We Towed Her Car to Get His Money Back!!! (gold digger exposed?) | UDY


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    After winning $25,000 on Fear Factor, Jordan let his friend Alejandra, aka Alex, borrow money. $7,000!!! A year has passed since he lent her the money and she's paid him back $0!!! She is in debt to him so that's why we decided to help Jordan get his $7,000 by towing Alex's car!!! Be amazed as our tow truck friend Angel helps us get the insane job done! This is not a usual loyalty test, but it could technically be a gold digger scenario! Alex may be taking advantage of Jordan, so does this make her a gold digger? Will Alex repay her debt? This epic, intense funny video definitely makes our top 10! Alex might not be a cheating girlfriend but she could very well be a gold digging Jordan!
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    1. UDY

      Hey everyone!! Hope you all enjoy the video!!! :P Sorry it took so long to edit this!!!! :(

      1. Kay Pro

        @Yalqh asleep duh

      2. Cool g 00

        use the clown emoji

      3. Deadly Demon

        If it takes long to edit that means the video is good

      4. locers

        I farted!

      5. unicorn milkshake squad

        More *

    2. Julie Paredes

      "She got my soda"🤣

    3. Jay M

      I hate entitled females...lazy

    4. Avlin ?

      How can you even be that irresponsible with your money

    5. MIC JACK

      This episode should be called "Save a simp" cause she's obviously playing his simp @$$ and he is still clueless. That laptop would be mine and I'd still want the other 6k. He probably isn't even smashing either 🤦‍♂️

    6. Racerr

      I’d pay off 8,000 by giving him 500 every paycheque

    7. thereaper_ 210

      Sergio:I need $1000 Jordan: oh do you LMFAO

    8. ManamiTsuki

      Good dude but the cutoff should of been like 1K max lmao

    9. The Observer

      The fact that Alex reminds me of an ex-best friend says lot. Glad I closed that chapter, because wow🔫🔫🔫

    10. Lobri

      The first phone call already made me not like her

    11. Lisa Gauthier

      Who does she think she is? Like he owes her shit😭 she ain’t his wife, such an ungrateful friend

    12. Night Breed

      That guy was a little over exited- calm down bro- its not that big a deal!

    13. Alice Estrada

      Why would she walk?

    14. Carlos Manuel

      you guys are REALLY lucky she didn't call the police because what you where doing was absolutely illegal and you could have got taken to jail for that. Also she could have got an Uber so you would tow the poor Uber's car?? This is moronic and dangerous, it should be taken off youtube because if someone even tries to do the same thing it could be potantially dangerous and it is illegal.

    15. 208miuwu

      This Can't Understand Normal Thinking is a snake.

    16. AbundanceKofi

      No backbone

    17. AbundanceKofi


    18. Khalil banks

      Owing some one 7k in philly will get you killed lol

    19. 3dland 24

      This is super illegal

    20. Chad Hollingsworth

      She is a terrible liar. She is a consistent user, and when they get cornered about their responsibilities and fairness, it's always a shut down and "we don't have to talk after this". Sue her and move on. Cheers m8!

    21. Cool g 00

      Do the clown emoji

    22. Pinithi Dunuwille

      “Kidnap her laptop”😂😂😂

    23. IvikRBLX Josefsen

      Micheel jorden? Jk

    24. Chris Myers

      Bruh, just found this.

    25. Disturbed Joker

      This man was probably over here planning to steal the only good thing at school lunch while everyone is minding their own buisness doing school work at 10:00 AM

    26. Chill and relax

      Charles: IM the Boold ACTION MAAAAAAAN

    27. Chill and relax

      Thats a good plan

    28. Kenya love

      Something tells me that she has multiple dudes she asks for money & wants to just give her money

    29. Starry Keybow

      That was so painful to watch... He’s way too nice to someone who keeps playing victim. I hope he realizes this soon before it’s too late...

    30. elihud merida muñoz

      My Rule to borrow money is than they have to paid you the first amount before you could borrow for more telling them you need you money back , for something

    31. Landin Corvin

      If you were getting paid $20 a month that would be 66 to 67 cents a day

    32. Ahmed Aade

      Imagine the the guy was trina simp so he gave her so much money.

    33. FractalPrism

      Big Simp energy from that guy.

    34. Taha Autos Khan

      “Trees are getting trimmed” dkm



    36. Jovanni Davis

      I bet she looks good though 😂

    37. Jovanni Davis

      11:41 "it's probably illegal but it feels like a accomplishment" lmao

    38. Star Cannon

      him: OMG ITS LIFTING. Me: ??? what else would it do???

    39. Trickle Down

      man it makes me sad guys pay hella $$ to keep a girl, i rather be alone and richer

    40. Kathleen Lock

      She's just a using bitch, but he admitted he didn't give her the whole 7 grand at one time, it was a little here and a little there. By the time he hit 2 or 3 grand he should have known he wasn't gonna get it back and cut his losses. When you "loan" money to someone who doesn't have money, it's not a loan, it's a gift. Don't loan money to anyone unless you can afford to lose it.

    41. Cloak

      8:10 No ones talking about how beautiful the moon is?

    42. Benjamin Matte

      Take the car already boys

    43. AgarFuse

      Did you know u can like multiple comments at once 🤯

    44. AquaCatGaming

      Bro this guys such a good dude. He even gave her her laptop back

    45. Sonny Hq

      Bro she’s broke with her nails done imagine

    46. Legae Nkosi

      I'm so sorry I didn't subscribe last year I'll sub niw

    47. jevantiea_ sinful

      her: yes because this is ridiculous for me to pay that me : I think it was your car well guess i was wrong

    48. Mike Moss

      Hes not worried about the money he's to much of a trick to be he's worried about her not talking to him look at his face he's panican look at him sad bro bro

    49. Important

      Can you help me get back $7k from someone that borrowed it from me ?

    50. Ispeakthrumusic !

      This is probably illegal and this dude is talking about a soda🤣🤣🤣🤣 *wipes tears* that is so me

    51. Sponge Man

      Wow david dobrik idk his last name but he change

    52. FortCraft master

      I love how he keeps getting calls. LOL

    53. Andrew kirby

      Your laugh sounds like david dobriks

    54. L. T.

      UDY: eeeee the car is lifting

    55. Dennis Chapman

      This is so wrong on many levels. First of all if you are going to lend money to anyone you need to have a written agreement as to the amount and when it will be paid back…verbally does not cut it. And if you transfer money, on most apps there is a memo line where you could put the words "loan" in that space. I believe that your actions to retaliate against this woman could be subject to criminal charges being brought against everyone there and that criminal charges should apply because of the following reasons: 1. Illegal towing which is against city municipal codes and could have the driver of the tow truck forfeit his permit and be subject to civil damages. 2. Theft of property by the tow truck driver---they would not let her have her car. 3. Extortion (a Felony)-the tow truck drivers were demanding money for the return of her car that they had illegally placed into their possession. She did pay them and it was on camera. 4. Harassment-these illegal tow drivers harassed this woman. She was in a dark and secluded area of the parking lot being intimidated to two large men and she might have been in fear of her safety and well being especially since this tow truck did not have adequate signage. 5. Illegal placement of sign-it was illegal to place those tow away signs on property not belonging to the people filming this video. 6. Wiretap (A Felony)-it is illegal to record the telephone conversation without the permission of both parties involved and the woman never knew that she was being recorded. California is a two party state and requires the permission of both people being recorded. 7. Extortion and Theft of Property (A Felony)-the boyfriend threatened to not return the laptop until the woman paid back the money that she allegedly owed. The boyfriend did later (according to the video) return the laptop, but nonetheless made the threat. 8. Conspiracy with Intent (A Felony)--- For most crimes to be proven there needs to be shown an intent (Mens rea) and this video clearly shows intent as evidenced by the video. Based upon items I believe that all of those involved should be charged with felony conspiracy to commit Extortion, Theft, Fraud, and Wiretap and I will be forwarding a copy of this KGup Video to the City Attorney for investigation and possible prosecution as well as the KGup Administrators for the removal of this video and the banning of the KGupr. The KGupr who made this video was profiting (being monetized) for the possible commission of a crime and the profiting thereof. This was not the correct or legal way to recover money that was allegedly owed. There are other legal remedies available.

    56. THE BFF

      3:23 wtf is a Toyoya. Lol I like it though.

    57. Russell Depina

      man : me and angle are pulling up and about to tow this females car me : LOL

    58. Bryan Anderson

      Why is he going so crazy wtf??? It’s like a little kid going ding dong ditching for the first time

    59. Foster Davis

      When you incorrectly tow a fwd car🤦

    60. Kevin Shema

      Did he get all of his money back???

    61. Yarnell Davidson

      Toyoya cam ? I think there is a typo here Sergio

    62. Maiya Alexis

      What if low key that was her last rent payment??

    63. Jayce Keddo

      that guy is cookoo

    64. sam bock

      I'm sorry but its the guys fault for loaning the money... of she has to KEEP borrowing money then she clearly doesn't have money to ever pay it back... so why keep loaning it.....

    65. Anime Lover

      25:46 Is that sssniperwolf on the background recording?

    66. Ethan Scott

      Am I cool???????

    67. Ethan Scott


    68. KymadeLj

      Let’s be honest tho dudes do this all the time to pull a girl 😂 ain’t no being a good friend letting you keep borrowing money you owe

    69. KymadeLj

      Let’s be honest if someone doesn’t pay you back the first time why keep letting them borrow lol

    70. udom vong

      Who thought her car is a tesla at the moment

    71. VladeM

      Give jordan a job anyways

    72. Jae McNeal

      I’m sorry, dude is a straight simp smh

    73. Ashley Gathers

      Dang! Jordan didn’t even get the job cause they didn’t get 300k likes! 😥


      Udy: i hope you guys have your takis Me: *pause video* Also me: *grabs a banana from the fridge*

    75. officialkeewon

      People watching this like: -in bed -not in full screen -reading comments -if I am right, u owe me a sub 💪🏾

    76. Coralis Garcia

      Wait a sec if she’s broke how she have a car .-.

    77. JayFit Vlogs

      Nice guys don’t get their money back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. Demetrius Hoover

      If it’s not your woman or family hell naw 7,000 no sir

    79. AeroAngel

      I hope he no longer considers her a friend, it's obvious she was using him for his money, smh. Who needs friends like that!? He's wayyyyyyyy too nice lol People like him get taken advantage of alot, sadly. That's why you cannot be nice to some people :/

    80. LuckyBoy Alex

      U sound as hyped when u got an A in math

    81. Live With Jonne

      Jordan is comedy!

    82. Rusty Shackleford

      OMG IT'S LIFTING!!!! Yep that's a tow truck.

    83. Juan Beteta

      Simple answer is just take to court.....😂😂😂

    84. Davin Challenges

      His excitement about the tow truck is off the roof

    85. Adnan Salihović

      This feels like Big Smoke order and Green Sabre gta san andreas

    86. Manuel lopez

      tyga *twerks*

    87. Tommaso Bocchini

      i wonder if she ever finished that paper she has to write

    88. Robyn Curry

      The suffragette s are turning in their graves sooooo embarrassing

    89. American Highlander

      I have loaned out over $16,000 in my lifetime and never received a single cent back, it taught me a very valuable lesson: trust NOBODY!! No one gets sh*t from me now, NOTHING!!

      1. үσυ คгє ๓єʕ•͡-•ʔ


    90. bhumi bhumi

      Meh and my bf how much we both need to pay back each other 😑😑 meh idk bf bae 🤣 we are not going to cheat 🤣 we Don't need to know his mom 🤨🤨 ohhh i hate her meh I love your son mam 🤣

    91. Rom Mel

      This is some GTA V mission

    92. Nabil Aryan

      i would never put myself in a 7000 dollar debt unless i had a 10000000 percent solid proof plan of repaying even more

    93. Jelani lindsay

      Udy, is happy

    94. Jelani lindsay

      Hey is happy

    95. oli_plays123

      My man really looks like Jason derulo

    96. Malek Hamideh

      25:38 yeaaaahh Because i had to payyyy

    97. ツメㄗモ尺匕乙

      Dude this girl is insane😂

    98. charles bodie

      She's a user...and hes an ass that he would even tell the world he got used on live TV...wow she's gold digger...she playing him big time..she has another man if she can lie like that...scammer

    99. Pawan Raghubeer

      Press charges on her ass tf, she ain’t gonna take a whole 7,000 and not pay it back

    100. Angela Allen

      He is a fool lol