2020 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Guntersville (Day 1 - TV)


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    Check out the Day 1 TV show of the 2020 @Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by @Huk Gear at Lake Guntersville. This broadcast was in March of 2020.

    To view the full day of LIVE footage click below:

    Day 1: kgup.info/get/iZChZpyXm6mZr6E/video
    Day 2: kgup.info/get/o7GDgYnDZJt-eX8/video
    Day 3: kgup.info/get/mW-joojVl6yPpGo/video
    #bassmaster #bassmasterclassic #bassfishing

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    1. Morgan Heberling


    2. Bee Xiong


    3. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne, Texas

    4. A.T. OUTDOORS

      only real sport left un corrupted by the bullshit going on !!!!!!!


      You're stuff is in my way... lol

    6. Geo Gee

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    7. Warren louisiana

      Where Scott Martin at

      1. Gregory Chuhta

        In the opens

    8. CGreat Things

      Man! This was so long ago. You could actually touch other people back then.

      1. Stone Logsdon

        @Matthew Acevedo yea

      2. CGreat Things

        You two must not understand sarcasm 😂

      3. Taylor Smith

        The heck are you talking about lol this was the most recent classic

      4. Matthew Acevedo

        this was only in March of 2020 lol u def couldn't touch people cause covid was around then so yea

    9. Ab Gr

      4:20 real men cry .. I can hold it together but I know how he feels ..That’s just passion

    10. Josh Collins

      Why do they keep referring to Gville as Birmingham. This is the 2nd or third recorded tournament I’ve heard this and I’m lost. I’ve only lived here 5 years. Is it a nickname? It sure ain’t Bham

      1. Bassmaster

        The host city for the Classic is Birmingham so thats the city that is mentioned. During Elite Series events its Scottsboro or Guntersville, AL in past events.

    11. Jeremy Gilreath

      I hope to see Kyle welcher win this sumagun this coming year and I mean that ,I calling it now if he don't win top ten will happen....

    12. Ian McGonigal


    13. Flora Adem

      I'm hands down biggest fan an a believer I could win 1 if I had the opportunity

      1. Jon Kun

        gotta have confidence

      2. Cory Kent

        And THAT'S where you keep your mind! In the winner's seat!

    14. Lucas Thompson

      Are you guys going to cancel the expo at rhe ray roberts classic

    15. Mike Burns

      I have been a member off and on since I was 12 years old. Heck Roland Martin was still winning angler of the year back then.

      1. Mike Burns

        @Ab Gr It was along time ago is all I'm trying to say.

      2. Ab Gr

        What do you mean still ?? He hasn’t won anything in 20 years