SML Movie: The Pink Couch!


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    Junior got a new pink couch!

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    1. SML

      I'm sorry if this video felt like filler near the end, I had to get a video out before I went on vacation and this was filmed at the last minute. I hope you enjoyed it as I still try to make every video as best as I can. We film two videos a week every week and it is very stressful to make all the fans happy. We never take time off from filming, even during a hurricane last year we kept filming to give you guys content. We have been demonetized on two previous channels so we aren't able to cuss and make as many inappropriate jokes as we use to, but we still continue to try to make videos as entertaining as we can. I am going to try to use more fan ideas and use more characters this year. Thank you all for continuing to watch and support are channel over the years.

      1. TheSilentBear

        Yessir last comment love yall sbl

      2. SippyBoyo

        was about to say

      3. YouHide

        I can’t read

      4. n u g g e t c:

        @Adea •7 Years Ago• hi

      5. Michael Tomasek

        It’s ok Logan,you are my guy

    2. Zoya Money


    3. Iden Gaming Channel


    4. Iden Gaming Channel


    5. Iden Gaming Channel


    6. Delta Beee

      Change “dye” → “coloring”

    7. Gravity Angel

      sml answer- my favorite color is black

    8. Xorkl

      I was so mad at bowser junior this entire video



    10. Katrina Leha'uli

      I remember when Bowser used to hit junior with a belt

    11. Mark Borland


    12. Luis Vallejo

      Junior. Mr

    13. Sonia Leufroy-Baeza

      Maybe if Brooklyn T Guy said diy means change something into a different color Bowser and Bowser jr would know what diy means

    14. Sonia Leufroy-Baeza

      Don’t worry 😉 your videos are always the best!

    15. Sonia Leufroy-Baeza

      My favorite color is black

    16. joseph

      jeffy would have got that like almost right off the bat

    17. joseph

      junior is super stupid he is more stupid than Jeffy and scooter combined


      Go see if you have bleach in your kitchen (holy music stops)

    19. Nathan The Bunny Rabbit Official

      I laughed when junior said yunmy

    20. Puglover

      I fav court is orange and bule

      1. Puglover

        I ment cColour

    21. Laura Triano

      9:34 ii think jr thinks he is elon musk

    22. Asia hussain

      The doctor could have just said tie-dye or hydrodip the couch

    23. sal and san ps kis

      Hmmm Ugh!it think kill lol Think kill lol!khnbbhjjnk

    24. sal and san ps kis

      Minimum in mkkmljjmmmknvvvvbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. B hmmmm l Look?? hmmm!bnjjnnnjkkkkl

    25. sal and san ps kis

      F nbhggubnnkbjnmknkknhgigkkhkhkkhiiggggubjjbjibjjhjjvjhvjb by high hook mmm m. Mmm m minimum n hugging bum hmmm I'll?long I! !uh just be the guy on her head when she's trying the same with you like your body to or just a few words imo!I'm!hmmm on!hmmmm!I'm??mm

    26. sal and san ps kis

      Funny kljjnkhhyfgjgddddt ttcfhghvhvvyycgvvgguuuujuggguuyvyyyhvvgbbgyhiuuhthink I luhomljmjnijlkk.mkkmmlk

    27. SmellTheL

      The most filler in one SML video man lmao

    28. Nuha Najeeb


    29. JaydenDog

      that's white not pink

    30. Alan Grimshaw

      Why is it pink its not clean bleach

      1. Alan Grimshaw

        You use it for the floor

    31. Shawn Seneca666

      Use Bowser Junior in a video


      Ps Sppapa 0@0@##0 S A Palppals Laiaosi Ksiwollwllllakakwkaoalallalsla Kakaollsokks Llallkzks

    33. SAMUEL COX

      tht doctor literally could've said the couch needs to be color dyed but instead they came with this and now i have a funny prank the next time someone uses the word dye

    34. Kieron Wheeler

      I like red and black

    35. Kieron Wheeler

      Junior: explain die I don’t understand Brooklyn Guy: my god you little idiot dye as in hair dye

    36. Reality


    37. king nguyen

      Dye means change cooler

    38. Xaทธ

      ''ask your mother''' 1:37

    39. flasher flower productions

      Chef pee pee threw a tantrum

    40. ThatBaconHair

      1:18 dead

    41. among us

      SML answer:My favorite color is Jeffy

    42. Virteregamer102


    43. Gary Rochefort


    44. The game Show

      Ask your mother

    45. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.......

    46. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.......

    47. Tilly-Rose Lepetit


    48. Layla Monks

      Eww macaroni and cheese🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤕🤢🤕

    49. Super funny Mario Bros

      Why did chef pp I thought you were supposed to make a mess 0:37

    50. Patricia Amador


    51. Alicia


    52. Jeremiah's Life



      cool :)

    54. hanjing wu

      I watch this video so many times, it’s so funny.

    55. Yadira Gutierrez

      A good how was you a good day to you a

    56. Lexi Cat crew

      I think they put water in the bleach bottle and paused the video and moved to the white couch and tented the couch pink

    57. AwølSpartan

      “Ask your mom.”

    58. taurean s

      yooo he could of said paint it or im wrong lol

    59. Vangie Fabian

      Hi everyone

    60. Sctrix

      7:35-10:45: the full conversation of the definition of dye

    61. Sanja Martincevic

      Hello pet shop f*** f*** you

      1. Sanja Martincevic

        Hello SML SML SML SML SML

    62. Fabian Beltran

      Not died

    63. Fabian Beltran

      Ok junior is dying

    64. Hysen Letaj

      Fuck your Video SML

    65. YNW DR link Paul

      Posted Jr funny

    66. Avocado Haleigh

      Bowser did get soft remember when he told Junior that he would run his fingers off with a lawn mower he took all his toys one time throw him and his bed outside

    67. Shadow Venom

      The Cloror of Codey

    68. cool guy 20


    69. Train Lover 2000!!!

      My favorite colors are Maroon, Skobeloff, Purple, and Red

    70. ARIAN


    71. Jags fan 1010

      Did you really pour bleach on the couch?

      1. Days Games


    72. Jonah Barcus


    73. Dan Pancy

      Really :/ I love this video :)

    74. Ainsley Reynolds


    75. Fading angel

      3:11 Tigger

    76. Jennifer R.

      Everything on sml is junior making a mess and getting introuble

    77. Sansansantos Gamer

      did anyone otice bowser looked difrent

    78. Ali Mehanna

      Answer to SML: Blue

    79. Pepper_plays

      My favorite character is chef pee pee 🤣 He is so funny🤣

    80. Elijah Travis


    81. riana lundy


    82. riana lundy

    83. Stanky Face


    84. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    85. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    86. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    87. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    88. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    89. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    90. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    91. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    92. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    93. Parkour Lord

      accutaly fuck bower junior

    94. kayla sparrow

      609 it’s so funny

    95. Garth Zanki

      The doctor: d y e kid: d i e

    96. Aureen Canubas

      Its not pink

    97. Mite Bee

      You make a mess the next thing you know your eating the couch

    98. redraw rbx

      im not a big fan of this video there over using the dye joke

    99. Anthony Hernandez

      Did u seriously had to sacrifice a couch?

    100. Tanya

      Does bowser not no that charrli is down stars lol 😆