How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021


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    Get a +144 frames PC to play Rainbow Six Siege from Apex Gaming.
    Alphabetical, and with timestamps, all fifty-eight characters in Rainbow Six Siege with a minute's worth of information apiece. Start here.
    Big thanks to Pro for helping me get some clips I needed.
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    How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021
    0:00 Intro
    1:06 Ace
    2:09 Alibi
    3:11 Amaru
    3:28 Aruni
    4:30 Ash
    5:27 Bandit
    6:28 Blackbeard
    7:35 Blitz
    8:14 Buck
    9:15 Capitao
    10:30 Castle
    11:43 Caveira
    12:55 Clash
    13:17 Doc
    14:16 Dokkaebi
    15:17 Echo
    16:30 Ela
    17:37 Finka
    17:40 Frost
    18:42 Fuze
    19:49 Glaz
    20:40 Goyo
    21:35 Gridlock
    22:54 Hibana
    24:03 Iana
    25:09 IQ
    26:19 Jackal
    27:39 Jager
    28:48 Kaid
    29:39 Kali
    30:41 Kapkan
    31:55 Lesion
    33:27 Lion
    34:44 Maestro
    35:57 Maverick
    37:11 Melusi
    38:14 Mira
    39:41 Montagne
    40:50 Mozzie
    41:50 Mute
    43:00 Nokk
    44:05 Nomad
    45:30 Oryx
    46:36 Pulse
    47:51 Rook
    49:01 Sledge
    50:16 Smoke
    51:19 Tachanka
    52:21 Thatcher
    53:36 Thermite
    54:34 Twitch
    55:38 Valkyrie
    56:30 Vigil
    57:41 Wamai
    58:48 Warden
    59:39 Ying
    1:00:41 Zero
    1:01:56 Zofia
    1:02:58 Jett
    1:03:47 Shout-outs and frequently asked questions!

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    1. Sean Anthony

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      Jett is my favorite R6 Op

    3. God

      Keep talking shit on finka, I'll meet yall in the objective room after I slaughter the enemy with an auto shotgun and enough cocaine to kill an elephant

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      tbh alibi needs her holos to update with her skins or nobody would use her cosmetics

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      1. WxYvrn

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    10. WxYvrn

      5:27 Also bandit has the best iron sight

    11. Demonetization

      Kapkan best strat: Place traps randomly all over the map, some dumb cunt with the defuser will get killed by it

    12. Totally not Gay

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      Havent played R6 Siege in 2 years or so and this seems like a lot of factors to take in every game.. But MAN is this a fun video just put on and do other things.

    14. AkaNash

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      im a fuze sledge main and a doc and kapkan main with doc and fuze elites

    22. Tristen Parish

      Believe it or not, putting a kapkan trap at the top of the door works more often then not, since players have been conditioned to look low for a kapkan trap.

    23. Tristen Parish

      God i hate Ace and how much he has

    24. LauHorseCar

      Whoever thinks Finka is good PLEASE DO NOT play ranked. As long as you don't fuck up others' mmr then that's ok

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      When he was explaining smoke I remember watching a comp match were he said low skill players will wait till the end to use smokes gas and attackers won’t sit on windows all game but that’s all I seen in the comp match I watched 😂

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      I’m actually pretty good with finka considering I’m a wrench to my teammates I only Pop that surge if someone is knocked

    38. sverre Appelhof

      I just joined this game and I always feel bad for asking my friends what a operators abilities do. Thank you for helping me understand how operators are used/supposed to use.

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