High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special | Official Trailer | Disney+


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    Here’s to the start of something new for the holidays. 🎄 Join the #HSMTMTS cast for festive songs, memories, and more in High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special, streaming Dec. 11 only on #DisneyPlus.
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    1. Funix BS

      0:28 wow!!

    2. Alexis Playz

      Im so excited for this I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. CensoredTopHat

      0:04 the way he said “whether you’ve been naughty or nice”

    4. Mohammed Say

      Disney Infinity 1.0 PS5

    5. Ella Hill

      Will this take place before or after season 2?

    6. Emiliano Valdes

      Can you please bring back gravity falls I miss it so much 😫😫

    7. Emma Rose

      For some reason I want there to be a new character named June

    8. the amazing spider-man fan

      Oh okay so you can make this but you can't make a season 2 of 101 Dalmatian street, come on Disney.

    9. the amazing spider-man fan

      Oh okay so you can make this but you can't make a season 2 of 101 Dalmatian street, come on Disney

    10. Jia zubair

      Joshua is so precious 💖

    11. Tabetha thomas

      Can’t wait to watch this

    12. Massimiliano Giacometti

      YES LETS GO!!! Now when is season 2 gonna come out?

    13. M HL

      Sooo excited!!!!

    14. tech nology

      I need job in Disney world please please please please please please please sir

    15. Karan Prasif

      I can't waiittttt

    16. Livxyh h


    17. อภิเชษฐ์ นพรัตน์ Bigbig BB

      I love you to movie .🐉🐉

    18. Jackson Dahanga


    19. Long Huynh

      I want Rockeeter New Episode and New Wrech it Raph 3 have Dinosaurs is T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Deinonychus, Brachinosaurus,...and Zootopia in internest World

    20. Coman Cess

      Never forget that Disney threatened to sue a grieving family for having an engraving of Spider Man on their four year old son’s gravestone

    21. NoName Rq

      No one is talking about how that license plate said sleigh me

    22. Ally Vex

      High School Musical: The Musical: The Musical the Series: The Holiday Special: The Series: The Movie.

    23. Mustafa Taher

      Make a recess movie

    24. Jasmine hibberd

      This name is getting out of hand 😂

    25. Z T

      I hope everyone at Disney is fired

    26. super mario Vaughn

      Pls get nintendo to make epic mickey 2 on switch

    27. Clemmo

      me chilling and recording my music: youtube: hey u prob watched this so let me noti you a week late me: 👁👄👁

    28. Reptor Gaming

      Justice for Sonal Kaushal voice artist of doraemon in India

    29. coolguy638

      add sgro to disney

    30. Ana HAYRO

      Porque tanto dislikes tan rápido? Jajaj

    31. Ana HAYRO

      Me mueroooooo

    32. Ana HAYRO


    33. Mojang

      I wanna say this to disney xd but they don't allow comments so your second in line. I loved walk the prank but when I saw the last episode instead of it being a happy ending it was just depressing.

    34. Tammy Baker

      Who would be on the naught list first would be the two dance teacher's their you go joshy i like that name it seems like a good name and those would be the people that would be on the naught list first.

    35. Tammy Baker

      Here are the names that i think should be together Nicky forever

    36. Görkem Aksu

      I love HSMTMTS

    37. Rodrigo Dutra

      Ok, I love this cast

    38. 19groz77

      вам ещё чё надо, правообладатели хреновы, какого хрена ролики блокируете, я сам их мастерю и не какого коммерческого использования, состояние души, всё для людей пусть смотрят и не чего страшного в этом нет если что-то попало в ролик из вашего видео! буржуи блин!!!

    39. Sunrise Alex

      Nope, i preffer The "Real" high school musical.

    40. Sr Ben

      Is this a series or a special ep? Well either way is good just happy that they’re back i miss them all so much

      1. K a y l a

        It's a christmas special so i think it's a movie

    41. Love Remy

      I cant wait for season 2

    42. seiom jvony

      Never clicked as fast

    43. godforsaken mess


    44. Ahmed Mujtaba

      Hey why r u not releasing Disney streaming service in Pakistan I really wanted to see mandalorian and other series or movies please release in Pakistan as soon as possible please

    45. mr terraraian

      You plan on stealing any other movie ideas disney ;)

      1. seiom jvony

        is this true did you destroy club penguin

    46. STARRLO

      is this season 2 or just some kind of holiday special event

    47. Sreya Ranjith

      I am not able to find it on Disney+...….is anyone else getting it?

    48. Christina Kakoulli

      A christmas song? By Joshua? I cannot wait

    49. Araceli -

      You better release this on Disney+ Latam too. THE SAME DAY AND WITH SUBTITLES SO THAT I CAN WATCH IT WITH MY SIBLINGS. I'm done with you discriminating us by giving us content way later than the rest of the world!!!

    50. Mia is fun


    51. Matthew Xie

      Why is Disney premiering this trailer , where is Disney plus youtube channel? 😂😂😃

    52. Amber Green


    53. MalfunctionZZZ

      This is the stupidest title to give anything it's so funny everyone forgot to laugh 😑

    54. ilona bistrian

      ok but like it’s obviously christmas, why don’t they just call it the christmas special

    55. Disney Daily

      We need House Of Mouse on here then I’ll subscribe

    56. Pollyvlogs

      I’m buzzing 😁😁😁

    57. MusicLiveOn

      Is it going to be available for every country with Disney+ on the 11th? Because I just got Disney+ in my country, and there was only the first episode of the series initially, and I assume the episodes are coming out weekly.

      1. Alyssa Flores

        Season two has been canceled, but there will be a Holiday Special. It depends on where you live, I live in Texas.

    58. ItzGracie xX

      I’m so excited, I’ve rewatched season 1 about 20 times since it was announced they were making season 2

      1. Alyssa Flores

        same!, but season two is cacled. but they will be making a holiday special

    59. Linh Huỳnh

      We want Mickey and The Roadsters Races the Movie and this Movie Good Guy is Mickey, Pete, Hinda, Mine, Daisy, Goolfy,Cucu luca,... and bad guy is Bartoon high than Mickey, and Jack mouse, Black Terrorism from England, Roocketeer New Ep: Meet Rocket boy, his name Peter, his had a dog is Doberman name is Dex, His friend loolkike Roocketeer friend is a girl had pony hair name Avery, drive a small Roket motobike, this moto can fly.

    60. Mrpenguin Channel

      is this true did you destroy club penguin


      Of course Joshua tops the list😂💞

    62. jaathan

      Are they... at the Bachelor mansion?

    63. aola wili

      Never clicked as fast

    64. First name Last name


    65. a raw egg

      you know i’m stoked for this and all but WHEN ARE WE GETTING SEASON 2???

    66. Smallshot 254

      When is it gonna be out on Disney Plus?

    67. シ AestheticAstrid シ

      No one: Me: What about corona *We don't want our stars to get sick*

      1. aola wili

        This looks so cool, I cannot wait! Also, what a sneak peek of Josh's song!!! But seriously, did I just see Joshua Bassett and Matt Cornett both.....shirtless?!

    68. Querencia.tv

      We Like 👍 it ❤️&✌️

    69. okaaay xox


    70. Lexie Melendez

      Ugh ThEaTuRe KiDS💀✨

    71. Amani’s World

      Omg this coming out on my b-day! So excited!

    72. itsswyn


    73. Emily May

      Quick question from a random Brit, why is there popcorn on a string?

    74. Liza Apenova

      I love it’s the serial .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    75. MK TP


    76. Kaleb Valentino Wibowo

      this is how many people love disney character and disney 👇

    77. May Flower

      I am a sucker for #Christmas music even if it's #HSM so when does the album comes out

    78. May Flower

      I am a sucker for #Christmas music even if it's #HSM so when does the album comes out

    79. dolimi jotoo

      I’m so excited that Seb aka Joe Serafini will be a series regular!

    80. Melody 101

      This looks so cool, I cannot wait! Also, what a sneak peek of Josh's song!!! But seriously, did I just see Joshua Bassett and Matt Cornett both.....shirtless?!

    81. Glitter dash

      YES!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!

    82. Lazy Links

      I'm a the only one who still misses KC Undercover so much 😭

      1. Cranky Pants


      2. dolimi jotoo


    83. Anisa Jalloh


    84. Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño

      I'm so excited because it seems like Ricky and EJ are becoming best friends and I'm here for it.

    85. zuygj bnsv

      Graduation in 2021: I wanna thank Disney+ for getting me through this, without them, I wouldn't be confident in my work! 🎓

    86. Minh Huỳnh

      We want Mickey and the roadster racers Movie loolike Car 2.

    87. LordRainMan666

      @Disney buy fortnite and gift it to me by gift it to me hire me

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Jousha was able to make a Christmas song that’s awesome

    88. Dustin Toy

      omg omg omg when i cant wait

    89. N. AZZH##N

      "Disney must pay"✊😠

    90. Jordan M

      Pay what you owe Disney. Pay Foster....

    91. suchita T

      THE FACT that it's releasing on my BIRTHDAY makes it even more special......jeez I can't wait!

    92. Alex’s Random Vlogs

      Okay this is nice but what about season two that we were promised?!

    93. Musical Fan

      What. the. hell. All of them look so good during quarantine, and I look like a sack of potatoes

    94. Musical Fan

      Omg I love Dara’s hair soooooo much

    95. Musical Fan


    96. James Bavolacco


    97. Thxlia Grxce

      As much as I love this... what is the plot???

    98. vliduu zeeb


    99. LivingLifeWithK


    100. Lila Zemer

      i saw joshua bassett shirtless im in!