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    1. vnoqe

      the first part lol

    2. Optimal DuckyYT

      Look at Jarvis’s head 🤣🤣

    3. Korupted Wolf

      Dire wolves

    4. BarbenDesigns

      Jim Jordan

    5. Paul Hafer

      Wasn’t one time it was a 5v5 mw2 or mw3 on that one crane map on snd

    6. tareq alobaidli

      Ksi is 0 in in first game

    7. tareq alobaidli

      Ksi is always sus

    8. Jahir

      The intro is so funny to me for some reason

    9. Mr James

      Is it just me who thinks Jarvis and Harry would be best friend’s

    10. ItsSarim

      He doesn't miss a shot bro

    11. ballin

      The imposters in the first game bro...😆😫😤

    12. Tiny_ Inferno

      Why is the fortnite guy cussing

    13. Ani Yakkanti

      Everybody: it’s KSI KSI *thinking of excuses* I HAVE NOT BEEN IMPOSTER ONCE BRO

    14. Mido Elht

      Jj is probably the biggest idiot ever

    15. Gabe on 60fps

      No wonder why KSI had a draw with Logan Paul because he can’t admit anything😂

    16. Brodyhasgoodvibes 4ever

      Them swearing is so uncommon


      Bro I have never heard Jarvis cuss that much

    18. DEENO TV

      Jarvis is showing off

    19. Ryder Gaming

      Who is watching this on the faze clan 2020 playlist

    20. Da king

      Y’all merch is so expensive

    21. Pokefan Forever

      Can my friend join his name fadin

    22. Javionsocomp X

      Ksi suck

    23. Jaxon C

      Harry got itchy but

    24. Cooper Fisher

      tbh Kay is not the brightest

    25. Syn

      ummmm wheres jev?

    26. Rosin Joe

      Not to be rude but how come you guys are like yelling or fighting over who to vote it’s not really a big deal it’s just a game

    27. Peta Bayfield

      Ye ye

    28. Allen Allen


    29. yasser alqahtani

      This is the best video ever lmao

    30. Jujhar Singh

      I love your vids

    31. Slayer

      Kay the proest impostor ever

    32. Angelina Cruz

      Kay said i did the vents

    33. New Feluysant

      Kay says i vent Everyone : .........

    34. retroFN


    35. iron wolf

      Kay said “and then did the vent” lmao

      1. Malek kassim

        I don't get it

    36. marcus joseph

      # Faze Absorber

    37. Zxray

      Jarvis with the f bomb

    38. vioI_ets

      No One: Not Even KSI: Ethan: BIG BRAIN JOSH

    39. R Mann


    40. Wissam Nsair

      I love how ksi does not blurr the vid but faze does

    41. Sebastian Yacaculo

      The female fertile consonant thoracically love because seal bacteriologically shrug minus a gamy kohlrabi. stimulating, level pail

    42. SandstormWasTaken

      We need Toast

    43. busters

      Look at Jarvis busted head and Frazier you can see his big face He looks like a twat

    44. Drain

      Harold Says if apex is a bad imposter i am F'cked But HAROLD IS SO BAD HE KILL INFROT OF 2 PEOPLE AND AS YOU CAN SEE APEX IS 1000000 TIMES BETTER THEN HAROLD

    45. Farida Wasay

      I mean ksi

    46. Farida Wasay

      The first game Kai and Jarvis is the imposter LOL

    47. Careless

      9 form the uk 1 us

    48. souleymane ndoye

      faze Absorber

    49. Kimberly Salgado

      Lmao ethan “he killed his brother 😦”

    50. Queen La Queefa

      Not even 1 mill views lool

    51. BigGstar45

      Harold keep digging in his but

    52. Mouname O

      Such a great collab !!

    53. Ashley Lauren


    54. MaRsHy RePaLyS

      Dude why Harold curse so much bro

    55. Juanito 762s

      Hi jarvis

      1. nieooj gotoy


    56. High InTheSkyz

      Who else noticed how Jarvis cussed so much more in this vid not saying that its a bad thing im just saying did anyone notice

    57. Julian Cepeda

      Ksi is a snitch and like 69 for a sec

    58. Victoria Gillihan

      Ksi = the dumbest imposter

    59. Jake Miles

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jarvis cuss

    60. Dillan Yang

      its so different how ksis mic is when u watch someone elses video playing with jj and when u watch jjs videos

    61. Noah Borluca

      Every time Jarvis plays with Faze, someone says “ I think it’s Jarvis low key”. But he hasn’t done anything 😂😂

    62. Xbox1ivePro

      Y is Vic in the thumbnails he's the worst sideman btw?

    63. George

      Simon the crybaby

    64. Vexel

      This editing is terrible

    65. Gustavo Sandoval

      Theirs no way he snitched

    66. Ezekiel Bell


    67. Ezekiel Bell

      Is that actuallyly is ksi

    68. Baller Be likes

      Imagine among us had free for all

    69. _eddie710

      How we know KSI would fold on his buddy’s. Psh smh

    70. Haunty


    71. iM loNeLy

      KSI why did you have to kill Vikkstar ;-;

    72. Lost Loyalty

      Tobi has such a shit personality

    73. Porkchop


    74. Luis Villagomez

      It’s funny how apex expected that it was Jarvis and it was lmaooo 😂

    75. Norma Rivas

      Good video and I love faze clan

    76. Eri Gashi

      I literally stan both



    78. Andres Barrientos

      “Can’t outsmart the sideman” *begins to have emotional breakdown bc he doesn’t know who it is*

    79. Chris Trujillo


    80. BJs North County

      I lost my voice

    81. Shawn Wonderlie

      They need to do another one that was hilarious lmao

    82. curry

      Your collabs are the best no cap

    83. MK -Brawl Stars

      4:53 couldn't tell if he was saying "JJ" or "GG" cuz of his accent

      1. Me32

        U actually thought he was saying gg?

      2. Rayyan Sophie

        KSI’s friends and family calls him JJ. harry said JJ not GG.

    84. sonny lua


    85. jenny



      apex is ugly

    87. Noah Bautista

      Faze Kay was stoned asf

    88. Kasoy29


    89. Beto Vlogz

      Video would of been better if ksi wasn’t in it (my opinion)

    90. wanna_be cheeky like me

      who else thought the beginning when ksi was talking it was Kay 🤦‍♂️😂

    91. pawsly

      The collab no one asked for, but needed

    92. Zenomarf

      Apex isn't American right

      1. Zenomarf


    93. AI Almighty


    94. Soinas Doyi

      The more I read the comment section I realise, people don't know who JJ is 😂 They only know of KSI

    95. mini Octo.

      KSI still needs to activate windows! 😂

    96. Christian Vallin

      Y’all suck at among us

    97. Derek Marquez

      do a video with faze clan and corpse

    98. Carter Graci

      Josh looks like drake

    99. Zlippy

      lol 0:45 ksi be hating on the vik man

    100. Alejandro Simpatic Alejandro Simpatic

      Wow racist for not putting white