$NOT - Like Me (feat. iann dior) [Official Video]


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    The official video for $NOT's "Like Me" featuring iann dior from his album 'Beautiful Havoc' - OUT NOW!
    Directed by FreeOmarJones
    Produced by David Wept & AT.LAS
    Director of Photography Franklin Ricart
    Production Co 1800#
    STREAM 'Beautiful Havoc':
    Shop $NOT Merch here:
    Text $NOT:
    (561) 220-3481
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    1. LimitedComp

      You have gone so far since I've found your music.

      1. swAyGaMeS yT

        He is so good

      2. James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)


      3. Adam Jones


      4. wøke

        is this a new pin? damn

      5. Devin Thom


    2. Sol Siddharta Morais Farias

      Savanna? Alo teto?

    3. JakeTheSnake


    4. Swovve

      The second I heard $NOTS first verse i knew iann was bouta be fire to by just the way the flow was going

    5. Youngt3time gray

      thas my boy

    6. William Barker

      the intro makes this go in so much harder, pure fire

    7. I Your boi spark I

      Iann carried🔥🔥🔥

      1. I Your boi spark I

        @Wicked Chicken I think he did that’s my opinion

      2. Wicked Chicken

        @I Your boi spark I It's average, but he definitely didn't carry

      3. I Your boi spark I

        @Wicked Chicken don’t get me wrong they both 🔥🔥🔥 but I like iann diors part in this song

      4. Wicked Chicken

        Not even close to true. $not is way better than iann

    8. Foxswel

      Pensei que era Anitta huahua

    9. Just a dude with mental problems

      I only clicked because of these sick ass drift cars

    10. BabyGirlCuddly

      Who’s here before 10M?

    11. Skyler Cabrello

      During these tough times, this song n "Lukaz - Love Me" are some of the only things that keep me sane. I just want to give love to everyone and let them know that everything is going to get better.... I love you

    12. vvsvi

      anyone knows that girls @

    13. Isaac Unzueta

      Just me or were all the beat drops 🔥

    14. akke

      dutch people be like 🤔

    15. MagzCFW

      am i the only one trying to find the owners of the bmws

    16. Graciela Mata


    17. Y N

      I think he likes E30s 😂

    18. The Rick

      Teto Savana :

    19. Olti

      this song goes harder then my dads belt

    20. GarGamels

      that autotune on dior

    21. Emeric

      bro who tf is that girl?

    22. Davo 7R

      where is this race track placed?

    23. Stormgate

      Yes, just what the doctor ordered


      I can’t stop listening to this song it’s too good

    25. Brøken Vxbes

      Bro I love playing cod listening to your music man I won 10 times in war zone dude keep this shit up !

    26. Samuraisahsah

      Smfh ofc it’s gotta have the obligatory Illuminati/Masonic imagery to show where their allegiances lie… Track goes hard af tho

    27. EdgeCraft Gamez

      No cap hes whippin those bimmers

    28. taco BS

      Haha ian

    29. taco BS

      I have a friend. Called snoy lol

    30. taco BS

      Third trippy bruhh

    31. Luciano Ruiz


    32. wixeN # Nephrite

      A carguy rapper, tf u want more

    33. ITz ReLayZ

      $NOT has a bright future waiting for him

    34. Tanner Kesselring

      Such a banger

    35. Skyler Cabrello

      This song and “Lukaz - Love Me” are some of the only things keeping me sane through these hard times. I just want to send love to everyone and let everybody know things will get better... i love you 💜

    36. Ethan Burns

      iann dior has some nice teeth

    37. Frank Tah

      i can't stop listening to his music it is like my weed can't get enough of it. and he knows how to make the best videos and the girls and the e30 m3 are the best on the videos he has great taste in everything.

    38. James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)

      he no how to drift?? ??

    39. Wavezz


    40. KIMETSU

      holy masterclasss ... wait wait wait what i just listened to this bruhhh i couldn't like another song now ..

    41. Z Z

      Smashed it with this banger!

    42. jheevith mango

      SNOTs actually a G. He still liking comments after a whole month

    43. XTRToxin

      Snot u are so under rated

    44. Krueger

      I'ma own an e30 one day

    45. すみか

      I fallen in love with iann dior thanks to this mv..

    46. Craftzando


    47. Ariell


    48. gamer guide

      was $not actually drifting or was it done by professionals

      1. Buggs

        Snot owns that black beamer idk bout the other, but would say yes it was

    49. dipeline

      MANO QUE MUSICA BOA DO CARALHO, good job bro, this song is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Luiz Guilherme

      Jurava que era a Anitta no Clipe

    51. LX


    52. Slax

      This shit is fire $not and iann made heat🔥🔥🔥

    53. Nobbit

      How did this not blow up?

    54. Landon Gray

      Why haven’t i watched this earlier smh

    55. Damon Josue

      my brain is shaking

    56. probart14

      JUICE 😂

    57. Arnold Máté

      $NOT is a huge BMW fan

    58. gali chuchco

      komo ke no me colgo

    59. D-Light

      Is that Padma Lakshmi??

    60. YoItsXziuto

      Finn from adventure time?

    61. H3vll

      12 year olds when the teacher asks them to lift the heavy desks: 1:24

    62. H3vll

      iaan dior & &NOT are fire so I expected nothing less. This go hard af. 🔥

    63. Alex DogMaz


    64. Jonatan Olvera Gomez

      esta rola esta bien vergas

    65. Finn G

      Yo Boys what's wrong with snots ig?

    66. diothebro

      this is friendship goals!

    67. Noob TV

      if vin diesel has hair

    68. Guilherme Sandes

      the sangria beat at the end

    69. bvokutos

      they both have super pretty voices dude. idk if it makes sense but like i feel like iann dior could hit some pretty ass vocals

    70. Chancy cummings

      I love this song but listened to this with my ex all the time now she’s gone and I hate this song but it’s so good but I can’t listen to it because I miss her

      1. Gabriel Huber

        Your better without her 👑

    71. SoEzoOoo FC

      t nul

    72. Skyler Cabrello

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

    73. Ghost

      I remember listening to your music before you had 200,000 monthly listeners

    74. Theimvestor719 Videos

      here cuzz of nelk

    75. ugh can you uh open uh this?

      Yall. At the end I realosed that he put a lil bit of his new song sagrina. I haven't noticed untill listening to his new somg amd this right after Tell me i ain't the only one who thinks that

      1. Fleecas

        EXACTLY!!! I listened to this song and when sangria came i came to this cuz the beat was the same XD

    76. scoolech

      nice song

    77. JAPPAK YT

      Pensava q era teto savana kkkk

    78. Spaxx

      Iann dior is like a young Juice wrld (r.i.p)

    79. Vinícius


    80. youngsheldon69

      song fire if only ian dior wasnt on it, his verse is so shit

      1. Prank Panda.

        @youngsheldon69 ok

      2. youngsheldon69

        @Prank Panda. yes

      3. Prank Panda.


    81. Zayan Shiekh

      I've watched this for 1 hr, idk what's better the song or the music vid

    82. Conor Murphy

      The girl is just so attractive i swear💯

      1. Danny De La Torre

        Thick facts

    83. NearlyFriendly

      I love the Intense use of e30s in his videos 😳

    84. Cristian Silva

      Msm beat do teto savana kkkkkkkkkkk

    85. Austin_Ridez

      those old supras look so cool

    86. JoJobiz_05

      0:10 what is the name of this camera view ?

    87. Sheff Kane

      Underrated song

    88. Flxurish Gaming

      Ngl ima need that hoodie

    89. Skyler Cabrello

      During these tough times, this song n "Lukaz - Love Me" are some of the only things that keep me sane. I just want to give love to everyone and let them know that everything is going to get better.... I love you guys

    90. BOSS

      Msm beat da musica savana do teto

    91. Kreeks

      Bro this is fire u a star

    92. never jay

      This is better then 69s career

    93. Warley Soares Maia

      beat do TETO brow kkkk

    94. Addison Jenkins

      This is so my song my friend copy’s me

    95. zRoviiz

      anybody got these chicks @? scientific reasons

    96. Cracker


    97. Henrique Jaeger Becker

      what is the girl name? lol

      1. G. TR

        Found it, it’s @jessicakillings on instagram

      2. G. TR

        Wondering that too, searching through the comment for that, will reply if I find it.

    98. Paulo Brif cado

      SAVANAAA 🇧🇷🙌

    99. hwqcy


    100. ツdashhy

      0:42 the road say snot wtf