Tom Hanks hosts "Celebrating America," a program honoring the inauguration of President Joe Biden


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    Tom Hanks hosts "Celebrating America," a program honoring the inauguration of President Joe Biden
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    1. timmy

      1376 DAYS TO GO 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    2. michaeltw1000

      So sick and disturbing. They don't know what they don't know.

    3. aurel verreault

      those poeples should be happy with jo bin the way he is taking care of the american poeples killing 300 thousand job the first 2m month of his presidency and he is going to go in your pokets to settles the borthercrissis that he criated but you should be happy he is just a little senile not much tom hank should be happy that he celebrated the inauguration of a twit bravo tom you just lost my esteem

    4. Abdifatah BouhMoussa

      I from Djibouti we love Joe #biden

    5. Heaven Beleno

      "HeLLo" 💀

    6. Stacie Sandall - Awake21

      Thought he died

    7. Narc Injury

      There a special room for all of you in hell.

    8. We R In

      CGI'ed face of Tom Hanks. Ears of his brother Jim. Hmm.

    9. Blank Sheet

      Say his name

    10. Ron Hobyak

      Too often overlooked !!! Give them their $ 2,000.00 Stimulus checks already .

    11. Robert James

      isaac kappy

    12. PF C

      Tom hanks doesn’t look happy.

    13. Daphne E.

      Foo Fighters yess. That drummer fed my soul. Whoa!

    14. BarBo TeeV

      The only people were the musicians and singing artists that gave hints to all the people that they will now be free from this corrupt shit show

    15. BarBo TeeV

      Can you believe they had credits for this stupid fake inauguration. Wow. The whole thing was a show. A big fake show

    16. BarBo TeeV

      Isaac Kappy ❤❤❤

    17. Daphne E.

      Pass the Mic. Aaaye Papi!!!

    18. Dimitrios Avramoudis

      shit comments 666 popped out as soon as i Opened it!

    19. Mai Ly

      Who did they wave to, there’s no any Americans welcome them, they were not in DC.

    20. Holly Sculthorpe

      how old was I when I figured out that John Bon Govi sucked? Today years old. I used to tell my kids, "You are the company you keep" ...this proves me right.

    21. Holly Sculthorpe

      I thought he was this great actor..... You'd think he'd be happy that his boy "Won". (Cheated to do it but...) Can't ACT happy ole Tommy boy? Things not lookin up for ya? You were my favorite for so long. Eyes WIDE OPEN

    22. Ash Somers

      Isaac Kappy

    23. Lupo Nero

      Tom Hanks' real name is Michael Rockefeller.

    24. Count Voo

      Whoever played Tom Hanks did a marvelous job.

      1. Holly Sculthorpe

        Could Tom have pretended to be "happy" though?

    25. john jean

      black want a better life they have to work harder or go back to school to learn somethingto get better life it is not from a sky fall down to give u a better life u have to earn it like other group people they have to work hard.

    26. Alexis Garcia


    27. spoony smalls


    28. Groove Monkey

      Pedometers pegged, what goes around comes around

    29. Zach Cloutier

      This is one of the most heartwarming things I have ever watched.

      1. Holly Sculthorpe

        reminiscent of a funeral

    30. tony figueroa

      Presidente ilegitimo

    31. BallisticFire

      LOVE HAIL TO THE CHIEF! At 36:07

    32. Adam Cregger

      Those of you in the comments can spread your hatred and lies as you like. The world knows the truth. Joe Biden is the President of the United States of America, and our success rests in him. Mr. President, my best wishes for your health and success. We go forward together.

    33. Nikki S

      Inauguration 2021 gave me hope. God bless America ❤

    34. Hi There

      Lying sack of garbage Yahoo news.

    35. Damarco Hamby

      “The U.S has lost its credibility so it’s borrowing some of mine” - Tom Hanks

      1. Holly Sculthorpe

        Isaac Kappy

    36. Michelle Bell


    37. Chris Logan

      Tom Hanks was my hero ! Bought and paid for by the establishment 🥲

    38. Steve Grayson

      omg!! too bad nobody showed up for this Waste of OUR MONEY. Democrats waste soooooo much money on junk like this all the time.

    39. Shirley Gustin

      We got a room at Gitmo for ya Tommy boy! 😉

    40. John 3:16

      Tom Hanks better do what Jesus says..""If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." All molesters enter Hell. No acting will get you out boy.

    41. Mark VanHelsing

      Thank God For A System That Allowed All Americans To Vote & To Choose A Better World.

      1. Ronald Basinger

        wow god not only bless but help my grandkiids and you my freind

    42. Captain Tennille

      Biden is the Darkness in our country. China Shills Uniting. How Cute.

    43. rosy dong

      Justice will prevail

    44. J S

      1:29:48 OMG get those past neo-con traitor Presidents out of here, the Bush war-monger family, the Clinton crime family and the Obama race bating family!

    45. J S

      Is that Tom or his brother Jim?

      1. SGT Sullivan

        @Digital Soldier yes, Tom was executed on May 4, 2020 correct?

      2. Digital Soldier

        Jim is the body double with Tom's face CGI Greenscreened onto Jim's

    46. J S

      These people make me sick!!

    47. MsThor1

      You are all going down

    48. Erik Rogers

      guys the thumbs up and down are wrong

    49. Sheikh Iraj

      watching only because Tom Hank, a true hero

    50. Andrew Fielding

      I am going to be sick Biden is a criminal

    51. Monica Hernandez

      So cold! Poor thing! Tom Hanks looks like he’s freezing.

      1. Tammy B


      2. Gloria Jean

        @Steven Trigs I think he was a murderer, and I highly suspect he was an assassin of quite a few Hollywood actors who were trying to speak out or who were unwilling to fall in line. The scenes of him in this video are most likely CGI. The sound indicates he is indoors in a small room, standing in front of a greenscreen. I have no reason to believe that is him. He even wears gloves so you can't identify him by his hands. The entire inauguration show is a pieced together production. He's not "freezing." He's not outdoors. And of course, he's reading a script.

      3. Gloria Jean

        He's dead. I don't know who that guy was.

    52. Nikole with a 'k'

      How is it that the weather was cloudy on that day and your little scripted event shows a sunny blue sky! Your busted... fakers!

    53. Goose Mother


    54. Dez Therrien

      If you made it to the end, congratulations your brain washing is complete.

    55. 神崎アオイ

      Omg i missed all these musicians singing like this this with a common goal. I can now listen to music from the US without feeling like the wonderful things in life they sing about are all about to fall apart

    56. Nina Dikú

      How you even dare? He's insane!

    57. A. Reyz

      I S A A C K A P P Y ! !

    58. James

      Yahoo hates white people.

    59. JuJuBee

      I used to love Bon Jovi but maaaaaaan he looked PATHETIC!!!...GOD all WILL PAY for what you have done to our Children! SICK bastards!

    60. JuJuBee

      Isn't it well known that they are Satanists.....they think we're stupid but they were wrong #woke ......fear "We the people"....NCSWIC!!!!GOD WINS!!!!

    61. JuJuBee

      What a joke

    62. shebba monreal

      They have something in common. They like Kids jumping on their laps. Sick.

    63. James Frond

      How is getting revenge for your feelings being hurt coming along?

    64. Grace Griner

      Baby killers!!!! Freaks!! Cannibals!!!!

    65. TGYTS

      Isaac Kappy

    66. A. NOAH

      The last day of shenanigan in Washington DC. Start of New Hope, someone made America Hate again.

    67. LafeiAr

      Tom just loves money so much, he will do anything for it. All these politicians and celebrities hate common people, they hate we can vote, they hate us like cockroaches.

    68. Len Carsillo

      Woah! The video crew really blew the exposure on the presidents....wayyyyy too heavy backlighting....ever hear of a fill light, fellas?

    69. Patricia Zentz

      I am 44 yrs old. I just grew old with my future husband( from when I was young). Beutiful and uplifting.

      1. Narc Injury

        Isaac Kappy.

      2. Anony Mouse

        @Amy Richardson Omg, stop it, crazy

      3. Amy Richardson

        Isaac Kappy

    70. ëbeaux

      Tom Hanks does not live in America anymore (he lives in Greece) but he hosts this fake shit...

    71. A.S.K. Air

      "The day Trump gets elected is the day dinosaurs with red capes come from outer space" - Tom Hanks, 2015

      1. JuJuBee

        Right around the corner just wait n see ;o) NCSWIC...GOD WINS!

      2. James Frond

        The beautiful people got egg on their face. That's why they've got narcissist wounding; and their fans have second hand narcissist wounding; and they all want revenge. And they'll keep wanting revenge. Has a stalker ever lost interest and stopped?

    72. Imperial Teapots

      Why dont Hank move to China is he is so supportive of the LEFT.

    73. Earth Angel Heart


    74. Lea Waldrop

      Biden is not my president never will be

    75. Dan Tucker

      All these kid loving criminals are going to prison!!! You stole the election and we all know it!!!

    76. Percy Jackson


    77. Cederic Raymond

      How many soft puppet accounts are in here making the safe exact comments and, with an event like this it shows KGup banned and sensoring peoples voices if anyone deserves to be banned or sensored on this platform it should be the people who run it themselves

    78. Ragglock

      Only one thing ❤️

    79. Patti French

      Wow sooo much pre-recorded CGI

    80. Patti French

      Pedowood is DEAD

    81. Kylo Hen

      And Biden's presidency becomes boring after this. Lol


      Starts at 13:08. Wonderful celebration. A time for the healing of the United States of America❗♥️Bless You❗♥️🇺🇸💙🇺🇸Love to Tom Hanks an American legend. Perfect host❗💙Thanks to all who contributed💙🇺🇸❗

      1. Amy Richardson

        Isaac Kappy wake up!

    83. Truth Is Heavy San Diego Bricklayer

      Welcome to the Identity Politics Feature Presentation. Buckle your seatbelts normal people.

    84. Booble

      oh bien

    85. Daniel Gonzalez


    86. Lilliana Oberdorf


      1. Amy Richardson

        Isaac Kappy

    87. Gus Polinski Polka King Of the Midwest

      It’s pizza time

    88. Eugene Stuart

      Absolutely incredible! What a show!

    89. Rebecca Campbell


    90. Evan Roldan

      This event bought me to tears

    91. Giovanna Perini

      super!! Biden welcome

    92. angelides91

      I shed tears of joy of reuniting with the best part of the American spirit.

      1. Amy Richardson

        Isaac Kappy

    93. Michael Shannon


    94. Ash Somers

      Where was hanks when he was filmed. Greece?

      1. Stina V.

        Y’all are haters .. half his face didn’t move lol. Idiots !!! Maybe it’s cause it’s in the of WINTER!!! Half your face wouldn’t move either if you stood out in the cold . So just stop and shut up!! Go rant to your former president and see if he cares

      2. Megan McDaniel

        Deep fake. Either that or he is in the beginning stages of Bell’s Palsy. Only half his face moved. lol

    95. Julien Aklei

      Do negative comments get deleted? Not that I personally want to make one or anything...

    96. Rider4life76

      This positivity is what we need, thx for this !!

    97. Jesse Beebe

      Deep fake!

    98. Sonia Ramos

      Wow wow. Amazing virtual show wonderful!!! God bles américa!!

    99. sophiesmom2009

      This wasn't Tom Hanks.... This man looks different with a mouth that looks like a stroke and this man has false teeth....

    100. relevation0

      Days of Revelation