Halloween (2007 Remake) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat

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    Hi everyone! THIS RE-RELEASE is actually me making the EXPLICIT VERSION PUBLIC because of some stuff going on with the videos on KGup - it's kinda acting as a test for me for a few things. The explicit changes aren't THAT extreme but feel free to look for them!
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    1. I’m Random


    2. I’m Random

      IS IT A HE OR SHE?

    3. Vega Da Wav

      I hate rob zombie idea of Micheal being bullied it's disrespectful and make him seem soft and normal.. But I love the kills.. Also why he try humanizing Michael just to have a supernatural element in the next movie

    4. Fo0D

      I like Halloween and the 🎥🥳 and also makes me throw up because of the blood but still the classic

      1. Fo0D


    5. Random Stuff

      It legit looked like that Cruz guy was gonna live till he cuffed him

    6. millersgal420

      Mason thinks oh punched in the face oh no!

    7. Gianni Breda

      U forgot the rat in the numbers

    8. StrawberryCreamPocky

      wtf they be feeding him at smiths grove?!?!!

    9. zavier watson

      dude for all you hardcore cod zombies players doctor monty is in this lol 15:48

    10. Max Pierre

      The soggy wax accidentally transport because bass neurobiologically sneeze at a deserted dime. responsible, naive fold

    11. Scorpionstrike7

      11:00 Welcome to prime time, bitch!

    12. Handsome Italian

      Ok, not only does Rob Zombie look like a metal version of cinemasnob, but Loumos looks like hide the pain Harold

    13. LongBoard Studios

      Let’s get to the numbers was hilarious

    14. ii_deathtaker

      yeaaaa 6m views good job!

    15. Kyle Largin

      Doctor fuckin monty

    16. Yhair Barragan

      I don’t like that girl

    17. Brent Lewis

      I'm glad he didn't kill his mother

    18. Gackslime S

      this movie: michale as a child kills everyone in of the movie 23 minutes of the movie some dumb kids movie: michale as child kills everyone in 6 minutes of the movie

    19. Trumpet

      Mhm alright

    20. GeneralJellyBeans

      2:13 I was thinking the same thing

    21. James Mills

      Out of everything Can we just take a moment to appreciate James for paying respect to moustapha akkad and his family


      The end tho. GET IT JAMES

    23. Kade Marsee

      This movie suuuuucks.

    24. porn hub

      come on he was just trying to be a good brother

    25. KayinsBandito

      Is Lumis hide the pain harold?

    26. WhizPartyDoge

      Why does Loomis look like Dr Monty from the BO3 Zombies storyline??

      1. Sneaky Vic

        I think it is him

    27. casey brune

      This was unfortunately the first ever Halloween movie I saw. To me, it was the most fucked up one lol.

    28. Joshua Garrod

      Wish I had BF like this guy, love the way he explains things

    29. Magdalena Gil

      his armpits were kinda sweaty at the end when he was dancing 😂

    30. Cyrus Mervan

      crawl for your life judith

    31. Heather Thorne

      I know right

    32. DuongBroZ

      10:17 i thought i accidentaly touched my phone when i saw the doors

    33. Carter Stack

      Love all the decorations in the back round

    34. tomy6114

      Why does dr Sam Loomis look like dr monty

      1. Swagmeister

        because it's the same actor

    35. Evan Bushong

      Idc what anyone says, this movie has a special place in my heart and I enjoy the hell out of it


      Just hide then head on the fuck out of him

      1. Un punto

        Michael killed a whole group of armed guards in a minute LOL

    37. Adam Tate

      This video is really good

    38. Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz

      Although The Haloween Remake Movies are just movies, I KNOW these f(beep)ed situations have happened to other people including children in real life. Its horrendous to see what happens in this movie but what happens in this movie refelcts what other people have gone through and have done. Although this movie exaggerates situations, the things that happen in this movie Refelcts what went down with other people. As shocking as this sounds, this Rob Zombie Halloween Remake Movie and the Sequel are very up there to being a Masterpiece. But thats only the Halloween Remakes which are Masterpieces. Rob Zombie's other films though are trash.

    39. Jake P

      He is terphing

    40. William Franco

      This shit is so depressing

    41. ijustwantsushi

      i honestly like the rob zombie remake more than the original!

    42. Ivan Cornejo

      Damn, Michael killed Boots

    43. Daniel Plus

      21:08 ewie smelllly skinkyyyyy pits

    44. Toppat Richard

      Deborah myers is the saddest kill for me. I wanted to cry

    45. The female Weeb

      The fact Michael tried to make amends with his sister gets me every time 😂

    46. zhigang xin


    47. Zachary Rosemann

      Micheal Myers is badass in this movie

    48. Rollito De Jamón

      i mean its not a bad remake but making michael a pervert with his sister doesnt really fit with it....

    49. naruto Uzumaki


    50. Indra Ronaldo

      Rob zombies halloween 1 and 2 were awesome I think it's safe to this was the scariest Michael miyers

    51. D1nnoo

      I’m addicted to this channel

    52. ray shirogane

      I actually started watching this version of Halloween and btw I can relate to the bullying part of it and one of these days I wanta play in a horror film to show those idiots I can accomplish my dreams even though I haven't done it yet

    53. Alina-Feicia Avram

      The deserted tuna ophthalmoscopically unite because pasta uniformly support to a dirty christopher. third, hot huge van

    54. A Man Of Sculpture

      I hate this remake but I bet this is what has to happen to make you into a serial killer. Also it must have been hard to choose a golden chainsaw because there are tons of graphic deaths Mini Mike

    55. Souper N00b


    56. Heather Simons

      I really love your vides

    57. Heather Simons

      You shud do bunnyman

    58. Brando Valentine

      I think holloween is the best movie and sequels

    59. max carolan

      The most scary slasher with out a doubt is Micheal Myers

    60. iron shark

      Machetes kill killed me

    61. iron shark

      I really liked it

    62. Zander channel 2 new and improved

      FAMILY NO KILL , FAMILY BAD that got me 😂 😂😂😂😂


      bro i can see your swety pits gros man

    64. Pippin the Stripping Cripple

      "Wow, an effective police presence, that's cool!" Imagine if cops in real life were in anyway helpful to people rather than just to protect property

    65. Realgray

      3:31 Michael was never good at running hmmm explains alot

    66. The Bro Luke

      Please dont ever change the background music in your videos

    67. Sarah Blakesley

      Micheal looks like fcking reekid

    68. Matthew Andrzejewski

      My principal is not a pal because I got in trouble for standing up for someone

    69. NotMasked

      Dr Lumus becomes Dr. Monty? Awesome

      1. FTK 6000

        I noticed that lmao

    70. Tyler Resendes


    71. Andrew Orders

      Not counting the first 3rd (besides the sister), is the kill count the same?

    72. Andrew Orders

      From this video it seems like a really good remake. Why did it have a poor critical reception?

    73. Andrew Orders

      I like that they gave a reason for Michael to hunt down Laurie specifically.

      1. Andrew Orders

        @SomeNerdyBoy haven’t seen any of the movies but having motivation sounds better from the outside. I’ve learned since that Halloween II did the sister thing first though.

      2. SomeNerdyBoy

        That's the exact reason most people DON'T like it. Myers isn't supposed to have a reason, he's the physical embodiment of pure evil, he's a force of nature, he doesn't NEED motivation to kill, he just does things. Giving him an origin kind of ruins the whole mysterious feel to the character. The whole sister thing kinda worked in the original Halloween II, but Myers is still at his best in the original.

    74. Andrew Orders

      A remake that actually “remakes” the movie!

    75. Andrew Orders

      Why did people complain about faithfulness?

    76. One Really Grumpy Jill

      I feel like knowing Myers' backstory, and having him come from a dysfunctional trailer park family, actually ruins it. Keeping it vague and have him come from a normal, middle-class family works the best. Personally, though, I always thought that his shtick was that he is possessed. Freddy is a nightmare demon, Jason is a zombie, Myers is possessed and Leatherface is a teddy bear with a cannibalistic-sadistic family.

    77. Dammn Deejay

      How did I never notice those giant purple spots on screen?

    78. T Rex1011

      I don’t know why but I feel bad for Myers because he wanted to be with his little sister that shot him in the face

    79. jdferfe Asdfgh

      Michael apparently wants to join Slipknot

    80. Oshaun Lugh

      Michel is my favorite

    81. Kdthatkid

      every killer in a nut sheel: i see you your life go bye bye even if they werent even involved with it

    82. Dominic Phillippi

      Im a kid literaly

    83. Raymond Alvarez

      Dr. Monty? 13:08

    84. andrew hauck

      I watched the chewy trailer and I can safely say james was the best part

    85. Operaz

      Wesley shoude have kicked micheald knees and lived while he was begging for his life Change my mind

    86. Michael Cedano

      I know there is not a lot of deaths in this movie but could you do a kill count onStanley Kubrick's film a clockwork Orange.

    87. Jason Bushong

      I will call or there and strangle you. James: wait what

    88. Metal Mouth

      I honestly feel bad for Micheal he had a hard childhood

    89. What am I Guy

      I think rob zombies Michael is scarier

    90. Zach Holman

      Who is he talking so slow in this on

    91. Tommy Hook

      Here’s a random Danny😂

    92. boy sclub

      no you do not

    93. ッFire

      4:59 uh

    94. علي بشير

      Mustafa AKAKAD thank you geving us this movies and macle

    95. sammy - kun

      My favorite Halloween by far

    96. Batboy 2020

      That wasn't a knife it was a fucking machete

    97. Ethan Young

      I prefer any other kill counts because they count animals. This stupid one doesn't count pets when they clearly should be counted

      1. Tomas Abeyta

        He only counts humanoid creatures. Animals are not humanoid creatures. And tell me, why should animals be counted?

    98. Abby B

      when i was 6, i fell asleep while my brother was watching this movie. my brother finished it and didnt turn off the dvd player or tv. i woke up to the v loud title/play screen playing the iconic music repeatedly...i screamed and started sobbing so loud my dad ran into the room. also not the first time i fell asleep trying to watch the movie though.

    99. นิวศศิธร

      "Michael was bullied by this piece of shit spy kid" HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    100. SheffRudyTKE

      Boyfriend: I'm going to make a sandwich Michael: So you have chosen death