You Really Got Me | Cinematic Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift (ft. 2WEI)

League of Legends: Wild Rift

24 млн көрүүлөр2 439

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    “You Really Got Me”
    Original song by: The Kinks, Ray Davies
    Featured artists: 2WEI, Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
    Produced by: 2WEI
    Vocals performed by: Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
    P/C Riot Games 2020
    Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
    You really got me
    You really got me
    You really got me
    You really got me
    Yeah, you really got me goin'
    You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
    Yeah, you really got me now
    You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
    Oh yeah, you really got me now
    You got me so I can't sleep at night
    You really got me
    You really got me
    You really got me
    You really got m--
    You really got me
    You really got me
    Go, go, go, go
    Go, go, go, go
    I’ll win the war and the battle bro
    We’ll take your home for collateral
    They like to call us some animals
    I know they mad that we crafting the manual
    Know, this ain’t for weak or for hate this for soul
    Tell them retreat cause they ain’t even close
    Seek casualties cause they can’t leave with hope
    Keep ‘em reminded, they tryna let go
    Yeah, you really got me now
    You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
    Oh yeah, you really got me now
    You got me so I can't sleep at night
    You really got me
    You really got me
    You really got me

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    1. Sánchez Robles Arturo Leonardo

      probre blitzcrank esta solo :(

    2. Vothi Nhi

      Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.


      Waiting to get these remodels in wildrift they are amazing

    4. Nhu Toi

      Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    5. Cierra tu cuenta chibolo gil

      yo creo q ollantan humala presidente.

    6. Kryptonian Mix Breed

      Without power balancing, some of these characters would rip apart the others. Lux literally made a huge beam of pure energy, and I'm supposed to believe it doesn't melt right through the rock?

    7. Crystal Dragon

      If it's Riot's Animations We keep coming...

    8. Seungmin Jung

      티모 졸라 귀엽네

    9. Manfred Hörtewall

      1:40 you cant dodge malphites q

    10. Rederick Froders

      Everything these days needs hiphop music it seems. Smh

    11. 김김진진우우

      ^오^ 티모련 ^^ㅣ빱새77ㅣ

    12. cmdr tremyss

      Jinx ulted my heart again.

    13. Davis Stylist


    14. Nathanael Hahn

      2:10 That ADC who doesn't know how to follow up an engage

    15. Kat Blackwell

      Man I'd love to see a movie of this

    16. anushka ingole

      yasuo's eyebrowand abs game too strong

    17. Aaron Gabriel Galon

      Now this is the kind of ad that shouldnt have a 'skip ad' button.

    18. elipato

      1:41 ????????????????????????????????

    19. Nal Yuri

      Lol if they actually made a fps/ third person game like this one

    20. tsukki


    21. TikToks de YouTubers

      Bye bye Mobile Legends

    22. 겜댕'Facktory

      징크스 뻘궁... 럭스...1인궁...앗..아아... 티확찢... 아....조합..아앗.. 읔 머리가..

    23. phantom 1a2

      *malphite misses his q in cinematic* *in reality presses R on Lux and one shots her into oblivion*

    24. Evan Anikousky

      Lux has TOO many appearances in these trailers

    25. crazy gamer

      hey look my channel.I update lol wind video.I download

    26. Dan Morales

      Why does the beginning feel like suicide squad?

    27. I'm the captain now

      lol even lol damn cinematics are too fast

    28. CoriNoricen

      Get Otter’d Lol

    29. Glenn Juztine Gemao Fernandez

      Loved you wild rift riot fans here

    30. janissaire111

      With the new meta, I wish good luck to lux to kill this malphite

    31. Jae ar

      DIG BICK

    32. Carl23 Baldoz


    33. John Veril Oyson

      "Now, You see, Non-LoL players, Teemo is small and cute. But we don't want to wait him to come out in Wild Rift. Oh, trust us, we are excited and scared. Not to mention the other heroes as well. Shaco, Rengar, Draven, Riven, and other champions."

    34. Eianna Francesca Mago

      random people: wait i think like mobile legend bang bang😐😐😐 me:😑i dont think so...

      1. Aiman Syameer

        I found soo many comment like that

    35. Дмитрий Марков

      Поколение ЛоЛ ,блин .

    36. Joshymoe

      1:46 the she gives you when you ask your mom if you can buy $20 of rp

    37. PeanutJam Jorge

      I'm still wondering where did jinx get teemo, from the depths of hell?

    38. Thun Day

      Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

    39. Khang Huỳnh Akai

      Việt Nam Chúng Tôi Sẽ Đến Sớm Thôi Và Yasuo Sẽ Là Tâm Điểm

    40. viejoven

      Hahahahaha como mola

    41. Leafy

      0:35 wow the Spoon is very powerful weapon @.@

    42. スタジオケンティ

      1:46 I don't know why but I love this ahri's face

    43. 하눌이의즐겜채널

      징크,럭스,티모,블랭,야스오 우리팀조합뭐냐 이조합으로 어캐이기지

    44. alex.darklord

      Where the jhin😂❤

    45. wibu anime


    46. Lo Tan


    47. Sam Kennedy

      Lux can dodge point and click cheese roll in the mobile version

    48. Muhammad Hilman

      Imagine the gameplay was similar like this...

    49. Halion Pandora

      Çok iyi ya :D

    50. Alex Alexan


    51. Cringe Mas

      Everyone: Oh my god lux is so cute. Me: 1:45

    52. legenchee레겐치

      아니 티모는 와일드 리프트엔 티모없는데....

    53. Milquee

      Even though I have not played LoL before their cinematics are way better than ML, I still play ML still but I will try league soon

    54. ¿Arda ?

      Perfect Animatoion :)

    55. Pennywise The Dancing Clown

      Türk var mı?

    56. Nguyenthi Songhuong

      Is my is my mother goose club out.

    57. Qui Xua


    58. Yoru

      guys i found my waifu and it's fucking not zero two or rem

    59. •전지적 롤 시점

      Teemo in the trailer: totally cute Termo in the game: totally sonnovabitch

    60. Miki Mosky

      Rip Mobile Legends.

    61. Dave Ehrlich

      Ich liebe dieses Spiel 🙂

    62. BuddhaKye

      Teemo literally getting carried.

    63. Rabiah Hamid

      lux looks like she just wanted to get outta studying

    64. Monoskill

      I am the only one who thinks that Jinx is really hot? Anyone? Haha...

    65. Zuterwer

      Kinda sad the mobiel game looks better than the PC version...

    66. Co Vam


    67. Şükrü Cengiz

      Yasuo had to feed, how did zed lose


      Algum brasileiro aqui?

      1. Caue Souza


    69. 콧구멍

      블츠 개귀엽네

    70. Andhika Wicaksana WP

      1:47 idk why, but Ahri is so damn hot

    71. Random Videos

      Rule 47 artist: It's showtime

    72. Comfart -Zone

      Hell yeah 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

    73. KibaThe GloriousUnicorn

      RELEASE DATE??????

    74. La Lon


    75. Moshit posting

      0:34 this means yasuo is also going to be op in wild rift. Nerf yasuo and Yone pls.

    76. Ca Mo


    77. Pencho Studio

      The boys who has blue cloths have momo yayorozu hair 😭😂


      When LOL wild rift will be available?

    79. Shicktrotting


    80. arcangel jkani

      con solo ver este anime ya me dieron ganas de jugar de nuevo y ser toxico con mis compañeros y reportarlos a todos por troll ajajajjaj que tiempos mas aquellos mas divertido xd !!

    81. Смешные животные

      начинающий канал смешных животных,оцените мои первые видео

    82. Ra Khau

      0:22 my love video :X.

    83. Scrotty Molly

      NADA gaming, Mobile Legends is the best gaming in mobile graphics,skill & heroes 😏

      1. Caue Souza

        Hahahaha lul

      2. far potter


    84. Nguyennam Minhvuong

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    85. Pan Pan

      When you are on the trailer but you arent in the game yet.. Poor Teemo😂😂

    86. John Michael Santos

      I can watch it all day

    87. Vothi Nhi

      0:11 xx

    88. Kean Grei San Juan

    89. Akountanz Sanchez

      Add Teemo plsssss

      1. hello hello

        They will add Darius, Draven, Diana and Teemo

      2. hello hello

        They literally said that already

    90. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

      this is probably the best mobile game af i have ever seen

    91. _ Antitalent

      ps cinematic with orhn

    92. Km Tempe

      jinx Troll teemo afk malphite cant hit a Q ahri is boosted yasuo 1v9 blitzcrank god he save teemo from feeding camile braum hes the average platinum support who play with egirl premade fucking simp lux 1v1 malphite thats illegal

    93. Adolfus Hitlerus Anus


    94. Yosh Ien

      Isn't Brauma and Reinhardt the same voices?

    95. Alex Dragon

      This is not what the game really looks like fuck u riot and ur lies

      1. Fanged Tanjiro


      2. hello hello

        It literally says "cinematic" learn to read.

      3. Sir Ragno

        This is a cinematic not gameplay.

    96. Kim Angel

      I love this game you know my main is Ahri 😊 plus good graphic

    97. Evelynn Agony


    98. Lucy Goodness



      It's like I'm watching a full anime right now

    100. DoubleA Ryan

      Is everyone gonna ignore Teemo in this trailer but he's not in wild rift?

      1. Akali

        they're testing teemo to make him as annoying as possible

      2. Lavender314 :3

        He will be in wild rift when it releases in europe i think