Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On...


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    This is Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... this was messy.
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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    1. Marie Rectenwald


    2. Marie Rectenwald


    3. Todoroki Shoto


    4. Liv’s Life

      Is nobody gonna talk about TapL calling cobblestone bedrock, just me OK

    5. Thanh Ta

      Can u do it with bedrock

    6. Gia Studies

      I personally think that if you kill the elder dragon with beds it should say The Ender Dragon was killed by (Intensional Game Design)

    7. Allison Steinke


    8. Flareondud

      I subbed

    9. tt tt

      he sounds like tommyinnit when he screams lol

    10. 孙慧君


    11. Arch SK8

      Chat was going crazy when he said bedrock instead of cobblestone

    12. Ask Felix Gørtz

      hes Chinese

    13. Crazy Fujo

      9:45 m-man daz ILLEGAL😡

    14. Ruvinuvi

      in the beginning he had 68 levels and said nice, My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    15. Hazel Lougheed

      riiiiiggghhhhhhhhtttt, an underground cave....... okay, sooooooo rare. soooooooo rare.

    16. Samuel Cabaday


    17. Бахадур

      TAPL can u make a face reveal

    18. Among sus Minecraft

      That scream so crazy

    19. Gustav Antonsson

      you gay becuse you dont link mod

    20. Dawcio Dawcio

      Bruh he just got the rarest trade 0.24 chance and no reaction

    21. Better gaming

      Watching this drink asf and loving it

    22. exzotic chris gaming

      wow the piglins traded him nether ingots and u just skip them wow come on man

    23. Joseph Daou

      lol the ultimate win

    24. Berita Makassar

      Hey nightd get inspiration by this video

    25. Ayyub Fadhil

      hehe POOG

    26. Oze Animation

      Everyone: Don’t dig straight down. TapL: Well yes, but actually no.

    27. Albert Huang

      He did not make nethrite block!?

      1. Berita Makassar

        Hes make it

    28. Jason Seiling

      Good Video Idea: Minecraft, but piglins trade OP items

    29. Kevin Hou

      I just love seeing the chat go absolutely crazy when something good happens

    30. QuinncysBox 1

      Buried desert temple cavene

    31. Hollis I.

      The song you play when you fight the ender dragon sounds a lot like the scarlet king from a SCP addon in minecraft

    32. Markbanana57

      Where do you get these mods, or do you make them?

    33. xXRoyal ReaperXx

      14.5k comments wow ur fan base is big

    34. b0mbs

      wait, thats illegal

    35. Baconator11_6

      People who can breezily bridge: googol netherite

    36. Rory Bonehill


    37. Nimisha Khare

      Please collab with Wisp

    38. Ayesha & Tobie in Wonderland

      You can smelt diamond ore

    39. Ai Yang


    40. Gamer22MINECRAFT

      Sorry i'm Indonesia

    41. Alexi XCB 0

      summa syaqqaqnal arda syaqqa

    42. isha shikrani

      Walk on The Like Button.

    43. Abu Taqi

      Fun fact : There's a youtuber in indonesia name nightd play this data pack and credit tapL...

      1. Mikail El Islamy

        Gw udh nonton video ini duluan seblom ke NightD

      2. ZulfianOfficial


    44. Nandang Komaludin

      Kesini Gara gara nightd satu server

      1. Anime_. Edit

        Aku nonton ini dah lama :V

      2. LightD144P

        @Mikail El Islamy sama cok

      3. Mikail El Islamy

        Gw udh nonton video ini duluan tapi dari dulu

      4. LightD144P


    45. Cormac Cousino

      Wait… what if he walks in lava and water?

    46. Ervin George Mariano

      can u get water

    47. Jade Yang

      Next video: Minecraft but you break every block you look at

    48. Nevahn Jhaveri

      flexing with netherite blocks

    49. Nevahn Jhaveri

      Can u get bedrock?

    50. jhillon

      What about the egg

    51. Himanish S

      you are killing techno blade's freinds :C

    52. Alptekin Ekiz

      Die if you take a item from place, you can just take items from chests, barrels esc.

      1. Alptekin Ekiz

        From furnaces, crafting tables... hoopers...

    53. GOLD TOAST

      Ladies and Gentleman we got him 7:06

    54. Daniel Berzinskas

      >>Start PXE over IPv4

    55. bag frig

      hes so rich he just builds up with netherite blocks

    56. UnknownNoob_YT

      tapl kinda sounds like unspeakable gaming

    57. Tony Leon


    58. Assasin Redstone

      Trick while you are getting items you should place some aka infinite bridge than when ur done u just run

    59. Syed Arhaan

      Everybody body gangster until he fell on bedrock

    60. Guillian Camina

      God Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. MøønStārz

      *We’re all gangster till the dirt comes into the inventory as “grass block” instead of dirt...*

    62. Irwin Lee

      Is it me or does it feel like he’s in creative mode

    63. Paladin Wilson

      Eat water-someone in twitch chat

    64. Emerald Gaming

      He said one bedrock but all he did was get one cobble

    65. Ceci Martinez

      Make a block of netherit

    66. Jamie Crofts

      Does it work with chest and multiplies the loot inside

    67. Mantycoo

      Imagine stepping on a skulker box with stuff in it

    68. Niamh Cosgrove

      In your next video can you please do Minecraft but you play in creative mode?

    69. Bradedede boi

      Morgz in minecraft

    70. John Jacobs

      When he was placing that bedrock, I had serious anxiety that he would trap himself

    71. John Jacobs

      Man, bedrock players have the best duplication glitches Java players:

    72. Sharker EXE

      22:45 that must’ve been the best and coolest kill of my life!

    73. I got New frog

      did i only hear TapL call cobblestone ,,BedRock"

    74. Brett Van Der Hoorn

      TapL:using netherite blocks for bilding Blocks Me:hE riCh

    75. Nik Pik

      tapL: im blue eiffel 65: IM BLUE DA BA DEE DABU DYE

    76. Lackツ


    77. Gomm Jintanan

      Went he got dimais he did not evevn build a house yet and i aways get wood or dirt and build a house

    78. MrRahul6108

      Me waiting for if he walks average the ender egg

    79. Toxic Ace Gamers

      why he says boom boomboom .. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😅😆

    80. Gamer avec Jack et Eliott

      im a fan

    81. richard payne


    82. Wavy Gaiming

      how do i get this mod/data pack

    83. 1337_ NorthWind

      U scream so loud😂

    84. vishruth reddy

      go tapl

    85. jeanette angeles


    86. Alex Saucedo

      He can just jump on the block

    87. Ethan KAIN

      What seed is this

    88. Rory Nelson

      When he walk’s on anything rare: *S T* *O* *N* *K* S

    89. Cakey Cat

      Villager Prime

    90. Soma Town


    91. Woter dogo Gang

      Grian when he sees the amount of diamond blocks you have: pathetic

    92. S Harris

      TapL: ima just casually build a bridge out of pig spawners

    93. Mahesh Jain

      The piglins be like:- we are the richest in the nether.

    94. Giovanni Hernandez

      So what is your more damage then an axe

      1. Giovanni Hernandez

        Actually a sword does more damage than an axe

      2. Giovanni Hernandez

        Actually meant a sore does more damage than an axe

    95. Popcoolboi


    96. Hung vo ngoc

      You can make a bedrock Armor

    97. Ashley Hudson

      wok on the waster?

    98. Griffin Engle

      why, why did he not make netherite boots

    99. stevensun74


    100. Chuck's Cool Reviews

      15:54: Bastion Remnant, more like Ghast-ion Remnant! :)