LILHUDDY - 21st Century Vampire (Official Music Video)


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    Director - Joseph Kahn
    Production Company - Happy Place
    Producer - Tara Razavi
    Cinematographer - David Weldon
    Production Designer - Brett Hess
    Color - Dave Hussey
    VFX - Cameo FX
    Fashion Direction - Nicola Formichetti
    Grooming - Johnny Stuntz
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    Twitter: xlilhuddy​
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    1. Mariana Borda Torres

      soy el comentario en espñol que buscabas

    2. sara sourri

      chase is very emo🔮🔪🖤🖤

    3. i caca

      this is such a basic song it hurts theres literally no flavor to it

    4. Jamison Bishop

      Y’all can’t lie most tik tokers songs suck but this one lowkey slaps and had a cool ass video to it plus chase idk why but for some reason he got hot out of no where 😂

    5. Sarah Morgan

      Really captured that inner Damon Salvitore vibe😝

    6. LeBeautiful James

      its over if my homies find out 😔

    7. Gabriela Moreira


    8. Ashley Yee

      so is everyone a singer now 🤷🏼‍♂️

    9. Nayeli Yucra

      Magnífico... me encanta, es una de mis favoritas hasta el momento. ♡ 🌃

    10. Lil Soso

      I don’t like him but I really like this song !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. Broadcast Epicyon

      this song gives the feeling of nostagic 2000s songs

      1. Bishop Curry


    12. Beatriz

      Chase your music this perfect I'm very proud of you congratulations on everything you've accomplished

    13. Ava Cassidy

      Dixie: I'm a singer Charli: I'm a dancer Chase: I'm a vampire

    14. Nicole Otto

      Right so i found this song on a snapchat video and it said scroll up to see the song i scroll up and see lilhuddy listens to the song me: why is this good

    15. Juliette Morales

      I got my phone taken away for 3 weeks and now lil huddy is a vampire fun

    16. YellowDeKz

      i, as an emo i approve

    17. Lovemanga!! 1

      He’s handsome

    18. Va ll

      If chase actually plays the guitar I completely respect him as a musician now like genuinely

    19. Va ll

      Also rocking the fit

    20. Va ll

      Ngl I don’t love lil huffy but this is low key pretty good

    21. Caden Neace


    22. YeahSpicy

      This is why we never give the weird kid attention

    23. Ruby Roo


    24. Freschte ysf

      If you watched too much the vampire diaries:

    25. Liana H

      This song is in the wrong decade 😂

    26. Athan Chua

      autochune is my bae-lil huddy

    27. Tanzela

      CHASE I AM SO PROUD OF U!!!!! 🥺

    28. Tanzela

      CHASE I AM SO PROUD OF U!!!!! 🥺

    29. Tanzela

      CHASE I AM SO PROUD OF U!!!!! 🥺

    30. Tanzela

      CHASE I AM SO PROUD OF U!!!!! 🥺

    31. Tanzela

      CHASE I AM SO PROUD OF U!!!!! 🥺

    32. Tanzela


    33. Mariana Rodrigues

      omg i just got the best idea you should make a movie like if u agree

    34. Enoh

      Listens 2 playboi carti once

    35. Conner Frosty

      Why does this actually slap tho🙊💀

    36. musicwithmessages

      Cool just a song bout what it's like to live in our century cool

    37. Mariyam Easha Hameed

      Chase's music is more better and good then nessas

    38. L.A.V

      0:30 that Literally surprised


      Brooo that was amazing.WOW

    40. Rocelyn Moore

      Why you say the n word

    41. 0

      i secretly like this song

    42. kaide natividad

      bro that disgusting

    43. Norma Vasquez

      He ate cake 😔

    44. MhwOffcial

      i'd like to hear this un-auto tuned........

    45. waq_akhi

      lol liisten what he sez when he sez vampire

    46. kele chips

      Lil huddy makes me want a karen haircut 😂

    47. FloatingInTheVoid

      Okay can we talk about how he’s one of the first musicians from tiktok that don’t make synthesised ‘soundcloud’ shit, like this fucking slaps

    48. Raisi Perkins

      Y'all all sall that bite on the girl thigh and the shoe like right

    49. Raisi Perkins

      Nessa in pain jaden broken heart and want to die. Larray want evryone to be canceled. But chase IM A 201ST CENTRY VAMPIRE YEAH YEAH YEAH

    50. Brooklyn Ross

      STREAMING 24/24

    51. Brooklyn Ross


    52. Bibble The king

      He listens to yungblod he tried sounding like him and the song lyrics aren’t even anything like yungblods and the music vids are the same PLS WTH IM WHEEZING 1:10 PLS HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR 1:46

      1. Raisi Perkins

        Why the hate because you can't sing ha

    53. -Ixsxmnia -


    54. Nicolacia Upa cambano mendes

      Il a pensé à nous les français 😍il a mit la traduction

    55. quarantine bangs

      Very “a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me” and I’m not even mad about it

    56. Sywrath

      Everyone is saying that this is the only song that isn’t about depression... This song is about how he is depressed sitting around on his phone and not going outside...

    57. Devin Roseboom

      he kinda dosent sing because of his backup singers (no offense chase:})

    58. Sparkle Girl

      Jake webber + Isaak presley = lil huddy just sayin

    59. Taylen Reyes

      I’m listening to this like well I’m doing school and I have my headphones on so I don’t hear anyone and actually I really like the song so listen to it a lot

    60. Jimin's Pinky


    61. Jimin's Pinky

      CHASE AS A VAMPIREEE like this is all I wanted!

    62. Jimin's Pinky


    63. George Zinko


    64. celyn martinez

      what is this OMGGG this is straight up TRASHHH and this video is freaking physcotic y'all honestly weird if u like this

    65. Eliahnna Lopez

      I hate him but this goes hard 🤨🤨

    66. moon_ łightaali

      this is FUCKING fire keep doing your thing bro 🔥🔥🔥🤠

    67. Minesa S

      Me after watching all Vampire series

    68. jojo

      Why did I just watch this 6 times in a row...

    69. andreaa

      Dixie: im depressed Nessa: im in pain Chase:IM A 21ST CENTURY VAMPIRE

    70. Angela mendez

      was there kiss and mcr references through the makeup?

    71. Maleah Kayleigh

      I love it I listen to it every day

    72. Annon vibe

      this song rocks middle school me approves adult me supports

    73. L!ly Moon

      feilix mallard+chase hudson= death by hottness

    74. Olivia Bristow

      Other songs: sad, happy, depressing Chase: 21st CENTURY VAMPIRE 🧛🩸

    75. Carla VeranoLuri

      this vid is so cool smh

    76. Carla VeranoLuri

      Im A TwEnTy FirSt CenTrY TaMpoN

    77. rimas omer

      Love it 😭🤚

    78. Tianna

      Why is this actually decent😭

    79. Marissa Schreiber

      u all have to admit this song is goood

    80. Marissa Schreiber

      Dixie: I'm sad Nessa: I'm in pain Chase: I'm a vampire

    81. Green froggie UwU


    82. surreal.


    83. aesthetic :D


    84. zoe !

      this is a bop

    85. Msf clatch msf clatch

      my skl liked your song i played it to my class

    86. Alex kenny

      I hate that I like it

    87. It’s Emily!

      wow this is underrated! i love the creativity! this sounds like it could be on disney channel LOL but i love dis!

    88. EE BCD I TVM

      chase :I'm howling at the moon me:uhhh that's a werewolf thing anyway this song is soo good

    89. sarah davenport

      I love you chase don’t let the buttcheeks who say crap abt you bring you down I really hope you are having a great day!! You are such an inspiration and uhh maybe if you see this you could tell mgk I said hi too? 😂 I really love. You both really hope I can meet you one day if you ever need to talk I’m here but I’m you probably have other people but either way I’m here whenever

    90. Ahsan Alvi

      i was expecting this to be horrible but this is hella fire

    91. Brenee Tucker

      is that store the same one from the mgk's candy video?

    92. trin s

      Fav song

    93. trin s

      This song is amazing

    94. evie prince

      do a vid reading ur instagram dms

    95. LadySeraphineCC

      As a person who's hitting their 30's...I admit that I like this song..

    96. Destinee Diamond Lovenaria

      Cool I want to be like you


      The other tik tokers: sad, mad Chase: IM A VAMPIRE YEA YEA😝😝😝😝😝🌚🌚

    98. cookie b

      And I hope I don’t sound ridiculous but this kinda go crazy

    99. Percell Peepin

      This freaks ne out..

      1. ryuzakishoe

        no one cares

    100. promisering audios

      So these are the scenes that got cut from the vampire diaries