I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 4 & 5

Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan

2 млн көрүүлөр152

    7 days. 1 penny. day 4 and 5. 0 fricks left to give.
    learn more about CTFB ► www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/​
    watch my gaming channel ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_RSg...
    support Front Steps ► frontsteps.org/​

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    1. Iris Rosales

      Omg that’s me!

      1. Mélida Baca

        IRIS! What’s your Instagram?

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        love you iris!!!!!

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        HELOO IRIS!!!

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      She’s so nice!!!

    4. slimeblock34

      Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet.

    5. Declan Coles

      So many McChickens 😂

    6. lilskippydude

      Here while its happening

    7. Monity0903

      Will there be repeated amounts of 10 cents if i sub n unsub n sub n unsub?

    8. X rel

      Hi, I binged the whole thing yesterday

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      good vlog sharing stay connected friend

    10. christian lopez

      Titktok brought me here

    11. Erdem Memisyazici

      So you are basically hustling old school for a KGup video. Too bad soliciting is no longer an option in certain areas but essentially you are doing what most kids did in your grandparent's time. Last I sold something in public was cupcakes by 7/11 for an honor society event. Honestly it's fun. Great video, some marketing 101 educational value too. Provided you have parents it's an essential experience I personally think everyone should attempt. +1

    12. Quincy Quayle

      *cool moment*

    13. jaden the gamer

      Omg you have my SAME BIKE ! Kinda

    14. Magnumous

      can i make money from 1 penny if im 11 years old

    15. Mason Campbell

      I heard mr blue sky sung by you that is my fav song and now I’m subbing

    16. Tehya wolf Harrison

      hi iris!

    17. midnight blossom

      You got 2 days left sad

    18. Aya Sparxles

      These are my favorite syries!


      This outro WASSS GOATED THO

    20. Brenton Anderson

      happy birthday jayla!

    21. ønotfluffy Jakeø

      Ryan: two words Also Ryan: let’s get it

    22. Greyson Kiner

      Two word: let’s get it. ??

      1. dcnannen

        thats the joke

    23. Ryan Denize

      Love the lofi

    24. Graham Shaw

      Sell the bike and use the profit for a a decent car for your ubering

    25. Chris Jericho Agbon

      When u gonna upload another one? This is cool

    26. MikaPatat



      The kid is still rich

    28. Talan Johnson

      I wish I could donate but I dont have any money om me right now.

    29. Austin Boyle

      Inspirational Life Messages: Life is all about going through upward and all in to pursue our dreams. Don't let any kind of obstacle and failure pin you down or push you against your success of life. Fight hard the battle of life and take the challenges with courage, determination, and perseverance.-keep up the good work Ryan Trahan '-'

    30. Phoebe O'Donnell

      who else is turning up to Jayla’s quinceañera

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    32. Kael Adriaanse

      Happy birthday

    33. Meep P

      Free Palestine

    34. Austin Boyle

      its you iris

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    37. Blank Hero

      I saw you in the video! Also Happy Birthday to that other girl!

    38. Sridhar Arrya

      # 1 on trending woahhh

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    39. DeadDylan

      You know he knows someone when he’s number 1 trending 3 days in a row or whatever row it is

    40. Mollie Kelly

      Two words let's get it the last time I checked that was three

    41. Linda F

      Surprised you didn't get told off / kicked out by any of the places you were selling things in front of lol. It also appears the competition is low, if i tried that here in LA no one would bat an eye and id be dead from biking around 😂 but good job, both times you've done this have been pretty awesome to watch!! Thanks for using your platform for good

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    43. Sleep In peace

      Me scrolling to see if iris commented also me stop straight away

    44. Liam VeiversBrown

      I just relised he did not go to the fairgrounds party thing

    45. BearlyCrumsy

      Did you even visit the birthday party that girl was gonna have?

    46. Abopwel

      mans is always #1 on trending when these videos come out

    47. Zoe Bianchi

      Where does he sleep?

    48. BeyBlade Brainiac

      da music do

    49. jojo mark

      10k POGGG

    50. flynns

      Iris I love you

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    52. Kars the astro bot fan

      u forgot jaylas bday party

    53. Sourish Rawat

      Imagine if he did this again and again and again and gets to a million then saying i reached here from a penny 😅😅😂

    54. The Gaming Dino

      Ur subscribers are increasing rapidly

    55. Energyy yt

      I love this series

    56. Cole Evans

      love the vid im from new zealand and it just uploaded

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    58. portia temara

      please make a fundraiser for save ralph

    59. Ashley S

      The Canadian Mcchicken is way better. Up north we call that a Jr Chicken.

    60. Vxxg YouTube

      I don't want much for myself. I just want reading this be healthy, happy and loved.Wishing you a good day 💗

    61. Ryan LUC

      #11 ON TREADING!!!

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    63. Adon Flukers

      Man Logan just look like he shotguns diet cokes

    64. BLACK BOY TV

      Best vidéo like comment 😍❤️

    65. Hi5 Games

      That's the star power remix 14:32 form fortnite I think 🤔 but changed little bit

    66. AdvencedCrafts

      Ryan:its below 50° Europeans: *nervously sweating*

    67. Scepticle

      this guys personality and how he deals with people is amazinggggg

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    70. troy alexander rivero

      Petition to ryan tarahan to give the series earnings to a dog shelter


      omg sooooo cool

    72. Tokken

      Two words "Lets get it"

    73. Gtaspeed Runner25

      Happy bday jayla

    74. Tgt_CloakZy

      Love there’s can you do more after day seven please

    75. Tokken

      Omg i've been waiting for this ever since the last one came out

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    77. MC SO COOL 17

      Happy birthday jayla!!!!!!!

    78. lulzsec

      you messed up your sign it should be $2 for 1 and $3 for 2

    79. Ali Hammoud

      I love how ryan in day 6 scence was just going crazy and people looking at him

    80. spik3ly

      he got mcdonalds money?

    81. TxToni_

      15:20 He spelled her name with small i


      This video is sponsored by McDonald’s

      1. Pew DiePie

        Mc chicken 🐔

    83. BASIL BABU

      hey where r u charging ur camera

    84. Judah Marques

      Heyy Ryannn!

    85. Chris

      I just love this content. Continue making these Ryan!

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    87. Stephen Smith

      Includes day 5 but nothing happens really lol

    88. FuriousBoyTDM

      Ryan : I have a surprise for day 5 is in this video too Me : what day 5 is only 4 minutes

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    90. Paul Vincze

      Me: Ryan how many McChickens have you been eating Ryan:YES!

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    92. Flavius

      We reached 10.000.00$!

    93. Lachie Woodward

      Two words: “Let’s get it”

    94. Slumberyrhino93

      Ryan make it so Aus can donate

    95. Amin Hallouzi

      oh my god 10n thousend dollars is donated thats about 40 thousend meals your doing so good

    96. DudeMusicOfficial

      Im sad you didn't go to the party

    97. Alan Brown

      shoulda saved the money for the room on the rainy day lol

    98. Timothy Jomz Gonzales

      I've been waiting AND YES

    99. Ecatorr

      #1 on trending again!!

    100. Red Shadow Maggot

      He "may or may not be" making money from a penny while this video was made in may, maybe it was on purpose? He may have done it on purpose. Get it? He may or may not be making money from a penny on may.