Someone Broke Into Our New House! Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

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    Rebecca Zamolo created a Last to Leave HAUNTED HOUSE Wins Challenge! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded a Last to Leave Coffin Wins Challenge with a Surprising Secret Reveal! The Game Master network posted Hot Vs Cold Pool challenge to find imposter among us. Now that the RHS has visited our house and we scared them away but we need to spy on Mr X to make sure the message is delivered. Rebecca stay at home and plan out what to do to trap Mr X here if he does come. Matt and Robbie Rob must get dressed as Disney Princess to have a secret date with their evil enemy. When Matt returns with not his best friend they find out that someone has broken into their house. It was all a trick to see if they could make him believe they are the Addams family in real life. Do you think this will work or will it turn into a battle royale in real life? All we know is that the Addams family has stolen our house. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      Who do you think broke into our House? Will this plan work?

      1. gilbert mendoza

        I love you 🍫☕️🍿🍧🍽🍴🧂

      2. Blessed Berry

        I love your guises channel

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      4. Maureen Mantuano

        Matt and Rebecca 🤭😀😃😄😁😆☺️😊🙂😇🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙 😚😋😛😝😜🤪😎🤗

      5. Zartasha Khan

        Notification squad

    2. Jasmine Elia

      don't want to see that

    3. Deepak Chourasia

      The last thing on the paper is a doll

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    5. Asis Chopra

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    6. Demariyah King

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    7. Danielle Robertshaw


    8. Danielle Robertshaw

      I love you and I have been watching since 2018()()()()

    9. Danielle Robertshaw

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    10. Leonardo garcia

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    12. Axel Cervantes

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    14. Toca Bunny

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    16. Daniel Angeles

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    17. K1NGS1AY3R 13R

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    18. Harmoni Anderson

      It for Mr. X

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    20. David Moulder

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    22. David Moulder

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    23. ttkhai80

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    24. Scarlett Ellis

      Omg hi I love you and your videos bye

    25. Antonio Angulo

      Monserrat Monse Angulo

    26. Richard Bierman

      4 that's do what you have to say if you see if you defeat mr. X you have to say door

    27. Rosie Ozie


    28. Faisal Zahoor

      #don't want to see that

    29. Mahek Hussein

      I love you guys but i am useing my aunty acount

    30. Cassidy Hayduke


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    32. ladyheart chorbaleck

      Hi Rebbecca and matt how old are you girls and boys

    33. Hasani buckley


    34. Tamara Presley

      How's your morning Hola Como estas

    35. Fizzy 18

      That other character on the page is from toy story I think

    36. Amy King


    37. Amy King

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    38. Gemma Dooley


    39. Gemma Dooley

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    41. Sweet sassy Gurls

      The word is Thor slappy is the there’d step to get mr x traped

    42. Swe Zin Aye


    43. David & John Haddad

      Hi Love you too

    44. Sophia Abby

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    47. Gabriella Clavel

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    49. Isabella Collins

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    52. clare chapman

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    56. abigail seabi

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    58. Virginia Bryant

      I think the game master broke into your house

    59. Virginia Bryant

      OMG you got Slappy from Goosebumps that is so cool I hope you guys have fun with him because he is not the one you will call nice he will pull pranks on you he will speak to you he will possess you so I'll watch out if I were you

    60. Jamshid Samimi

      i dot now rebecca

    61. Janeth Lapitan


    62. Alexa Hernandez

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    63. Peter Esterl

      For the pic where the cover is it is confusing me because Maddie's arm is hugging herselfhow is that possible.

    64. Joseph Gomez

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    65. Joseph Gomez

      it the RHS

    66. Alpesh Patel

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    67. aislin mcconkey

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