Ice Fishing MEGA SCHOOLS of BIG CRAPPIES! (Underwater Livescope Footage)

MinnDak Outdoors

76 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

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    Got to catch some nice first ice crappies! Thanks for watching!

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    1. Brandon

      There’s already room for more crappie catch and cooks!

    2. Hunter Lamarre

      Watching hook sets are so satisfying

    3. Jim J

      What weight jig did u use ? 16oz?

    4. is.unavailable

      Lol all the other fish are saying "Wtf! Where did Steve go? We were talking about Betty's worm casserole and he just left!"

    5. Damian Young

      What lake?!

    6. Bryan Helberg

      What finder is that garmin? Thing is awesome

    7. Ssgt USAF

      You gotta be shittin me you catch a giant big bluegill like that and you block your camera out good job

    8. Chuck Smith

      Nice bunch of Specks

    9. browniethe king

      Love these to brothers videos there good shit. Ducking fishing icefishing an more guys are the shit.

    10. TheI82much

      Dude i got sick of dude

    11. anothermuffin1

      No treble in minnesota careful with that

    12. B Grace

      Where is this at??

    13. Rough Country HQ

      Sick video! If youd like to see more content like this check out our channel

    14. Jax Attax The Outdoors

      What camo r u wearing?

    15. Bennett Hoffert

      Target some smallies through the ice brotha 👀

    16. Jennifer Schutter

      13 incher I catch a 16 incher at least every 5 trips

    17. Michael Gentry

      Why don't you guys leave all your electronics at home and see what you can do...........

    18. June Nagel

      awesome job, nice crappies for sure

    19. Tommy Arnold

      It's a sin to throw all them crappie back.. damn

    20. Ron John

      How much ice?

    21. Maximilian Hoff

      Nice vid man. Did you try the record mode on your garmin? Rembember you told it had one. Might be more comfortable than using the Camera. Greetings from Germany :)

    22. Outlaw Angler

      Would love to fish with you and Sam one day next spring and take you guys to my hot spot for big walleyes,whitebass and perch 30 mins west of watertown sd. I live in watertown. Small lake without a boat launch only one access to the public for fishing. U guys will love that spot. I see alot of familiar places u guys fish that ive gone to also. Keep them lines tight! Much love

    23. Fish Happy

      Where’s your bro?

    24. Xiong boy bassin Neo


    25. Tyler2 Touponse

      keep fishing never stop go minndak

    26. Максим Аляпкин


    27. Badback60

      Good job on slaying the panfish

    28. Trent Mamazza

      What’s your Garmin setup?

    29. FisHFry

      That livescope is badass bro

    30. Denver Harleman

      there's a lake in california. were crappie grow up 15 inch and up.

    31. Aiden Fillman

      Crappies can just come out of any where if you keep them you could feed like 7 people lol

    32. Robert Funk

      No need to apologize for catching crappie. They are delicious!

    33. Offshore Outdoors

      Dude I love catching big crappie I caught a 16”black crappie and a 18” white crappie the same day

    34. Estella Lovato

      Catch and cook!!!

    35. BJ Hutton

      If you know this is a reupload Jon "Asian Jason Mitchell" Lehman Broken Wing 2020😂

      1. MinnDak Outdoors

        Let’s gooooo

    36. Minnesota Car Enthusiast

      I keep 13.5 inch crappie all the time

    37. Minnesota Car Enthusiast


    38. Erin Andrus


    39. R.A.C.

      lol...showing ifishpro in detail but unit cut off on the how-to vid...come on John!

    40. Senor Frog

      Karl's Bait and Tackle has a wide variety of great fishing supplies and the prices are very good, Thank you for letting us know.

    41. Fab ulous

      some serious deja vu going on.......

    42. Karter Johnson

      I saw Monday’s vid last night then I taped on it and like deleted right away

    43. Captain Beefylog

      There are many worse ways to spend your day. Those were some nice fish mate. LFG would have sniffed every one of them lol.

    44. joseph murdy

      same video yesterday wtf is going on here

    45. Matthew Mauszycki

      hi. like this if ur my best friend

    46. Wild Side Outdoors

      It kinda made me cringe seeing you catch all's those crappie and not keeping any! 😂 Great video tho!

    47. Tyler Knight

      Please do a royal flush, frostbite ice pole giveaway.

    48. The Bearded Fisherman

      Why were you fishing with your livescope in forward mode? In down mode you get a much better picture.

    49. YTPrepared4Fun

      Great vid

    50. Solo Missions Outdoors

      Pick up the Summit livescope pole when they become available again. So much more convenient when using your livecope.

    51. Eric Halvorsen

      go elk hunting

    52. Tyler Aslin

      Come down and catch crappie with me In Sardis Mississippi those crappie you caught there are nothing compared down at sardis

    53. Almakk

      Oh yeah bo! Love from NC 💯 Banger ass vid🔥🔥keep em coming bo. MinnDak dropping that fire

      1. MinnDak Outdoors


    54. Crisp killz Yt

      It’s so funny to watch the fish just get yanked up when you set the hook

    55. Bassachusett

      Okay guys enough is enough, we need that chicken fried walleye and gravy, throw me a sub while we are waiting!

    56. Team Extreme Outdoors

      Frostbite is sold out of everything for the past year

    57. Kirsch Brothers Outdoors

      Who else is watching this in school

    58. Jake Furst


    59. JOHN SALAZAR 2

      Please do a trout catch and cook

    60. JOHN SALAZAR 2

      We should all have a zoom meeting with Mindak and Flair Sheeew

      1. Jackson Olson


      2. MinnDak Outdoors


    61. Zachary Franks

      You should do a catch,clean,cook on crappies

    62. Scott Sibert

      Got the float stomp back almost as classic as shheeeeewwwwww

    63. Leng Vang

      I miss icefishing so much I can't wait to take my wife and kids out thanks for the videos again

    64. Scott Sibert

      I think I watched this yesterday

    65. Jacob Stavish

      Gotta love the crap daddies!

    66. JOHNAS 5

      Am I trippin or was this postered yesterday and then re uploaded today?

      1. MinnDak Outdoors

        Yes Vid was messed up

      2. mason and Noah Hughes

        I thought the same😂

      3. Nathan Memepage1

        No you're not tripping

    67. Squirrel Hunting outdoors

      Nice vid keep up the great work

    68. JOHNAS 5

      Ya’ll should get an Aqua-vu. That would make the vids even more banger.

      1. JOHNAS 5

        @The Bearded Fisherman true but sometimes when your fishing in areas where there it’s lots of grass and vegetation it doesn’t bother them because it sorta fits in

      2. The Bearded Fisherman

        Cameras scare the fish away somrtimes.

    69. Jr

      I bet they won't like and leave a comment

    70. Lucas Schammel

      When your about to do some English then minndak posts, and then English can wait.

      1. MinnDak Outdoors


      2. Kirsch Brothers Outdoors

        Ik what you mean

    71. Jkohn 8

      Noti gang

    72. Joe Lewis

      Hey Minndak Love your vids and would love a shout in the next vid

    73. Nate Wolff

      That thing is massive BROO!!!!!! Love your guys' vids!

    74. Tanner Stech

      Only people with 900 IQ know its a ReUpload

    75. Peter Aul


    76. AutoFill Contact Next Done

      Who’s doesn’t have to do tests today

      1. AutoFill Contact Next Done

        I didn’t know it was gonna get liked by You holy

      2. Kirsch Brothers Outdoors


    77. Wyatt gothard outdoor films

      This is awesome Minn Dak

    78. Depulse _44

      I was the 13th person to veiw 😂

      1. Andrew Ng

        I watched it yesterday before it was made private. 😎

      2. Jackson Olson

        I was the 2nd

    79. Jackson Olson

      Who else is waiting to go in a class zoom meeting and saw minndak posted.

      1. 2cthetruth

        Not me, I was about to pinch a loaf though. I wish I were with the zoomers cause they never poop.

      2. Jackson Olson

        @MinnDak Outdoors well I mean y’all are just the GOATS u and flair ig

      3. MinnDak Outdoors

        Love to hear that

      4. Kirsch Brothers Outdoors

        I'm in school watching

      5. Davin Bolduc


    80. Jackson C

      Re-upload again?

    81. BLitZ 2944

      I'm in school rn but iont care ima watch yall clap some crappies

    82. Matthew Dimare

      Do they respond

    83. Duck Limits

      Love you Videos bro

      1. Duck Limits


    84. Fishing With Eddie

      Sheeesh guy

    85. Arv Maheshwari

      Yo nice vid!

    86. the quad kid

      First love ur vids