I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...


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    Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
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    1. Gabriella Pop


    2. flamcio

      And you don't need to defeat the wither in a random play ya, get in the end and spauwn the wither under the portal. If you don't understand you can see some gamers doing dat

    3. THIBZ

      I subscribed on you! You are a minecraft pro. But I have 1 question, Idk if you read all the comments but how did you get that pink glow on your enchantment gear? I really want that too and I'm searching for this, now at this moment, for 1 week.. Every time I'm back from school i instantly search for it but can't find something.. Would you like to give my more info? Your my idol and thats not a joke. I really want a reply with your wonderfull info. Your a good person, I know that and your voice is also very nice to listen to. Hope you have a great day! :)

    4. flamcio

      Pls do 600 days cause i watched all this video's and i want to watch an other

    5. Tahia Matin

      Did he say day 339 instead of 439

    6. Dave Inniss

      600 days and 700 days

    7. *Harrison* *Milstead*

      Who else thinks he should make a nether portal to every biome so then he can get different recorces :)

    8. Camille Niv


    9. Ved Enterprises

      pls make 600 days

    10. Camille Niv

      Me watching this I’m gonna be this goood Reality me holding a wooden pickaxe

    11. Everyempress

      Pls do 100000 days 😭

    12. Jhonson boss

      ( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)👌 ( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)👌 ( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)👌 ( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)👌 ( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥)👌

    13. ChelseaBrown Blatchford

      600 days

    14. sohail nisar


    15. Bijoya Das

      Please spawn a ender dragon in your island in 600 days

    16. Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B

      8:02 nice

    17. Techno Gaming

      500 to 600


      Nice job boy!

    19. Lily Jene Espedieo

      Frl you 😃😃 beckbrojack

    20. Aslam Siddiqui

      Hey fru! Sup? Please upload a 600 days of Minecraft im super excited for it! Love your videos and you of course! 😘❤❤

    21. American Grill

      When you will do 600 in hardcore minecraft Fru

    22. Aarav47 Gupta

      when is 600 days coming??????????????

    23. Yixuan lin

      You must make a 600 day's in minecraft!

    24. Ziad EF

      we want 600 days

    25. Statik Teslaツ

      I love how fru's commentary is always like that he's trying to survive in real life

    26. Trents Gaming

      I love how he is allways checking on his cows

      1. Trents Gaming

        and how he says their smiling

    27. Alanna Symonds

      339 days why did yoou say that

    28. Scott Burr

      Do another series!!!!!!

    29. Karl Youssef

      Fru why don’t u do enchant your bow into flame and infinity YOU WILL BE IMMORTAL


      Waadze Finished the beacon of netherite

    31. Cesar Pandi

      I hate you fru

    32. Yveltol XY

      Please do 600 days and 700 days I love all of the episodes


      lol 23:07 just imagine Fru doing all advancements except getting an upgrade. but anyway really really good job I can understand the amount of hardwork you put in this

    34. Oliver Lake-Elwell

      600 plz

    35. LaMNotTurk

      Wow 500 days minecrft minecrft pros player ender dragon 5 6 rip wither 3 rip wow

    36. Utkarsh King

      Is it 500 days in game or real life

    37. Mr Lickball

      Is ur armour full God enchantment

    38. Raj Maru

      Jelly has the same skin

    39. Ajay Gavade

      When is your 600 days coming

    40. Ajay Gavade

      When is your 600 days

    41. Erwin Esmane

      can you try to survive 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1,000 days in Minecraft hardcore?

    42. karheipa

      i wnat 600 day

    43. FLAMER BG

      Bro make a wither farm and a wither skeleton farm

    44. Cesar Pandi

      Why do you not build a new video for 600 days

    45. Alfie Bryan

      How do you get hardcore on ipad

    46. Leon Morgan the gamer Morgan

      Can u do 500-600 days please I really love watching ur videos

    47. Rita Rai

      Please make a chest room in your safe nether portal base in the nether to keep items you mine in the nether

    48. Nicola Kenyon

      Can you make a Lamborghini pleas and do a 600 days

    49. Melker_BB

      make a new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. ImmaDotYew _

      WHERES 600

    51. Zain Muhammed373

      600 days pls 😊😊🥺

    52. Onel TV

      Plese 600 time aye wana see that

    53. Ganbaatar Dugar


    54. Banu Shaik

      yes we want 600 days

    55. Swanand Patil

      wow fru , you are a pro

    56. White Fox

      I'm going to watch alittil more of your videos before I subscribe 😶 so far your more interesting thin others

    57. White Fox

      But besides that I like your videos even though they piss me off 🙄 you do a good job on them I give you that alot of hard work to what you build I respect that if your going to live for like 500 days hill build a house to were you won't it so it ant a eye sore

    58. White Fox

      Ok I'm going to be straight with you rather you like it or not minecraft is not hard even on hard mode or hardcore mode the numbers of zombies or mode is up by like 3 for eack from what I seen aslong as you check your back stay away from creepers don't look at enderman just don't put your cursor on him or her I don't remember so bite me on that one besides that and your good nether ok I can understand that it was easy at first now it is a fing pain to some it down gold to pigs armor bow arows and use your brain 😶 you guys are macking it harder then it is I watch alot of minecraft and even one goes out of there way to do the haders thing possible and say this hardcore hurts 🙄 really you just went to the nether with all your food no gold armor all your good stuff and no back up 😓 your macking minecraft look bad is what I'm trying to say

    59. Toon de Quaij

      Where is 600 days

    60. TJ Bagaoisan

      Fru I have a idea for your 600days make a giant stone dragon at your island entrance

    61. Lunar

      Pls do 600 days faster man


      500 600

    63. IPO 31

      Beckbrojack grab your cookies and play cookiecraft

    64. dragon boss

      I just did calculations 20 mins = 1 day and night 20 x 500 = 10,000 mins 10,000 / 3 = 3,333.3333 hours 3 cuz like 60 mins in a hour not 100. 2, 4, 6 yeah. So give this dude some praise because he spent 3,333.3333 hours just doing the recording not to mention the voice overlay and video editing like man. You deserve a sub and a like from me I hope you go even further

    65. Miguel Adrian Carlos

      Me: hating the sound on the outro Also me: **reilizing this is what i have been hearing since i started watching fru**

    66. rani singh

      I say 1000 days

    67. faridah daud

      Yes 500!!next request is 600 days

    68. constantash gaming

      I think he died

    69. ツNotRealEXoGraceツ

      dragon : Y O U S U M M O N E D M E I W A S S L E E P I N G I N M Y E G G

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      Can u make a 600 day pls

    71. Erika Jones


    72. Jᴏsʜᴜᴀ_Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪッ

      You shoud fight the wither under the dragon end portal inside EDIT : Btw use smite for wither, lol

    73. jay michael

      when I hear the construction music me like gamer!!

    74. Ililani Young


    75. Nobody Someone

      do 600 days pls

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      your doing so MUCH so i will sub

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      11:15 why did you say three hundred and thirty nine

    79. Favour Idahor

      I LOVE 💘

    80. Favour Idahor


      1. Favour Idahor


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      You should build a nethrite beacon

    82. XXXVlexXXX

      Love his videos

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      We want to see 600 days!!!!!!!!!

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      I think you should get a trident

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      i feel sad for the ender dragon he died like 5 6 times? i lost count lol

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    87. Benjamin Meeks

      i'm back

    88. Nicolas Hill

      Beck Bro jack hi fru sounds like Harry Potter right

    89. Charles Jordan

      i rembember having thanksiving and watching this at like 10k subs and it is now 861k

    90. Julian Gonzalez

      Fry: I found so many diamonds Me: Can’t even find iron

      1. K T

        U spell his name wrongly , it is supposed to be Fru

    91. Bryson Figueroa

      it's funny that he doesn't scroll through all the advancements

    92. JWilsonGaming

      who else is rewatching this series waiting for 600 days?

    93. bub

      when you say you might not see your island again you never died

    94. THIBZ

      Hey! Do you know @Fru ? His enchantments are pink but mine aren’t, i think he uses BSL but my enchantments aren’t pink. I want them pink. Can you please say me how i need to do that? Thank you!

    95. jason brown

      Do 600 days please 🙏

    96. Charles Jordan

      best series out there

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      get riptide (before i finished the vid)

    98. Marilyn Haley-Eaton

      600 DAYS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    99. Cecilia acquah-hayford

      You show off. You are probably going to beat the ender dragon for the 100th time when you are 57 years old

    100. SumptuousElk 74

      i love your narrating