being in space in a tin box is scary!!!

    29. iulian alin sbengheci

      I like their "medusa" hair :)))) ... watching that ... I know its all fake ;)

    30. Engr. Khalid Parvez


    31. copy song bong

    32. merchant joker

      Oh SHIT if nasa on ground gets fast wifi I wonder how fast the wifi is in space your literally a satellite Im trinna smack people on video games In Space an fuck a bitch in space

    33. Boppo

      Best place to eat a space cake 🎂

    34. Joletta Bishop

      What if there is a Crack in the ship

    35. Captain B

      Sending a Woman who looks like the Moon into Space, very clever NASA

    36. Enrico Iraldo

      Imagine a flat earther thinking this is all fake 😂

    37. Enrico Iraldo

      Imagine a flat earther thinking this is all fake 😂

    38. Kunal Kapoor

      Astronaut 1 : Hey mate did you see those Saturn Rings from ISS window out there Astronaut 2 : I am already watching them on mobile in my downloaded You Tube Videos list. Please close the window

    39. Kunal Kapoor

      The one thing they are surely going to miss at ISS is no You Tube Videos to be watched

    40. Goat on Molly

      Space sex would be dope

      1. The Fork


    41. cem şeker

      Altyazı türkçe olsaydı konuşmayı annardım merak ettim tarifi mümkündeğil🧿

    42. Jack McGinn

      I. WANT. TO. GO. TO. SPACE.

    43. Bullseye

      Me this entire video: "confused screaming noises"

    44. Prakash Gurung

      The video was amazing

    45. Randall Polk

      The first astronaut looks like Edward Scissorhands !

    46. xXKara_RobloxXx

      Me when I see the water in a ball floating: I wAnNa gO sO I CaN bE lIkE cLeO fRoM h2O juSt aDd wAtEr hEHEhE

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    48. مز يد نوا ف

      If anyone wanted to make a movie where there are some flying humans this would be the Great place

    49. carl

      LOL RIGHT!!!

    50. wildhorse78

      Awesome. I haven’t seen a place and things like this before. Really interesting video clip 👍

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    53. shilpa Dambale

      पाणी कुठून येतो तुम्हाला

    54. Priya Rajput

      I wonder how they use washroom if everything floats🙄🙄🙄

    55. R o B

      It seems like living there is a mix of inconvenient, fun, and terrifying

    56. _angie_

      that looks really fun ngl



    58. Mona John

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    59. Jorge Martin

      Que angustia tener que estar sin gravedad

    60. Gamil Badr

      go on please

    61. Haya Khan

      I wish I could go to space

    62. no vax

      it works by computers, trickery, and lies!! imagine this thing with solar panels hanging off going 17,000 mph. no tell me if you thing its real. Come on man!! NASA stands for never a straight answer. They are liars, deceivers, scum of the earth!!

      1. no vax

        @E. Rose Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

      2. E. Rose

        @no vax We don't "feel" motion. We feel acceleration/deceleration. Ever been in a plane? Did you "feel" like you were traveling @500mph? Do you "feel" speed when you're in a car doing 70?

      3. no vax

        @E. Rose well we have winds from all directions, if we was spinning at 1000 mph would not the wind always be coming from one direction? if we going thru space at light speed would we not feel this?

      4. E. Rose

        @no vax And you have zero proof to the contrary.

      5. no vax

        @E. Rose it was nice having this conversation, but we are just running in circles. you keep thinking the earth is spinning at 1000 mph, going around the sun at 66,600 mph while the sun is going around the center of milky way at 555,000 mph while flying thru space at near light speeds. and everything is moving away from the center of big bang at near light speed. Which is 1876,00 miles per second......

    63. COME TO KASHMIR official

      When they came back to earth it is not easy for them to walk ☺

    64. COME TO KASHMIR official

      fantastic video good natured mam stay blessed always

    65. Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp

      I wish I can go also :)

    66. Rayzor Blade

      One of the Greatest Human wonders is the Imagination.

    67. Rayzor Blade

      The coolest part about this video is that it was all made right here on Earth 🤣 Technology hey. Not bad but still needs work 😂

      1. E. Rose

        Yeah, sure kid. Anything you say. 🙄

    68. Leston Pinto

      When she said ,it's cold out here,I was feeling it 🥶

    69. Gavin McInnes

      I’m sure I would not be ‘petty relaxed’ during decent to earth 😲



    71. HARRY K

      But during sex, how do you know who is on top and who is on the bottom?

    72. Joe-

      so the earth is not flat???

    73. Kanna Chan

      Pusing liatnya

    74. its.bee.3000

      its like conan's hair

    75. Dark Knight

      Amazing 🙌

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      pero que PUTA MENTIRA; IS FLAT

    78. Philippe BORFIGA

      Really great movie..., thank you very much :)

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      chciałbym sobie latać bez grawitacji

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      i love her hair style

    81. Glossy X Gacha

      Wonder if she still goes there

    82. Weird Mint

      1:26 ouch my claustrophobia

    83. Charmedsas1

      That was amazing! you are so cool and funny, and all the questions i had in my head you automatically answered them, wow. Thank you for the tour!

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      You is the best for you Korea🇰🇷🇰🇷 okeyy

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      интересно , а как в космосе носки потерянные ищут , или их на орбиту запускают ))))

    86. Swifty on Lite

      When she comes back down to earth is she going to be really heavy?

    87. just_kidding

      Now you see the Earth is Flat........

    88. Krimtop Kuku

      So this is like a "house tour" in space

    89. Mr. Rex a. k. a OP

      This looks simple but are not made for weak hearts!

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      who impostor ?

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      You are sunita ulimaon am right now

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      rock in roll

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    96. Maks KK6SPM

      You guys have to detach russian modules from ISS to free flight before it's too late... And I'm not kidding.

    97. Muli Emmanuel

      Woow!! Amazing.

    98. M Paz

      Should someone tell her that there's an extra syllable in the word 'laboratory'? She does say "labratory", right?

      1. Captain B

        @M Paz lmfao, pretty accurate

      2. M Paz

        @Captain B Says the man who can't use capitalisation correctly and calls himself 'Captain' - the only thing you've ever captained is the complete destruction of your relationships with anyone who even slightly cared for you!

      3. Captain B

        Pfft, says the Guy who lives on Earth



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      5G INternet and all is ok!