Astronaut Chris Hadfield on 13 Moments That Changed His Life | WIRED


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    Astronaut Chris Hadfield reflects on 13 important moments from his life and career, from learning to fly to being blinded temporarily in space to recording his famous cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity."
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    Astronaut Chris Hadfield on 13 Moments That Changed His Life | WIRED

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    1. Jen S

      I've made sure to show all my nieces Commander Hadfield's videos on KGup because he's an excellent example of a fascinating, educated, well-rounded, and all around excellent human being. They were all completely engaged and understood that the impossible can truly be possible.

    2. PA-R6

      Chris has always been a hero to me. He has inspired many young Americans to live their dream of becoming Astronauts, and showed the importance of space to millions of people. Seeing him sing and play guitar is so wholesome and I'm thankful he was given the opportunity to do so before he ended his space career.

    3. ModernVince

      His watch though…

    4. Allen Haywood

      pic of bear, ultimate text and drive

    5. Hey, eds!

      "i spent most of my life in a box" Thats something a cat would say.

    6. Shawn Ferrell

      This dude needs a biopic.

    7. Dario Liotine

      As soon as he showed the pic of the f18 i screamed "bear!"...that ussr bomber is so recognizable!

    8. NathanWafu VLOGZ

      This man have an amazing life... its like his life was very very planned out

    9. Michael B

      What a life…

    10. Gabrielle Matahari


    11. Sgt.Monkol photakul

      Hi พี่ใหญ่ NASA มันค่อยเปิดช่องความคิดเห็น พี่ใหญ่เตะตูดมันเลย ตั้งอยู่เลื่อยเลื่อยเลยนะ Hi

    12. David 666

      Hey Chris I'm a luthier for a living - If you guys need anybody to come up to the space station and have a look at that guitar, let me know!

    13. Olivia

      My favourite astronaut 🖐️

    14. Edith Sullivan

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    15. jetman189

      He's full of wisdom, such a cool guy.

    16. Yoon Robichaud

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    17. Alex Gomez

      A legend

    18. Shubham Inc

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    19. Rayniel Flores

      man, I want to have conversation with this man all day

    20. Neighbourhood Hermit

      What a cool person!

    21. Hulda Lucien

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    22. Mario Has 4 IQ

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    25. Maybe Lady

      How be successful: Say baby finger instead of pinky finger.

    26. Gettin Radd & Fuggin Bustn

      Man, don't even know how many lifetimes I would need to accomplish half of this. Civilian life just be anticlimactic as he'll after doing all that!

    27. David Novák

      Why is his watch so loose? :D

    28. BTS Fan Girl

      That was space ship in which Kalpana Chawla died

    29. Epic Gamer Man


    30. HollyandLori Fineart


    31. Bryant Juarez

      This mans an American hero as a Canadian protected many of us

    32. C Doe

      Thank you for your time Chris!!!

    33. Davide Bianchin

      You could see him getting a little emotional talking about Columbia

      1. Obamarang

        It was a sad moment for all of us.

    34. Big Vape

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    35. Peter griffin

      Coolest astronaut ever!

    36. Das kalb, das hüpfte

      God his watch!😦 Why is it hanging arouns so loose!?

    37. Mel Wilson

      I LOVE this guy. Chris Hatfield is my FAVORITE, featured astronaut in these videos. His voice inflection, movement, and ability to tell stories keeps me engaged.

    38. Aairah draws

      He's so nice he's like the dad in a TV show that everyone loves

    39. Hashbaz

      "If we had moved heaven and earth maybe we could have rescued them." You can see why Chris has accomplished so much in life when even moving heaven and earth is mentioned as something that is possible and should have been done, not hyperbole. The man views what the rest of us think as impossible as something is certain to be accomplished.

    40. Diane Reid

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    41. Michael Jackson's wig is better than yours

      Is.. is it weird that i'm in love with a 61 year old astronaut? no.. no it isnt..

    42. Claire Sinclair

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    44. Mr. Death

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    46. The Manulogue

      Here I am , I am an astronaut and I don’t know I can’t rub my eye So sweet ❤️✨

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    48. Edwin Rodriguez

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    49. Manoj Lodhi

      This is called an actual struggle not like the youtubers who did nothing but record and upload say. Quality education with massive dedication 👍

    50. Sanjita Debbarma

      And the list goes on

    51. Just Walk Today!

      Mr. Hadfield is truly a national treasure!! And a total inspiration to many people!

    52. Joshua Raleigh

      A true heroe

    53. Fammina K

      My inspiration ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

    54. bansam loiem

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    55. Wes

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    56. Space Stone

      How to be an astronaut? Step 1: be a pilot at 13 years old

    57. Ice Cream

      What a great guy. I love him

    58. Rocha Steven

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    60. Andrea Nicole Florida

      i see the mustache, i click

    61. Project Purple Tie

      Sorry about Rick

    62. Zeve Nox

      Can astronauts get high inside a space craft? Cuz its pretty boring there

    63. Максим Малюта

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    64. Raiden the builder

      eh err eh err I just hit a lick with 1:36

    65. Paul Taylor

      What a life, humans like you make me proud to be human..Thankyou

    66. alex panconi

      hes wearing a nice shirt

    67. Drino Zhao

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    68. Ice Ice

      The bob ross of space

    69. vinesa walish

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    71. Stevie P

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      1. Obamarang

        Why are you bringing politics into this comment section?

    72. Ocean Lily

      he looks like freddie mercury

    73. Edison Phua

      Anyone feel extremely under accomplished watching this...

    74. work force

      This guy is G in genius 🔥

    75. Kaddu Mills

      When my daughter was born, there were difficulties in birth and we stayed in hospital for a week. I had recently received Chris's autobiography as a gift and decided that whilst I was cuddling her, I would read it to her. Now that she is 6, and we have found out she is autistic, we have also found that she loves watching his videos, just watching him floating around in space whilst doing things that we do on earth. Chris's videos aren't just inspiring to people, they are stimulating for some.

    76. Fern Parker

      He is the luckiest man on (and off) Earth for 2 reasons: 1: He's an astronaut. 2 (more extraordinarily): His wife actually likes his facial hair

    77. kurt Mora

      He is actually one of those people that was asked when he was a kid "what do u want to be when you grow up?" "An astronaut!" And became one 😂

    78. Nina Garnet

      So emotional the way he says “she was so beautiful that day, it was a good day” it’s HIS day graduating but he still remembers her glow of joy. You know he couldn’t have done any of it without her,

    79. Sebastian Fernström

      Nice video!

    80. Jotham Stephens

      Mir mirahq... hello any among us fans in The chat (lol)

    81. fishboneskin Randy Verano Rivera

      thank you for this video, it was awesome and very informative :) i really enjoyed it

    82. Aindrila Ghosh

      I'm confused They say think outta the box n this guy spent his childhood in a box

    83. PlaidLoris

      Why does his face reminds me of Hitler

    84. Janet Yoen Ajang

      If something bad happened to this man I’ll be so upset. I might cry for the whole week

    85. Samit Mehar

      Space Bob Ross

    86. airjuri

      Somehow i was lucky fast and saw that space oddity video when it had only 20000 views. So almost first ;)

    87. UnSubFromMe

      8:52 Houston we got a problem

    88. Jackson Armitage

      I'm still trying to figure out the basics of photography like f-stop and iso This dude speaks 3 languages, plays several instruments, is an astronaut, a jet pilot, a military commander, orbited the earth 100 times, and a professional photographer. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and appreciate the capabilities of a fully realized human being

    89. Jackson Armitage

      lol no-ones commented since 2019

    90. Jelte Woestenenk

      Nobody: His watch: 🔄

    91. Sh

      😊 😊

    92. Dhananjai Anil

      11:30 left bottom corner Kalpana chawla ❤️❤️😓 What a legend❤️❤️❤️❤️

    93. Davie is not bald

      When I grow up I will let my kids play in there box

    94. xWorthy OTF

      What great complete life this man has had

    95. UNKNOWN ??

      6:09 Remember *"Mustache will increase you chance of being astronout"*

    96. rohan dhumal

      I wonder what he thinks of “lost in space”

    97. wala lang

      The thumbnail implies that his mustache was his key defining moment

    98. Jamal Hasidic Homeboy Ginsburg

      You know Chris lives his dream life but it’s all because he has an amazing wife behind him, moulding her life to shape and support everything he’s done. The fact she put her foot down about the moustache shows she knew what was best for him.

    99. shamier khan haramain

      When I grow up I wanna be like Chris Hadfield

    100. Irish bois mc

      I met Chris hadfield he came to my school and I live where he was born