Paddle Board Shark Fishing!

Scott Martin

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    Hilary goes after some sharks on the flats in the Florida Keys and I try to catch one on a Googan Bait Trench Hog. Don’t try this at home...they will bite you BAD!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Do you want fresh HIGH Quality meat at your door step every month? How about 2 pounds of salmon for FREE? Sounds good, yes? Then check out -

      1. Joseph White

        She drives the boat of wow wish I could drive a boat

      2. Bear Tafoya

        Scott add me on Snapchat beartafoya I need to talk to u

      3. DJ Kreigline

        How Wonder Girl is

      4. DJ Kreigline


      5. DJ Kreigline

        You have any any kids my M32

    2. Isaac Henry

      baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

    3. Marsh Mud

      Looks like a blast!!

    4. Kenneth Chapman

      My late brother raised my nephew on the water too, absolutely lives to fish.

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      That boat would be good to pole and bone fish

    6. Nathan Buchanan

      I need a SMC hat

    7. Bentley Howton

      A fifthey pound cat

    8. doubled3510

      8:52 is that a banana in that Engel cooler, thought they were bad luck for fishing?

    9. Landon Finkbeiner

      Keep up the good work Hilary your dad raised you right

    10. james langston

      Hilary is good fisher girl

    11. Jon Abbott

      Do you have advice for folks who wanna come down and do some shark fishing lol?

    12. Jon Abbott

      This is what quality family time is suppose to look like! Great video guys. Enjoy the channel!

    13. rednek 45

      Baby shark

    14. Jace Crain

      10:20 me every time

    15. NoProblem GS

      Your daughter is amazing

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      great vid🤺

    17. Ethan .bagley

      That kid is more entertaining than most if the fools you see in the fishing network

    18. Cody Williamson

      you dont got to be mean

    19. Teran Warden

      I caught a 6 pound pikeminnow on a bandito bug

    20. Terry Vogt

      Well done kiddo

    21. Jack Gerber

      Hilary is cool as shit put her in more videos I loved when she was happy when you caught her Trench hog

    22. Jack Gerber

      I love Hilary!! But not Hilary clinton

    23. Cameron Outdoors

      Nice yeeyee that girl is nice

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    27. Linda Schmeelk

      Scott u have a up and coming fisher and Hilary is very pretty !

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      She's just a smaller female version of Scott. Maybe she should change her name to Scott Junior.

    29. Bear Tafoya

      Scott add me on snap beartafoya plzz I need to tell u something

    30. Steph Sherriff

      Y’all should put a minn Kota on the paddle board

    31. Steph Sherriff

      What is the reel that Hilary called

    32. s rooster

      i know my rights!! ...come on man, it’s just a f**n scissor lift! lol

    33. Mayka van Acht

      I love how she’s like Oh Shark let’s catch it but then other people are Oh Shark RUN

    34. Brad Lacey

      What reels are they using?

    35. Kyle Raudenbush

      This is the most wholesome content I've seen in a while. keep it up.

    36. The Ace

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      Water moccasin

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      "Ya little turkey butt!"

    40. Coleman Keller

      This is how many times he said trench hog -

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      The next generation of Martin to watch fish is coming into her own. You should be proud Scott

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      Cool video.

    44. LB7 Wade

      Just love the way yall have taught Hillary the kids to fish!!

    45. i Bee Amazin

      13:30 That is every persons reaction around the world as soon as someone mentions that song!

    46. Grady estridge

      Hole vid bragging about his food

    47. northCALIFA

      Cam you put a “lithium pro” on a kayak?

    48. Americanpatriots1776 Yeeyee

      One time I was using a gigantic squad too water frog in South Georgia and a 3’ alligator snatched it. Getting the hook out was not fun.

    49. TMONEY Fishing

      The weirdest thing I have caught on a trench hog was cottonmouth snake that was scary

    50. David Kim

      Scott, I about pee’d in my pants when you jumped out of your seat to stop her from singing the baby shark song. I don’t even know what that is but that was priceless! Great content, the Everman 42 is a beaut! 🤙🏽🎣

    51. Micheal Campbell


    52. Amanda Delgado

      Baby shark

    53. Mike Seal

      Only thing I have caught on a googan bait in 2020 is the shoulder of my buddy he put up a nice fight and I had a nice release on him

    54. in cognito

      That battery alone is several thousand dollars

    55. sc1212able

      Hilary is a mini Rowland Martin, very cool video.....

    56. Kevin Twardowski

      HAHA Hilary got you with the song and you did not see it coming......

    57. Michael Neu

      I have a 169 ghost great boats!

      1. Scott Martin

        Sweet boat

    58. Freddie Howard

      She can fish , good job Scott , it’s good to still see parents teaching there kids to fish , God Bless🙏🙏

    59. xClutCh4DayS

      I caught a tuna on a googan bait and it was a mondo worm

    60. _gmmaann_ [FSL1]

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      I like the vid.👍👍 God bless

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      Do you smell that? I do it smells like skunk because you got skunked by your daughter Haha good job young one keep up the good work.

    65. Brandon Cooper

      Xs power ftw

    66. A Sportsman’s Voice

      shes such a badass raised right scott

    67. billy phillips

      Man, this looks so cool! I'd love to try it!

    68. Chad Catbird83

      Looks like her mom and fish like her dad that's a good combination make any man happy

    69. Grayson Wagner

      it be so much more fun watching your children catch big fish, this is such a wholesome video

    70. Edwin Cordero



      The way a kid should be growing up, not on video games all day and night.

      1. masonotp332

        @KEYSER SOZE fishing, golf and surfing are my main hobbies. I’ve never really been into video games I love spending my time outdoors

      2. KEYSER SOZE

        @Corey Lee there are alot of other outside hobbies, video games are fun tho, just can't spend all your time on them. Now a days I guess its the safest option. Lol

      3. Corey Lee

        Not everyone has opportunity to fish yk

      4. Jake Turner

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      I was gonna do the butcher box thing and surprise my family with that salmon bc we don’t have money but it makes me choose other stuff but it’s all good😁

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    79. Air Force 1

      Great vid! Tell Hillary when she gets the shark in the boat, put her foot on it to keep it from thrashing around, especially when dealing with a larger shark, it can get dangerous real quick.

    80. Vinny Costello

      Usually when I hear people gasp and say shark they usually don’t grab there fishing rod

    81. thperigo

      Scott, Just got my first butcherbox today. The steaks look great and we got free wings for life!!!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

    82. Visionzz FN

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    84. J BERG

      It is absolutely crazy! Passed down from Roland to Scott and now to Hilary! She is destined for great things - there is no doubt!

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    100. Waffle Studios.

      I would love to live in Florida on a canal next to beach like that but I live in Illinois and we really don't have many amazing fish like down there in Florida