ROASTED by a Random 13 Year Old - This Is Bad..for Me!!

Scott Martin

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    I take a random 13yr old kid fishing and he totally destroys me! Not only with the rod but with his words! I may have to quit fishing after this one.
    Check out part 2!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Please Share our videos! and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!

      1. Chad Brammage

        Hay Scott I subbed and left a like

      2. Caro FN

        @Rodrigo Ascarrunz yes sir

      3. Thi Tran


      4. Mark Rodriguez

        Great viedo ...

      5. Super Bacon Fishing

        Yes Sir!

    2. Chris Cosby

      Kid ain't random and it's scripted I've met you Scott your not that decent of a human being. Same kid as the swimbait kid.

    3. JaydenTheOG

      Them locals don’t mess around

    4. Corey Cox

      no i wood not

    5. Bob Kerr

      That was one of the coolest things you could do for a kid

    6. Pt Allen

      I'm 9 and better at fishing than the 13 year old

      1. Pepecactus

        K. Number 1. I don’t believe you at all because this kid caught like 15 smallies all above like 2 pounds lmao. Number 2. Nobody fucking asked

    7. Bailie Swarts

      I feel for you, I just can't quite reach you

    8. Claire Morris

      He good fishing

    9. SwaggyMcCool BadAssBateman

      Does James Have A SnapChat?

    10. hieuhn99

      That remote controlled turkey was enough to earn a 👍🏼

    11. Dylan’s Outdoors


    12. Drew Taylor

      He reminds me of me when I was his age love to see it man I know he will cherish that day at the ramp for the rest of his life

    13. David Deboy

      nothing better than a kid who loves fishing with an old man.

    14. Gary Winthorpe

      This kid is just saying what we thinking

    15. Brendon Bradford


    16. Tandy Gossett

      This kid needs a pair of Coasta greens

    17. The bearded Angler

      I’m 38 and this would be one of my best memories, when this kid is my age or older I hope he looks back and realizes how amazing this was... and yes I would sit in jail for the weekend for a 10 pounder!!

    18. Daniel Wade

      Hey Man you tell james to come fish with me i have caught big catfish

    19. All That


    20. Icey_king212

      This kid went to my middle school😯

    21. RIP x peep and juice


    22. J

      Hands down 10lbs is worth it. Good story fs.

    23. lariler2

      A freakin 4 wheel drive turkey 🤣😁😁

    24. Sasquatch Donut

      And thus, Roland disowned Scott

    25. Beckie Patrick

      I came over to check things out because Lunkers told me to. I’m glad he did!! What a great video! James will never forget that day, he will tell that story for the rest of his life. Heck both of you will. I subscribed so I’m looking forward to getting to know you better through your videos!

    26. Jacob Brant

      Someone dail 911 i want to catch a 10lber!!!

    27. The Machine

      The Confidence boost that kid just got will last him a lifetime. It's not everyday a pro in any sport will take the time out to do something random like this. I came here after watching you on LunkersTV

    28. Rob Jurbala

      Sounds like a young Mike Iaconelli. Like Mike too, even though he's LOUD.

    29. Ed Grabowski

      Awesome fishing day for that kid.

    30. Shawn Robs

      Ooooh man that kid is going to be the next legend, what’s his name again ima be watching out for him 👍🏾

    31. ABE Leaky YT

      My turn I’m 14

    32. Zainal fishing 22

      Salam satu hobi

    33. Greg Hawkins

      That’s the best video ever !!

    34. SportsAllDay

      I love bass fishing

    35. Preston Mire

      This is the best taking the boy fishing you are the best professional fisherman this is what It’s all about

    36. Carey Fredrich

      This is funny

    37. Zxchツ

      To be fair he was throwing top water while he was throwing the easiest thing to catch em on

    38. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

      This kid is gonna be somebody special! Lol

    39. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

      Somebody’s gotta sponsor James, this kid is hilarious and he’s slayin em!

    40. Richard Tribble

      i dol

    41. Christopher AuBuchon


    42. Gabriel Wright

      not mey

    43. my lyrics

      Fist of all that's not roasting if you want to get roasted come to my house and yo ass gonna be crying for life I'm talking brused for life

    44. Demetrius Rivers

      That's boy is good but he talk smak

    45. Jacob Haggart

      i wont to go fishing with you i have wotched every single one of your videos im the bigget fan

    46. Cowboy Gamer

      my other friends Trash talk and I beat him in fishing 🎣

    47. Truman Myers

      lol skot sucks

    48. T Mills

      i think james just funny

    49. Lee Aultman

      This is an awesome video. You are a good man Scott. A real class act.

    50. Senior Jason

      😂🤣🤣😂the kid is a pro

    51. Blnkez

      I can’t stop watching this video

    52. BassAddict717

      Wow absolutely fantastic!! If only that kid knew who he just fished with. This will be something he will never forget and when he gets older and finally realizes he fished with a legend will only make it that much better! Scott you truly are an inspiration and a wonderful human being. Never change dude you're an amazing person!


      Just Awesome! You are a great man. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    54. A&M Clevel

      After watching all of your TTJ videos now, I am fully convinced you will never fully know the impact that one decision you made that day to take that kid fishing will and has changed his life. What an absolutely inspiring act of kindness you did regardless of how much fun you had is just heart warming. Ive followed your career and have just recently found your channel and am HOOKED. You sir are the salt of the earth. Thank you Scott for just being an incredible human being and follower of Christ. This 56 year old Dad of an 18 year old girl would dearly love the chance at an hour long fishing excursion with you guys. If ever in Lake Hartwell area in Ga hit me up! Ill even let you win! LOL

    55. Fortnite 4life

      You look like someone from a fishing show a pro fishing show only fishing for bass and guess what Scott guess what you a bad fisherman compared to him 😎🤓

    56. Jonathan

      James got some skills!

    57. 69 the sender

      Yea u would sit in jail to catch a 10 poundaer

    58. Joe Sheriff

      Dude that 13 year old is so MEAN

    59. Mindy Sellers

      I'd Definately go to jail.

    60. Logan Becker

      i feel bad for scott

    61. blake richardson


    62. Kendra Case

      i do

    63. luxury carkey720

      Great video what canal is that...

    64. luke mitchell


    65. Lonnie Fit

      I’m in tears from this kid.....

    66. Lonnie Fit

      Your a great man scott, love how you took this little guy out, with ya. You have a new fan in me sir 🙏🏾

    67. Jackson Coleman

      Two years later I remember watching this the first miniute this video came out.

    68. NostalgiaBoulevard


    69. J-Brock

      Lil man didnt know when to stop but thats part of being young

    70. jacob teitelbaum

      I thought I was the only 13 year old that could fish all day and beat his grandfather

    71. Clayton Kelley

      If I was fishing with him I would just push him in the water

    72. Jax

      Camera man is the best in this😂

    73. Luke Goodrum

      I think I would have took that kid back he kinda a spoiled brat

    74. Todd Ferrara

      Yes! You know!!!

    75. The Gregg Outdoors

      One word COCKEY.

    76. Joe and Ty

      He was already prepared for covid 19

    77. Lee Finke

      Absolutely awesome Scott. Love that your down to earth and would take an average person fishing

    78. THE BOYZ

      Lol I think you need to take that kid to a fishing Tournament

    79. SmackinBass

      This is why I like you Scott you are not to big or above people! You are just a awesome guy that want to give people like James something to remember forever! Keep up the work

    80. Ledja Occleshaw

      Not me

    81. Ej Jackson

      NATHAN brown, ring a bell ?

    82. Andros Bond

      My daddy been on the show with you

    83. Leland Outsider


    84. Leland Outsider


    85. Amanda Roberts

      I I bigger bass on my wall

      1. Amanda Roberts


    86. izac


    87. Jessica Bowling

      You need to do a tournament with James

    88. JoeyCrystalWolf

      you have the best youtube cannal

    89. Brian Parks

      Scott Martin you’re a legend and a idol to me! I’ve been saving up to buy some of your merchandise that way I can rock it while I’m fishing that way I can have good luck and be in style while I’m on the water. Every time I get close to ordering your merchandise family expenses come up and I have to put my order off to the side. I’m hoping and praying I can catch a break one of these weeks so I can make my order happen.

    90. Tlpinck 12

      So your sponsored aren’t you Scott 😂 na just messin

    91. Waheed Razzaq

      ربي يوفقكم ويرعاكم لقد اسعتونا اليوم عيد ميلادي ١ / ٧ /٢٠٢٠ تقبلو تحياتي وحيد رزاق

    92. Jace

      Fun fact: this isn’t your first time watching this...

    93. Now_FOCUS

      You're a good man Scott, and that kid was good. He just needs to learn when to turn off the trash talk, and I wish he would have said "thank you" smh

    94. edgar57639

      Now thats what fishings all about

    95. Zehx

      That kid is annoying

    96. Caden Carpenter

      11:02 he should have said McCan’t-catch-up

    97. Mackenzie Walton

      Wow I’m the only one that’s whatching this in 2020 summer time wow

    98. Kyle Christensen

      Imagine being 13 and out fishing a world champion

    99. Jacob Larson

      I would go to jail for a ten pounder

    100. stevesbulls

      What’s my last name Loservile