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    This laser is so strong! What should I use it on next!? #shorts

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    1. OysterSales

      Man was just taking a piss and you open the door

    2. Liudvikas Bačkis

      Turns out blindness does not exist for these people

    3. TheGamingCeratosaurus

      If Shin Godzilla was human

    4. Kaylouise egerton

      Pissing with the seat down vile

    5. Rustyblade 713

      This dumb ass is going to hurt someone

    6. J M.

      Use it on a phone

    7. Corona Bish


    8. Bored eight year old

      Are we not gonna talk about the shower curtain

    9. The Court Of Public Opinion

      You could have blinded them so easily your as bad as David

    10. Lütfiye Ozdemir

      I want one for my own purposes

    11. Generic man

      Looks like someone’s never watched styro pyro before

    12. Ralph Mejia

      you really told your dumbass friends to give you their “best” reactions and they were still shit

    13. Ralph Mejia

      such shitty fake content🤦🏻‍♂️

    14. Lisa Laezza

      *bloons td 6 be like*

    15. Logan Ingalls

      Why do people hang out wit this guy like honestly

    16. queen

      I hate these atleast make them real

    17. Joshua Adkins

      I hope they all went blind after this video

    18. gaming with skullture

      Dude put on some safety glasses or your gonna be blind and no glasses will help ya see put on some safety glasses incase

    19. Γεωργιος Ευθυμιαδης

      Can I buy this laser online

    20. Mini Batman2.0

      Weird how everyone stood in the same spot as the balloons and how the first guy literally turned to LOOK AT THE BALLOON AND LAZER. Plus no safety while shining it at a mirror? Honestly, this video is so dumb.

    21. Dune Goon67

      What are you doing is completely idiotic and dangerous if you say it’s that high powered pop balloons you shouldn’t be looking at it without safety goggles don’t get cheap ones do research before you blind everyone you know you dumb ass

    22. Senpai CatBoi

      Imagine if Jackass got their hands on this… Johnny Knoxville would’ve lost his balls

    23. A Undertale fan

      Hey I have that laser

    24. roequ asdfg

      Oh yeah lemme conveniently stand under this totally not suspicious looking balloon sure do i hope nothing bad happens

    25. shadow reviews

      Why make it staged instead of making a real prank, like what did they expect

    26. dingus bingus

      How the hell did he even get one of those lasers

    27. Courtland Floyd

      1st guy looked dead at you bro what the hell

    28. Alie AX

      That is a lightsaber 😂😂

    29. SneezyEz

      Cats be like

    30. urijah plays

      Btw this is totally not staged

    31. Pineapple Mix

      Where to but?

    32. The Squirt Dude

      ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? I hate people who not only buy powerful lasers with no training to handle them but also people who negate the safety of them and wear no eye protection and shine them at a reflective surface near another person, that laser is powerful enough to blind you and your friend,

    33. guia dos jogos

      O fake

    34. Bokuto Donquixote

      *Ballon pops* Girl: 🧍‍♀️ 3 seconds later *Throws Drink*

    35. Moment

      You can’t be this dumb you never use a laser this powerful with no eyewear you moron

    36. Glackadeeve

      Good premise for a prank.. so tell me why you need to fake it???

    37. Reki

      Fat gus Johnson

    38. charlotte nacpil

      How to buy power full laser


      No one :- Literally no one :- Me :- His Voice Is Like Mr Beast

    40. AnnouFn

      Definitely real reactions 👍

    41. Stevie Dyke

      He was peeing before u came in but the water in the toilet isnt yellow

    42. Md arif Shaaon

      Give me this laser ,as a gift, please 🥺। Thank you

    43. Ry Young

      just looking at the dot of a powerful laser can cause severe eye injury if you aren’t wearing laser goggles lol

    44. TypischNederlands

      Oh wow nice videos guys next time better acting please

    45. ICEY LY

      Wow love how he was using the bathroom yet nothing was in the toilet 🙃

    46. pink jellybean

      You're third victim is so cute💓💓

    47. Seif Nassar

      😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 مضحك جدا الواضح في اصحابك تصدقوا

    48. Ferret_Max

      That is such a stupid f**King thing to do, he could of damaged or permenantly blinded anyone in this vid cause none of the had proper lazer goggles or glasses.

    49. Mark Zues


    50. Daniel Gallardo

      Dude don't even mess like that one mistake and can leave your friends injured or maybe blined

    51. Firefox Killer

      You could probably make your friends go blind and yourself that would’ve gone in the mirror in the first shot I hope this was fake because if not you could’ve made every single one of your friends go permanently blind for the rest of their lives

    52. 100% dat Bitch

      Why TF is that guy PEEING WITH THE SEAT DOWN??!??!??

    53. Lat The Synth

      Gotta love the smell of fried retina

    54. Connor

      So powerful it can light objects on fire, and give all your friends permanent eye damage

    55. Bailey Tyler

      Going to make your friends blind

    56. Fiona Delhoume

      Vou etes tro con

    57. Hasan Hasan


    58. crashoverride93637

      Yea let's shine a burning laser in a room with a big ass mirror....dumbass

    59. Kayla McNutt

      you p.o.s.... you prank the hot chick with cash.. then ya pout water on your fat ugly friend... i wish i had enough clout to fight you

    60. Black•panda•bearʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I love how he stand right under the balloon and just stand there.....right guys I would say bad acting😂

    61. RedFacedGod

      This is actually the most idiotic and dangerous stuff I've seen. Like... That shit could easily blind you in an instant.

    62. Penda Jallow

      Him:In this household we have no privacy Dude peeing: WAIT ...WHAT?!

    63. assad. Amir grubri


    64. HH

      Where are the safety goggles this shit can make people go blind are you an idiot?

    65. Paps211

      yeah give a no braincell steroid using cocaine sniffing protein guzzling fuck a powerful military grade laser i see nooo issues arising here

    66. nonfb

      This is and incredibly stupid thing to do. Simply from looking at the spot on the wall created by a burning laser can permanently damage your eyesight.

    67. Richard Garcia

      Not that boy stevie InThe beginning lmaooooo

    68. Simoun Pascual



      The last guy look like a real girl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    70. Sane Yuri

      Hey..can anyone tell me how to disable yt shots....

      1. retarded engineer gaming

        dont click on them

    71. k1ngarch

      The last guy knows 😂

    72. kuchi awk

      Trdweee2e2w2e2e2rwrwr 🚩

    73. Jason Baker

      Why would you point a laser that can destroy objects that close to your friends

    74. 일일

      나도 시력안좋은가보다 마지막은 살이좀있는여성분인줄 알았는데 남성분이셨네

    75. Gaming, glitches and more

      this is so fake

    76. Kaward T

      Yup is very normal to have balloons hanging around the house.

    77. Z W

      That’s a laser powerful enough to burn out your retinas off a reflection and you’re pointing it willy nilly at your friends

    78. Peasant

      If this was real, which it isn't, you could have seriously wounded those people that call you friend. And despite it not being real, you still would have seriously wounded those actors you hired. This is stupid. Really really fucking stupid and dangerous.

    79. SawyerTL

      Wow you must be really lucky to have had all the people stand in the direct spot under the balloon

    80. Matt Luster

      That was so cool

    81. Ayan Mohanta

      If everyone hates tiktokers and these stupid Stuffs, so how to do they pop up every fucking day on my feed 🙄

    82. Astronaut Adventure’s

      I haven’t seen one of your videos in a while

    83. Lishergti


    84. Allyson Brown

      Were can i get one

    85. RedDivisions

      Where did you get it. TEL ME NOW

    86. Cyber Futuro


    87. mason Michael

      My mom would be Aaron

    88. Aryonna Hyland

      What laser is that

    89. Bryson Ross


    90. Ashlynn Grace

      This is why we have a magical thing called ✨locking the door✨

    91. Carrot Cake

      Why is no one talking about the fact that the first guy was “peeing” with the toilet seat STILL DOWN

      1. Waves Legend

        @Anonymous Cj Not all pee is yellow smart one

      2. Anonymous Cj

        The water wasn’t even yellow

      3. I don’t know

        Mans still had his pants on

      4. Caleigha Braithwaite



      This guy walked in on that guy pissing and they seemed too okay with that until that balloon popped Js

      1. thee vulkzy

        he wasnt even peeing he had a water bottle because he hinds his hand at the end of thr scene

    93. Neyten Patino

      Point that at a ufo if you even come across one

    94. Giovani Ronildo

      so, anyone there need glasses? and... how is the first guy pissing?

    95. Joyce Koehler

      He is ping and I'm 8 year old and I saw that squirrels

    96. Joyce Koehler

      🤮🤮🤮🤮 that is so gross

    97. Mikael Manalo

      Kinda sus

    98. Eoghan

      There's a mirror you idiots you'll blind someone.

    99. 4k Daemon

      That could be used AS a torture device: point at the persons eyeball.

    100. seasalt c

      sure its normal to record a video in the bathroom while somebody is using it