20 returns of the decade: WWE Top 10 Special Edition, Dec. 22, 2019


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    Never say never in WWE. It’s that simple. From Bret Hart returning after his infamous exit or The Rock finally coming “home,” check out these amazing returns from the 2010s.
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    1. success point AAA

      Fake all wwe fake and scripted


      The great khli was the best one

    3. The Dark Gamer

      Yeah, Diesels return was no fun because everyone had signs for him. They knew it was happening.

    4. Gamer 0945

      I love how the rock used to be like if you smell but now he says hit the smile

    5. BMX 2

      Dudley boys were the only one he could beat the new day rlly

    6. Amare Playz

      2:52 is that bad bunny-

    7. roel alejandro

      Badbuny in the minute 2:51 down and right

    8. Jonas10 Campos

      The rock

    9. Enrique Granados

      Y’all see Bad Bunny at 2:52 ?

    10. Ryan Halle

      18 no no no way

    11. Shempaii97

      bad bunny ? 2:51 lol

    12. Clxton V

      I saw bad bunny in Bobby lashly

    13. Sheep

      Sneak downstairs, go into the kitchen, open the fridge and 10:32

    14. Ahmed Dasalla

      Paige's return was the laudest one.

    15. Cris Ivan Trevi

      2:51 Alguien más noto al bad bunny? 😂

    16. Jim Avila

      Wish they had a camera behind the curtain for Rocks entrance, just to kinda feel what he felt for those 3 seconds after his music hit but before he came out.

    17. Edward Johnston

      Gold u yell so loud it made me shocked

    18. 05 Gloryj

      What the hell happened to wwe man 🤧

    19. Pak Flicks

      Those were the days,,, WWE is now kids' show only

    20. GOLDEN PRINCE_yt


    21. Peter Sagnella

      Its the rock and austin.... and everybody else. No offense but the women wrestlers cant be compared with the men. No cache no sizzle.

    22. Gaurang Tambare

      What the hell !

    23. DARIO SAEZ

      2:51 Bad Bunny!!!!!

    24. Rohit Manhas

      I remember brocks return.... He destroyed everything and still give me goosebumps... 🔥🔥🔥

    25. Browner _78

      5:39 2 Years Later Goldberg Vs fiend Universal Championship

    26. JesAg

      I was binging on some good ol' wwF videos, then they forgot to include STONE COLD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? now I gotta go watch something else because this list killed the vibe.

    27. [I_am_lonely]

      Is my name tag and and image dumb Yes or no

    28. P Ranjan Behera

      Finally the Rock is back....at home❤️❤️

    29. Tello

      2:51 That’s Bad Bunny 🤣

    30. NoobROBLOX gaming

      10:01 "dad whats my annoying older brother dong here?!"

    31. endin diana saputra

      Why i cryng

    32. JLS _

      2:51 bad bunny chilling in the crowd

    33. Ali El Ali

      Goosebumps ❤️

    34. Soy Dreimi

      min 2:51 bad bunny jajajaja

    35. Hunter Phelps

      6:56 That had me in shock because my name is Hunter, and I was so confused.

    36. - ̗̀Alex _chanツ

      Creo k acá soy el único mexicano xD


      where is John Cena is this video?!

    38. Roman

      2:51 BAD BUNNYYYY

    39. Tony Stark

      The Undertaker is the most successful character that the WWE ever made


      Actually Diesel's return was nice I got to say.

    41. Mnoj Sharma

      The Rock

    42. The anger issue child ÙwÚ

      2:52 bad bunny in the crowd/ay sale bad bunny😂

    43. Andrei Bulimete


    44. kekoa asinsin

      i LOVE show everytime people hear the rocks entry song they go crazy 😂

      1. kekoa asinsin


    45. Mr. Aldie

      2:51 Bad Bunny in the crowd


      UnderTaker has more returns than his normal appearance 😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Aditya Chhablani

      Undertaker should be 1


      Alguien vio a bad bonny al salir Bobby 2:40

    49. Jason Damrau

      I really wanna buy Roman Reigns leukemia story, but I can’t help but feel a little suspicious about it with the ridiculously quick recovery time and the need for the WWE to make him likeable with his terrible mic skills

    50. Gabriel Bustamante

      2:51 Bad bunny

    51. ignazi soldado

      Sting 2014 doesn't count because it was a debut right?? Right??

    52. Leezu02

      0:14 (Overlapped talking)

    53. Steve Martinez

      bobby looks like swoozie

    54. Juan Sebastian Reyes Vasquez

      Cm punk?

    55. CYPHER 69

      Does everybody remember the WrestleMania 2018 which had a very loooooooong ramp. At the very first glance, I thought of Undertaker's slow walk which would take an hour😂

    56. Leo Joel

      The Ultimate Warrior

    57. The Crows Nest

      2:52 is that bad bunny???

    58. HOLY CRAB

      They raise the noise for Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and Dudley boys. It wasn't that much of a pop in live tv

    59. The_real_tarvarustheking Theking

      1:43 lol

    60. The_real_tarvarustheking Theking

      0:32 lol

    61. Exodus

      say what you want shane always has the best kicks in the wrestling game, dude.

    62. Spencer H

      Titus ruined the Dudley return

    63. John Doe

      who tf is diesel? thats kevin nash lol

    64. Val Gaitan

      Bad Bunny at 2:51???

    65. _Rodrigo_


    66. Pablo Sulantay

      2:50 BAD BUNNY

    67. Jennifer DeGaris

      Hell yeah

    68. Neon Ladd

      Why the hell The Great Khali here

    69. Joseph Dy III

      Wow even drax is here

    70. I Hate Communism

      Rey Mysterio is still one of my favs..

    71. phil dann

      "you're last" has got to be the corniest line for a good while lol

    72. Alex Llivisaca

      2:51 is that Bad Bunny in the crowd???

    73. Milton Chege

      Undertaker should be first

    74. Alfred Ng

      the rocks intro is always the best

    75. Marco Blakely

      Kurt angle returning was the best

    76. Mateo Ramirez

      2:52 bad bunny en la esquina derecha abajo

    77. Sekina Kuhinja

      Bella Twins????

    78. Liam

      The Hardy boys were my childhood!

    79. Kingofall 92

      Sting and his cheap make up lol

    80. Sebastián Torres

      Bad bunny in 2:51 waching wwe and now he fight in wwe, amazing!

    81. Aiden Schmieding

      9:14 We Did Better Than That Y'all

    82. EA 22

      Nah where is cm punk when he came back with the wwe championship

    83. Ran Dtv

      A bee enter royal rumble Commentator: ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy ArE yOu KiDDiNG Me!!

    84. Josh Cameron

      Dude in the blue @ 10:39 MOOD

    85. Josh Cameron

      Why they let Brett hart wear jorts tho

    86. MGG0AT

      9:48 me walking into my dad’s house after my birthday

    87. Ramyasaravanan

      Harish babu

    88. Blast studio • 15 years ago

      4:19 is that real ?



    90. Ali Hasan

      Where is Edge return in 2012 should be top 5

    91. Thebigman 101

      11:09 ayo wait a minute i saw that damn sign

    92. fracus gamer magariños

      2:50 bad buny jajajaja


      @2:51 BAAAAD BUNNY IN THE CROWD bottom right side of the screen

    94. Love Preet

      Rock ❤

    95. M K

      Stone Cold and Rock definitely the biggest

    96. Kreshan Corpuz

      What!!? seth rollins???

    97. varun parashar

      Where is edge's return??

      1. Ari Tchaparian

        This vid is from 2019 idiot

    98. zaqwe

      Was that Bad Bunny in the crowd when Bobby Lashley returned?


      Who like jhon cena

    100. miljania ray

      The nippy football evocatively bubble because ant endoscopically glow across a fluffy statistic. separate, undesirable link