Team USA Breaks International Weight Records in Mexico - Mexico Gold Day 1

Scott Martin

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    We break the International Bass Record for total weight and we do it with the cameras rolling. The entire Team USA dropped huge bags to take the lead in the Black Bass World Championship in Mexico.
    This could be one of the most epic film work in any bass tournament. Please share this video to everyone you can.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey guys please help support the TEAM by sharing this video. Thank you so much for all the support!

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      Its 2.2lbs./Kg not 2.3

    18. Silly Penguineer

      1kg = 2.2lbs, not 2.3. It's 2.205 ish.

    19. channel az

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    20. Glockspecific

      Proud to have y'all represent us!!

    21. Glockspecific

      9:34 when he sets that hook!!

    22. Daemen G

      3.5lbs is a GIANT? damn

    23. Max Heltzel

      “Hang on, I got a fish, gotta go”

    24. Mark A

      so if i say “he’s barely hooked” every time i get a bite, will it make the fish bigger?

    25. FinnishManiac

      Mexico? South africa i must have heard that wrong

    26. Scariestwalnut

      Just sayin, but 1 kilo is 2.2pounds ;P Great fishing though, those were crazy monsters!

    27. William Eriksson

      Its 2.2 not 2.3

    28. EastCoast Outdoors

      19:46 the real record that was set today was... a bass pulled drag. On that drag a 20 inch snook fights harder. Bass is dumb

      1. Dale Gribble

        @MN Creek Water "BaSs iS DUmB" - Dumb Person

      2. MN Creek Water

        but you at least watchd 20 minutes of "dumb bass fishing" .... maybe your the dumb one then.. to watch 20 minutes of something you think is dumb

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    40. Lane

      I was wondering where you've been David Dudley James River winner in 95 '. If I remember correctly , you won it on the Zoom Super Fluke?? Those fish in the James fight like hell , Your reel came off and you hand lined that 3 lber The James was #3 tourney for me that year..I miss VA. Biggest bag I brought in was 35.26 ......5 fish limit...Little creek Res.

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      With these giant fish in Mexico and Japan, I wonder if these large mouth going into areas where other fish didn't evolve around them makes them bigger since those bait fish don't have a natural defense to them like bluegill or crappie.

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      Mr. Martin what kind of knot do you typically use when fishing

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      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii (423)314-7956

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