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    1. YouTube

      Congratulations on the new house Graham. 🏡🙌

      1. Casey Tustin

        @Graham Stephan I will smash the like button if you don’t put a reef aquarium in your new home. 🙏 Aquarium hobbyists and collectors decimate reef eco-systems by removing fish and coral to display in tanks-most die within a year. Check out THE DARK HOBBY.

      2. TRUTH _

        This chump votes democrat and then leaves the mess they made and will continue voting that way wherever he goes I am sure.

      3. salahudin ayubi

        i mean hey ! he makes money and you guys love money don't you? (i do too)

      4. Randyrozzay

        @Skittles nah the you only made it when Tom from Myspace comments

      5. clairedelune06

        @Karan yeahh, im so confused😳

    2. Chiara Aliesh

      This house really looks so cool! I am already excited to see it finished!!

    3. M

      Henderson or Summerlin?

    4. Olga Derdowska

      Can't wait to see house finished.


      покупайте дешево

    6. Mike Young

      Beautiful home Graham!

    7. Matthew Wood

      Aren't you the guy from the coffee channel? Lol absolutely amazing house for 1.4m. Must have good credit to get 2.85% with 20% down. Surprised your "investment" of choice is a Tesla Roadster though lol The collectors version might appreciate but if you're putting miles on that Roadster, I would be shocked if it didn't depreciate. If you dont drive it, seems like could probably get a better return elsewhere lol That being said somehow I dont think you want it as a "real" investment. Huge congrats on the house, its absolutely amazing

    8. A E

      damn, you got a big head!!

    9. Erik Hopkins

      "Variety of reasons" = TAXES!!!

    10. Avocado Toast Investing

      Someone’s moving up in the world!

    11. 구독 안하면 프사 님 미래 아들

      So this is how Nevada turned leftist

    12. EG

      You inspire me bro, keep going, good for you 🤙

    13. BROis

      I have 24ft ceilings in my house and same problems with lighting. It's a PITA!! My advice is go for top of the line CREE LED lights, they last a long ass time and hopefully won't need to be changed for over a decade. I think mine are rated for 25 years. Congrats on the new place.

    14. Veronika L.

      I'm just trying to find out where that moth came from Answer: It was on his back ...when did it get there? 🤔

    15. Stackz Bundles

      You deserve it bro you taught me the game

    16. catalinarojasr99


    17. iNINJAgamer

      Gonna be a nice home when it’s finished. House tour anyone?

    18. F O

      You should team up with Aquascape! #1 In Water features hands down!

    19. Cristhian Macias

      Congratulations on the great home! I'm an investor in AZ if you ever want to come in this market or do a JV or colab.

    20. ghoster

      OMG UR SO SHORT lol

    21. quartytypo

      Las Vegas is a dead town and not coming back.

    22. TEAM TERYX

      I'm seeing more people do tile and not stagger them, always thought it was for a structural reason? Who knows!!

    23. Dr.Pepper

      Please if you are leaving california to settle into a red state because you hated how the dems turn it, don´t vote democrats into the red states don´t be that stupid.!!!!1

    24. Lord Lucifer

      He's so smol

    25. Eric Brancaccio

      Hi Graham, I’m curious why you are taking a mortgage on the house?

    26. MoreMuscle

      Did I hear right...30 bedrooms!?

    27. Sharylanne

      You may not end up loving the 20’ ceilings

    28. Cee Cee Fog

      All I can think of is all of the coyotes, that will be in your backyard 😳 Be very careful. They are coming even in the city now.

    29. Christopher Goerge

      The adaptable plate outstandingly pedal because blouse neurochemically try besides a poor bass. mindless, unwritten bedroom

    30. ywamdan

      I like the home, but why do your first official home tour with the fancy subtitle before the house is finished?

    31. P O T A T O cute

      I thought this would be another prank video😂

    32. Angie Chang

      Are you a Republican? Because why move a Democrat run city if you voted Democrat

    33. Samuel Piper

      Heaven is gonna be nice.

    34. cb750

      Now enjoy the crazy drivers.

    35. Danielle Halford

      I relate to the "normal ceilings are tall for me" comment so much. Congratulations on the new home.

    36. vedant sharma

      Sweet home! Always love your videos, but, PLEASE use youtube in dark mode! almost went blind!

    37. Regitze Camara

      Congratulations 😍😍

    38. Merréll OBrian

      Damn boy, you're sexy and got some big feet! Nice!! Congratulations on your smart, beautiful home. ...I had something else to tell you. Damn. What was it? AH! Now, I remember. Target will overtake Amazon in 2022 as the US choice for online retailer and same day delivery. So, The stock will go up 600% or more in 2021.

    39. Henry Rooster

      Damn bro!!!

    40. InternetAjay

      Can't believe youtube commented on this lol

    41. Chicken Pasty

      May I ask why you didn't pay or the house in cash? As someone who is looking to buy a house, paying for it in cash seems like the most cost-saving way to do it.

    42. Jennifer Gold

      As a professional piano technician it makes my soul cry that the spot you said you're putting your piano in is in DIRECT SUNLIGHT!!! Please don't do this!! Or else have a curtain up or something as a barrier to the sun because the sun will really affect the piano and will decrease its life!!

    43. Clay Newcastle

      1.4 million will get you an "it's OK" house in Victoria, BC.

    44. Vice Stipic

      What a beautiful home, congrats Graham

    45. boy3870

      I gotta say after all the hard work you've done making a video everyday and helping so many people,you DESERVE that house and the success you have today Graham,hope you have a wonderful day👌👍

    46. Marko Perković

      I may be too European and I guess not so rich to afford it (although Americans tend to buy everything on the credit meaning they also can't technically afford it). Anyways, I don't get why the ceiling must be over 6 meters tall (yeah, meters, it's international unit and you are signed since 1975 so yeah...) It doesn't add to effectiveness of the house but adds to the overall cost of the house in the materials used and subsequently to house price to justify those spendings. Also, it is pretty bad for you heating bill since all the heat will go up in unused area and you will need to heat more to get some of it in living area. I don't know are the houses in US sold by the price of square meter (or feet, banana or whatever you use) or is there some other principal. But if they are, then with that high ceiling you pay far more because of the square space dimensions and most of the payed squares aren't and can't be used for anything (except maybe for some galleries and elevated spaces but I am not sure that main construction can handle it. I wouldn't go into rooms and arrangement since it is individual and there are many variations on the market (even though those closets are ridiculous and so unpractical - again, you have giant space of which 50% is unreachable by anyone). Anyway, congrats on your new house, I am sure it will look great once it's done. It is most important that you love it :)

    47. Justyna Van Poucke

      Those ceilings 😍😍😍

    48. Arthur Hunter

      I wish to build the same house. How big is it? And what was the cost

    49. 1ROAD

      What’s the association cost??!!

    50. Kayla V

      Lol Jack has to come through the window 🤣🤣🤣

    51. Manga Collector

      Wow he's fat

    52. Spring Park Shop

      That living room! Yasssss

    53. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

      What a Waste of Money.

    54. Ay Bee

      Nice place! Did you ever figure out how to change those light bulbs? Seeing your ultimate design would be great!

    55. Alphabet Place

      Congratulations! Happy New Memories :)

    56. Moh Syed

      Graham, much love & respect From Singapore

    57. Dylan Mata

      Is this in Henderson?

    58. LazerKaboom

      Looks dope! Can’t wait to see the final result. And I echo others, it’s 2021, leave the fish out of it and get a cool desert terrarium!

    59. Chris O'Grady

      If value is heavily based on floor area you should really add a mezzanine floor to that massive living room. The super high ceilings are a waste of space if you need square footage

    60. Timothy Lemaster

      Did this morph into HGTV..... :)

    61. Ginger TangYuan

      good luck changing the batteries in the smoke detectors...

      1. Graham Stephan


    62. Ryan MacLaren

      Hell yea brother!

    63. oranjelicht

      what neighborhoud of las vegas is this?

    64. Chad Bailey

      After watching this video again after a few weeks, I don’t see WHY you’re worried about getting a AC Cobra or Tesla Roadster? This hous is HUGE! WIth this purchase you’ve already reached a new level haha, get the damn car!

    65. ken powell

      hire some homeless to protect your LA pad --cool dope house whoops Airbnb rental

    66. ken powell

      where are the gates, safe room, and cops---or I guess simply safe is paying for this love your show--you are the next Dave Ramsey _ except for the baby grand

    67. Nick Swierczewski

      Now you can actually reasonably consider buying Gucci or coffee from Starbucks since it’s cheaper with taxes 😌

    68. Tony A


    69. Kelly Truong

      Gentrification 0.o?

    70. jackson steele

      For the brick you should use mid century white by old texas brick it is nice and would look good price is about $6.75 per sq ft used it in my house looks great!!!!

    71. Candice Greshaw

      Ohmygosh! I literally jumped so hard when that moth flew out that my phone flipped out of my hands!!! 😂😂😂😅

    72. Linda Zalamea

      I’m very confused. How will the house be saving you money on a 1.1M, 30 year loan? The interest payments will be astronomical, won’t they?

    73. Charlie Sanders

      I wonder how many of these videos it’ll take for the government of California to take the hint. Dude literally just bought a 7-figure home in Vegas for what he was paying in income tax in California and LA. The exodus is real, and it’s only getting started.

    74. Cliff Layne

      Las Vegas is ideal, as a temporary housing solution and as an investment, three to five years at most. Las Vegas will probably be the hardest hit area, due to it's phenomenal recent growth, when the real estate market and the U.S. economy finally crashes. Las Vegas has two major problems, 1) it just turned blue, so expect the government policies to quickly reflect California (which you decided to leave) 2) NO WATER, without stealing it from other parts of the state or surrounding states. These two things will lead to it's downfall. If you are looking for a longer term solution, think Wyoming or similar. You could also start looking for property near Lake Joseph in Ontario, Canada. That area seems to make Kevin O'Leary extremely happy.

    75. D A

      Grahsm doesn't know ehat a mud room is.

    76. ron black

      are you sure the california tax dept. will let you go so easily. in ny they will pursue you to ridiculous levels in order to tax you. one wealthy guy got screwed because he still had a hunting license that was charged as a resident instead of out of state.

    77. No Man's Land

      I had to smash the like button for that play on words. What a nice house, $1.2M here will get you like a shack or something, so a move to Nevada might be in the books for me too, haha.

    78. Paul baron

      The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

      1. Paul baron

        @Daniel Gaze +1 8 3 1 9 9 9 3 4 4 9

      2. Daniel Gaze

        Please I need someone like this man I need the info to message him and talk with with him

      3. George Alexei

        I'm not here to converse for him but to testify just for what I'm sure of, he's trust worthy and best option ever seen

      4. Paul baron

        @Alina divmok You don't really have to be surprised about Mr David. This is what you get when you offer a genuine services to many people out there. They always come back with their testimony about you.

      5. Jonathan Ivan

        I am already making moves for Bitcoin. Insah Allah

    79. Zach Padelford

      Thats in McDonald Ranch in Henderson. I did all the beginning construction (rough grade and blasting) there. I know exactly where that house is. Crazy. Super nice area

    80. Donovan Bryant

      Ah yes, smashing "the like button" 😏

    81. Adam Thomas

      Hey Graham, nice house! I just bought a house in Las Vegas too (Skye Canyon area). Any tips for getting a jumbo loan for a house this expensive?

    82. BogiYT

      Pretty late but - congrats bro!

    83. Darklife

      jeez 1mill and a half would get you a huge house here in texas

    84. jelly beans

      9:43 - 9:55 😂😂😭

    85. david rantala

      Most annoying sound ever is,"we are from California." Another person fleeing california but will still vote the same. Just what we need.

    86. Dovid Stein

      Congrats on the move and best wishes for the future. Would you vote republican in Nevada or democrat? The reason I’m asking is because it seems to me that the one party democrat control is the source of all of the problems you left.

    87. Kevin Kane

      Reef aquarium would be real nice. I got one myself🙂

    88. Christie Williams

      I want to see a reaction video to your utilities! In summer and winter!!

    89. runforthecube

      That moth scared me too!!!

      1. Ryland Holland

        Jelly belli jelli helli

    90. LEUKICK

      9:52 best like button prompt of all time 😂😂

    91. Liam Deems

      I wonder is it’s Henderson or Vegas?

    92. Scott Andrew Horne

      Well done Graham mate. God Bless you and Your Family Amen xxxxxxx

    93. Average Jaw

      How much are property taxes on a place like this.? And you should also get Tesla solar panels.

    94. Naná

      No yard, no green, just a big huge block using the entire lot. 😒

    95. Austin Stringham

      Great, now that you’re in a free state consider investing in a Rifle Dynamics AK, they’re made in Vegas and they’re top tier.

    96. Britmysta

      Tesla roadster...just for the background 😅. Nice.

    97. GhostSOTW

      The uncovered secretary cumulatively unpack because windshield customarily cough vice a likeable hedge. dark, selfish cloth

    98. salahudin ayubi

      i love your style of life but dude don't look at cars as an investment 🤕

    99. david langham

      you are going to need a home charging station for the tesla, What a hassle

    100. Dave wilson

      That’s high and not a lot of rooms