TikTok Star Benson Boone Describes His Leap From Social Media To Golden Ticket - American Idol 2021

American Idol

34 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Benson Boone believes getting a golden ticket is like getting the key to Hollywood. Watch here as Benson explains how singing in front of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan ended up being one of the biggest confidence boosts he’s ever had.
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Gabbie Grau

      Literally am in love with him. I cannot his voice is perfect😭 he’s the winner yall 😍

    2. casandra black


    3. Brian wilcox

      This kid is a star. He's going places no matter what happens on the show

    4. Jocelyn Rodriguez.unicorn

      Lmaoo he looks like he's from Washington state lol

    5. Real Victoria

      This guy looks like a really good looking sloth/lama/baby sheep. No hate js he's cute.

    6. doobeedoo2

      Star. He's a performer. Best contestants from last year were super talented but introverted.

    7. Ibskplays

      A star to be born

    8. lil shartie

      he’s cute and talented, AND POLITE

    9. Chrissy Blazier

      Is anyone paying attention to The Great Reset, Transhumanism (Epstein was doing this for years) and pretty much the end of mankind-might wanna research this like NOW because it’s heading to a city near you in the next 2 years. Or are you so distracted by your tv? Pray for mankind.

    10. fixlana

      Bazzi... is that you? Lol

    11. Kenny Vert

      Thanking the staff? That just doesn’t happen. What a great kid!! Crazy talented.

    12. Just Chill

      That's my new cruch

      1. Just Chill

        @arizjones my bad! Yes crush

      2. arizjones

        A crutch is what you use to walk with when you break your leg, not sure what a cruch is. Do you mean crush?

      3. Just Chill

        @Louie Porcarelli no Mine

      4. Louie Porcarelli


    13. Tanner Eustace

      I admire his humility. I remember Nick Merico last season also had the looks and the talent, but he was arrogant at first. He got more humble as he progressed, but Benson is starting out in a more likeable position

    14. Emelda Fernando

      I can see a star 💫 in this guy. It’s not just the talent, it’s the whole package of personality and the humble attitude that goes with it all. May his journey to American Idol and be it all contestants be as fulfilling to grace upon . Keep it up and God bless🙏🏻❤️🤩

    15. ꧁JT Music꧂

      He is amazing

    16. SND

      He looks like a tiktokers guy

    17. MrDyssonance

      I have a girlfriend why am I attracted to him

    18. Toms Frans

      Rising star 🌟

    19. E Schields

      Reminds me of Peter Lavinsky 👀

    20. Rachel Rhoads

      I love how humble he is! He is so great full for the opportunity. It is so sweet how he thanks all the people who helped with the show!

    21. Cheri G

      Congrats! Way to represent Monroe, WA! We are all rooting for you.

    22. Khalid

      This show is becoming so stupid with these TikTokers.

      1. Helen Bush

        he’s not really a tiktoker, he’s really talented he actually blew up because of his voice..

      2. Sabeel Abboushi

        It’s almost like some TikTokers can have actual talent

      3. Richard Arsenault

        1 person

      4. cp3forlife908

        how mnay tik tokers are on it

    23. Lucy Clarke

      So humble wow

    24. Kiersten Lindner

      yeah well basically i’m in love with him so

    25. Raven Blakely

      What a sweetie! Last season I was really rooting for Arthur gun… And this season this guy is my favorite so far but we'll see what happens… The season is young… It's so funny because every season I say I'm not coming back because I get so mad at who wins and yet here I am anxiously watching again

    26. StaggerProductions

      Alejandro Aranda still got robbed in 2019. They really couldn’t let a Mexican win “American” idol. Nobody even knows the guy who won that year. 💩💩💩

      1. Louie Porcarelli

        @Brandon Payne Party with the Hardy 🥳🍻

      2. Brandon Payne

        Laine Hardy won 2019

      3. StaggerProductions

        I’m talking about 2019 not 2020 🤦🏻‍♂️

      4. Suzanne Hogan

        due to the pandemic though the show definitely wasn’t the same last season so it was harder for me to enjoy

      5. Suzanne Hogan

        a girl won last year


      Represent Washington

    28. Zach Wandel

      I'm so happy about this show coming back on it makes me cry😪

    29. Trey Enriquez

      FOX should bring back American Idol

    30. MusicFan346

      Such a star, yet so humble! Love him and hope he goes far! ❤️

      1. Wili Darwin

        Amen for that

    31. _ariana_grande _97

      I think more TikTok stars should come to American Idol to show their magnificent talent to the judges😌 thus they're already famous 😊😌

      1. karson roberts

        hmm. i wonder if jaden and q could make it? or ness.

    32. Myrna Bergen

      So grounded and talented. Swoon Boone Club

    33. Pebbles from Texas

      Good luck

    34. Ms. Dari

      You remind me of Chris Daughtry. Not the same voice, of course, but you and a bunch of friends started a band. I think you could win but even if you didn't, you and your band are 'going places' so enjoy it all, learn from it all, and conquer the music world with your friends and band. Your voice is amazingly great!

    35. Valeria Stoyanova


    36. Andy Johnson