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    Desktop Specifications:
    - Chasis: Corsair Graphite Series™ 380T ITX
    - CPU: Intel Core I7 9700K
    - Cooler: NZXT KRAKEN X52
    - RAM: GSKill TridentZ Black 2x16GB DDR4 3200mhz
    - GPU: ASUS GTX1080 StriX Advanced 8GB DDR5
    - PSU: FSP Hydro G 750W 80+ Gold PSU
    - SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
    - OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64Bit
    - HDD: Seagate 4TB Baracuda HDD 7200RPM
    Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
    Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map, active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race for one of five ways to achieve victory in the game.
    See the marvels of your empire spread across the map like never before. Each city spans multiple tiles so you can custom build your cities to take full advantage of the local terrain.
    Unlock boosts that speed your civilization’s progress through history. To advance more quickly, use your units to actively explore, develop your environment, and discover new cultures.
    Interactions with other civilizations change over the course of the game, from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations.
    Expanding on the “one unit per tile” design, support units can now be embedded with other units, like anti-tank support with infantry, or a warrior with settlers. Similar units can also be combined to form powerful “Corps” units.
    In addition to traditional multiplayer modes, cooperate and compete with your friends in a wide variety of situations all designed to be easily completed in a single session.
    Civilization VI provides veteran players new ways to build and tune their civilization for the greatest chance of success. New tutorial systems introduce new players to the underlying concepts so they can easily get started.

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    1. Shaymin Lover

      Here's how to appease everyone (including those introduced with the New Frontier Pass): Theodore Roosevelt (America) - Maintain peace with those on his continent. Saladin (Arabia) - Build his worship building (requires you to follow his religion). John Curtin (Australia) - Liberate any cities that were captured by an enemy civ. Montezuma (Aztecs) - Have the same luxury resources as he does. Hammurabi (Babylon) - Build every type of district possible. Pedro II (Brazil) - Leave the great people to him. Basil II (Byzantium) - Follow his religion. Wilfrid Laurier (Canada) - Participate in as many emergencies and competitions as possible. Qin Shi Huang (China) - Leave the wonders to him. Poundmaker (Cree) - Make as many alliances as possible. Cleopatra (Egypt) - Have a powerful military so that she'll ally with you. Victoria (England) - Have a cities on any continent where she's already set up camp. Eleanor of Aquitaine (England + France) - Have high-population cities close to her border. Menelik II (Ethiopia) - Stay away from the hills. Catherine de Medici (France) - Have lots of spies and high diplomatic visibility. (Note: because you don't get spies until the Renaissance Era, when you unlock Diplomatic Service, it means Catherine won't like you at first) Ambiorix (Gaul) - Have a large military. Tamar (Georgia) - You need to build a wall. -AND HAVE MEXICO PAY FOR IT- Frederick Barbarossa (Germany) - Leave the city states alone (They're his territory) Simón Bolívar (Gran Colombia) - Have lots of promoted units. Gorgo (Greece) - Don't give up anything in a peace deal. Pericles (Greece) - Leave the city states alone (They're his vassals so to speak) Matthias Corvinus (Hungary) - Loan troops from city states when you get the chance. Pachacuti (Inca) - Stay away from the mountains. Chandragupta (India) - Stay away from his borders Gandhi (India) - Never declare war on anyone (This is very ironic, due to his reputation with nukes) Gitarja (Indonesia) - Keep off the islands Hojo Tokimune (Japan) - Have both a high military and high faith and/or culture output. Jayavarman VII (Khmer) - Have a high population and lots of holy sites. Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo) - Bring your religion to him (he can't make any religious units) Seondeok (Korea) - Have a high science output and focus on science. Alexander (Macedon) - Wage war against civs other than his. Mansa Musa (Mali) - Money (self explanatory). Kupe (Maori) - Have great respect for the environment (such as planting woods and establishing national parks) and try not to contribute to climate change. Lautaro (Mapuche) - Keep your cities loyal. Lady Six Sky (Maya) - Keep your cities close to your capital. Genghis Khan (Mongolia) - Back off on the cavalry (everything else is fine). Kublai Khan (Mongolia + China) - Have a strong military and high gold output. Wilhelmina (Netherlands) - Have trade routes going to her cities. Harald Hardrada (Norway) - Have a strong navy. Amanitore (Nubia) - Have the maximum number of districts possible in your cities. Suleiman (Ottomans) - Keep your cities happy and loyal, especially those taken from other civs. Cyrus (Persia) - Declare surprise wars. Dido (Phoenicia) - Stay away from the coast. Jadwiga (Poland) - Have a high faith output and focus on faith. Trajan (Rome) - Have lots of land. Peter (Russia) - Be more advanced than him both technologically and culturally. Robert the Bruce (Scotland) - Be peaceful with your neighbours. Tomyris (Scythia) - Be her declared friend. Philip II (Spain) - Follow his religion. Gilgamesh (Sumeria) - Be his declared friend. Kristina (Sweden) - Leave the great works to her. Bà Triệu (Vietnam) - Never declare war on her (doing so will forever tarnish your relationship with her) Shaka (Zulus) - Have as many corps and armies (combined units) as possible.

      1. Jownadel

        Macedons relationship with you will actually still improve if you are at war, it just won't matter because it will be at the lowest possible because you're at war

      2. James M. Olson

        (Mali) - "Money"

      3. Skipper XIV

        Something i've noticed about Lautaro (this might just be a mod): but his approval only goes off if a foreign city revolts to you through loyalty. He's less impressed if your cities have high loyalty than if you have enough loyalty pressure to steal cities.

      4. Ota Mota

        A delegation can get you visibility and France will be happy.

      5. Romaphile

        The ones that want you to be better than them or good at a certain aspect are cool people

    2. Gp-15 /4

      3:35 Dude looks like Jamie from game of thrones ngl

      1. ikiga

        He definitely has got that attitude but look wise not for me 😅

    3. Enver Paşa

      What Ghengis Khan probably meant with his message is that your cavalry may be weak but the rest of your army is still admirable.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Thats probably true but tbf his facial expression (that smirk) and gesture does implied sarcasm 😅

    4. Jonas

      2:48 "Ich empfehle euch Vorsicht. Diesem Stadtstaat zu helfen bringt euch den Tod!" Well it's not translated that well but i gave my best. It's translated from old German to new German so yeah

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Yea, the game translation is pretty not on point 😖

    5. photred

      Say whatever you want, but Mongolia sure has a sense of humor.

      1. ikiga


    6. Zed player

      0:46 Ah Pedro you are so wrong ..... so Wrong

      1. ikiga


    7. Aaron Floyd

      Gahndi: Having a weapon is very different from actually using it. Is that why you like nuking people in the late game?

      1. ikiga

        Tbf you just answer your question based on his quote 😅

    8. Joe Lowes

      What would your agenda be here’s mine Honourable: likes civs who make and keeps promises dislikes those who break or don’t make promises at all Approval: You and I are in the same mind set more people will like you if you keep your word Disapproval: so I see your another leader who has no honour.....How predictable

      1. KineticManiac

        How about something like this? Approval: I see that your people are pleased with your leadership. Well done. Disapproval: Your people demand rights, yet you stay unwilling to appease them! Do you not understand that a revolution will cost thousands their lives, and you yours?!

      2. ikiga

        Joe Lowes different execution but kinda similar idea indeed 😅✌🏻

      3. Joe Lowes

        @ikiga ahh so your a defender like Ba Teriu

      4. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Against AI I would like some fun agenda like: Approval: Thank you for helping defending our nation to deter invasion (the same continent. Barbarian/other civs) I'm feeling very grateful! *(you get no penalty from other civ(s)/congress from invasion deterrence EXCEPT for the deterrence target ofc)* Disapproval: Such cold blooded! Why are you not defending your peaceful neightobut from invasion! (Same continent. Barbarian/other civs) *(gets penalty from the invaded nation under the same continent but not world congress)* Not a very well composed agenda sentences but you get the idea. I want something like that so I can go on war with excuses + without getting penalty from other civs 😅🤭

    9. Windflier

      China's translation is complete wrong. He says "勿犯寡人,寡人之秦,天下莫之与抗。" which means "Never consider hurting my empire, My Qin empire is incomparable across the whole world." It has nothing to do with wonders.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Yea, the translation is so context based than wordly accurate. Alternate translation should be something as: "勿犯寡人。寡人之秦,天下莫之與抗" "Do not disgruntle me. No one in the world can fight against my (empire of) Qin."

    10. Igor Tolstov

      Why do I only get a picture? Is that a mod?

      1. ikiga

        Hey there, under graphic settings there's an advanced graphic settings (bottom most) from within there's leader animation settings. Some were turned off by default while most were on.

    11. Queen Barb For Life #teamqueenbarb

      4:04 you're here because of this don't lie

      1. ikiga

        *Gandhi smirks*

    12. Rishard Linson

      How do you make your leaders move and talk mine is just image with text 🤔

      1. ikiga

        Rishard Linson glad to help and most welcome! 😁👍🏻

      2. Rishard Linson

        @ikiga thanks

      3. ikiga

        Hey there, under graphic settings there's an advanced graphic settings (bottom most) from within there's leader animation settings.

    13. 54 Vibhu Sharma

      Nobody will roast you Except the Mongols.

      1. ikiga


    14. The Eggman 456

      "There is no shame in deterrence. Having a weapon is very different from actually using it" ~Ghandi, before actually using a weapon.

      1. ikiga

        Also Gandhi: *I can engage in this war without sacrificing morals.* me: but..but... Gandhi: *Don't ask me how; you wouldn't understand.* me: ok bapu...😖

    15. PB9 Videos

      Uncompatible agendas: Persia and Scythia Germany and Pericles' Greece Scotland and Chandragupta's India Ghandi and Macedonia/Gorgo's Greece (memes out) Spain and Arabic (Holy war) Phoenicia and Indonesia

      1. ikiga


    16. BaronVonBork

      Is it just me or does CIV VI need a peacekeeping casus belli where you can attack a civ who has high warmongering score only if you have near to none. There is no warmongering penalty for this one and it will improve your relations with other civs

      1. ikiga

        Yea, we need that rather than the congress warmonger deterrence quest thingie we have in Civ vi

    17. Brian Batista

      Coitado do Pedro II.

      1. ikiga


    18. Безумный Галл

      I am wondering, what language Gilgamesh and Tomiris speak?

      1. ikiga

        Безумный Галл most welcome! Yea, Dido speaks Phoenician 😊

      2. Безумный Галл

        @ikiga thank you for reply! Its really cool. Logical choice. And Dido really speaks the Phoenician?

      3. ikiga

        Gilgamesh speaks Old Akkadian (supposedly Sumerian but the language was too old and incomplete so not being used) while Tomyris speaks "Iron/e-ron" dialect of Ossetian.

    19. BaronVonBork

      Gilgamesh's AI is weird I was allied to them the whole game then he denounced me for being a warmonger then I nuked them 4 times in order to prevent them from beating me to space (none of the spaceports were actually finished) took 4 of his 7 cities first thing he did after the war was asking me to be friends.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. The AI can reacts really dramatic sometimes 😅

    20. Jp

      when you realise the word 'bully' has a good meaning back then

      1. Gentleman Nemesis

        Bully for you

      2. ikiga


    21. Pablo Fuenzalida

      When Jadwiga compliments me 😳

      1. ikiga


    22. TheCanelaFina

      I just noticed the subtitles for Philip the second make no sense and are manipulated towards british propaganda

      1. ikiga

        TheCanelaFina hmm probably referencing the christianity tone rather than the propaganda you mentioned 🤔

      2. TheCanelaFina

        @ikiga The subtitles says something like "thanks for helping us destroy heretics". But he is saying "How honorable of you helping us in our faith"

      3. ikiga


    23. ng

      I dont know how it is for you in your native languages, but Barbarossa living centuries ago, I actually can understand him pretty well

      1. ikiga

        Then you must be really good at Middle High German 😁👏🏻👏🏻

    24. Jet Set Tomato

      Idk if it's a historical thing with the figure himself, but there's a lot of english mixing in the gaelic scottish

      1. Hi thedragon

        I don't remember for sure, but I think it's Scots (or something similar), which considered a dialect of English

      2. ikiga


    25. думать иначе

      "Matthias Corvinus" made me read it twice lol

      1. ikiga

        😅🤭🤭 🦠🦠🦠😷🦠🦠🦠

    26. waluigi unfazer

      I'm more interested in their voices it's very impressive

      1. ikiga


    27. Drama King

      Some of these "Approvals" makes me wanna go full warmonger

      1. Drama King

        *Sniffle* mommy says its the biggest calvary!

      2. ikiga

        Genghis: Oh your cavalry is tiny, I approved and happy 😁

    28. Dot Warner

      I like how they all speak their native languages

      1. ikiga


    29. king Philip II of spain


      1. ikiga


    30. Josh

      I love how you can almost understand scotland

      1. Thebigbeard

        It's Scots, a mix of English and Gaelic due to the mix of culture and English oppression. Me and my older family members can almost fully understand it yet it's still difficult.

      2. ikiga

        And sounds interesting too 🤗🤗🤗

    31. Simone Paz Simon

      Ghandi: "There is no shame in deterrence. Having a weapon is different from using it" *he says this as he point all of his Nukes at our capital cities*

      1. ikiga


    32. Galactic Terry

      Huh usually the Canadian leader spoke French

      1. ikiga

        And occasionally English 😅

    33. Kurniawan Adhi

      I always feel seduced by cleopatra

      1. ikiga

        Thats our Great Mother Isis aka the goddess of magic~

    34. LionMain 4 Life

      I never played a civilization game but holy fucking shit these characters and the vastness of people is just amazing.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Civ franchise has always been fascinating and addictive 😁

    35. Mr. Doot

      Everybody: - Haha congratulations/thank you. Pedro: - Hehe me big brains

      1. ikiga


    36. Barzenoki

      Did one of the gold pieces drop off Eleanor’s dress or something

      1. ikiga


    37. Tamerlane

      Turkish good Süleiman

      1. ikiga


    38. SeñorSquirrel

      The inca commend your lack of mountains. In my experience, if you have even one or two mountains around you he will attack with a vengeance.

      1. ikiga

        Inca: Mountains all mine! China: Wonders all mine! Ethiopia: Hills all mine! German: City states all mine! Greece (Pericles): City states allegiance all mine! Sweden: Great works all mine! Brazil: Great people all mine! Indonesia: Small islands all mine! Phoenicia: Coastals all mine! Aztec: Luxury resources all mine! (sort of) Me: *settle city in plain desert, cries at the corner while awaiting demise of civilization*

    39. Local Slayer

      Me: visits Suleiman and Gilgamesh on their kingdom for the first time and shows friendliness The two leaders: press X to doubt

      1. ikiga

        Gandhi: Having friendship is different from using it. me: *Sweat-gulping intensifies* 😅😨

    40. Skeleton

      me: puts a singular envoy into a city state Frederick Barbarossa: And I took that personally.

      1. ikiga

        me: but..but... Dad! Frederick: NOPE! me: *cries in the corner*

    41. Mr hawk

      Civ 6 game designers: makes great look of units, buildings, landscape and also simple tutorial, menu, option directors: adds new dlcs and civilizations from time to time thus making game more fun & interesting developers: trying to commerce the game for many players voice recorders: travels many country and finds people suitable for voice acting, makes one by themselves if can't find one. Great accents Translaters: RANDOM BULLSHIT! GO

      1. Mr hawk

        real translation of the Mongolia: hero (man) you have been disgraced, but it's not too much insult

      2. Mr hawk

        Civ 6 boss: so what are we going to do next uptade? employee 1: add new civilizations employee 2: fix bugs employee 3: fix nonsense translations boss: *makes angry face and throws him out of the window (I hope you know the meme)

      3. ikiga

        Civ 6 boss: I want my civ vi subtitles to be hmmm....inaccurate, mixed and doesn't make sense Translator: Say no more fam

    42. You Are Entitled to End your life

      No please don't bully 😢

      1. APERTA O PLAY!

        Bully for you :D

      2. ikiga

        BrokenManyYearsAgo 𝘏𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘥𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪𝘵.

      3. You Are Entitled to End your life

        @ikiga _Your nation,will go far_

      4. ikiga

        ... NO U! 😅

    43. Mathieu Lenninger

      What Catherine says is not well translated. Her speech is more ... hmmm ... French.

      1. ikiga


    44. L0rem Ipsum

      Me: purchase a quadrireme Harald: A strong navy! What a beautiful sight!

      1. ikiga

        Then Genghis: I like your army because its tiny 🤏🏼🤏🏼🤏🏼

    45. Donny J.S Venatus

      1:39-2:19 Me a Brit being praised by the Queen's: *Happy Brit Noises*

      1. ikiga


    46. DBPirate

      John Curtin has an agenda approved speech? The more you know.

      1. ikiga


    47. D A

      It doesn't have Portugal ?

      1. ikiga

        Rathomlos thanks for sharing. Yes, I'm aware of the Portugal pack released on 20+ of March 2021 😁

      2. Rathomlos

        @ikiga now Portugal is here!

      3. ikiga

        D A its kinda disappointing but understandable. To be fair, countless more empires not being included, not even on previous instalment so Portugal is alright since it was covered before 😅

      4. D A

        @ikiga Right?? I am desapointed

      5. ikiga

        Maria I Queen of Portugal was available in Civ 5 but not this one.

    48. Makuta S-V

      I love Jadwiga o-o

      1. ikiga


    49. Nottius Gaming

      Genghis: lol Your cavalry sucks but that's OK

      1. ikiga

        Probably the only leader with sarcasm in an approval statement 😅

    50. Mackenzie Woloschuk

      I like Kristina. She's just a total nerd who loves to learn about new things and I am here for it!

      1. Thoribero Caroli

        She was truly born a in the wrong age, and the wrong kingdom. Daughter to the Lion of the North, expected to rule and fight wars. But she wanted a court of enlightment, books and plays and science. In the end one of our most controversial monarchs, because she felt so out of place that she abdicated, took half the royal library with her in exile, moved to Rome and became a catholic. But not before she had invited Decartes to the North which caused him to die of a cold... Had she only been born after our Era of Great Power, in the age of enlightenment or in our days, she would have been able to fulfill her true potential.

      2. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Shes one of a kind leader, full of knowledge and a reader type 😁👍🏻

    51. Mike oartii

      Idk man, But the Zulu Leader is Handsome and Thicc with good Voice

      1. ikiga


    52. Imperium Productions

      Ghandi: “Having a weapon is very different from actually using it” *Yeah very wise words Mr. Nuclear War*

      1. Japan Panda

        It is true though that nuclear weapons are more used for deterrence ... So he's not entirely hypocritical

      2. Gustavo Scotti Fraga

        I'm nucleaaaaaar, i'm Ghandi

      3. Emerald Dragon

        @pankaj rai search "nuclear gandhi" if you dont know the meme

      4. pankaj rai

        Why is gandhi mr nuclear man

      5. ikiga

        😅🤭🤭 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    53. John paul Icasiano

      When Petter say you emulate society and arts what don't you have hmm i have some bunch of USSR Army ahahah the Japan is trusting yiu that the Empire will be a Imperial Japanese The Greece Gorgo hmm is kinda interesting and sound good because she is trusting you that you will make the spartan into a strong army

      1. ikiga


    54. Levi LeCrone

      Other civs: Unique agendas based off history. Georgia: Wall

      1. KaptainMorganWo

        Donald Trump leader mod for Georgia when

      2. ikiga

        Tamar: More bricks please! 🧱🧱🧱🧱

      1. ikiga

        😱😱😱 😅👍

    55. Анатолий Ерышев

      korea: your science is shit other world: NOO((( mongolia: your cavalry is shit other world: yes

      1. ikiga


    56. The Hard to Destroy Lizard

      Everyone: Compliments you for being a great leader Genghis Khan: Your army sucks

      1. ikiga

        Actually Genghis brings insult and compliment at the same time 🤭🤭🤭

    57. thewildtaco

      Everyone is talking about how Genghis just insults you, but nobody mentions the fact that Pedro just brags about how smart his people are.

      1. Kaen Bedehem

        I hate it when Pedro just appears on my screen and basically say "Ahah, i got that great person before you !"

      2. Veil Nebula

        meanwhile Cyrus is like, meh

      3. Mr hawk

        Lol who even made these translates? He said nothing about cavalry

      4. Reaper LM

        And how Qin Shi Huang brags about how cool his buildings are

      5. ikiga

        At least hes being honest and no hidin meanwhile there're some leaders who approve and take pride only if they possess something that you don't else it will be their disapprovals. Those're kinda over the top imo 😅

    58. Aflahul Falihin • 78 years ago

      Pov: your meme was approved

      1. ikiga


    59. Platinum

      7:39 I know understand how English sounds to people who can’t speak English

      1. R

        C'mon, old english is so fucking cool lol Scotland have the best accent in the world (and I am portuguese)

      2. ikiga

        Thats more english than an english 😅🤭

    60. Lukman Ibrahim

      4:14 - 4:24 When my agenda and other player's agenda is approved as Indonesia Gitarja: You avoid the smaller shores🏖. Such deference is noted - and well-regarded😁. Me: Thank you, Gitarja. Me and other players always keep our promises😉 Gitarja: You too really good for approving agenda, Lukman☺ Note: That is my name🙂

      1. ikiga


    61. altafair


      1. ikiga

        Kotal Kahn

    62. Jessica Van Dam

      everyone: you are a good and humble leader for our country. mongolia: Your army is bullshit, but still we appreciate.

      1. ikiga

        OR Your army is tiny 🤏🤏🤏 so we appreciate it *laugh with invasion in mind* 😈😈😈


      is it me or did everyone imideatly search for the parts when their IRL civ speak?

      1. ikiga


    64. Olaf Widuliński

      Jadwiga & Mathias Corvinus uwu. But they could've picked better for Poland than her holyness. Kazimierz the Great or Bolesław the Brave, or even Jan Sobieski, for instance.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. You can never satisfy everybody I guess 😅

    65. Dog

      Jadwiga's voice is so beautiful. I enjoy every time when i hear her voiceline.

      1. Jessica Van Dam

        yeah, she is.

      2. ikiga

        Jadwiga: 🤗🤗🤗

    66. Jd25082004

      I don't understand why a Portuguese Prince is talking Brazilian Portuguese instead of European Portuguese

      1. Victor Rachid

        @Jd25082004 Dom Pedro I was the one that decided to stay, in fact, don't worry, it was just a confusion with the Pedros.

      2. Victor Rachid

        @Jd25082004 Just don't talk about stuff you don't really know, but that's ok. He grew up in Brazil, so he was not european, unlike his father, Pedro I, who ruled the newly independent country like a complete idiot.

      3. Jd25082004

        @Matheus I discovered that after some time of making this comment but he was raised by a Portuguese at least the video I saw said that. You can't really blame me for not being taught what really happen I was told after the napoleon invasion the Portuguese royal family fleed to Brazil and when they were coming back D. Pedro ll decided to stay THE END never to be mentioned again.

      4. Matheus

        Pedro II was born in Rio de Janeiro and has grown in Brazil.

      5. ikiga

        Diversity is important I guess 😏

    67. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

      I had never triggered the positive agenda of the Maori, how can I do it?

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for asking. The big key in triggering Kupe's approval agenda is to found "National parks" (pretty late into the game before the first world congress if i remember), planting trees, do not remove woods, jungle, etc. Basically just stay as green as possible (there are 1~2 civs who thrives without the need to remove features thus trigger Kupe's approval much easier. I think the Kongo and Inca?)

    68. M Raqiqa

      Well you know javanese its so difficult to lern like japanese

      1. ikiga

        meanwhile me: all languages are hard to learn!! (yes even my native language) 😔😔😔😔

    69. Don’t read my profile picture

      Good vid but why doesn’t it say Greece with Alexander the Great

      1. ikiga

        Good day, technically early days Alexander claimed part of Greece which is Macedon as his first kingdom then through Macedon he conquered the then whole ancient greek, he was named Alexander III of Macedon for a reason, therefore the decision to name his empire as Macedon rather than Greece because In the game Greece was lead by both Gorgo and Pericles.

    70. Saad Anwar

      I have to say this is the best civ 6 leaders compilation on youtube! Audio and video are smooth and very very clear, good job!

      1. ikiga


    71. Felceselvatica

      Leader that can complete tesi game - Attila (huns) - Mark Polo (venice) -Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italy) Other

      1. Felceselvatica

        @Tatiana Williams another one for Venice like Anafesto? For Garibaldi: he never ruled but he's an hero of Italy.

      2. Felceselvatica

        @Filip Tafelski you right

      3. Tatiana Williams

        Tbh Marco Polo shouldn't be a first choice for Venice since he isn't a ruler but a merchant. Still great tho! As an Italian I'd prefer to see Garibaldi (even if sadly he never ruled) because he's one of the best men Italy has ever had.

      4. Filip Tafelski

        And Malta,aborigines,carthage as playable nation with Hannibal,and Sioux

      5. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

        No pal, sadly not

    72. Super Naco

      8:04 Here Felipe II actually says: "We are a nation of faith, and your favor to our devotion will honor you”

      1. ikiga

        Ah I see. Gotta say your voluntary translate contribution to the community is admiral 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️😁👍

      2. Super Naco

        @ikiga It's funny that what Felipe II says and what they put in the subtitles is so different. Something similar happens in the video in which he declares war on you (And I'll go to that later xD). In the agenda disapproval video, what Felipe says and what they put in the subtitles is the same, without mistakes, and the dialogues of Simon Bolivar (who also speaks in Spanish) are generally well translated.

      3. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing and the validation again. Wow for real? If thats the case what translated by the game is totally irrelevant to the real context..How. Just how 😅

    73. Raphael Khrisna Wiedhawan

      Eleanor is like a 5 year old

      1. Black Salami

        still hot af

      2. ikiga


    74. yellow plate

      Japan should Have Meiji or Tokugawa Ieyasu instead.

      1. Aditya Gulati

        ...nobunaga cause he's popular and a warlord... just adding it in

      2. BHuang92

        I'm ok with Tokugawa but Meiji? HELL NO!!!! I'M CHINESE!!!!

      3. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

        Tokugawa is usually used as leader of the Japanese, and in this installment, they wanted to give new people the chance to be known

      4. ikiga

        yellow plate you mean more leader variation from the same civ maybe..Because currently we have like 50 civ leaders to choose from (after discounting the 2 from Personal Pack DLC & 1 Eleanor version France/English), thats alot of gameplays/fun we can get from the game tbh 😅

      5. yellow plate

        @ikiga probably. But it would be cool if they had more characters to choose.

    75. Thephillips 2019

      Genghis Khan: Your Cavalry Sucks...good job.

      1. Paul Brown

        @Mr hawk lol

      2. Mr hawk

        *he said nothing about cavalry*

      3. ikiga

        Also Genghis Khan: Your troop is so tiny 🤏 congratulation.

    76. Epic_ Toasterbath

      Is it ok that i want to simp for the polish "king"

      1. Camry

        What is this comment section

      2. Iona McA

        @AriyaMC I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm, Jadwiga was a woman, but at the time in Poland there was no word for Queen, and King was a gender neutral term.

      3. Ale Isshiki

        @Jet Set Tomato @Marco Pagot Yikes. What’s wrong with both of you? They just asked a question, no need to be agressive about it

      4. AriyaMC

        @Marco Pagot i literally do not care about your opinion lol

      5. Marco Pagot

        @AriyaMC disgusting

    77. Longhorn XII

      I like that There is a triforce in Hojo Tokimune

      1. TheKalihiMan

        The triforce from Zelda is based on the emblem of the Hojo clan.

      2. ikiga

        *Yugi intensified*

    78. Darkspine105

      God whenever queen Victoria speaks I just want to sock her in the mouth.

      1. ikiga

        darkspine105 👊🚺 ❌❌❌ 😠😠😠👎👎

      2. Darkspine105

        @ikiga I mean punch her

      3. ikiga

        👃🧦 😖😖😖😖

    79. Chilled ReCoded

      I rarely ever hear these. It's usually just being denounced and threatened for all my relics and great works.

      1. Second Layer

        @Sync the Dingus ( they think you're a warmonger)

      2. Sync the Dingus

        Same. Except they don't tell me why the denounced me.

      3. Argumenter_Respecter

        Tell me about it, particularly the warmongering ones (Gorgo, Alexander, Cyrus). If anything I'll be the first to declare war to them lol.

      4. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. No surprise I mean some of these agenda animations can be hard to trigger especially those in relate to spreading religion, setup settlement on very specific terrain, rank up armies, keeping specific continent safe from invasion, etc. Unless if you grind it else yea not easily triggered on a fun playthrough.

    80. oversnow

      7:21 What rome always tells me What i feel like: im still too small. Later in the gameplay: IM BIG AND STRONG NOW

      1. Argumenter_Respecter

        My experience was like... Trajan: YOUR EMPIRE IS TOO SMALL Me: _Gets into war with Trajan and occupies some of his cities before signing a peace treaty_ Trajan: Your reach of your empire is as Jupiter's over heaven. Well Done.

      2. ikiga

        Rome: Your reach of empire is heaven and jupiter blabla Me: Your right Sire. Meanwhile *Zeus from Mount Olympus gulping intensely*

    81. BHuang92

      Everyone: Praise Mongols: *INSULTS*

      1. Local Slayer

        Genghis Khan: insults my kingdom Me: wanna see me use the 0.000001% of power? Trust me, you're gonna wake up early, while your men, well they'll be late... for eternity

      2. Donny J.S Venatus


      3. ikiga

        Otomano Ball Gilgamesh: *Doubts* 🤔

      4. Joseph aaron el otomanoball

        @ikiga players: he's a good friend

      5. ikiga

        😆 Think about it now every reaction from Mongol in this game is villainous

    82. Skwizzz B

      "There's no shame in deterrence. Having a weapon is different from using it" says the man who got mad at all of the nations and proceeded to nuke capitals

      1. ikiga

        Seymen the boss just so you know *Nuclear Gandhi* is an Internet meme about the video game Civilization. There was a bug in Civilization that eventually forced the pacifist leader Mahatma Gandhi to be extremely aggressive and to use nuclear weapons heavily. Since then everyone relating him with nuke 😅

      2. Fatalos

        "Having a weapon is very different from actually using it. *LET ME SHOW YOU.* "

      3. Seymen the boss

        @ikiga why is ghandi so famous with nuke?

      4. Nottius Gaming

        more like "yeeting a nuke at other countries is different from keeping it in your silo"

      5. Nhut Tran

        I was surprised when Gandhi spoke that quote in English.

    83. Zachary Danvers

      I swear I play with Matthias a lot (I put him in every game cuz I enjoy Hungarian music) yet I have never seen this agenda reaction, both positive and negative (although I never levy). The dude is always friendly to me that he never hates me when I don't levy.

      1. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

        @Zachary Danvers I'm sure s/he will

      2. Zachary Danvers

        @ikiga I hope you update these videos when new wonders and new leaders come out in the new frontier pass.

      3. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Don't know why I think Matthias animation done really well, his movement is smoother, his armor and the way he shows off his small knive looks "natural" as if the dev is from Hungary or something thus the biased 🤭🤭

    84. Voodooozo 37

      0:30 I heard that from Curtin once.... When I purposely caused rebellion in Mali city just to give it back o them and get our relations better. He praised me for freeing the city while Curtin was the biggest warmonger in the game hahha.

      1. Sync the Dingus

        One time, I was playing as the Aztecs. All is peaceful until I see France's entire military outside Tenochtitlan. All I could say was "Uhhh... why are there a bunch of French guys at my doorstep?!"

      2. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing m8. Ikr I swear they're always plotting something even tho they seem innocent and peaceful at time. For once I thought my neighbour gandhi was racing toward science/cultural victory as he despise me for annexed a city-state which levied by hungary, he has the least armies among others but then about 50 turns later while I was too focusing on winning the science without noticing gandhi has produced dozen of cavalries and siege machines slowly approaching my borders and eventually beats me... Man of man there goes 350+ turns...

    85. The Assassin

      Cool Vid’ Bro.

      1. ikiga

        Me bruh here for another 43254235352 supports and motivations. You have my great appreciation 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️ You too bruh stay awesome and cool and mostly importantly stay safe!! 😁🤞