The Police Case Started Counting Down...


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    Everything comes back to the LAPD case under the stairs as Matthias and Woods take their "friend's" advice and go to kill the power of the interceptor that's been rerouting their calls to the cops. However, it seems like the Stalker had a trick up his sleeve and wants to cover his tracks concerning this piece of evidence, by whatever means necessary. With the timer ticking, the two have to find a way to safely preserve the evidence they found without endangering themselves or anyone else at the studio.
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    00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come -
    00:46 - Pull The Plug -
    After the developments with the undercover LAPD officer, Matt is questioning whether or not to take their advice and unplug the case that's under the stairs, for their own safety.
    03:20 - Too Many Wires -
    Once back in Red Base, both Matt and Woods deliberate on how to cut the power in a way that won't necessarily compromise what's inside as well as what to be prepared for afterwards.
    05:20 - Ominous Beeping... -
    After turning the case "off", it immediately starts emitting a very worrying noise, one that starts to heighten the anxiety the team is already feeling.
    06:06 - It's The Same Vial...-
    Matt's frantic search of the case is finally over when he spots a very familiar glass tube with a very familiar insignia inside the case, an ode to what's to come. Not only that, but it seems like the team might not have as much time as they previously thought...
    08:57 - Cool Down Time -
    Once they get away from the constant beeping, the team deliberates amongst themselves what that ticking clock could mean and what they should do about it, as well as what the purpose for such a fail safe might be.
    11:46 - Be Prepared -
    After syncing up to their doom's day clock, Matt and Woods head into Orange base in order to grab some tools, their main goal being to salvage anything they can that's important from that case before they're destroyed.
    14:22 - Operation Time -
    The team starts to carefully remove all of the hardware that they can, even as the beeping echos.
    17:40 - It's Finally Free -
    With all of the important devices all safe in a bin, the team can finally remove the dreaded case and deposit it outside.
    18:53 - Let It Rot -
    In order to not light up the garbage cans, Matt and Woods decide to just let the case self combust in the parking lot, with them there to wait and make sure that nothing ELSE occurs.
    20:18 - The Woods Show -
    Our boy Woods is the main man in this segment as he goes searching for a fire extinguisher, to keep as a back-up in case something happens with the case.
    20:58 - There's More?! -
    While Woods was shambling around in Red Base, Matt reveals that he attempted to call the police again, only to get re-routed. With the current emulator now switched off, that only leaves the possibility that there may be more of these things in different units of the building.
    22:32 - And There She Goes -
    The counter finally finishes and the case implodes within itself, leaving a molten ring on the parking lot floor.
    24:35 - 3 Hours Later -
    Matt and Woods regroup in Mega Desk and discuss everything that just occurred within the last few hours, including what Matt discovered when he went to the police.
    27:28 - NEXT TIME -
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      I have no idea if this is real or not but idc, I’m scared either way.

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    16. Ryan Christman

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