Biggest Bass EVER Caught on the NEW Color!

Scott Martin

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    GIANT FISH in THICK GRASS on Lake Okeechobee..Flipping the color puts a DONK in the boat.

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    1. Drew V

      #Skrimps 🤙

    2. outdoor channel Nafus

      you are a good fisherman and what to be a pro bass fisherman like you

    3. William Okel

      Should have used Flex Seal tape and got a new sponsor! Lol

    4. John Lehman

      Rob has to get HECZ down there...

    5. Alex Stefaniuk

      Rob: “flip her!” Scott: “uhhh she’s big dude.” Rob is always trying to flip those 5+ pounders 😂

    6. Kevin Sharpe

      My dude .... you just became my favorite fishing channel .... you actually fish . You and lunkerstv need more colab vids. Keep cranken🤙

    7. Kimberly McMahon

      You just cant beat Good ole drunk Florida boys singing karaoke. Good times

    8. Logan loe doe Crizer

      Love the vid scott

    9. PVC3

      What size braid you using?

    10. TexasAirGunner

      Robs boat is at my work getting fixed now. Lol

    11. Myles Hubert

      I love you Scott.

    12. Don Flanary

      Awesome.. Was just there last week. Talked to your mom at breakfast for quite awhile about the lake and about the early days when she first came to the marina. Nice lady, enjoyed the chat much. Fished 2 days before heading back to the north of the lake. Gotta love the Tikki bar... We got a 8 and a 7 plus, worth the trip down.... gotta fish south more often!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Nice 👊🏼

    13. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Dang it Scott !! That brings back some great memories of Okeechobee and the Tiki Bar...Got to get back down there soon !!

    14. Andy Adams

      Scott when are you coming to fish Lake Eufaula in Alabama?

    15. Robbie Brown


    16. IlliniDog01

      I like how you guys film the release of BOTH the female and male bed fish. Great thing to do to keep fisheries producing fish for years to come.

    17. Nick Makowski

      I had Mike Balon as my guide caught some good fish on a tough cold day love the Marina was hoping to meet you

    18. Jeffrey Ammermann

      I honestly should book a guided trip. I go to Ft Lauderdale 2 times a year. Hoping to get there at the end of March. This MN weather is absolutely killing me.

    19. Jeffrey Ammermann

      That damage to the Skeeter gave me heartburn. Oh my.

    20. Xavier Daniels

      Keep doing vids with Lunkers!

    21. Dustin Johnson

      FLEX SEAL an FLEX TAPE 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Gerald C Classic


    23. shockleys gaming

      So happy I got to meet you at Columbus fishing expo this year. Ur the best 🤙👍

    24. Jayson York

      Well, at least we know where you were while we were waiting at the marina by your truck all afternoon!

      1. Jayson York

        Actually, I should have watched to the end of the video. We sat and ate lunch AT THE EXACT SAME TABLE at the Tiki Bar while we waited for you guys to come back. What on earth...

    25. Heather D.

      That pub reminded me of the ones at the lake where we had a cabin when I was a kid. It was so laid back, fun and so many cool characters hung out there. It was a total trip down memory lane, just hearing the music and seeing the atmosphere. Heather🇨🇦

    26. Robert Winchell


    27. Buck Mountain Taxidermy

      A giant!!

    28. Sickstring Bender

      Are those legs or is Rob riding a chicken?

    29. elliottjohnson

      Guys in the background at the end 😂 “go ask for a autograph! No he’s filming genius! That is Scott Martin right?”

    30. felipe christophe

      Hey Scott Martin! i loved watching the BASS CLASS vid! I was wondering how i can et on the boat with you for one of those BASS CLASSes. Thanks brotha, god bless

    31. Nelly's fishing Adventures

      I went to okeechobee last year and the tiki bar was so good, good food, good service, good beer and I actually bumbed into Scott

    32. bigbassfishing bigbass

      At 129 sleepy hollow

    33. Don Norton

      Are you fishing the north or the south end of the lake?

    34. Another Somebody

      What is the difference between catching a fish off a bed and catching a nesting fish? I remember the uproar when that tourney guy in california was exposed, but I'm not sure what the difference is between the two, though there clearly is somehow.

    35. Seth

      The absolute greatest combo - Rob and Scott. Learn the absolute most from you two especially in your videos together. A pro and an extremely good fisherman that could very easily go pro. You guys compliment each other very well

    36. Jason Smith

      Scott Martin catches slabs and it’s my dream to come compete with you head to head on an smc challenge video on hartwell SC Anderson landing? Right now the spot and largies are on fire on rock ledges COME AND GET SOME OL SON!!!!!

    37. michele artioli

      Big 1

    38. Curry Conley 429

      You can always find Rob where ever the Coors Lite is lmao

    39. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      AWESOME video Scott and nice to see Rob come visit and fish together 👊👊👍

    40. Joshua D.

      Great vid guys, love your videos, editing is unreal, THANK YOU !!!!

    41. Austin Brown Tennessee

      The hook set an catch on the big ol girl was amazing 😯

    42. toxigenic

      I have a stupid question. How do fish find their way back to their own beds? It it through magnetism, smell or visual recognition?

    43. BaSs

      In California. It's illegal to pitch into a bed it's considered a snag in the mouth because it's not actually biting the bait its just trying to get the bait out of their spawning beds 🤷‍♂️

      1. oxcarthabu

        Great explanation.

    44. 601 Fishing

      Hey man love your videos I actually stayed in okeechobee for a good while when my dad worked down there love the fishing and I can’t wait to go back a place you need to check out it cowboys bbq in okeechobee all you can eat ribs that’s the way it was when I was there and that place is pretty good but keep up the videos and hopefully might be able to do a little fishing with you one day

    45. Mathew Cha

      That hurt my heart seeing the boat damaged. Great bass pops! Haven't kept up with your journey in the classics, but, knowing you, you are enjoying every moment! Hope to see you soon!

    46. Stiks fishing channel

      are you coming to the classic in a few weeks? i would love to meet ya

    47. HereFishyFishy

      1:25 looks like my proctologist.

    48. no way

      I think that "Saucy Swimmer" will wreck the Snook. Give it a try if you haven't already. Peace.

    49. moto man

      Nice way to get a little more elevation stand on fish finder 🤔 one could only dream of that .

    50. fade Dreams

      Mason hamlin

    51. Nate Varnadoe

      Love lake Okeechobee and love your videos

    52. Trevor The Fisherman

      fish that speed worm with no weight and on top... you'll catch 10x more fish, and lost of larger fish as well. Ill fish a speed worm all day and in some spots of the everglades catch well over 100 fish by myself. Best day speed worming with three people on the boat, we did 412 bass and a few mudfish and a gar.

    53. k perrin

      What happened to captain Leo. Hes not guiding anymore🤷🏽‍♂️

    54. Anthony Clark

      Your not right I spent my birthday Frezzing my na-nas off and you was out fishing in shorts and flip flops. Nice BASS though what did she weigh

    55. Kyle Barn

      That clip at 3:43 - 3:47 when he lets this fish eat it was awesome to see!

    56. Monkey seee Monkey doo

      Fuck rob

    57. Austin Miller

      Got my pic with you at Ohio Fishing expo.

    58. Jerred Wayne

      I like everything about this video except the dude at the bar murdering the clint black song

    59. Reel Journey

      Catching them biggens. I love it. Good stuff

    60. Bravo Bassin

      as always great video Scott!

    61. James Green

      Lit Video

    62. Fishing With Rosey

      I love how your still killing it with the defender. And Rob gave all his away.....

    63. lewandlo

      Haha Ive been in that very table where they were eating . Last year.....hehe Great karaoke too lol.

    64. huggyjd

      When you getting your new boat?

    65. Kyle Scott

      Love it. Get with kyle welcher. Rookie this year.. think u will enjoy this guy

    66. Bang One Strike

      Nice video Mr

    67. Greg Phillips

      Does Rob know how rough that lake can get in that kind of wind?

    68. JK Outdoors

      February wearing flip flops and catching bed fish..... I’m moving to Florida. Who got a house they wanna sell

    69. Northern Pike

      That looked like a real cool bar.

    70. Bustin Biggins

      I love the Tiki Bar up there. Damn great food and beer!!

    71. sentientist

      Love the video. I wish you would discuss the thought behind the white bandits and when you might look to that color over something darker

    72. Dog Dude Drone

      I always find it funny but also interesting that we as youtuber creators use epidemic sound and sometimes use the same songs for epic hooksets! I used this same song in this video for my most recent video where I hook a bat ray!

    73. Cristian Vega

      Scott can me and a good friend challenge you and Rob on a fishing challenge

    74. Mark Collins

      I heard someone hit a pole at buckys. Question answered.

    75. Dylan Royer

      I just learned something from this video that blew my mind for some reason. I always have the situation happen where a bass bites my bait right at the bank, and from reeling so quickly to get it in I can never get a good hookset. Now I know how to react to that. Thank you, Scott.


      🤘🏽😁🤘🏽 Great catch

    77. Stacy Jackson

      Scott I’m using a TK130 with a 1/2 bullet weight pegged is that a good setup for flipping a Bandito bug in pads and glass. I lost a really big one on a chatter bug Sunday.

    78. Christopher Manuel

      Always great to see you guys chillin together on okeechobee #ScottMartin #lunkerstv

    79. Tim Jolly

      Be there in a couple weeks maybe see you

    80. robert arshadi

      Scott since when do u click bait 😂

    81. Avery Mills

      Love your videos! My Grandson watched it 5 times lol! Saying hi from Avon Park, FL

    82. Donnie Young

      Junk get a RANGER!!

    83. Chef Outdoors


    84. Eddie Martin

      Keep it up Scott ... all the way from Sam Rayburn

    85. James Fox

      Guy actually sounds like Clint Black . Place i can hang out at for sure

    86. chaz honaker

      I can repair Rob's boat, if thats somthing he would be interested in. Seriously.. Im in TN

    87. Popeyeismydog

      Nice seeing you at the expo

    88. tims_always_fishing

      Funny, Scott and Roland are the Favorite guys and lunker's/gsquad left favorite. Scott using the defender rod with Rob...hmmmm

    89. Criss Dougherty

      If I drive fromFt. Hood, Texas can I fish with you?? LOL always been a fan of your dad!!

      1. Criss Dougherty

        You as well now that I've watched you! I meant no disrespect! You don't seem like a man who takes things personally, but just wanted to clarify.

    90. Ron Hinchliffe

      Rob stands beside Scott, I say, hey is Rob wearing white leggings? Nope, it's winter in

    91. Midwest Living Outdoors

      Man... cant believe how close I was to fish the great big O two years ago but sadly it was the raining season and a big storm was coming in. Called the marine and they said it a no go. Sad life for reals. Brought my kids to Disneyworld and try to make time to fish the big O but couldn't get a boat rental, ended up shore fishing toho.

      1. Midwest Living Outdoors

        I was fishing that boat landed the bass master launch off from... caught some little ones and first time seeing a gator in the wild lol

    92. jaxwild11

      Awesome video! You and Rob need to hookup more often.

    93. Playing Hooky

      Rob you ever start your own Charter? I swear. I'll be the first customer. And if you're hiring it would be an honor to work for you.

    94. gary30229

      Okie burger for me!

    95. Frederick Westberry

      Awesome video Scott 👍

    96. Mulldrifter Z

      Always nice to see a father and son doing a little bass fishing together. ;)

    97. Kyle

      I gotta pick myself up some saucy swimmers!

    98. Adam Smith

      Great vid but Rob my bro your looking way too preppy to be bass fishing lol

    99. Eduardo Trujillo

      Scott wasn't your previous big bass caught was on a video you put 2v2 with you and some one and other 2

    100. gpharned

      Great Scott, ...nice video!