2016 FLW TV | Lake Hartwell


117 миӊ. көрүүлөр25

    In stop no. 2 of the Walmart FLW Tour, John Cox and Clark Wendlandt vie for the win at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. Set in late March, with waves of bass moving shallow, the whole field enjoys excellent fishing and a pair of Canadian sensations look to make their mark on the season.

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    1. Alex Albert

      Y'all should show their set ups more like what rod and reel and baits they're using


      Will the FLW be in Georgia anytime soon

      1. MLF BIG5

        BFLs are for anyone who wants to fish, they aren't restricted to college students.

      2. TEAM RACKIT

        Is that college?

      3. MLF BIG5

        The Bulldog Division of the BFLs has four events in Georgia next year. www.flwfishing.com/schedule

    3. Cody Suskay

      Anyone know what kind of line Larry Nixon had on his spinning reel?

    4. judokick2049

      I do not like the new narrator. What happened to the old one?

      1. John Arnold

        Im with you! I really liked the guy last year! Hard to listen to this one

    5. Fhiggins23

      You should do a tournament on lake winipasauke

    6. Kobin Harris

      What was up with the water gun.

      1. Kobin Harris

        +FLWFishing thanks for the reply I will definitely have to try that.

      2. MLF BIG5

        He's using it to clear pollen to see the beds more easily.

    7. Brian M

      these really went to shit...

    8. CaliBassSlayer

      FLW should hit the Ca Delta

      1. Sam West

        Oh ya!!

    9. MAFIA JIG CO.

      Where's MDJ?

      1. MLF BIG5

        He finished 30th. www.flwfishing.com/results/2016-03-17-lake-hartwell

    10. baird oscar

      Cox is a beast.

    11. Brandon Gambrell

      my home lake

    12. Blake Tilley

      Cox is such a humble man. I've met him 4 or 5 times and he's real humble

    13. EKK20 A2IPS

      What was wendlant doing with the water gun? What does it serve?

      1. MLF BIG5

        He's got water with a little detergent in it to smooth out the surface and push pollen off to make it easier to see beds/bass.

      2. TheZamboon

        www.bassfishin.com/blog/sight-fishing-bass/ This article says it's for removing surface pollen

      3. Musk Beard

        Counter react the ripples so you can see the beds

      4. TheZamboon

        I would also like to know

    14. BASS_GAWD

      friggin rights!!!!!

    15. Bryan Speller