The 2022 Subaru BRZ® Global Reveal


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    This is the official launch video played for the global reveal of the all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ. See the story behind the creation of the hottest rear-wheel-drive Subaru production vehicle to ever thread a hairpin turn. The racing bloodlines. The engineering heritage. The new power. The added torque. The even lower center of gravity. The stiffer body and aggressive new aerodynamics. Sports car purity, Subaru DNA. Learn more at

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    1. Chris Goh

      This new generation of 86/BRZ looks good and is shaping up to be excellent for corner attacks, perfect for downhills.

    2. QC 63

      Looks like NSX from rear

    3. Guason

      It kinda looks like a genesis coupe

    4. gaston G.

      wow, great video.

    5. TJ

      Unpopular opinion: I like the square grill on the Z because it has heritage and thing that this car looks like a bloated version of the last one. ( the rear end is the worst part)

    6. AspenHen


    7. Jori

      Wheres da turbo or supercharger


      You guys should lend one to Doug demuro

    9. Alex SAMANO

      Naaa 400Z for me!

    10. Malik Goss

      Them taillights are awful

    11. berg Sachsen

      前のよりカッコ良くなってはいるけど、何で2.4かなぁ~🙀❔ 次のWRX-STIも2.4になっちまうらしいし、そうじゃないでしょうって感じ🙀💨 言い方は悪いけどヤリスGRみたいな車はスバルにこそ作って欲しかったんだよね〰️🙀💨 このBRZも前のよりバカデカくしなかったのは良かったけど、スバルにはもっとこうワクワクさせてくれる様な物を求めたい…🙀💨 ちょっと手を入れただけの小手先だけの限定車なんかじゃなくて、どうせならコイツに次期WRX-STIの2.4ターボ突っ込んだ様な突き抜けた車を待ってるよ😸‼️ トヨタ資本だからってトヨタみたいな優等生っぽい車なんか真のスバリストは欲しくないと思うから…😸💦

    12. Oscar Alejandro

      name of the song plis

    13. JJ J

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    14. That Comment Guy

      Wait also, how much does it cost? Nevermind just saw it was a manual

    15. That Comment Guy

      Wow its NOT A FRS wait its gotta be a.. WAIT ITS NOT A GT86 WTF!!!!!

    16. DK

      *Rocket bunny entered the chat*

    17. Tanay Nambiar

      I am so proud of you Subaru great job on the new brz

    18. Gramkan

      God it looks horrid, specs are great though

    19. Janek Rymszewicz

      Love the concept, but it looks ugly, especially the front and rear lights

    20. Alan Skull

      I need Turbo 😢

    21. KeatonminecrafterMLG


    22. WF

      ok, so it will be "non-p plate legal" in Australia :D

    23. vivian rajan

      So it’s Subaru’s take on Nissan’s new 400Z

    24. Felix Fox

      Yes, yes... but will it ever come to Germany?


      In a world of force induction, EVs, parking assist, paddle shift... I’m glad Subaru has gone back to basics and focus on the essence of driving. I would love to own it one day.

    26. GIFan 2608

      this is why we love JDM cars... everything is functional, no fake vents, etc and a driver oriented car 👏👏

      1. mr nobody

        @J J J Ich kenne. Kkkkkkkk

      2. J J J

        @mr nobody An deinem Englisch musst du aber noch feilen

      3. mr nobody

        American cars still the real pure cars (i'm come from germany) and we never gonna get this pure cars again

      4. J J J

        *Honda Civic Type R joined the game*

    27. Fathan Khanifadin

      They still keep the sticks

    28. Слава Егоров

      Почему вы так отстали от немецких производителей? 228 л.с.? 2020 год на улице, даже для 2020 года это очень мало, у нее должно быть не меньше 350 л.с. STI уже давно отстала от своих конкурентов, это стал неинтересный автомобиль со своими 300 лошадями на протяжении 25 лет! Куда вы катитесь Subaru? Все что я вижу это ваши полу-опустевшие автосалоны в своем городе, все потому что вы отстали от немцев во всех направлениях! Пока не начнете делать интересные и быстрые автомобили которые составят конкуренцию м5, RS6, и разным 63amg никто не будет покупать ваши машины в достойных количествах...

    29. nate

      This is honestly my dream car looks fire as fuck

    30. abbsnn cose

      Wow Courage nice job

    31. paul lavigne

      Goosebumps 😵

    32. Venom Botsss

      car dealer

    33. Venom Botsss

      reeeeeeeemy brother has the 2013 subaru brz and manuel and it fun subaru my 2 faviorite

    34. CJ Cruz

      Is that a nb Miata???

      1. abbsnn cose

        Un deportivo de la vieja escuela en tiempos modernos,me encanta

    35. AK Z

      What about a turbo version...

    36. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

      *The best part is that this is technically the new Toyota 86.*

    37. Eli Photos AK

      I haveeeee to to know, was this filmed in Alaska? Because majority of the scenes in the mountains are sooooo familiar to me but I can’t tell

    38. Guillaume Vullioud

      Not available in Europe ?😭

    39. Liam Ramsay

      Oh you guys going to a different way that way much further from toyota

    40. bilishu aliss

      looks like they took some styling cues from Toyota, tail looks like a Supra

    41. Mr. station

      Hmm . . . cool??

    42. Jordan PS

      Know what didn’t change the fact that it’s still slow 😞

    43. Kiyora

      Sounds so nice, LOVE IT

    44. Dionne Fycf

      That’s actually dope,weirdly enough when you can’t fully see the car coming around the corner like that it looks like a Porsche but it looks cool and I’m sure it’ll be nice to have

      1. bilishu aliss

        Nice mazda miata nc

    45. Kyungjae Min

      yeees the real sportscar

    46. Mason Ackley

      This thing look stunning. Like a Porsche and a mk5 supra had a baby

    47. Alexandr Ilchenko


    48. Sergio David Buitron

      Un deportivo de la vieja escuela en tiempos modernos,me encanta

    49. Κωνσταντίνος Μπαλαμούτσος

      What's wrong with turbo chargers for God's sake??

    50. Boostergoal

      This is BS

    51. Danny Gutierrez

      I'm surprised it isn't turbo from factory

    52. Tigran Melconyan


    53. Jake D GB

      Why did they ever change the original design... The new cars are so ugly

    54. Kaofoo Saechao

      Awwwww... A baby Nissan 400Z!!

    55. scoomagee

      Subaru you didn't listen to the people yet again, they want an sti option with the FA24.

    56. William King

      Eeewwww, looks like a Porsche panamera

    57. Unblacks

      the front looks like nissan z proto and backfront looks how honda nsx 2017

    58. Mario Béjares

      Nice mazda miata nc

    59. Hussein Basil

      I liked the headlights of the first gen but overall this looks much nicer

    60. Paolo Mosca


    61. Diego Tellez

      El forester hibrido perdió todas las batallas en off road! Es una pena.

    62. Ruwell Salatan

      I dunno, but when i saw the thumbnail it looks like a Mazda RX8

    63. gioyu comi

      I was literally sending my Impreza down dirt roads and pulling handbrake turns yesterday. Proud to own a Subie!

    64. Link -kun


    65. trbcop Rrrr

      Ugly af. When you join 2 cars together this is what u get. Thank you Porsche and Mercedes for the design 🤦

    66. SH Khong

      Just put a turbo.

      1. gioyu comi

        I didn't like it very much, but I would love to have one. but without a turbo, so it better be hybrid or electric.

    67. Armando Gutierrez

      Great car but I hope the 86 looks better

    68. Albert Cardiff

      … They gave it dimples… …and a cheeky smile Acceptable.

    69. Douglas Thompson

      Very Porschey...

    70. Douglas Thompson

      How you gonna include all this rally footage...Impreza mostly...and then not design a new damn Impreza... I likethe BRZ but I want to see a new WRX!!!

    71. Klem Zale

      Why teh hell can you just give it the 2.0 T 270hp for fucks sake Or a cheaper evrsion with 250hp, and STI with 320hp Turbocharging is everything if we are talkin economy and drivability You want torque for everyday, and its faster than NA in this packaging application

    72. Eli Harris

      Is that a supra

    73. SimplyNew

      2020 Subaru at a party: I am a really modern design losers!! When the Mazda RX8 walks in the party: 2022 brz has left the chat.

    74. RikuoCZ

      For me a look better first gen.

    75. WilkeChamberlain

      20 more

    76. VulcanXIV

      Master chief is dat u?

    77. Bruhlioso

      Not bad at all

    78. Healthy sandwich

      Looks like a model 3 tesla

    79. CuddySendsIt

      I don’t know why they keep it NA though. 228hp is still pretty meh for 30k.. modding potential is minimal compared to a turbo car. A 1.6t would have been better for this car. Bolt on and tune and would make 250ish whp and then it would be a really fun car.

      1. Gaijin

        This is car for purists, it has to be NA, that's what makes the car special.

    80. Enzo Verde

      turbo it

    81. Wallacesm25

      I didn't like it very much, but I would love to have one. but without a turbo, so it better be hybrid or electric.

    82. せーや。


    83. Shauka Hodan

      The rear would now remind me of an Acura NSX and a combination of a slightly Jaguar-ish + Corvette front.


      Well, if You ask Me, the 2022 Subaru BRZ looks more like a Porsche Panamera, to look onto Car-Design, I'm not a huge fan of it... The first Gen' had it all We need, so why not develope something into it, instead We got a newer BRZ... Yeah, sure I recognize it all with more power and so on, but to be honest, the Car-Design shouldn't be cheap over all those successfull years, but all I see it's going to be more cheaper than before... I like the beginning of the video though, but the more it's went to the Reveal, the more it's getting worse to Me... I mean look onto Lamborghini's progress into all their years... What they reached and reach every year almost is incredible - sure their got more money and all, but hey it's not about the money, it's all about the Car-Design and Quality! What I want to see, is "Blast from the Past" and not like these "Global BRZ 2022 Reveal" - Don't focus the Car-Design on the newest year We've got, focus it onto what I've wrote before... Car-Design is something that must be creative and inspiring, not what I saw here... For Me this BRZ is just an update to the previous, nothing else more and it won't be something newer than the first Gen'. Forget it! Hopefully Someone understands what I'm talking about and try to transform my thoughts into reality...

    85. michal kocurowski

      Not aggressive enough

      1. michal kocurowski

        Everything else better

      2. michal kocurowski

        The looks

    86. Andres Perez

      As long as it doesn’t have the crappy subaru cvt...

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Looks like mini NSX tho from rear

    87. ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ

      I-Imma head out.

    88. Geist452

      if you need more than this in a sports car, then someone should be paying you to drive it.

    89. CQB

      I was literally sending my Impreza down dirt roads and pulling handbrake turns yesterday. Proud to own a Subie!

    90. janice sanderson

      The first half of this video made me get turned on n thennn.... blah. I duno maybe I’ll come around .

    91. Deadlocked

      CORVETTE C7 *T H E S E Q U E L*

    92. Nebula 9

      Front looks kinda like a Mazda. The back looks kinda like a Honda. Its still a pretty cool looking car.

    93. Austin ATOM

      My goodness this thing is a LOOKER 😍😍

    94. Samuel Barta

      From front it looks like a Nissan 400Z a little bit

    95. Berinwi20 :v


      1. Berinwi20 :v

        acho o br q tava procu6 ne

    96. Jeff Henry

      Meanwhile Mazda , Mitsu , and Toyota losing their old fans

    97. Pieri stocrat

      I kinda don’t dig the rear

    98. Haha Tai

      Love the holes and the tail

    99. Sergo

      Для меня это наследие тойоты ае86 , пусть уже и не тойота , пусть уже и не 86....

    100. Gabe Warmuth

      This has to be one of the most uninspiring cars to release this decade.