Hammering 16 inch Crappies - Uncut Angling - December 10, 2014

Uncut Angling

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    Crazy action while ice fishing for suspended schools of giant slab Black Crappie. Aaron Wiebe discusses tackle, electronics, and winter techniques while catching and releasing numerous huge fish.
    ...Equipment used:
    www.yamaha-motor.ca Yamaha Snowmobile ;)
    www.humminbird.com/ Humminbird Ice-55 Flasher
    www.powerpro.com/ Power Pro 5 pound Ice-Tec Braided Line
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Ice Hunter 26" Quicktip Combo #6782
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Sno Suit
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Thermal Ambush Sidestep Shelter
    www.strikemaster.com/ Strikemaster Honda 35cc Lite 4stroke Ice Auger
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    1. Big Dave

      Great video!! You are a brave fisherman to release those crappies. I would have had to keep at least 3 or 4 for Canola Oil reservoir and a side of French fries 🍟.

    2. slash09r1

      Dam leave some fish for the rest of us lol it's rare i sub from 1 video great stuff

    3. Robert Van Alstine

      Do you have a video on how you use your hummingbird ice 55

    4. Brandon Kwan

      Who is this guy. Ties a fly on the ice

    5. Hunter Millsap

      this video is insane.

    6. Justin Prozinski

      I watch this video every year brother!! Dam it, u need to get back out and remake this again dude!!! Pure excellents!! 🕳 🎣!!

    7. Bill Davison

      This is at your best! Im 47 bud and im not ashamed to say I enjoy watching your oldies time after time. When you said on your latest video your back...i thought it was gonna be 2 a week. Just wishful thinking. I think I have an idea you have such good and entertaining content you try to top your last and if it dont feel right you dont post. People like your stuff you literally can go back and redo all your videos then have them pic whats better. Then you are double dipping you are having them watch the new and also go back and see the oldie again. Genius!

    8. Chris

      You have just become my favoritest Ice Fishing Video maker Everest!

    9. robert grivetti

      Love the videos, you make me cry tossing them back.

    10. Anthony Ortega

      Damn man you should have your own show

    11. seeszm

      Just slabs. Nice.

    12. milesSTYLZ

      Who's checking back in, in 2021? Such an epic video with epic fish.

    13. Michael McElhiney

      "Look at these horses!"

    14. Андрей Быстров

      жаль не переводят , хотелось бы узнать как иноверцы ловят

    15. Johnney Bruden

      I hate you lol. Great video dude this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity

    16. Joe Navarre

      Lol funny. I feel bad for you dose it really ever get any better then that! The bar is set pretty high.

    17. Audio Alarm Tech USA

      If you understand Spanish, I invite you to subscribe to my channel

    18. James Sapong

      Wow I wish one day

    19. Rattlehunter_outdoors

      I found a school of them that big and I kept my limit of 50 at a public lake

    20. Tim Dj Smoov V. Vernon

      Great video! Question what fish finder are you using and what bait?

    21. PeachyPeaches62

      Anyone else using videos like this to make 2020 a bit more bearable?

    22. bowdog

      this aint shit try red lake early 00

    23. Lebron Can

      Where is this

    24. Robert Tolley

      This video will sure stand test of time!

    25. James Gibson

      Wow.. Only once in my life of 60 years did I hit crappie like that .Great Job...

    26. Bryan Gustafson

      I had one winter in my life when I found a small lake with 16 and a half inch crappies, I'm 57 now and will not have the chance to do it again. I had a stroke 3 years ago. Love watching you catch those hogs. Brings back some great memories.

    27. John Murphy


    28. jarzadon05

      The infamous airmail possibly enter because bobcat biophysically introduce pro a perfect hacksaw. different, striped syria

    29. jarzadon05

      The physical sound morally squeak because windshield holoprosencephaly thaw onto a devilish thought. icy, dashing brand

    30. IRatherBFishin - Bob Hachey

      Insane video

    31. Shane Schwab

      6 years ago today

    32. Roland Kovalenoks

      I sure would not want to be sitting there with my rubber pulled down

    33. Monika Gibbons

      I've caught a bigger one b 4


      hey i was wondering i need tools for ice fishing what do I need to get

    35. thedarkersideofevil

      love your videos aaron but these older ones are where im learning from. at this point you have gone way past where I can afford. custom rods and 3000 dollar electronics are not in my budget nor will they be in any future I can see.

    36. lucas lokken

      i love how you tell us what you are using to fish and how to use it,well done!

    37. Eric Hadrava

      You are doing good with fishing for crappes

    38. BigJohnson1515 c

      this video gets my juices flowing

    39. M Boys Outdoors

      This has to be the single greatest ice fishing video ever been posted to youtube

    40. Tom Ooms

      Good Man! Putting them back! I didn't get the connection to NOT spooking the rest of the school but happy to see your attention to conservation. Thanks! Good stuff. Every time I see a bucket in ice fishing I think CATCH AND COOK. : )

    41. gerald 413

      Those are some HUGE Crappies! Good Luck! 🎣

    42. Jim Harris

      Still one of my favorite videos ever!

    43. MoonlightBay Outdoors

      Who’s watching in 2020? Send this vid 1000 times and enjoy it every time.

    44. L F

      Don't ya hate it when the fishing's this slow🤗

    45. Kevin Coffey

      You threw away some mighty fine food there Yank

    46. Chewy Stevens

      lol ✌😎👍

    47. Eriks adventures

      nice polaris ski doo

    48. Jay p

      Flying c for sale 😎👉🏻 amzn.to/3klsPob

    49. Dawson sweat

      Where do you go ice fishing? Like what state?

      1. Where'sTheSauce?

        He lives in Canada. Specifically Manitoba. Fishes mostly south/central manitoba and a bit NW Ontario

    50. Ranalla Photo & Films

      "OOOh my Gooidness!"

    51. Brackish Fishing

      Best last words to a video.”come on. Bang!”

    52. Jerico Cager

      Send me the nicest fishing spot the fan ago be fish in Pittsburgh 😊

    53. James Gabriel

      Having a good Time by him self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟😀😀😀😀😀🐟🐟🐟😀😀😀😀🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Tou Yang

      It’s just not even fair! Lol!

    55. ttv_maxim_btw

      Lol this guy is catching crappie bigger than my pike

    56. Benboi 2727

      My favorite fishing video

    57. Josh McIvor

      how dare u put a yamaha logo over a Polaris...

    58. zztha15

      Thought i was watching a highlight reel..... But this was almost real time ... 8 fish...

    59. Dale Sarkkinen

      Hi I'm Dale. I'm looking for someone to take me crappie fishing in the area where you catch these crappie. I'm currently disabled from a mental disorder. I rarely am able to work but love going fishing, but not able to go as much as I like to. I hope you will consider taking me fishing. I love watching your fishing videos especially 39 hours! Great job!

    60. WiscoWorm

      This will forever be legendary

    61. C ShellTrack

      I love this video! I love to eat crappie too!!

    62. Golden Rule

      Fake. Dude is sitting in his attic with his buddy sitting in the living room pulling em out of a bucket and hooking em on the line

    63. Cooper Houghton

      Who's watching this during quarantine


      Where is this lake located

      1. Where'sTheSauce?

        NW Ontario

    65. Stefan Walker

      what is the brand of your jig tie kit?

    66. Jonathan Flud

      What is the name of the finder you are using?

    67. DaRon Cage

      What lake is this?

    68. Raoul Grigsby

      I would like to know what lake you are on and in what State.LOL

    69. Taylor Davis

      A yankee boy can survive!

    70. CatDogKY

      Finally...a good use for road kill.

    71. CatDogKY

      Aaron is so entertaining!!! And informative too!! I wonder what his paychecks are - considering he is doing what he loves and all the sponsors he gets?

    72. tropicalsex69

      Wich lake?

    73. KeoDaBarber

      Last time I caught 16in. Crappies was during the big bite on red lake in mn. You have the honey hole

    74. Kyle Tracey

      Dang !!! Those are SICK monsters ! The hunny hole. Had to edit ,,, mind blowing !!!

    75. crappie masta Outdoors yay yay yee!!!

      Hogs keep it up ayay yay yee

    76. Tryn2GoProBro Zach Webb

      Arron this video from many moons ago is what hooked me on your channel... I watched this video when I took a trip to ny ice fishing. I made a buck tail jig and smashed my pb crappy 16.5 inches. An ever since I've always loved your content. So thank you very much.

    77. Biden Potentially Sucks 1

      Back in the mid 80’s people ice fishing was slim to none. Nowadays it’s out of control. Lakes like this are really few a far between.

    78. Dave Rabe

      What time was it

    79. Sawyer Scott

      How does he only have 221 k

    80. Cornelius Howard

      Just killed my vibe when I saw you put those fish back in that hole!!👎🏾

    81. E & N Ahnen

      "I'm catching fish as fast as I want here" as he's put eight 16" inch crappies in his pail within a matter of minutes. To this day, the most insane ice fishing video I've ever seen. EPIC.

    82. Mrgreenjeans

      When I need motivation to get out on the ice, I just watch this video. Very nice horses!

    83. Nathan Ferguson

      One of the greatest crappie expeditions there ever was. Tanks for days.

    84. Hardwoods Huntsman

      I've watched this video like 10 times but still amazed every time it watch it by the size of those slab crappies🤙

    85. Karen Anderson

      Some bad ass crappies!

    86. Christopher Gruenwald

      Yeah it’s good to know your rubber isn’t falling off inside the hole.

    87. Carson Ridd

      Love the fly tying! Awesome!

    88. Hydrophilic

      wasn't there supposed to be a part 2 on this vid? Hope to see more crappie fishing vids!

    89. Sarko Mazmanyan

      Wow biggest crappies I’ve ever seen awesome man love the show

    90. Nina Williams

      I've never in my life fished on ice. This is now my #1 "bucket list". I want to have FUN!

    91. BT Warner

      When's dinner

    92. Parkhurst outdoors

      Looks at those slabs. Your slamming them

    93. Len Neeb


    94. shaun smuder

      What lake is this wow nice fish please do tell me I'll subscribe ☺

    95. J&C McCormick

      Ive watched this video at least twenty times and STILL get fired up watching it....FISH ON!!

    96. Terry Hill

      Ice fishing, seems really strange..But looks real fun..I’ve never seen this before...And the crappie as big as they are don’t seem to fight..Ever get one that want fit thru the hole? Sorry, I fish but never had an opportunity of this sort....Gotta say those were some cat Daddy’s..

    97. barrettincognito

      guy catches same fish 10x’s

    98. gary zaiontz

      Why aren't you keeping some? Great eating!!!

    99. gary zaiontz

      Where were you fishing?

    100. gary zaiontz

      Nice crappie Bro!!!!