Tornadoes, Floods & Bass Fishing-Bassmaster Practice Pickwick Lake -Unfinished Family Business Ep.14

Scott Martin

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    RECORD STORMS INBOUND! The tournament may be canceled!
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    1. Scott Martin

      This is getting wild! With all of these changes, what do you think it will take to win??

      1. Ace Colby

        Man Scott I'm surprised u didn't immediately re-tie after hooking up with that gar. Thank goodness you didn't get bit by a monster right after that. If u lost one ur heart would sink.

      2. charles graziano

        Anxiously waiting for the rest of the tournament.

      3. Gary Lukas

        Love the videos thanks Scott !!!!

      4. bobfishnut

        @Blake Cullum the tournament ended yesterday.

      5. Blake Cullum

        75lbs bag

    2. Nickatina


    3. Corey Rasberry

      what remix is that song by siege ( outside) ??? fire!!

    4. Rod Cashman

      Scott have a question for you. In Oct. I bought a ranger 361v what I would like is to get the retractable Rod holder you have on you boat. Where could I get them ?

    5. Lori M

      "A thousand tornadoes. And a hurricane. And a tsunami." ....I done fell out, laughing.

    6. Jason May

      Over here at Pickwick hope you all saved some fish 😅

    7. Caleb Neu

      About 34 minutes into the video, what’s that reel called? I know it Shimano but don’t know the name...

    8. bill nelson

      Great video in the grass you are a great fisherman plumage

    9. Brady Michael

      What is your combos

    10. Richard Gaut

      Nice muscle Scott. Your the only person I know that can catch a 100 pound cat fish and a 3 pound muscle.

    11. Michael Bravo

      Watching your new “unfinished family business” series with my 8-year-old son. Go get em Scott!!

    12. Nick Hendry

      Hey Scott I'm a huge fan. I'd love to fish with you down in Florida. I'm from California but don't mind making a trip. I believe you live in Hendry County right ? That's my last name and it would be a dream of mine to catch a biggin out there!

    13. Rick Jerman

      Good job Scott as always! Tuff conditions but you did great!

    14. Jim Walker

      Yeah, I miss "Spinnerworm" for the comedic aspect but McCoy is doing a fine, fine job on the production. These Videos are better than anything on TV!

    15. Graham Rodig

      Did I skip episode 13 somewhere?

    16. blueline fishing and outdoors

      Scott !!! Great Angler ! Keep up the good work !

    17. Jonny Granville

      "A hibachi outfit. Leftover from Halloween a few years ago. He's gonna wear that".🤣🤣 I love it my man Scott said that with a straight face.

    18. Carver Hall

      I love seeing my favorite angler of all time doing so well and catching fish

    19. Brock Johnson

      Killer editing man. This is better than March Madness!

    20. matthew mccammon

      Great video!

    21. Jose Martinez

      Good Job on Pickwick!

    22. Bob Bulder

      good luck


      Wow fishing 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

    24. fun guy

      I've never had any luck on the river systems 0 bass for me on the brazos

    25. Robert Harrell

      Enjoy your channel. Good information.

    26. Jenny Cohen Redding

      Thank you Scott for all the info and kindness ,my husband takes all you say to heart

    27. Jody Vaughan

      Love the videos. Keep them coming.

    28. chade1977

      Where is the tournament video? I’m trying to hold off not to watch it on TV I’d rather watch your channel.....

    29. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

      Loved the video. I was checking score tracker throughout the tournament. I really figured you had this one in bag. I still think your the best one out there. Not counting pops of course.

    30. Kei'Shaun Clemons

      This new soundtracks hit different 💯💯

    31. PlaYBoz

      Does anybody here know what brand boots those are that Scott is wearing?

    32. Put Em In The Boat

      I cant be the only one watching the entire video, right?!?! What a dream job working for Scott Martin. I wish I had more time to learn editing/cameras better. I'd be emailing monthly trying to get a job hahahah

    33. Josh Narron

      Come on fellas get the rest of the tourney posted!!! Im on edge to see how this turns out

    34. Scott Frost

      SOOO BRUTAL! Good luck Scott... This definitely equals the playing field out and allows luck to become a big factor.

    35. warrior patriot

      Brought my wife to shop in florence, for her birthday while I went to fish at the bridge, the guy at the bait shop said you was fishing under the bridge. I was pulling for ya! 😁Enjoy the teaching, and info

    36. Brandon Borden

      Drop part 2!

    37. Logan T

      Killin it!

    38. Kevin Doolittle

      Scott I really enjoy watching your videos and following you on the circuit

    39. Nate Galt

      If you ever come fish in Utah hook me up I’ll come🙂😅

    40. David Fuller

      Good video!

    41. oliver gray

      I believe you will get that "Championship" for you & your dad ! Keep focused and don't give up !

    42. Wush Green

      Were Brandon at? Got replaced ?

    43. Eddie or Rolex

      Was hoping to meet you in Florence but did not get the chance. Good luck this season!

    44. will mccoy

      Scott Keep up the great work. I love watching your tournament videos. Its been too long since Cumberland you've got plenty more to come. Keep up the hard work man thanks for the videos to pass the time.

    45. Joey_kawalec4704

      When you launch your boat you were literally outside of my school and I fish McFarland all the time and on day 4 of the turnament I caught a 6 lb smallmouth bass

    46. Winston Godwin

      Bro I love your videos!!!

    47. Jeffrey Farms

      That is cool I live less than an hour away from Pickwick lake.

    48. Billy Noles

      That wasn't a alligator gar

    49. BrodyClapsYou YT

      Hey Scott this lake y’all was fishing today it where my 1st cousin Chandler Joe Smith was fishing and died because they went to close to the damn and they’re motor messed up and they fell down the damn and drowned

    50. DJ Combs

      So you get gas on boat before long road trip or do you stop and get it the night befor you fish ?

    51. Hunter Adams

      Rooting for ya Scott!

    52. bowl n fish 25

      Love your videos!!!

    53. Logan

      Scott good luck in orange fishing sucks on the Sabine, hope to see you there

    54. No Name

      Welcome to spring time in Alabama

    55. TheCriminalViolin

      May have been one of those idiots on the lake during the storms fishing it and having an absolute riot of a time, if I was there and a part of it haha. I LOVE severe weather so much. It gives me life, energy and euphoric elation. And to be fishing through it? haha, that's a damn nice bonus to boot!

    56. Caleb Collier

      Been watchin you and your dad fish my whole life. Literally have grown up with you guys. Id say adaptation will be key you have already found a groove..stick with it and change if needed. Lake norfork fluctuates alot in the same manor and when it does creature baits..worms and craw work pretty dang good if you can find a run off. Good luck Scott.

    57. Thomas Greehan

      I'm a very good NY bass fisherman, north to south. Really cool seeing how you fish southern lakes, not all that different but definitely not the same

    58. Timmy Turner

      I’m a new subscriber and it really looks like you only fish hard plastic lures. You ever use soft plastics?

    59. North Star Property Inspections LLC

      I bet that hook set in his back felt good..... Ouch. We are routing for you, win it for Roland.

    60. Cory Crouch

      5k likes EASY!!! 🙏🙏🤙🤙

      1. Scott Martin

        I really appreciate all of the love on the video

    61. Elliott Robinson

      Love it man keep up the great work

    62. Andy Garcia

      Did good in the tournament blessings man 💯💪🏽🙏🏾

    63. bill5074

      Loving all the videos and the great content. Good Luck my friend !!

    64. James Jordan


    65. Woody Watkins

      Hate that Scott didn’t win the tourny I’m from Florence and it was awesome to actually see someone that I watch on KGup be in my town 😂

    66. kevin Reardon

      Scott, thank you for this video. Really great practice breakdown. I am learning so much from this series.


      love your video's keep the good energy up and always have a positive mindset and god bless and keep catching fish.

    68. John m

      Dollar bill $$ !!!!👍👍 !!!!

    69. Mattresses Underwater

      Great tournament bro! It was awesome meeting you and Jacob and Macoy!

    70. RJB1017

      Is that Fart Bart?!

    71. Blake Cullum

      Good luck on the tournament!

    72. YakBassNC

      Scott waking up his crew like my mom did to me and my brothers for school lol.

    73. Dalton Gayton

      I really like how this year you are showing your fish finders more and explaining why your fishing the areas and what your seeing. Love the show and watch it religiously. I’ve learned a lot form your videos!

    74. Chris Marcontell

      Go Scott, go!! Good luck!! Bear down and fish!!

    75. Eric Aeikens

      Always keep the boat inside as it is easier to replace/rent a truck than the boat. Also insurance is easier on the truck than the extras on the boat.

    76. Brian Grigsby

      I laughed way to much at the jerk bait to the back. Lol. I know that hurt.

    77. Kluck Fabrication

      Kind of funny, we have a guy from Florida with a camera/editor from Minnesota. Bart nailed it again!

      1. Scott Martin

        Bart did a great job on the first day..Macoy did the rest and all of the editing. Glad to have them both

    78. simmJo Home and fish

      Man I’m love me some pw! Good job Scott!

    79. Chris

      Goods stuff right here!!! Thanks Scott for taking us along and explaining why your doing what you are doing.

    80. Richard Linder

      Nothing like watching a Scott Martin video and hearing "That's a big one!" on every hook set.

    81. Lord DarkHelmet

      Been gone for awhile lost my other youtube account and youtube ain't no help but whatever but i'm back from being away and looking forward too the tourny vids.

      1. Scott Martin

        You have been gone for a while..glad to see you back!

    82. Hunter fishman

      Wheres the bass tournaments where they fish lakes with a ton of double digit bass & they get 12lb kickers? Start fishing southern CA already... amatures!

      1. Hunter fishman

        @Scott Martin im not sure if it gets any more pro than you guys. I cant believe that FLW & the like, dont bring their tournaments to southern CA where the big fish are. Ive seen big bass all over the U.S. but not in the high numbers like CA. Get with KVD & tell the FLW to get it together. Maybe they dont want to disturb the trophy class fish, which i respect that, maybe they dont want to break their scales at the weigh in!😆🤣😂

      2. Scott Martin

        One day I’ll be a “Pro Pro” and make it out that way..but until then I’ll be out here catching Dinks dreaming of Donks. 😂

    83. Kevin Payne

      Great content and great finish!!! Fish on!!

    84. OzarkBassinTV

      you can rent a truck but you cant rent that boat.

    85. Eric Havens

      Loved the content sir

    86. OzarkBassinTV

      you gotta warn ppl who are wear8ng headphones at full volume. my ears are blown 😂

    87. Donald Touchton

      Get it son.!!!

    88. Bo Mcknight

      Heck of a good video

    89. Linda Schmeelk

      Scott good job on the videos keep catching the big ones , my name is Paul I am from Virginia !!

    90. corey irwin

      Only because you asked nicely

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sir..🙏🏼👊🏼

    91. Guy Quinonez

      Keep em coming Scott

    92. Chris Sowell

      Got beside you at a drive-thru in S. Alabama today (3.23.21) and was going to shout out at you to let you know i enjoyed your KGup vids. You were busy on the moment. Either way - love the vids. Keep at it BOSS!!!

    93. Larry Perry

      Man love what yall are doing Rooting for ya Make things happen

    94. Chase Pittman

      Great video!! I frickin love this series!

    95. Greg Humphrey

      Solid work.

    96. Brandon Wicker

      Good content as always

    97. Seth Newkirk

      Already ready for the next episode!!! The suspense is killing me!!!

    98. Danny Manny

      I was also born on October 9th!

      1. Scott Martin

        Heck ya!’

    99. Glenn Ross

      Thank you for taking the time to make these videos! Really enjoy them!

    100. Michael Franano

      Never heard of a gar eating a chatterbait lol