Grand tour of the International Space Station with Drew and Luca | Single take

European Space Agency, ESA

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    ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Drew Morgan take you on a unique tour of the International Space Station shot in one take with two cameras strapped together. Luca and Drew take it in turns to guide you through the modules and spacecraft docked to the orbital outpost.
    Starting from the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft that bought Drew to the Space Station, the duo show each module and spacecraft docked with the International Space Station at the time it was recorded around the New Year 2020. Passing colleagues include NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and Christina Koch exercising and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka.
    This is the first tour of the International Space Station with two astronauts presenting and the first done in a single take.
    At the time of recording three supply vehicles were docked, the Russian Progress MS-13, Space-X’s Dragon-19 and Northrup Grumman’s Cygnus-12, as well as two astronaut vehicles the Soyuz MS-15 and Soyuz MS-13.
    The map overlay graphic erroneously shows the future Nauka module instead of Pirs. The Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka is planned for launch in the future and will replace Pirs, but we put it on the map already.
    Skip to specific modules or features such as the toilets using the timestamps below:
    0:00 Soyuz MS-15
    4:53 Zvezda service module
    8:01 Pirs
    9:27 Mini Research Module-2 (MRM-2)
    10:30 Soyuz MS-13
    11:44 MRM-2
    12:27 Progress
    13:19 Functional Cargo Block (FGB)
    17:12 Mini Research Module-1 (MRM-1)
    19:36 Pressurised Mating Adapter
    20:42 Node-1 Unity
    22:46 Northrup Grumman Cygnus-12
    27:32 Quest Airlock
    29:27 Node-3 Tranquility
    30:58 T2 Treadmill
    31:17 Toilet
    33:38 Cupola at night
    34:11 Permanent Multipurpose Module Leonardo (PMM)
    36:42 US laboratory Destiny
    37:45 Robotics station for Canadarm2
    38:40 Exercise bike
    42:21 Node-2 Harmony
    44:40 Space X Dragon
    46:35 European laboratory Columbus
    49:53 Japanese laboratory Kibo
    56:17 Space Station fly through
    01:00:43 Cupola daytime
    01:04:27 Goodbye from Cupola
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    1. European Space Agency, ESA

      The map overlay graphic erroneously shows the future Nauka module instead of Pirs. The Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka is planned for launch in the future and will replace Pirs, but we put it on the map already.

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      GREAT video... probably one of the best I’ve ever seen! I loved the impromptu moments! One of the best parts was the graphic that shows exactly where you are on the Station as you are touring through.👏🏾As a tech and organization nerd, my slight OCD wants to send an Astro “organization” specialist of some sort to the ISS to help the astronauts organize all of those modules while they continue on with their important work! I mean, really... with all of the technology that they have, I refuse to believe that a more organized system of maintaining the station cannot be developed given the modular/dynamic structure that was conveyed in the video. Just look at the SpaceX crew dragon as an example of seamless technology with accessibility! 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. European Space Agency, ESA

        Thank you very much for your kind words and watching, Danita!

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      a space organizer should be sent up there lol In a serious note, you do not get the sun on your skin. How do you get vit D? is it a problem for your health?

      1. European Space Agency, ESA

        Thanks for watching! Even when they are taking extra vitamin D, International Space Station crew members often have a lower amount of vitamin D in their blood after flight than they did before flight. Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory scientists have performed studies in Antarctica to determine how effective different amounts of supplemental vitamin D would be in space.

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        @European Space Agency, ESA Thank you, I understand.

      2. European Space Agency, ESA

        Thanks for watching, Ed! Those are "dead pixels". They happen when the sensor of the camera is affected by cosmic radiation burning that area of the sensor, not letting it capture light and consequently, appearing like grainy dots in the footage.

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      Congratulations the sketch in the down left side is very useful and finally I understand how the ISS is and where the modules engage with each other! Thank you very much and godspeed! Nb: if there's lapses in language I'm sorry. Its not my mother tongue. Greetings from PORTUGAL

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        Great to hear! Thanks a lot for watching, João!

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        The "noise" you hear is the ambient sound aboard the ISS

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        Under microgravity conditions, fluids tend to go "up" and that's why their upper-body and heads are "bloated"

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        We are glad you enjoyed it, Cattis! Thanks a lot for watching!

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