EVENING THE SCORE - Tennessee River Bassmaster Elite Day 1&2 - Unfinished Family Business Ep. 9 (4K)

Scott Martin

214 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    It’s time to GET EVEN! Practice was tough but I need redemption after the last Bassmaster Event at the St. John’s.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you ALL for the amazing recent support! Hopefully you guys like this one! We worked super hard on it. Be sure to follow the boys in the house on instagram (Links in Description)

      1. Bryce Amann

        @Sam F said said that she had

      2. Tc Productions

        God that intro gave me chills

      3. Joaquin Edison

        @Zayd Mateo Trying it out right now. Looks promising.

      4. Turner Estep

        You need to whip back out my Grandpa's Crankbaits!

    2. timothy berry

      The story about a spinner bait made me think about me and my 1st whopper plopper I found it in a tree on my kayak tied it on and caught my biggest bass of the year

    3. c rr

      Good luck Scott I loved your dad's TV series growing up! Him and many more shaped me into the fisherman I am today without the legends I dont know where I would be in life they was a true guidance for me and I am forever thankful! And now im watching you and I'm getting the same joy with fishing and learning and I love it thank you keep doing your thang good luck sir!

    4. Mark Farris

      Great video Scott.

    5. Kyle Sanger

      Why do so many of his bass especially the big ones come off, like I watch so many others and it just seems to happen to him more than anybody, is it cause the others maybe take out those clips or is it because the way he sets the hook?

    6. Bossy Ginger

      Awesome. Wish I could be like you someday

    7. Tanners Mcdole

      Was that Tanner Martin

    8. Stephen Bowen

      Ole boy said “it might be” in his best backwoods countryboy voice. That’s why I love Scott Martin Vids.

    9. Jared Matijevich

      Cool to see some high quality fishing vlogs from my hometown 👍

    10. DC Fishing1217

      I was gonna like the video at the end because I love the content but when he done the hat flip at 34 minutes in I couldn’t help but like it then

    11. Frederick Westberry

      Awesome video Scott good luck

    12. MG Fishing

      This was an awesome vid!


      Nice face tan lines

    14. matt h94

      May god bless you and your dad a win! Keep up the great work scott! Do it for us all.

    15. Mike Jendrzejczyk

      "You going to fish a tournament or ride a horse"? Lmaoo that one killed me 😂

    16. justin thompson

      Wow what an intro!!!!

    17. Aaron Silbaugh

      Turn on subtitles. When Scott says "it's a biggun' " the subtitles read "it's a vegan" lmao

    18. yourneck2


    19. nathan leman-skene

      Just curious, the other blokes in the boat with you on each day, are they mates of yours or do they have to sit in and make sure no foul play is going on or something ?

    20. Gaming With Tetris

      the production of ya videos!!! CRAZZZYYY KEEP UP THE GRIND & GOOD WORK!!! GODBLESS

    21. No Area Stay North Crew

      Do it for pops!

    22. Eric Raleigh

      One of the best videos so far!!! what hooks did you use to swap out stocks on the crankbait?

    23. Ethan Graham

      Tennessee river is full of cast nets

    24. Ethan Graham

      Man y’all launched off right on the Tennessee river right beside Neyland Stadium

    25. Mitchell Traxler

      Love the video!

    26. im4broke

      I watched Roland fishing so many times while I grew up before internet...you had to know when it was on tv. I'm typing this just as the intro ended, Scott I hope to see it to end and you bring it home. One of the most memorable episodes of Roland was fishing Lake Okeechobee in Florida, seeing him drag in a massive bass. That's when I actually lived in Clewiston, Florida in the 1960s. I wanted to be that, experience that. Later we moved to Georgia and my grandmother took over my fishing, she with the help of a loving husband my grand dad, had several ponds he built to fish from. We had a "bass pond" (grandma's favorite), the Loop Pond and Catfish Pond..one called the Brim Pond, all she loved to fish in. I learned to drive grand dad's 1960 Chevy pickup at age 14, a stick shift, just so I could move the 16' aluminum boat for grandma before Saturday mourning our usual fishing time. We never caught one as big as Roland's, but gosh I saw that look on my grandma's face and it was all Roland catching that huge bass in Lake Okeechobee.

    27. Calling all bass Morgan

      Good luck Scott keep at it!!!

    28. SoFlo125

      Good ol knoxville!

    29. Brad the Bad Bassmaster Clark

      The intro music makes me wanna practice casting in my underwear.. in the basement...BADASS!! And your Dad comments were awesome as well, good video again!! And did Canterbury buy dinner? LOL the duck fat fries at Stock & Barrel are worth a stop!

    30. Robert Benson

      Little does he know, the legacy will be fulfilled by Hillary Sue.

    31. Stephen Bowen

      I just love the realness and how Scott just keeps it 💯. I love this longer series. Get stuff broseph. 👍.

    32. Mark Schwieterman

      Must be catfisherman

    33. Mitchell Raborn

      With all of the rocks I'd throw a crayfish like lure

    34. Colee Hak

      Catches 5 dinks in the same stretch but the 2 he didn’t catch were really nice lmao I’m sure they were

    35. Hunter Childs

      Loved when you pulled up with ya buddy and y’all both caught nice ones !

    36. Hook Captain

      Can’t believe someone on the Elite’s would fish with stock hooks!!! I wouldn’t use them in a club tournament

    37. Ab Gr

      32:25 sellout

    38. Fishingwithmike

      My dads buddy mark knew Roland very well

    39. Marvin Hesler

      Scott you will be all the classic man you should be..to me you are already a classic

    40. FishNFoolLures

      nice reverse racoon eyes lol

    41. Sledgefist1

      If I was in the audience I would hopping around and clapping from excitement as soon as Scott Martin got announced.

    42. Jordan Harper

      Way to go Scott!! Love the vids unfinished family bisss!

    43. Sledgefist1

      The video hasn’t started yet and I already slapped a huge like on it! Scott I’m rootin for ya. You gotta smash everyone and come up on top.

    44. Gary Lukas

      Awesome !!!!! Now win that elite then the classic !!! You can do it !!!!

    45. Weston Wood

      Scott martin really is so underrated in the KGup world. He deserves more.

      1. 힛트

        I agree

      2. Weston Wood

        @Scott Martin omg😯😯

      3. Scott Martin

        Keep telling the world:)

    46. George Talley

      Bro this one gave me goosebumps the intro was intense kick some ass Scotty

    47. Jake Schisler

      I started using Star Brite on my lawnmower seat and boy does it ever help. great stuff!

    48. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Heck yeah love the tournament video’s. Congrats on top 20 out there!

    49. Jeff James

      Qualified on your first try, thats crazy man

    50. Allen Outdoors

      What an amazing place to take off!!! Right there in the city!!

    51. Shaun Roberts

      Scottie back in the groove. Good SCOTT.

    52. Brock Johnson

      Best channel on KGup man, and the the quality just KEEPS getting better. This shits better than espn bro! You the man Scott, you got this year in the bag bro!

    53. Zac Pearson

      Have you been in the blazers? They go fast af full load and they look great as well

    54. Chase Gribble

      I live rite down the road ..u fished all my spots lol no joke

    55. rob uens

      McCoy keeps it up with those introductions you’ll have to give him a raise. Boats crossing sequence was SICK!

    56. Tyler Durden

      Fish #4 is illegal Canterbury 2:18AM?!?! 46:30 in

    57. Emburize


    58. Deeper Frequencies

      Dang-It all to beans Scott one of these days ill catch you here in Knoxville and finally be able to shake your hand... If you are ever in Knoxville and see a guy in a kayak paddling his heart out to catch up don't worry, Its just me...., DO IT FOR DAD, PA-POW..!!!

    59. Mafongo Jr

      Good luck on day 3 Scott

    60. macmarine20

      😯😯... When you see Scott Martin fishing in a few of your favorite fishing spots. Can't wait for the next video!

    61. Jeff Kindy Fishing

      Great job! Man so happy for you.

    62. Logan Callies

      That intro tho

    63. Chris Young

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    64. Louis Cooper

      Hello! At the Bassmaster Elite Tournament in Knoxville were you & the other anglers restricted to fishing a certain area of the Tennessee River? Like could you have traveled down to Chattanooga, Tn. during the tournament if you wanted to?

    65. Bassassin

      Scott not using the Googan cranks...enuff said.

    66. Bassassin

      How much money does Favorite have to pay these pros to fish their garbage? Seriously..

    67. Bassassin

      So dramatic lol

    68. Braden Tucker

      Hey Mr. Scott, as high school students we have our role models and you're for sure one of mine. As a brother in Christ, I have to keep you accountable and I think I heard a few cuss words and that could turn away a witness who's wanting to know Christ. I'm glad to know you're doing good.

      1. Marv Smith

        Just shouldn't happen.

      2. Marv Smith

        I agree. Using God's name in vain and then a thank you Lord... just should

    69. Aiden Gunter

      Thank you so much Scott for what you mean to me and what you have taught me through out the years. I am preparing for a tournament next week on lay lake for a high school tournament and I have watched your videos and they have taught me so much. I am going to use what you have taught me and used on lay lake. Thank you for what you mean to me and God Bless You.

    70. Tyler David

      I dont trust anyone that doesn't like BBQ chicken pizza.

    71. MetalRunner520

      Great Edit

    72. hbm3420

      Awesome vids!!!

    73. Tracy Alexander

      You have fished a tournament against my brother before

    74. Corey Ledford

      Yall notice ol Canterberry is always eating.

    75. Scott Heston

      Good luck and what's the best shoe to fish in you opinion

    76. K P

      This is my second time seeing this opening and I still can’t watch it without getting chills. Get some!

    77. wayne osmon

      good luck scott pulling for you all the way god bless you and yours

    78. Ryu Hawj

      I have the best spinnerbait known to man, but it's self-custom. Catches fish everywhere, even stripers.

    79. Ryu Hawj

      I always say KVD is no good bc he keeps losing fish. Put me on that boat. I'll show you how it's done. Any fish over 6 inches will be caught.

    80. Kolby Holland

      I appreciate all the fisherman that say they are blessed and thank the lord for each catch. Much respect for you and all the anglers 👍

    81. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      That look like an OG slim your Chuck in there I like that little crankbait a lot

    82. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Whoever is editing these videos... can we just give it a like for HIM!?!?!.. That's the real MVP!! Sheeesh 🙄🥺

    83. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Matt talking about a whole different INTIMIDATION FACTOR wearing those SHOES just made me spit coffee everywhere!!😂😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    84. BamaBassFinder04 4

      The crazy part about that intro is EVERY SINGLE THING you just said Scott you can do!!!! and I think most people in the comments will agree you probably WILL do.. IT'S IN YOUR DNA... you were literally born to do EVERYTHING you just said you wanted to do!!! I'm just saying it's in your DNA, now make it all happen captn!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Gonna work hard!

    85. Mary Vogelsong

      Awesome music segment at 7:07!

    86. xBuck50x

      Bbq Chicken pizza is da bomb. kid is crazy lol

    87. Jason Greene

      BBQ chicken pizza is the best!

    88. j richards

      Took a couple sittings, but I enjoyed the heck out of it. Nice going Scott.

    89. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      I love the new intro, #4Roland

    90. andrew cason

      Your opening gave me chills bro. All love and respect.

    91. Tristan Wood

      What pound line were you using with the Alderberan?

    92. troy3518

      You fished patiently!! Was good to see ..visually didn't look stressed..

    93. Heath Fitzgerald

      Mccoy would be fired if he turned the heater on while he was working for me

    94. Scott Frost

      Ummm 🤔 that fish in Canaberrys left hand (right on the screen) was 14”??? 😂🤦‍♂️

    95. Scott Frost

      McCoys absolutely killin it! Bring this year home for pops!

    96. Keith Cormier

      Awesome stuff boys!!! Keep up the great work fellas! Feel bad for Arey... Tough event for him but he'll rebound!

    97. Woo Hoo

      Call me out of touch, it's been a while since I've watched one of these. Where is Brandon?

    98. he haw

      Man I just missed you on day 2 weigh-in , I saw you just as you were leaving

    99. BigBass Brown

      Great job Scott!!! Awesome video too

    100. Portmann Stephane

      So nice to share that with us ! Great work Scott ! Wonderful work made by the boys for the video too..... Kepp going !