"If you turn me in, you’re a traitor" - FBI charges Guy Reffitt in Capitol attack

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    WYLIE, Texas - A Wylie man in custody for taking part in the Capitol riot threatened to shoot his children if they reported him, according the arrest warrant affidavit.
    Guy Reffitt, 48, is accused of obstruction of justice and unlawful entry in connection with the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
    Reffitt’s Wylie home was buzzing Saturday as FBI agents searched for evidence. Investigators say his wife, minor daughter and adult son were there at the time and told investigators Reffitt told them in the days following the riot, he needed to "erase everything"
    He told his son if he reported him to police he’d have no option but to "do what he had to do." The son asked if he was threatening him and Reffitt replied, "Don’t put words in my mouth." The son told investigators he understood the statements to be a threat to his life.
    The affidavit goes on to say Reffitt told his daughter if she crossed the line, he’d "put a bullet through (his) daughter’s phone" and threatened both kids saying, "If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and you know what happens to traitors…traitors get shot."
    Reffitt’s wife told investigators she did not believe he would act on his words, but was "disturbed" by his "extreme" statements.
    Reffitt was identified in still photos from the FBI arrest warrant on a staircase of the Capitol building wearing a blue jacket over a tactical-style vest and a helmet with a camera attached. The images came from news media clips.
    Investigators say the father of three appears to flush his eyes with water after being hit with a chemical irritant either by Capitol police or others in the crowd when he was "at or past the police line"
    The feds also said Reffitt is a member of a far-right militia group.
    At his home, FBI agents discovered an AR-15 rifle and a pistol. They say Reffitt admitted to taking the pistol to DC but claims he disassembled it to comply with DC law.
    Reffitt is the fourth person from North Texas arrested for involvement in the capitol riots. The FBI says it has opened more than 275 cases nationwide with many more to come.
    "My folks have a lot of work to do and we are working hard to do it," said Matthew DeSarno, Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge.
    Reffitt remains in custody in Fannin County.

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    1. Ken Johnson

      Get 'em all and put them all away for decades.

    2. Kyra Neto

      What a LOSER.

    3. Nancy H T

      What a total and complete loser this guy must be...

    4. Dizzle Bizzle

      in his own words he agrees that traitors should be shot.....but he's not volunteering to be put before a firing squad :*(

    5. Alex Van Sant

      pos dad

    6. Alex Van Sant


    7. Alex J

      Texas...lol. bunch of pissed off yahoos. Now the entire state is open..no masks required! 100% capacity "everything!" New covid outbreak on the way! Way ta go Texas! Florida will follow suit... Just watch. Sheer unadulterated ignorance.

    8. Nelson Perez

      Guy Reffitt is the only traitor in this story.

    9. Chirag Patel

      Im 98.6% sure at this point that being a supporter of MAGA is ultimately supporting far right terrorism, never really had anything to do with making this country better in any sense except for promoting social chaos amongst middle/lower class Americans and causing division. That said, causing social disorder wasn't making anyone great again unless this great again time frame was the civil war era.

    10. Luis Perez

      Mental health and physical health. Are both far gone . Kinda feel bad for the guy . 😕

    11. Black jesus24k

      White white white white white. ...what happen to the pupe bombs...

    12. Black jesus24k

      White white white white .....n what happen to the 2 pipe bombs????? .mm????????????

    13. Greg White

      Not too many Trumpsters here...he may have actually gone too far, even for a MAGA moron.

      1. Greg White

        And that boy is my hero...

    14. Fritz Fedke

      told you it was a cult....45 above all and everyone else

    15. marian nestorov

      Trump, Trucks, and Treason. All new America.

    16. Xavi Palacious

      Arrest them all, they should be in jail broke the law the constitution they should pay for it, violent people needs to behind bars. We as people of the USA we don’t need that, we are good people and we always will be

    17. Robert Balluumm

      If his family have any sense they will get as far away from this lunatic as possible. He's a sandwich short of a picnic. When he threatens his own family in support of Trump there is something seriously wrong. Get away before he kills you.

    18. Crioa Cigouave

      These people needs to be in Guantanamo Bay.

    19. Shazoul Schmuck

      Threatening to shoot your own kids? This dude is a piece of sh*t, hope they lock him up until his kids are grown!

    20. Sergio Correa

      What a role model.......

    21. Christopher Amos

      It is entertaining watching these people getting arrested. They are like the person they so faithfully follow, Trump. They believe they can break the law with no consequences.

    22. James Smith

      If you turn me in, you’re a traitor. 🙄 That sounds just like a 7-8 year old.

    23. Ralph Marshall

      threatening your child with death... Now them's some 'family values' don'cha know...

    24. Ralph Marshall

      "President trump is preparing pardons... Send us your story"... 100,000 digital items show up at the FBI building... Needless to say, these trump cultists are not the brightest tool in the shed. After all, they looked at trump and thought "yea, that's my guy"...

    25. Jim McLean

      How does turning in a traitor make you a traitor ?

    26. Eddie Salgado

      Wow family values down the toilet. Where is the tolerance i keep hearing about?

    27. ok 237


    28. Henry Valero

      From Lil Giant There is video of the Capitol Building Police moving obstacles from in front of the stairways to allow crowds to enter the stairway and pass into the Capitol Building. There is also video of other officers opening the building doors from inside and waving the crowds inside. There is video of the Capitol Building Officers taking selfies and photos with the people inside the building. There is video of small crowds of people in the hallways, carefully walking between the ropes attached to stancheons and looking at the paintings on the walls, like the tourists they were. Huckabee stated he had also seen those videos. If I had been at the Capitol and been waved in by the authorities, I would not have known it was a trespassing offense. There are people who were inside the Capitol Building who were NOT GUILTY of any offense. THEY should not be prosecuted. I have yet to hear one mention about them, and I would not know their names, but I do not believe they should be held for trespassing.

    29. scott b

      His wife said she was disturbed after hearing what he told his two children? WTF? Are we really at this place where a Mom can't see past her nose to save her own children? What kind of father is this? I see the sign in his yard and I would ask every police officer if they want this type of person backing them? I would say they would not!

    30. Sam Eppink

      These are incredibly stupid disturbed individuals. We need to get these failed attempts at human beings off the streets and into a cell where they can’t endanger others.

    31. Holly Tyson

      Threatening to murder your own children immediately disqualifies you from being a sane individual and a parent.

    32. Ben Jammin

      Morons wasted their lives for a page six , casino, slumlord. Fools

    33. Kelly Mckenzie

      Haha, doesn't know that pouring water on tear gas make it worse.

    34. MrGrombie

      Nah, the socialists are obviously the problem. Lol

    35. Dangly Bits

      I find it hilarious that these idiots think they're patriots.

    36. Bart & Lily herbots vleminckx

      A real fool and stupid man

    37. bert wershington

      Trump cult eating their own.

    38. kathi

      This fellow sure needs to be kept in jail and then federal prison, for ever.

    39. Que serra

      These maga slef described as " patriots " are in serious need of a redo in their elementary school history class. Idk what they think they ware loamy to but uts nit this democracy. They fight for king george, not George, Washington. How did they devolve to pree-elightemnt thought back in divine right of kings. Which we fought those years to toss out bx abuse of power by the monarchy was truly ubiquitous. Were their family under rocks these centuries?

    40. Tim Sindt

      He won’t last long in the yard. The tough guy will be someone’s bitch

    41. Chris Morris

      Ah yes the average republican

    42. First Person Jay

      Dam man your hole family turns against you sheesh ...

    43. Rico Staxxx

      Trump supporters need to have their firearms confiscated. Use a social media dragnet to find these psychophants

    44. Steven Figueroa

      It’s crazy that Ik them personally and have been to their house plenty of times

    45. Daniel Skomp

      Tragic Trumpian terrorists

    46. Stacey Switch

      Charge them all with treason against the USA...and send em to the electric chair!!

    47. Anonymous Anonymous

      So, what can would-be rebels learn from all this? If your leaders, whether political, military or patriotic, talk you into doing something stupid, they will abandon you when the finger pointing starts.

    48. outdoornoobie

      The wife thinks he won't actually act on it. This is where everything goes freaking wrong and we end up with dead children, cause nobody listens and ignores the fact. Take the kids away from both parents. Terrible!

    49. Gee Whiz

      Well I guess I'm a traitor, cause I turned someone in. :)

    50. Broodje Feta

      The entire world is laughing at Amerika. The fact that there are still people supporting trump after all his failures. Honestly people .. Amerika is so far behind the western countries. No healthcare, no social safety net, terrible education with crippling debt as a result and to top it all off every moron can get a gun meaning mass shootings in the us are more likely to happen each month then in my country (the netherlands) each 5 years... On top off all this, because of trump massive failures nobody is taking Amerika seriously anymore. If you actually want to regain some respect than denounce trump election claims and actually punish the idiot for spreading the lie. Which is what would happen in any other western country aka more civilised countries

    51. skip181sg

      Wow... a FOX Affiliate Channel on KGup with a whole lotta anti-Trump comments...wonders will never cease

    52. pyro lopez

      A man puts politics before his family before his children before everything else How many friends of these completely alone hes got nobody to blame but himself

    53. KraveHD

      Where were the arrests to the people who took over chaz I’m not saying these people shouldn’t be arrested but both groups should be

    54. 💥

      “Only the best people “ Orange narcissist .

    55. nick

      Put them all in jail for being a traitor to the USA!!

    56. benn G

      Hahahaha dude your kids don't like you probably less time in the pool house a little more catching up with the kids

    57. dcast777

      Shocker many of these idiots were from Texas.

    58. The Truth

      You mean to tell you they're going to find each and every single person that went to the Capitol and started rioting there's no way

    59. kanedNunable

      in the UK treats to kill is taken seriously and automatic prison sentence

    60. kanedNunable

      the cult of trump again.

    61. Guinness

      I guess he didn't manage to erase everything. Sounds like he lived his last few weeks of freedom in abject fear

    62. Caleb Lau

      Lol believe everything you read

    63. JC Lo

      Do you know is the traitor and wannabe is the cowered trump supporter that only believe in fake media.

    64. No Thanks

      texan family values on full display here.

    65. Russ

      Gotta love ‘murica.

    66. Bob A Booey

      Fear not, Trump has got your back.

    67. Logan hogan

      Haha s*** just got real for you buddy

    68. Altamont Darby

      His kids are more adult, than he ever will be. The family ought to get a real protective oder for this dim wit.

    69. John Petersen

      Jesus, look at this guy's house. What the HELL is he so mad about? He lives at the end of a cul-de-sac in a north Dallas suburb, in a big house with a fenced-in yard. Seriously, that looks like a $300k house. What opportunities has this country not given him and his family that he felt so oppressed and marginalized that he needed to riot? Did he not think he'd get caught? Did he honestly think he was being a righteous patriot, beyond the reach of the law? Bunch of privileged crybabies throwing their lives away for a loathsome puddle of a man who wouldn't give them the time of day.

    70. Julez60

      Loser POV. Texas of course LOL

    71. Tyler Dobbs

      Traitors to country get the firing squad

    72. Shimon Yahlives

      What a CLOWN

    73. Andrew Brock

      Timothy McVeigh starter pack

    74. Ralph Perez

      People with no sex in their lives

    75. Collin Winkel

      Damn terrorists

    76. Modern Gamerz Show

      These charges are like slaps on the wrists! I feel bad for the decent citizens but it's no wonder the world doesn't like amercian tourists. The systemic racism runs so deep in America that if those people breaking into the Capitol were any other race, they'd be sentenced to jail or shot and killed at the Capitol. The American law system is a joke.

    77. Phillip Mulligan

      Nice high class neighborhood that guy lives in.

    78. dud

      let me just take this pistol apart so i can throw the pieces in self defense

    79. Zaft Red

      They like to make plain as day threatening insinuations then pretend they do nothing wrong.

    80. Wilbert Lek

      This is how religions are born.

    81. Wilbert Lek

      And there are several more like this, who are able to vote and reproduce...

    82. Fabio V

      Most american thing to say

    83. Fabio V

      Most american thing to say

    84. Paul Brown

      Good lol.

    85. jamdad

      I want to hide under the table at their Thanksgiving. He's a lousy sperm donor not a father.

    86. H A Ritchie

      Call others Traitor when 6 people lost their life one beat to death left home to support his Family. Look in those Family eye just Imagine That they see

    87. Vasco Apolonio

      You need to put them all into the Corridor of Death. Or they will keep on trying to overthrow a Democratic Elect Government. Don't show them no mercy, God Damnit

    88. Tyson Walters

      Hes probably holding his family hostage by now

    89. Raymond Navarro

      Another TRUMP Supporter.. These are the kind of people who support Trump, Shame on all of the Trump Supporters, you have been had and you fall for all of Trump's BS. Use your brain! Wake up, the guy is a total ConMan!

    90. joinSPiTE Twitch

      Reffitt found a way to stop perpetuating the stupidity in his DNA. It's awesome when children realize their parents are abject morons - and act on it. Hahahahahahahaha!

    91. MysticDragonWolf

      He said he disassembled it to comply with Washington law. While going to Washington to break the law with intent to break the law Yeah sure and I’m Micky mouse

    92. James Eddleman

      Cool, so theres literately over 10,0000 "Americans" that are this guy. I'm moving.

    93. Walter Boudreau

      The pro life group sure has a funny stance on who should be allowed to live and who shouldn't.

    94. Dan Rodrigues

      And my vote for Father of the Year goes to...

    95. bossman 679

      You're the traitor. To you country and your family, and you're coming with us.

    96. Jeff_in_the_River

      The most disgusting people ever.

    97. Dick Gozinia

      Another one of trumps pillsbury doughboy army

    98. ximbabwe0228

      I don't understand. He was just standing there washing his eyes out beyond the police line? And he threatened to kill his kids? Am I missing a link here I mean he could literally just say he showed up to wave a flag and then leave

    99. MSgt Baca

      Listen to this 48 yr old child threatening his family... what a coward. Bury him under the prison.

    100. Dinngg0

      This guy belongs in jail. The scary thing is all of the others exactly like him who didn't make it to DC on Jan 6th, they are still running free with their hate.