Teaching my Girlfriend How to Play Among Us! (Her first time!)


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    Teaching my girlfriend how to play among us... wish me luck
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    1. Karys Mcavoy

      Am I trippin or was Christian still in the game after he got voted out

    2. Aleeza Hernandez

      Nezza: I'm literally SHAKING I don't even know what buttons to do anymoreee Crawf: Baby you gotta go up Nezza: Baby I KNOWWWW AHHHHHHHH

    3. Aleeza Hernandez

      Everyone: Talking and Discussing Nezza: I would also like to add....NEZZA HERE....I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD....uh HELLO I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD XD

    4. kaaybee

      “UH HELLO! NEZZA HERE, NEZZA HERE” me trying to get peoples attention

    5. the complexion

      I wanna see you guys play against each other like nessa and roni side by side

    6. BTS ARMY


    7. Aneka Mehta

      Hi Crawford I just discovered you through nezza but I love you GUYS TOGETHER

    8. !!??

      so the show is fake -

    9. Maika Aflaque

      Wait u guys are actually together 😲😲❤

    10. Whatever l

      4:22 Nezza here nezza here nezza here...I died 🤣🤣

    11. Roa Samson

      In the words of Crawford, *"I'm happy to be here."*

    12. Gi Mitchell

      y’all are THE BEST duo, why didn’t we make this couple happen sooner

    13. Carla M

      Haha I love how if asked “Nezza is your name red”

    14. Aesthetics Help!!

      The time I heard c knight swear I was shocked

    15. Miguel D

      Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.

    16. Gabriellah Nzeokova-Rios

      Such an adorable couple😀

    17. Hanna

      You said "Wanna check out my KGup channel?" on Among us and I said "nah" as a joke and you kicked me so I'm here to say suck my ass 😂😂

    18. lauren munar


    19. Naya Cooley

      shut up they are so dang CUTEEEE

    20. Aly_girly Marie

      More couple vids!

    21. Lexi Runyan


    22. Sara Ahangari

      happy to be here NEEDS to be your outro and NEEDS to be on merch omgg

    23. Stephanie Lara

      JC really said "nezza is your name red" LMAOOOO

    24. Adri Steward

      Anyone else see dark green vent in nav at the bottom right lol 2:14

    25. Z H

      “Since Danny’s sixteen he probably did it” 😂😂😂

    26. Naomi

      Corey would be SO happy that u guys are dating ❤

    27. layal :D


    28. Diana Fernandes

      she did so good for her first time omg!!! CARD SWIPE FIRST TRY IS SKILL LIKE WOAH Nezza killed it in her first game of hide and seek too I’m so proud of her rn haha

    29. Faiza Israt

      Crawf couldn't hear a thing that anyone was saying because the headphones were on Nezza not him so the whole time, he was just smiling because Nezza was smiling and laughing and having a good time. That's true love. Also 6:59 was so funny lol.

    30. trippymelss

      nobody: nezza: mY anXieTy!

    31. Bish Dafuq

      I accidentally clicked on this video And I love it

    32. Brooklyn Pando

      please make cute “im happy to be here” merch

    33. Tanya Krotowa

      I usually watch Jc’s streams on yt lol Now I see other view not from Jc’s point of view lol

    34. Savannah Jenae

      NEZZA:“I can’t do that again” NEZZA:”I’m ready for round 2”

    35. Aylin Yilmaz

      Yasss do more with nez🔥💕

    36. Claire Porter

      Nezza you did so good I'm impressed 👏

    37. Leanna Reyna

      Why did I keep pressing play again

    38. Ardenne Mcfarlane

      7:04-7:08 my heart!!!!!!!

    39. eelenaa llopezz

      its so cute how crawford says baby 🥺🥺

    40. Panda Sunflower

      Love how he didn't like nezzas commnet

    41. Panda Sunflower

      When you don't have a relationship like this "Bye girl bye"

    42. Panda Sunflower

      It's c knight I saw him vent on navigation at like 4 minutes or less when oxy went off

    43. Jamie Riggs

      this was exciting asf🤣🌸

    44. Megan Napier

      Love seeing you happy 😊

    45. Magdalena Sarafova

      They’re so cute together i love them ❤️

    46. crazyisabella

      ok we need more videos of you two playing among us again

    47. Kayla W

      Nezza is so cute I could cry🥺🥺 one of my new favorite couples!!

    48. Isabelle Gomes

      Nezza got card swipe on first try... meanwhile, rumor has it, that CORPSE is still trying to this day 😂😂

    49. Paige O'Kelly

      I love this relationship omg. But also, why am I watching this with the same shirt on as Crawford?? We love urban outfitters

    50. 5secondsofLJP

      wow cute

    51. The_Irrelevant_Fox

      I'm confused "Girlfriend"?

    52. marybel z


    53. Simp4wdw

      Y’all are just too cute

    54. laurenimn

      the way they call each other baby oh my gawdd

    55. Mash Othman

      Hey universe.. It's me again 😐

    56. Cheyenne Priest

      The way he treats her, I want that. You guys are my inspirationnnn ahg, I love you guysss, also when he was calling her baby, mannn that was freaking adorable

    57. Vicky

      Awii Nezza and Crawford💖

    58. luitel anmol

      you guys are soo cute together 😘❤❤

    59. Kendra Garza

      Dude wtf hope y’all know I think y’all are the COOLEST

    60. Alaa ib

      is I'm happy to be here his new outro ? love that

    61. Karen Palmer

      It’s Jc, No it’s Jc 😱😂👀

    62. Karen Palmer

      Nezza a Natural 💯😱

    63. Fatima Almansoori

      I love you Nezza❤️ more among us vids please

    64. Angel Files

      He looks sooo different from 3 years ago!

    65. Shauna Kinnest

      Who thinks Crawford and nezza are the cutest couple!!!

    66. Jasmine C

      its so cute how they call each other baby

    67. Jasmine C

      HAHAHA it was so funny when nezza said ay dios santo christo at 3:34

    68. Shaina Lam

      The way Crawford said “good job baby you got this”...I CRY 🥺❤️

    69. Aa Aa

      3:10 jc : nezza is your name red I'm deaad 😂😂

    70. Annie

      They’re cute together but something about this relationship feels weird (no hate I love y’all)

      1. D K

        whats weird about them?

    71. Fatma Alyahmedi

      Crawford calling Nezza baby is the cutest thing

    72. Fatma Alyahmedi

      Love how Nezza's name is " crawf gf"

    73. Alexis K

      Crawford with a tattoo sleeve would be A1 😻

    74. Jennifer Gonzales dimas

      The way he said “baby for me” I- aww 😭😭🥺

    75. HoneysEffect

      she sounds like kamala harris @ 9:51 💀

    76. Queen B

      Thank you Crawford for delivering one of the things I have been hoping for since I first saw the C4 house guys play Among Us

    77. limelight for life

      Yall are so cute i cant-

    78. Love2 Dance

      I used to like/ always watch Nezza till she danced to the f Donald Trump song.😩😬

    79. Thea Chu

      when nezza spoke spanish hahahah

    80. Marijane Arevalos

      "say Danny is 16 he probably did it " "No 😂" "Baby please say it for me " He said that so serious lmaoo

      1. Aleeza Hernandez

        Had me DEAD

    81. it’Z Az

      The streams are always so fun to watch. Loved it

    82. carmen brunskill

      I’m happy to be here 🙂

    83. jess

      they are the cutest

    84. Jamilet Garcia

      Me having already watched the 2 hr stream and still deciding to watch the video loll

    85. Anna M

      Now Franny and Nezza can play together since both of them got taught a little lol

    86. khadijah abdi

      when Nezza said “we did it” it gave me kamala harris vibez😭😭😭

      1. Yonnii W

        “We did it joe” 😂😂

    87. starshine cupcake

      9:10 a couple that screams together, stays together 😭😂 also nezz you have to say "danny is 16" at least once pls

    88. Miranda Larson

      It’s Nezza being better then Crawford for me

    89. Shannon Lemmon

      Camera is clearer than my vision

    90. Morgane Burgess

      Guys I felt so bad when Nezza was like," Can I just add?" multiple times 🥺

    91. Jandi Candy

      You guys are so cute omg ❤️

    92. Vivicca Garcia

      We need “I’m happy to be here” merch asapppp

      1. Vivicca Garcia

        You liked my comment..cryingggggg ily and Nezza

    93. mia

      this is so entertaining, you guys are so cute together 🥺

    94. Debra Knox

      PART TWO!!

    95. Fae Winter

      Nezza is SO FUNNY 🤣🤣🤣

    96. bbrii.nicole

      oh hey snapchat star!!

    97. brooke!

      I CANT YALL ARE TOO CUTE!!!! IM LITERALLY CRYING ALSO HIIII CRAWFORD!! (Crawford is literally my favorite youtuber ever he made my day just for liking my comment, today has been really hard for me because my dog died) (also Crawford i love you and your content, you always make me smile)

    98. brooke!


    99. Danica Samson

      “Say Danny’s 16 so he did it” had me dead since I watch Jc’s gaming channel lmaoooo

    100. Allie Holloman

      They are the cutest couple omfg