Johnny Juzang 2021 NCAA tournament highlights

March Madness

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    From the First Four to the Final Four, UCLA's Johnny Juzang shot lights out in the 2021 NCAA tournament, averaging 22.8 points per game while earning an All-Tournament Team nod. Juzang's 137 points through six tournament games was second most all-time for a Bruin. Watch his full tournament highlights here.
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    1. Gary Stanford

      Los Angeles Lakers bound

    2. True2chain bk


    3. Kingdom Thinker

      Man the Detroit Pistons have got to get this kid. We have three second-round picks. If somehow we can trade all of those pics to get back into the first round maybe we can get this kid around the 15 to 20 range in the draft. If he's still available at that point. Evan Mobley with your first round pick and Johnny juzang with your extra first round pick if possible wouldn't be a bad draft for the Detroit Pistons. Wishful thinking!

    4. SoCalBeauty

      He sure looks like a professional player. He looks NBA ready. If he enters draft this year he'll be a top 15 pick. If he stays at UCLA and has a terrific season he might go top 5 next year.

    5. Gary Stanford

      Some mock drafts have him going to the Lakers at pick 23

    6. Voodoo king Mighty

      I guess you ain’t gotta make a decision

    7. A J

      Man i want him to be drafted by my pels the spacing and defence he would bring..

    8. izan gilani

      Juzang declared lettsss gooooooo

    9. Blinks Stay fresh

      Sacramento kings

    10. Flanny

      Knicks make it happen

    11. xxGamerKidx

      Who’s here because he just declared for the 2021NBA draft ?

    12. Jahari Alex

      I would take him with the number 1 pick. He can score off the dribble, score off the ball, post up, running floater, get to the basket, deadly 3 point shooter, and plays big on the big stage. Plus he's only 20 and 6'6.

    13. Ab Ata

      That was a good choice that Juzhang Transfered to UCLA

    14. Ab Ata

      I saw a jayson Tatum style on his game

    15. Johnny M

      Juzang slows the game down for himself he’s going to be special. Specially during these times he’ll be great for the NBA and the Asian community

    16. Tyra Libby

      vBritt Reid

    17. Van Iyke

      Top 10 lottery pick.

    18. Shad Rondell

      Why he look like pueto rican bruh from coach carter

      1. Blinks Stay fresh

        Because he's mixed?

    19. Tianna Elizebeth

      vLuke Bryan

    20. CardiacCUSE9!! Orng4lf

      Best game of the tournament

    21. Mike Abe

      And he's our fellow SOUTHEAST ASIAN descent. WOW!

    22. metallic480


      1. Rob Software

        Needs to stay another year at UCLA to show doubters that he can do it again

    23. Myles Orina

      Why they had to sneak in the game winner at the end there 😒

    24. Avatar Phi

      time to get drafted!

    25. Cory Lyons Music

      It's a Juzang highlight film but you still had to leave the buzzer beat shot in there.😂

    26. My Philippine American Journey

      Another great player kentucky developed. Go Big Blue!

    27. Aaron Davis


    28. Quentin Hicks

      Johnny Juzang is a man! Id definetly take him on my team!

    29. Joker06

      Y'all really put the Suggs shot in here, bruh

    30. Jonathan

      I'm sorry but that was a lucky shot by Suggs at the buzzer. UCLA should have played in the title game thanks to Juzang. Baylor still would have thumped them.

    31. Rashad Marshall

      UCLA wins the NCAA championship next year if he comes bacc.

    32. Jimmy Vo

      This man game reminds me alot of Joe Johnson.

    33. Charles Amofordjuoh

      This kid is a three level scorer.

    34. Shaan Keole

      He needs a nerf

    35. SuwooopK

      Beast 3 level scorer !

    36. Riggs Ryan

      Rip Kentucky and Duke

    37. Jeffrey Ashbrook

      I've never seen this kind of shot making in college before. Spot up, off the dribble, off the dribble going left, off the dribble going right, step through 3, step back 3, corner 3, deep three, fadeaway pinch post, fadeaway corner, runner going left, runner going right. the guy literally scores like kobe at least in these highlights. never seen it before.

      1. Jimmy Vo

        His game resembles alot to Joe Johnson. He doesn't have the explosiveness of Kobe, but definitely his footwork and post up game is Kobe like

    38. Sea Whales

      Why did Juzang have to play Michigan NOOO Lol. I swear Michigan had a better chance against Gonzaga. I think UCLA would of put up a way better game against Baylor. Truly a hidden Gem of a team and should of been 2 or a 1 seed had it not been for conference bias.

    39. Rey Alonsagay

      He needs to play one more year at UCLA just to boost his NBA draft stock. Hoping that he'll have a much better season for the Bruins next season.

    40. VeritableVagabond

      How Flight feels about Curry is how I feel about Juzang

      1. Dallin Law

        Gonna get a Johnny Juzang Jersey triple Js

      2. Kaliba King

        Lol same

    41. Erwin Rommel

      Juzang is a great outside shooter, can create his own shot, can attack the rim also a great passer and a very heady player he is NBA ready!!!

    42. untilyougethit


    43. Movie Addict

      automatic bucket

    44. DOY story

      look like klay

    45. Sophia skiles

      Bruh if Juzang and Smith both return, then UCLA will definitely be ranked #1 next year especially since UCLA has there whole team coming back, and they have a top 15 recruit coming in, and a top 50 recruit coming in next season

    46. Houston Asterisks

      Hope he gets drafted

    47. The Chosen One

      He should stay one more year.

    48. Patrick K

      I can see him being like a Dillon Brooks type role in the NBA

    49. Erick Rishel

      These Boys should of played Baylor on the finals.

    50. Koga

      Why is this man barely on mock draft boards

      1. SoCalBeauty

        He is projected 10-15 pick

    51. Bent Ley

      They really put Gonzaga’s game winner into Juzang’s highlights🤣 I am weak🤣🤣

      1. Reezy Entertainment


      2. Resterings Alonze

        Great run UCLA! Hold your Head Up

      3. thehalfnavajo

        Hahaha watching a team as a 11 seed make a undefeated #1 seed look like a nobody is hilarious 🤣. Then wore down Gonzaga so bad that they had nothing left. UCLA would of made Baylor work hard till the end as Gonzaga made Baylor work hard for 10 seconds. Baylor Blowout.

      4. Jonathan

        That was straight up disrespectful

      5. Kaliba King

        @Gabo P fr

    52. Creative Concept

      Obviously Juz had an unbelievable tournament but I was also impressed with how much our offense, ball movement and execution improved. Look how all those guys bought in on Cronins slow paced grit n grind style. We made incredible reads and played like a team! Future looks bright! Go Bruins!!

    53. Arnie Pulpa

      walking bucket


      You know he’s a stud when his highlights over a 6 game stretch is 10 minutes long

    55. THAT GUY

      I didn’t know he was 6’6, he should definitely go top 10

    56. Danny Football

      Neither Michigan State or UCLA should have been seeded 11. Big oversight by the committee. I think Michigan State would have made a similar run had they held on to their lead.

    57. Grant Wood

      to warriors shooter league😂

    58. Zhe Chen

      He should go pro this year. Nothing else he can proves or show.

      1. Kaliba King

        Yeah but he could comeback if he has another really good year he could go number 1 in 2022

    59. Clap ya hands everybody

      A half court shot away from playing in the finals as an 11 seed unbeliavable. Juzang has the ice flowing in his veins he will have a great nba career . Kid can elevate and hit shots like it’s nothing

    60. Cal Lepkowski

      I really hope he stays at UCLA tbh

    61. Victor Luna

      As a Bruin, I hope he stays with us next year, hes really skilled and can take UCLA far and beyond

      1. Adonis Dixon

        @Victor Luna I wanna see him in a blue and gold jersey next year, for the warriors

      2. Victor Luna

        @Magic Cxyne he hasn’t said so yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to go for it he’s very good and has a bright future ahead of him I hope he’s a first draft pick if he does go for the NBA draft

      3. Magic Cxyne

        He probably won’t stay in UCLA much longer. He’s going to be in the 2021 draft in July.

    62. James Techjackin' Jackson

      Great run! Strike while the iron is hot. He needs to declare for the draft. Hate to see him go, but next year isn't guaranteed. If student athletes were compensated properly I would encourage him to stay, but since that isn't the case he needs to dip.

    63. willis stockwell jr

      UCLA had the world shakin

    64. Roy nguyen

      Vietnamese basketball player represent

      1. Jin Lu

        Bet yah brother you have filipino friend ballers

    65. Reece Griffin

      I see him staying tbh. UCLA should be ranked #1 if he does

      1. Tretch

        He may. He’s in a similar situation as steph curry back in college. Steph curry blew up in his sophomore season where he went from being an unknown prospect to being a late first round pick due to unreal performances in march madness where he carried an underdog team to the elite 8. Curry decided to stay for his junior season and turned himself into a top 10 pick. As of rn juzang is going late first round or even 2nd round. At those spots you’re not even guaranteed an NBA contract. And he genuinely loves being at UCLA. I can see him staying, but I can also see him leaving of course.

    66. the thotinator

      I really wish my michigan team would have won but either way I'd cheer for whoever is playing against gonzaga

    67. the thotinator

      I believe UCLA would have done far better than Gonzaga against Baylor

      1. Kaliba King


    68. Jacksonville Jaguars Highlights & Hype Videos

      Not that anyone cares but I love this dudes name 😂

      1. VeritableVagabond

        Like the main character of an anime

      2. Delton Joa


      3. Reece Griffin

        Same it's sounds cool

    69. rdmcabee

      UCLA would of hung with Baylor. UCLA outplayed Gonzaga, but the Gonzaga strat of just having their guards ram into people and get fouls worked on the refs when playing UCLA, but not with the refs when they played Baylor.

      1. rdmcabee

        @Olivier Cilengi Definitely overtime too.

      2. Olivier Cilengi

        Undisputed facts. They would have gone toe to toe with Baylor, right to the last play of the game.

    70. hayden_pace5

      He deserved to win a National Championship but got robbed against Gonzaga, forever a legend in march madness and ucla!!💯

    71. Danyboy

      This boy can flatout ball. He is ready to go pro

      1. the thotinator

        The most NBA ready player imo

    72. drew †

      a tough shot maker. he lethal for sure!

    73. Martin Lutharkink

      The attractive destruction acromegaly reduce because green noteworthily squeeze off a foolish level. homeless, complete patch

      1. Bryant Ndongmo


    74. D Hawk

      Selfishly I’d love to see him and Jacques and the crew all come back but he’s probably a lottery pick if he comes out. Go get that money Johnny!

    75. Johnny Rockets

      Juzang going down in UCLA history for this run 🐐

      1. Gurkaran Basra

        @Kaliba King ikr

      2. Kaliba King

        Lol what's going on with u guys

      3. James The Sports guy

        @Gurkaran Basra uhhhhh ok??????

      4. Gurkaran Basra

        @James The Sports guy ok good👍

      5. James The Sports guy

        @Gurkaran Basra no?????

    76. thomas morton

      leave now when you're hot next year you may be average.

      1. AlphaDunk7

        I doubt he’ll be average next year but good advice

    77. Jordan

      JUICE EGG!

    78. Christian Ingersoll

      Oh yeah, the SFV is ballin

    79. 5XENT

      Why yall put Jalen Suggs game winner on this mans personal highlight tape ? lolololol

    80. James Wilson

      The underdog in all of us was rooting for Juzang and UCLA to go from first four to champions! Bright days ahead for this crew

      1. jack

        @nick jones suggs called game bro

      2. nick jones

        @Danny Football so was UCLA not underdogs vs Gonzaga? The answer is yes.

      3. Danny Football

        @nick jones I’m not denying that it was an impressive run. But, UCLA is an extremely talented team that played inconsistent during the regular season and was gifted a very favorable path through the tournament. With the resources UCLA has and recruits like Juaquez and Juzang, they’re still the bully in the schoolyard. So spare me the underdog shtick.

      4. nick jones

        @Danny Football UCLA were the underdogs any way you slice it

      5. Danny Football

        I mean yeah, the underdog in me was like, Abilene Christian has like 11 National Championships, I really hope they get humbled by a team that has never won one.

    81. Fernando Z

      He could honestly be a fringe lottery pick at this point after the run

      1. Dodgers 4life

        If he works on his Defense he’ll be insane

    82. Bent Ley

      I thought he was not athletic enough for D1 basketball when he was in Kentucky. I guess Kentucky just was not a good fit for him.

      1. AM3 Lagrimas

        Juzang literally carried UCLA. Imagine not getting enough minutes in Kentucky? Lol

      2. Youtube XII

        They didnt give him playing time to prove himself in Kentucky and UCLA end up going farther than Kentucky in the tournament; the irony.

    83. Phamii

      Needs to work on defense and facilitating but if he does he's literally an offensive juggernaut

    84. Roger Martin

      If LA kids stay home to UCLA ,its game OVER

    85. Deech

      so elite bro this dudes so much fun to watch

    86. Omar

      Certified bucket

    87. BigBoyGeorge

      The fact that Suggs shot was included in his highlight reel is hilarious 😂

      1. Caleb


      2. BigBoyGeorge

        @Joker06 ikr

      3. Joker06

        As a UCLA fan, that's messed up

      4. xavier grimaldi


    88. David Stewart

      Jalen Suggs shot was so good he even made it into this highlight reel lol

    89. James The Sports guy

      This kid went to kentucky and he went and used that skill to go to the final four I am so happy for this man this man will be the best nba player ever I can see it in him

      1. James The Sports guy

        @Great Kentuckian ikr but this kid wanted to go home and I understand BUT U KNOW WHAT KENTUCKY IS PROUD OF HIM FOR WHAT HE DID LETS GO JOHNNY JUZANNNNNNNNG

      2. Great Kentuckian

        I wish Covid didn't happen so that he may have stayed another year.

    90. Presence

      Absolute stud. If he returns next year, UCLA should be number 1 in the pre-season polls. Regardless, his future is bright.

      1. mm smith

        Sorry but he us league bound

      2. Tretch

        @Crypto Mojako atm it’s not for sure if he’s a first rounder yet, and even if he is he’s projected as a late first rounder which means you’re not even guaranteed a contract. Plenty of late first round projections stay for another season to become a lottery pick. Steph curry did it back when he was on Davidson, I made a reply earlier to this comment detailing this but basically steph curry’s situation in his college sophomore season actually has a lot of parallels to Johnny’s current situation

      3. I'ma play jason

        @Marvin Perkins he is a 5 star top 10 HS player and we might get Myles johnson and jaden hardy

      4. Marvin Perkins

        @I'ma play jason 🙄🙄

      5. I'ma play jason

        @Marvin Perkins nah we getting peyton watson

    91. b 10

      He’s so good wow

    92. Reg Dawg

      He a stud. He will be good in the NBA.

    93. Andrew I

      And bleacher report has him as the 49th prospect... smh

      1. Olivier Cilengi

        The audacity 😔💔

      2. Kaliba King

        Hes a top 10 prospect

    94. Sports 311

      He’s really made a name for himself when he arrived at Westwood

    95. Patrice P

      Can hear scouts knocking at his door for the NBA

      1. K Dapson

        There will definitely be agents knocking on his door.

    96. Dol Deng

      he is special