Boeing 737 nearly FAILS to TAKE OFF!! Mentour Reacts

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    What happened here?!
    In 2016 this Viral video was uploaded by BristolCardifairport. It shows a Boeing 737 from Royal Air Moroc, during takeoff in Frankfurt Main airport. During the takeoff the aircraft appears to struggle to get airborne. INstead of rotating and flying away, the aircraft makes a short "skip", lowers the nose and then has another go at it and manages to take off.
    There have been tens of thousands of comments made about this takeoff on Twitter, KGup and facebook and nearly everyone is questioning the professionalism of the pilots.
    In todays "React" video, I will be breaking down the different explanations there might be to this strange departure.
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    Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
    bristolcardifairport: Original full video
    Markus Eigenheer
    00:00 Introduction
    01:28 Reaction
    04:04 Flaps?
    05:47 Trim?
    06:33 Speeds?
    08:25 External factor?
    14:03 Conclusion

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    1. Hot Soup

      A pilot with the heart of a teacher. Rather than harshly rebuke, he took the time to calmly explain. 👍

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        @Xantec Yes if you can’t explain it simply - you don’t know it well enough. Basic rules for teaching ANYTHING. He must keep it as simple as possible even though it’s actually complicated. He always does this very well. This is why I follow him even though I’m not a pilot but just curious about aviation. 🙏👌

      5. Burton Fisher

        @Zariyah Totally

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      طيارون مغاربة وعرب. شكرا. Studying gorgeous Arabic. It says. "Moroccan and Arabic pilots. Thank you."

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    4. Hussam kamel

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    6. muddyfunkster

      How long would you have to wait for the wake turbulence to safely clear?

    7. Edwin Kuzayet Irmiya

      Really Great analysis of the situation Mentour. This is great. I had my mind on the flap setting but your revelation gave me some More insight. Thank You😁

    8. Steven Miller

      I would have guessed right off the bat, a strong tail wind like a microburst or something, I didn't even catch the wind sock.

    9. Outlander 789

      flap incorrect

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    11. Dave K

      You listed several possible reasons this happened, but could it not also be something as simple as just that the wrong weight was input into the flight computer, or the plane was overloaded (with passengers/luggage/etc)?

    12. sue fergusson

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    13. ES

      I like that you are assuming that they have COMMON SENSE - hmmmm

    14. Elliott Rodgers

      I'd be fantastic if you could mention issues for air ambulance pilots landing in cities like London. It must be really stressful landing on say Tower Bridge. p

    15. HauntedShadowsLegacy

      10:09 This is the point where the word 'turbulence' popped into my head. Awesome.

    16. Ray Quirk

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    17. erman5022

      this video reminds me American Airlines 587, which suffered same situation turbolence prior a 747 take off, unfortunately with fatal ending

    18. Peseta Maya

      Love the videos as always captain God bless you and may he keep you safe in the air

    19. M R

      Absolutely thrilled to be given such a brilliant and pedagogical explanation. Thx Mentour.

    20. Colin Southern

      ​ @Mentour Pilot I think you missed the most likely cause; incorrect calculation of the Vr speed due to invalid FMC input.

    21. Kai E.

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      Without having read Air Maroc tweet, problem likes that, could be also related to a wrong weigh calculation?

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    29. Tahar Ben Seddik

      I wonder why the captain didn't aboard the take off, because I can imagine that the cockpit-crew was aware of running out of runway length after V1 (decision speed) and VR (rotation speed).

    30. robert damico

      I thought a narrow-body aircraft had to wait 3 minutes after a wide-body aircraft either departed or landed prior to depating?

    31. leistico

      I'd love to see you react to some videos by AirForceProud95. I know you deal more with real aviation, but his videos from Flight Simulator X Steam Edition are hilarious. Where else can you see a diamond formation flying with an F/A-18, a 737, a helicopter and a hot air balloon?

    32. S.J. Gordts

      The first thing I was questioning is why the AM Boeing was not taking off from the same runway the TA Airbus landed on a minute earlier... The subsequent take off did not really alarm me. I remember flying gliders and during take off while being towed by another aircraft this happened to me also a few times. No big deal.

    33. M K

      Wonderful. I learn something new every time I watch this channel. Thank-you

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Glad you found it interesting!

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      Nicely explained.

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        Glad you liked it

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    36. nimbleneedle

      How much you want to bet if we listened to the conversation in the cockpit we would hear good CRM?

    37. Ser Garlan Tyrell

      And this is why aircraft are assigned a wake turbulence category, of which that A330 would have been classed as "heavy" (which was probably what prompted the tower to issue turbulence warnings in the first place).

    38. James Russell

      Are Schedules so tight that they could not have waited a minute or two longer before trying to take-off?

      1. James Russell

        @Mentour Pilot Not a pilot just an aviation enthusiast. I started watching your channel several years ago but really paid attention when you did that 4 or 5 way chat with "Flight Chops" and "blancolirio" . If I am not mistaken "Wake Turbulence" is why there is a or was a 5 min delay between departing passager service airplanes at least in the US. So by what you are saying wt could last 10-15 minutes? Then this is just one more thing that makes an AT Pilot really earn their pay!

      2. Mentour Pilot

        The issue with wake turbulence is that you never really know if it will appear or how long it will stay around. So most pilots will take off but with more vigilance

    39. Armchair Tin-Kicker

      Can not high altitude, along with high heat, also result in similar take-off phase problems?

    40. haddock75

      Excellent explanation and a great video

    41. Martijn Arensman

      I’m wondering if more flaps would solve the issue, is it? Then the lessons learned should be that more plaps are needed in wake turbulence situation.

    42. John Bar

      The problem with altimeter graphic is that when one sits down it looks like a collection of horrible crashes

    43. lilaj34siren

      At first glance it looks like he simply rotated too early 🤷‍♂️

    44. Ellis Mellinger

      I have a question. If I am a passenger on a jet and it is about to throttle up for take off and the slats are up should I say something ?

    45. JW Smythe

      All I see in that video is a pilot experiencing an unusual circumstance, and recovered from it perfectly. If they had kept the nose way up, this could have been a new story about the aircraft continuing off the end of the running, and impacting ground obstacles. There would have likely been a casualty count on it. It's neat to understand why, which is why I watched the whole video. :) If I ever start flying again, these are great things to learn. Back when I started flying, the Internet barely existed, and we didn't get all this extra knowledge and explanations of things. It would have just been idle conversation at the airport. My first thoughts before hearing your explanation, was overweight, air density not as expected, or wind gusts. I guess the last is somewhat accurate, the gust was just caused by the other aircraft.

    46. DiscoRaptor

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    48. mccloysong

      Great explanation. But 1º flaps seems insane for any take off

    49. Jeffrey Deeds

      Excellent breakdown of what happened. On two occasions I encountered the exact circumstances you described while departing runway 18. We handled them the same way, with the same result. Spot on analysis.

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    61. Baogar

      My first thought when watching the video was that perhaps the plane was heavier than they thought it was.

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      1. Mentour Pilot

        😂 There are links to get it, below the video on KGup. Enjoy!

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      Would love your analysis of the Air France flight that stalled into the Atlantic. (If you've done it and I missed it, I apologize!)

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      Excellent analysis of the issue the flight crew faced at FRA. Not uncommon, but handled very well. The advantages of going long on any take-off become clearly visible here even if the take-off slot that ATC might want to designate for higher movement could have possibly been questined, this should never prime over safety. Well done Air Maroc, proof that your training paid off in every aspect and phases of the take-off.

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    76. KaMEL

      Good explanation. Well, it's not Frankfurt main airport, like main station, it's Frankfurt (Main) Airport to make sure it's not the other Frankfurt (Frankfurt (Oder)). Main and Oder are rivers and Main is pronounced like the English word mine. A French student mixed up the two Frankfurts when he was coming for a term to Germany. Unfortunately he had dark skin and was beaten up by some East German short haired guys when he walked out Frankfurt (Oder) railway station and decided to cancel his German term. The river Oder is ambiguous too but only the big one has a Frankfurt.

    77. winston cat

      What could happen if they were just off the ground (say 100 feet) at the point they encountered the wake turbulence? Could it act like a microburst? That could be devastating.

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      1. Mentour Pilot


    79. Abdul Qadir

      The tower at FRA totally screwed up! They shouldn't had clear RAM for take off, instead allow a minute or so for the vortex wake of the landing A330 to subside. Would it be possible to install such sensors along runways to warn either the tower or the planes before reaching their V1? Great analysis Capt. I love your channel.


      Je suis marocain 🇲🇦 👍🏻

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      1. Mentour Pilot

        No, not really

    88. 何大米 Michael Ho

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    89. Andrew Mullen

      I did notice in the video that the spoilers were fluttering slightly, is this normal on take off? I would've thought they'd be locked down?

    90. globalste

      If they were handling it in a “very professional way” then why did they not wait 20secs after the wake turbulence report, or file an ASR to have an investigation? The only reason that RAM said anything is because they were caught on video and it went viral a month later, citing wake turbulence and the now famous “the captain let it run a bit longer and tried to rotate again wake turbulence escape manoeuvre” that no one has ever seen in a simulator. If the tower had said rabbits on the airfield I’ve no doubt RAM would have said it was a “rabbit escape manoeuvre”. Quote “on Aug 30th 2016 the BFU responded to an inquiry by The Aviation Herald of Aug 25th 2016 stating, the BFU had neither received any notification by the crew, airline or airport involved nor by the person taking the video (see below) and became aware of the occurrence only through the release of the video into the public more than a months after the occurrence. The BFU argued that as result it will not be possible to establish sufficient facts and evidence needed for a detailed investigation, hence the BFU decided to refrain from initiating an investigation”

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    96. QuantumBraced

      13:12 Did you mean headwind? How would tailwind slow you down?

      1. Zsolt Raduska

        @QuantumBraced yes. With tail wind you can achieve much greater ground speed. (Once again, the relative airspeed is smaller, so to achieve the same airspeed, you can go faster)

      2. QuantumBraced

        @Zsolt Raduska Oh I get it. Wings generate lift when there's air movement across them and you get more air movement if the wind is blowing against your direction of travel. But once at cruising altitude I imagine tailwind is preferable.

      3. Zsolt Raduska

        @QuantumBraced another example. If you are in a car, which seems to be faster? The car passing by next to you or the the car passing by in the opposite lane?

      4. Zsolt Raduska

        @QuantumBraced you can calculate the speed relative the air by adding together the wind speed and the plane's ground speed. Let's assume that the plane's ground speed is 120 kph. And the wind speed is 10 kph. Scenario A) headwind: your airspeed is 120 + 10 = 130. So the wings are experiencing the same airflow as if they were traveling at 130 kph. Scenario B) tailwind. Now, your wind is in the opposite direction, so your airspeed is 120 + (-10) = 110

      5. Zsolt Raduska

        @QuantumBraced no. You need to measure the relative speed between the wing and the air. You should Google this: "why airplanes take off with headwind". But I will have a brief explanation here.

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