Scott Martin

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    Huge THUNDERSTORM Coming! Hilary takes on Jacob in a One V One Challenge. We get trapped by a huge THUNDERSTORM while we are fighting the giant fish.

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    1. Swag123

      The Capt looks like Sensai from the Karate kid

    2. Michael Melosky

      Hilary got a wagon

    3. Matt Moses

      Just seen this video, i have two girls .. 1&2... seeing scott and hillary.. it makes me excited for when they get older and plan on fishing with them and showing them so many things. The good lord has blessed us scott! and I am so thankful!

    4. DG Mills

      That was a nice Tarpon, I'm glad You were able to get it leadered Hilary. Do you ever keep any of those game fish for a lunch?

    5. Walter E. Mellin

      Congratulations to Hillary. That young lady is a great fisherman

    6. Jeff Jones

      Nice thumbnail

    7. William Butler

      Jacob didn’t point the rod at the fish when it jumped though.

    8. dacuna1010

      Scott: Jacob wins the challenge.. Daddy’s girl Hilary: dad that’s not fair! Scott: we will stay one more night.. He’s trying to give Hilary another chance to beat Jacob haha I love it. I would do it for my kid too! :)

    9. Chance Brown Fishing

      That storm is a whole lot of nope for me.

    10. Brant Peterson

      I had him as my captain too

    11. Terry Lomax

      Put yo phone up girl.

    12. Brant Peterson

      I went to that same marina

    13. Kerry Parks

      Way to go Hillary!

    14. David Beach

      Fantastic way to raise a beautiful daughter!

    15. Nick Crimi

      That cancer is setting in Scott.

    16. Mathew Stewart

      How old is Hilary

    17. The Hamm

      Most impressed with father Scott being a great Daddy...

    18. Micah Williams

      NICE Tarppin!!!

    19. Kenneth Chapman

      My late older brother used to charter out of Islamorada. Used to win tarpon tournament all the time, his boat "the dirty Ernie"

    20. Larry Warfield

      Where do you guys at SMC get your music? It the coolest

    21. Bob Davis

      Good job Hilary!! Nice fish 🐟 indeed 🎣

    22. Jeremy 77

      Didn’t care much for the guide

    23. Corbinknoxfishing&hunting

      I am ready for her to go pro

    24. AnglingNVirginia

      Scott, what weather app do u use?

    25. John Eberts

      Nice job and great fish that was great

    26. Stacy Baker

      Hilary and James vs Jacob and Scott

    27. Demarion Abram

      When are you coming to North Carolina?

    28. Gen 3 Outdoors

      Take me fishing lol I’m a googan squad member lol

    29. Timothy Branam

      Who else thinks Hillary would be a beautiful wife ❤️

      1. Timothy Branam

        @Topher Vogt and I’m 13 lmao😭

      2. Topher Vogt

        She's 15 bro

    30. Phil Williams

      Great video again thanks for sharing

    31. Eric Chester

      I am 14

    32. Eric Chester

      Hillary is so fine bro

    33. Dale Skelton

      If she wouldn’t of been messing with phone she probably would of got it

    34. Denny Lee

      They wanna set the hook on these tarpon sooo bad. Can’t teach us Bass Fishermen any different

    35. plant city chuck

      Good job young lady!

    36. EdwardsTV

      Hilary should start her own channel I feel like she could go far on KGup and in the fishing community

      1. Billy Smith

        She has one... thereelhilarysue

    37. Garrett Kuhl

      ay i went with captain brain with that company

    38. Wyatt's Wild Outdoors

      hey scott u should go try to tarpon fishing in sanibel island

    39. Luke Porter

      Hilary - are you serious” Scott casually - “nah”

    40. Sone Ares

      You're an awesome dad Scott Martin.

    41. zachary cooke

      I guess those are his kids?

    42. 318dmoore

      Ole Scott growing the hair out looking like Phil Mickelson. Lol

    43. D&P Baits

      Hilary is so pretty just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. James Rowland

        @Jinney Right up until he gets caught for simping online over 15 year old girl...

      2. Jinney

        Fr who get to be with her is the luckiest dude on earth

      3. B A Lamont

        Just a few more ice cream summers....

      4. Colby Pugh

        She is

      5. Rick Enterkin

        She is a very gorgeous young lady.

    44. Len Dog

      Crazy... feels like yesterday she was on video struggling to pull in a 2lb bass! Time flies

    45. {TRUMP NATION}

      Anyone tell me why point the rod at the Tarpon if it jumps? What's that supposed to do?

    46. {TRUMP NATION}

      Hey Scott Does the beautiful an very talented Fisher women really wanna go Professional? She could be the first woman to fish in the professional mens division

    47. xBridgemanx

      Hilary is going to rule the world one day!

    48. Marie D

      I hooked about a 6 foot tarpon down in cedar key Florida but it spit the hook

    49. BassGeek

      She can fish fo sho.

    50. mancing survival

      10.44 Horrified to see the sky ... incredible .. salute to everyone involved in the video

    51. Sharon Lofgren

      How old is Hillary

    52. GogG2 TTV

      How old is she now

    53. Outdoors Dalton

      If I saw that storm I would have been like “how bout tomorrow?”

    54. Tyler Jannin

      What is Hilario’s Snapchat account if she has one

      1. Swing First


      2. Lehn _Outdoors

        Dude what you trying to do 😂😂

      3. kematirar


    55. brian hershberger

      You must be so proud of Hillary , you've raised a fine young woman who is respectful and funny and enjoys the fight just like the rest of us. What a great accomplishment for both of you. Get prepared for a woman on the FLW or Elite Series cause she's coming!!!!!!!!!

    56. Blake Anderson

      Famous last words: "Don't set the hook" yeah right dude

    57. Kevin Smith

      Bought some live target frogs and on the back there made in china shame on Scott Martin I'm done

    58. Let'S communicate

      Any comments on whats going on in the world today?.


      That little girl can fish like a grown man. Keep up the good work

    60. CB Outdoors

      Government: QUARANTINE!! Scott Martin: Welllllllllllll

      1. CB Outdoors

        @Landon Everett it’s the democrats man. i got quarantined 2 times already from people i didn’t even know the names of. i don’t get it. they’re out to get ya i guess

      2. Landon Everett

        I got quarantined 6 days ago from school and I have been fishing almost everyday and I’m from Kentucky 😂

      3. CB Outdoors

        @Dominic Onate duh

      4. Dominic Onate

        It's cause they are trump supporters! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

      5. Tallon Burnzz

        People in Florida don't quarantine

    61. mike woo

      120 lb fish vs 100 lb girl

    62. Cactus

      Bring Hillary up here to Colorado and I bet you I can put fish her trout fishin

    63. Youngsters. Tv B

      Thank you for the The hat Scott

    64. CODY'S LIFE

      My 14 foot boat and trailer with the 25 horse mercury engine was stolen by a heroin addict they stole the boat, trailer and everything, we couldn't recover it they stripped it.!

    65. Tim Prall

      Congrats Hillary! Jacob, class act!

    66. Cmbtvet outdoors

      I hooked a tarpon once when I was somewhere around Hilary's age, it was huge! It jumped once and broke my line.

    67. Joseph Costa

      Is Brandon no longer working for Scott?

    68. Frostizz

      She’s gonna carry on your legacy

    69. Jed Johnson

      What's the song?

    70. Fin Seeker TV

      Great content Scott! Keep it coming!

    71. Jakethesnake 03

      Imagine being lucky enough to have THE Scott Martin as your dad

    72. Adam Halstead

      I might sound corny but Scott makes a big difference in many people's lives. These videos brighten these dark days quite a bit indeed. Ive rekindled my love for bass fishing with a vengeance..my wallet is crying but oh well.

      1. Scott Martin

        Adam thank you!!

    73. DillonBashrum

      Hilary is Scott Martin Jr. 🤣

    74. Jim T

      I swear I thought dude was the mullet man

    75. LuckyCraft

      Scott you must be really proud of Hil.

    76. Aicha Ismail

      Bonjoer cv toooooooop

    77. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Go Hillary go!

    78. Crankin’ With Carter

      Hey how are googan rods going to clash with favorite rods

    79. Justthatguy420

      The captain is giving to much instruction, It's like he doesn't know he's fishing with Scott Martin here

      1. Adventure Fishing

        Hes a bass fisherman, not even in the same galaxy bro

      2. Hunter White


    80. John Resendiz

      Awesome fish!! Great video guys. I always love the see a tarpon on a line!

    81. Gaff Shotz

      You're fishing right next to our new construction. If you know anyone who wants to live 30 seconds from tarpon heaven it can be theirs for $14,500,000. Love the video as always, tight work Hill dog.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s a beast of home!

    82. JohnTheBasstist

      That looks so fun!!!!

    83. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez Fuentas

      Hey Fellas, just a small reminder... Hilary Sue is not clickbait for Scott and she is a minor, So Please Act Accordingly or you will be removed and reported... Hopefully that has already happened.

    84. Ethan Bowers

      who wants Scott and Hillary to go to Brasil and fish for peacock there.

    85. phartattack


    86. phartattack

      Why is it... In every video on every channel...All the fish are average size but when one gets off or breaks the line...it ALWAYS a "BIG FISH"?, "THAT WAS A MONSTER!", " IT WAS HUUUUUUGE!" Just asking because every fish I loose is ENORMOUS!

    87. phartattack


    88. Zeus Von Rafiel

      Scott, do u wear sunscrean? U r getting awfully dark n Hillary should b wearing some also. My father was a big golfer, fisherman n very big hunter n he never used sunscreen n by the middle of the summer he would be very dark. He died from skin cancer on the back of his neck that got into his brain n the thing is he had been going to doctor n they were watching him closely but it got him anyway. I hate that anyone would ever have to go through what he n the whole family went thru. God Bless n stay safe out there!

    89. Zeus Von Rafiel

      Scott, do u wear sunscrean? U r getting awfully dark n Hillary should b wearing some also. My father was a big golfer, fisherman n very big hunter n he never used sunscreen n by the middle of the summer he would be very dark. He died from skin cancer on the back of his neck that got into his brain n the thing is he had been going to doctor n they were watching him closely but it got him anyway. I hate that anyone would ever have to go through what he n the whole family went thru. God Bless n stay safe out there!

    90. Emaculate

      Bass masters classic doesnt even have this many ads.

    91. Bryce Hauk

      Make a video with both of your boys

    92. Ching chong Bing bing

      How old is she now

    93. Aaron Krause

      Cool video, nicely done! Tarpon always look to me like gigantic shiners! Looks like a blast!

    94. Dozer14_58 _46

      Can I date your dotter I’m 15

    95. Rusty Lee

      Great video on the silver kings. Hillary is rock star!

    96. Myers Outdoors

      Hillary is so cute bro I like her

    97. Rebel Relics

      Woooh Woooh

    98. Ps fishing

      Great vid Scott you’re the best👍

    99. Cameron Beasley

      Nice hair Scott

    100. Brian Patrick

      Perseverance paid off, congratulations 🙌🙌