Behind-the-Scenes JPL Tour - #CountdownToMars Q&A

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

69 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

    Get a behind-the-scenes tour of JPL in our final days of the #CountdownToMars! Meet our team, talk about the science of searching for ancient life, and see inside mission control before NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover and the Ingenuity Mars helicopter touch down.
    Guests (in order of appearance):
    • Bethany Ehlmann, co-investigator on Mastcam-Z & SHERLOC, Caltech
    • Asad Aboobaker, MOXIE engineer, JPL
    • Diana Trujillo, Mars 2020 engineer, JPL
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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    1. Gumba 213

      Great video, brilliant people

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      how do they keep the lenses clean?

    3. Benifer Romantico

      Good explanation for fake landing hahaha

    4. Benifer Romantico

      Are you sure it is mars or studio inside nasa?

    5. Benifer Romantico

      Lies again like landing in the moon bcos of money

    6. Benifer Romantico

      Fake landing hahaha

    7. Anthony Dill

      I love space!

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      Love the Mars 2020 mission

    10. Nithish kumar

      When ingunity comes out of the perseverance

    11. Nithish kumar

      I want model of this persavarance

    12. Ibrahim Khalil

      will there be a helicopter with persevereence

      1. Ibrahim Khalil

        @Hello thank you. But why didn't they highlighted that helicopter in this video, or even any of their videos on perseverance

    13. Xx_the haunted channel_xX

      #Countdown to Mars how can you do this ?

    14. Aparna Roy

      RESEARCH means to search again,that means it is already existing in NATURE/UNIVERSE. Focus will be now for NEWSEARCH. Perseverance,Hope,Tianwen,MODI, GITA space crafts......DESTROYING beautiful Earth in name of EDUCATION (WUHAN LAB TEST),SCIENCE(WEAPON TOOLS,ATOM BOMB) AND RELIGION(RACE,DISCRIMINATION). Now assuring HUMAN for rehabilitation in NEW PLANET!!! All HUMAN ARE NOT ROBOT PERSEVERANCE. If these five are proud kicking EARTH, then we should also get an opportunity through NEWSEARCH to kick making these five as football....because to play football is better than to read GITA. TOLD BY SOME GREAT RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHER WHO HAS INSPIRED GOOGLE FEKU. 💀

    15. Thyalwaysseek

      Absolute waste of money.

    16. thomas norimaki

      You send a Rover, again, and a Helicopter to Mars but upload this Video in 480p! this sucks!

    17. Tubemanjac

      Enjoy it Stephanie, history travels fast! 😉

    18. Nula John

      How many percent do NASA believe there is/was life?

    19. Titus Tavares

      #countdowntomars Can the mars rover perseverance talk?? Like a human or a Ai voice??

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    20. Gary

      should have added an experiment where you could add the #Oxegen to some #Mars regolith and water,... see if the Oxegen reacts to anything dormant within the soil. .. whoever asked that question,... Nice one, though a shame they never added use for it.

    21. antriksh tv india

      Is Mars 2020 mission NASA landing congratulation is mission Mars rover discovery 2020 mission successful landing to Mars congratulation NASA congratulation JPL so continue mission to Mars successfully 2020 machine is discovery 2021 18 FEBRUARY landing to Mars 2.o perseverance robor landing to Mars successfully 2020 mission good NASA thanks

    22. Maurizio Casarrubea

      Thank you for all the things you do, NASA! It has been a wonderful moment. Now let's explore the red planet!

    23. JB Productions

      Who else saw perseverance land Congratulations to all who worked on the rover 🎊🎊 Go nasa!!!!!!

    24. Devender Kumar

      Congratulations,,,, From India..

    25. Phi Tsf

      The "woke" quotas you have are disgusting because it's completely unnatural. Don't pretend you aren't doing this on purpose.

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        Im confused on what you are saying here

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        It's offensive to focus your effort finding token people to throw them in front of the camera.

    26. Everything

      I love space and science

    27. David

      SpaceX need faster engines to get to mars come on guys you must have something ? Question : If the Faster you go in space is by pushing ions or propellant out the back cant we collect tachyonic particle and then use them to push us faster?

      1. Earth

        Ever think about fuel efficiency?

    28. David

      NASA JPL your Awesome well done in the landing just increadible Go NASA and Please help SpaceX

    29. Ahyaan

      Well done?!

    30. Marko Shiva Pavlovic

      What about the DuAxel when it will be sent to mars and is it just a prototype? Its a nice idea to send cliff hanger on Mars as there are more places to explore. As well is there any plan of cooperation with the Boston Dynamics for walking robots.


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    34. AMR GAMES

      Its abt to land

    35. alina butnaru

      Nasa do you rember Spirit that robot sent to mars but it got tow broken weels well I have a plan to se if it stil alive. The plan is to send the Curiosty to spirit’s location and look for it to try to find Spirit. I know that curiosty is far away from spirit but one chance to se if spirit is steel alive.

      1. Earth

        I cringe reading this comment

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      Godspeed, Percy!

    38. Sean Jordan

      Get rid of the're supposed to be scientists!

      1. missyourbites

        exactly real scientists, meaning they're smart and caring, if you ever wondered why you never became one

      2. Sean Jordan

        @Earth Give it up already

      3. Earth

        Your basicly telling them to die

    39. G Tony Rodriguez

      Gracias Diana!!!

    40. G Tony Rodriguez

      Awesome job guys!! LOVE YOU and everything you do!!! Go NASA GO JPL and everybody involved!!! LET'S DO IT

    41. frankie_dabz

      USA USA USA USA USA USA USA !!!!!!!!!!!

    42. abuymen

      What makes you scientests so adamant and wishful to solve the puzzle of life in Mars when you could not do that on Earth with so much life detailed around you?

      1. abuymen

        @Earth While Perseverance was hurtling in space in its journey towards Mars, a new study concluded that Martain Life most likely existed miles below the surface -you can google it. On the other hand the InSight lander 'Mole' failed to dig into the Martian surface. This was explained due to lack of resistance. You can make your conclusion

      2. Earth

        @abuymen The fact you have some spelling errors is telling me that your just a kid trying to be smart. 1st of all: Why do you not know how to spell "Idea" it cant be a typo since the "I" and the "e" is way too far to be a typo 2nd of all: Why do you have 2 spaces in some places in your reply

      3. abuymen

        @Peter Their 2nd aim and/hope is to rule out what they call " the magic spark" for life to take effect. It is a major stumbling block agianst the presumption that there is/are Earth like life planets in space. The idia could not be rule out on Earth so it won't be proved elsewhere.

      4. Peter

        They first of all trying to find evidence of ancient life on the mars.

    43. Endless Universe TV

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    44. Why is this guy gaming

      How does the rocks get the samples and say it back to 🌍

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      when she jumped out she scared me

    46. Tom Space The ELEMENTS in six dimensions, arranged by volume periods of nuclide mass averages

    47. Astronacademy

      I'm legit so hyped for this

    48. I Care

      With Mars dust storms the sample collection tubes will be covered up. How will they be found?

    49. Rohit wankhede

      #countdowntomars #gopreserverence #goingenuietiy

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      And also m so excited

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      All the best mam

    52. Spencer Peck

      Is lithobraking, as was done with Opportunity and Spirit, ever coming back?

    53. William LoCascio

      We love you JPL, You are heroes! (and my favorite group of engineers and scientists)

    54. Rakesh sahaji

      What is the Indian time to watch live percivearense landing countdown?

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      Should have painted an eye patch on next to super cam. and given a little pirate hat. Aaargh!

    56. pradeep pradeep

      Sorry perseverance you are alone.😢😢

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        It has a Helicopter

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        It has a helicopter on board so dont worry☺

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      🌈👽 20:51

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      We sending to Mars all these remarkable technology and the same time at Gaia we killing each other! GOODNIGHT HUMMANITY. 😥

    59. Sebastian Ocampo Peña

      #countdowntomars what is the power suply??

      1. Earth

        Nuclear power I think

      2. Sebastian Ocampo Peña

        @Kerbal player Uhh interesting. thanks Good day

      3. Kerbal player

        @Sebastian Ocampo Peña thing that converts radiation into energy

      4. Sebastian Ocampo Peña

        @Kerbal player and whats that??

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    60. Smiley Home Improvements John

      Any real life videos from taking off and landing on Mars yet???

      1. Earth

        Take off? We have dozens of footage of Perserverance launching from earth

      2. Roger Out

        Did someone send a camera crew?

    61. Stefan Parocki

      why is this woman shouting? And, surely these people are smart enough to know the masks they are wearing play no purpose when it comes to Covid-19. I hope the landing goes well but I'm now thinking its really a 50/50 thing.

      1. missyourbites

        they're real scientists, meaning they're smart and caring, if you ever wondered why you never became one

      2. Earth

        Your actually an idiot when it comes to healthcare

    62. Robert Shipley

      Why not go in the lava tubes? #CountdownToMars​

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      Hasta la vista, baby and good luck!

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      Very high excitement level run 🤞

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      Ask God for forgiveness and accept Jesus Crisis and your life.

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      Is everyone going to be talking with the mask still on? That's frustrating. Sorry...I just can't listen to muffled voice... it's irritating and you said you're keeping them on so that sucks because I'm really excited about this.

      1. Roger Out

        Then go cry somewhere else.

    67. Salah D

      How can you manage the communication delay to make instantaneous commands to the rover!??

      1. Earth

        Its mostly automatic Only in some times they need to take manual actions

      2. Thomas Wijgerse

        Actually there are no instantanious commands. The rover has to make a lot of decisions on its own. What happened with curiosity was, correct me if Im wrong, upload a global set of commands each day, telling it what expetiments to do, where to drive etc. Then the rover would figure out how to get there on its own.

    68. Livi li

      Good Luck🚀❤️🤗

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      how is the jetpack going to land perseverance rover #CountdownToMars

    70. toxic ghost

      how is the jetpack going to land perseverance rover

      1. Sketch

        with jets

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      The show must go on....

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        More like a rerun.

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      stop lying you keep a distance because you don't like each author... kidding go persy

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      Great interviews and tour of the control room! Good luck later today!

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      Are there any pictures/video of the approach to Mars's orbit?

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      Wow that's amazing #countdowntomars how we can communicate with the Rover

    78. Dan Frederiksen

      Why is the camera head so big like a toddler designed it. That's not really a question. Will it be as pathetically slow as past rovers? will it have as pathetic bandwidth to earth as well?


      Can we get a Picture of the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers Please!! 🥺 #countdowntomars

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      NASA 480p? great video but plz 4k :D

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      So incredibly exciting

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      what sort of batteries did you use in the helicopter? I heard they were lithium ion, but was anything special done to make them last longer and not form dendrites internally?

      1. Earth

        I think its solar powered

      2. Sketch

        There's a little hamster inside that will run on a wheel if the batteries die. Nasa thinks of everything!

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    85. Pawan Nirpal

      I like it when the passionate engineer's and scientists describe their work, largely goes unappreciated, I know. But there's just something so different about them and the way it connects and inspires them you can almost feel the energy and subconsciously captivated.

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      Wish everyone at JPL grear success today! One thing though - you're overdoing it with the masks - please, remove masks. People are not quite sure if you guys are talking and not somebody else!

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    90. Krish Rao

      @NASA #AskNASA After completing the Skycrane's main mission, what is the possibility of using Skycrane as a lander with fixed weather station monitoring capabilities and other simple scientific instrumentation? Thank you very much.

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    93. a completely normal human

      One thing I don't understand about moxie is you get the oxygen from Moxie where you going to get the hydrogen most likely from using electrolysis on water but then what's the point in Moxie when you get a stoichiometric amount of hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis

    94. WinnerCode

      If there was water in the jezero crater in the past, I'm sure there were at least traces of shells, fish bones, or bones of land animals near the sides of the crater or something we've never seen before. Thank you NASA, you guys always share great photos about mars for free which makes us really amazed. Can't wait about the results of the instruments from the preseverance, it will be much more interesting, one of which is Moxie and Micprophone can't wait to hear mars vibe!

      1. Sketch

        Radiation would have degraded any bones on the Martian surface. If NASA finds evidence that clear it will be microscopic. We'll need to wait for huamns to be on Mars before we find any cool big Martian dinosaur bones :)

    95. ADV-IT

      Most advanced laboratory in the world using old Nokia to record this video with resolution of 480pixels

    96. Mike T

      Will you be planting seeds on the surface of Mars. See if they grow over time. Maybe even create a mechanism to feed them water..

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        Mars got no air What are you thinking is going to happen?

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      Can't wait for this NASA. Go Rover Go Perseverance

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      Anyone else catch at 24:05 where she says perseverance is nuclear powered? I hadn't heard that before. Would like to know more about that system. Wonder if has thermal batteries also.

      1. Kerbal player

        Rover would collect radiation to make it energy

      2. MikeBramm

        No more worrying about solar panels getting covered in dust.

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      Best of luck!!! Perseverance’s landing will be like the moon landing for me, so HYPED!!!!

      1. TheP a rk o u r i. St

        @Sketch I feel that you may have misunderstood my statement. I have NOT landed on the Moon, for that I wasn’t even alive for it 😂. I say that Perseverance’s landing will be like the Moon landing because to me, i feel like it is the equivalence of the moon landing in 1969. No sweat that you misunderstood👌

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        @Sketch I question where you got that question from

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        Earth or Mars moon?

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      I hope you guys find a fossil in there