Gonzaga Semifinal Postgame Press Conference - 2021 NCAA Tournament

March Madness

38 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

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    3. The Chosen One

      Nobody cares about that shot anymore Jalen.

    4. Antbeast23

      Gonzaga got crushed. They need to win the big one at some point

    5. One Ultra

      He ain’t happy now💀

    6. nesluso lukejti

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      Zags will choke in the final

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    13. Cesar Salais

      Every zags fan was saying they would win by 20 points. They needed a lucky shot to win. Ucla deserve the win.

    14. Todd Duffy

      Kipster and Timme did wonderful not just Suggs etc

    15. JustinDOzone

      Fantastic game that neither team deserved to lose. Everything a Final Four game should be and more! Have to admit I am pleased that both of these teams are from the west and that no teams in the Final Four and only one of the Elite Eight were from east of the Mississippi. After years and years of east coast bias this year feels like redemption.

    16. John Tatum

      Great classic game on both sides...fought to the end...March Madness!

    17. toefela inna

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    19. j Miller

      "A controversial charge call with one second remaining in regulation had UCLA fans furious at Lucas Oil Stadium. Bruins Johnny Juzang was driving to the lane with the score tied at 81 and appeared to draw contact from Gonzaga defenders, but Drew Timme drew a charge call." I saw the play from different screen angles. Johnny went to his left around Drew. In one frame you can see both Johnny's shoulders and the ball past Drew. Drew looked like he put his hand on Johnny's right shoulder and pushed off to make it look like he was pushed. Tough call for the refs.. Any given day the call or score could have gone a different way. I have coached many sports for many years. Know you guys are winners. But more important you did your best. Can't wait till next season.

    20. Vilma Melva

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    21. Jake Dull

      No lie it's gonna be a battle against Baylor but I'm sure Gonzaga can pull it out like they did against UCLA.

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        Nope baylor is not UCLA, it’s a difference!

    22. Jonathan

      All respect to UCLA. They played a near perfect game and had the big time players, game plan and coaching to beat Gonzaga on a night when they weren’t at their best. Amazing game.

    23. J C

      great game timme travels more than harden

    24. kermitefrog64

      Spokane Zags in the final dance! Incredible!!!

    25. Gafook Yousepf

      Gotta have someone named Suggs for it truly to be MADNESS!!!........

    26. kev glitt

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    27. Shed Williams

      That's not to take anything away from Jim Nance. He is a class A announcer and as cool as they come.

    28. Shed Williams

      Great ending to a great game!!! Would've loved to hear the great Gus Johnson with that stellar voice making the call on that shot.

      1. Yo Momma

        Gus or Kevin Harlan too

    29. Steve Young

      I'm rooting for Baylor.

    30. Cowboys Nation

      As a UCLA fan congrats zags. Thanks bruins for a great season

      1. Mike Travis

        Awesome game and good luck next year. Y’all are the real deal.

    31. BangTaoBeach

      Okay Gonzaga, you better beat Baylor. I know this UCLA team would win by 10 points after watching this game. Get it done and win. NO EXCUSES!

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        And they killed Gonzaga!

      2. MattTheDestroyer 1234

        don't underestimate baylor they killed houston

    32. urthpainter

      think someone would ask if he was alright after getting trucked on a late drive to the rim... huh?

    33. Bry Bry

      Hats off to UCLA for real man

    34. Scott Forrester

      As an alum, been heartbroken so many times, love this team, can’t believe we pulled that off. 06 redemption. Amazing game

      1. Dustin Ooley

        I second this.

      2. Steven Miller

        I played high basketball against the great John Stockton as a Richland Bomber basketball player. At Whitworth College I had my friends at Gonzaga and I have been a ZAGS FAN before the slipper fit as they say!! Great vindication!! Go ZAGS ALL THE WAY!!!

    35. Colton LeDez

      Find you a guy like Mark few who shows so much love for jalen Suggs

    36. George Fu

      Lucky Shot, Suggs!

    37. Jose Medina

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    38. C Sutherlin

      Jalen Suggs IQ is off the charts

    39. DAJ5


    40. Luke Mendez

      Jalen played amazing defense and Juzang still had 29 points. insane

      1. Conner

        @JackedFarmer they will they got lucky so many times

      2. JackedFarmer

        Honestly if that’s good defense there going to struggle against Baylor

      3. G

        They started Nembhard on him and he got exposed defensively. Jalen slowed him down in the second half for sure

      4. A K

        Credit to UCLA for (almost) beating the odds. But you are correct Jalen was a beast on Defense

    41. Luke Mendez

      props to ucla

      1. Frank MUR

        nobody cares today

    42. Jasen Jahn

      This is the inland NW team.

    43. worst nightmare

      Thank you so much suggs!! From the heart ❤ of Spokane!!!

      1. DaBugPlayz

        stop acting like you like those "24k golden" earings

    44. Darkim 00

      why is suggs sound like my career on nba 2k

    45. Aidan Conway

      UCLA bettors in the comments down atrocious rn

      1. Taylor Field

        ucla covered though..

    46. Archie Bates

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      1. Lane Wesner

        Me love you long time

    47. Sr.

      Go bring it home Zags!! Make the greater Spokane area proud and the rest of us fans around the country and around the world..!! I sure am proud of the team and Awesome Coach.! Sure miss it being up there.!.!

    48. Stevie wunder

      Gonzaga enjoy this moment because this is the last time to celebrate you guys will choke like those last times y’all were in the championship. Go be in a real conference by the way.

      1. Stevie wunder

        @Rusty Shackleford told ya so 😏 go play in a real conference

      2. Stevie wunder

        @Eye See hey you watching the game go be in a real conference 😂😂😂

      3. Yo Momma

        They can't help the conference they play in but they got the respect of teams like North Carolina, Kentucky Duke and Kansas now

      4. Scott Forrester

        Lol how’s that salt taste

      5. Eye See

        @Stevie wunder you ever heard of "it's our time" lol everyone's day comes when they win 1 finally

    49. J B

      Gonzaga's revenge

    50. Swift Moves

      Baylor by 20

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        @Nathanael Hicks Baylor by 16

      2. Unbias Cowboy

        @Eye See by 16

      3. Unbias Cowboy

        @Sr. he was 4 points off Baylor by 16

      4. Nathanael Hicks

        Tripping, just cause one close game

      5. Eye See

        Bro by 20? Come on now bro no way its even 10

    51. Jarrod Moran

      Happy Easter everyone. Jesus is Risen!

      1. Jarrod Moran

        @John God is the non contingent grounds for contingency.

      2. Carter Winkelmann


      3. jujohns0

        He is risen indeed!

      4. John

        "God is dead." -Nietzsche

      5. aiden


    52. Jeffrey Mings

      This game felt like an instant classic from the jump. Some of these guys will play pro, maybe even the NBA, but we will all remember this game and remember why we love college basketball 🏀☝️

      1. HAVERTY MATONDO-Fouka


    53. Daniel Torluemke

      Refs bailed them out at the end of regulation.

      1. Daniel Torluemke

        @Rusty Shackleford That flagerent on Riley in the first half was absurd. There was nothing intentional about it.

      2. MattTheDestroyer 1234

        that was a charge are you dumb

      3. Rusty Shackleford

        not to mention the phantom foul calls, missed and ones, hooking and tripping no calls, flops, shall we continue?

      4. urthpainter

        @worst nightmare facts - two of Timme's OT buckets could of been and one's, uncalled - and the no call on the Suggs drive where he got absolutely trucked was ridiculous

      5. Matthew Yoon

        @worst nightmare agree bro. I felt like a lot of calls went UCLA's way the whole game

    54. Will

      Suggs is fun to watch and he cute

      1. Jacob Issac

        Keep that to yourself

      2. MiniRooster


      3. david falcon


    55. Nathan Yamoah

      Jalen “you know” Suggs

      1. Tom Evers

        Nathan “Your mom needs an OnlyFans” Yamoah

    56. Aric Randolph

      Fkin legends

    57. Gene Montoya

      Enjoy it, the run ends Monday without the bling. Sorry Zag nation.

      1. Jonathan

        The run for both teams end on Monday. Go check the schedule genius. LOL

      2. Zach Leonard

        @[Y]TN1112 precisely

      3. [Y]TN1112

        More like Baylor will be the one without the bling.

    58. Shane Lewis

      ZAGS FANS Gotta get on line and Hear Tom Hudson and Adam Morrisons make the call from 101.1 fm radio. Adam Morrison goes crazy and REDEMTION emotions for him CONGRATS

    59. color me

      7:00 mins in and i hear no love for Ayayi. He carried the bulldogs the entire first half.

      1. Scott Forrester

        His line is insane

      2. Zach Leonard

        Yeah, the whole team would have been down 15 at half if Ayayi didnt totally carry the team. He was the only effective player. Timme was weak 1st half... suggs airballing. Ayayi was player of game possibly

      3. color me

        10:00 mark. And there it is. Took a while.

    60. W Starley


    61. Shane Lewis

      EARTH QUAKE IN SPOKANE... GO ZAGS and UCLA wow what a team and class act. They will be back nextyear. BRING IT HOME ZAGS...

    62. Ethan Bovee

      Mark few is such a class act

      1. DaBugPlayz


      2. Mike Travis

        @BangTaoBeach agreed. I loved Cronin from his Cinci days and it’s awesome to see him bring it to UCLA too. One of the top 5-10 coaches in the sport. Amazing game and you guys are going to be top 10 next year for sure. Hopefully this sets up a home/home series soon. Would love to see it.

      3. BangTaoBeach

        Mark Few and Mick Cronin are both class acts. I'm a Bruin and I'm rooting for the Zags. My uncle went to Gonzaga, my dad went to Seattle U, my mom went to UW, my brother and I went to UCLA. Please win the final game. Keep this one for the west!

    63. Rusty Shackleford


    64. Sports Are For Women

      Just give Gonzaga the trophy

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        You mean just give it to Baylor

      2. Yo Momma

        @brady chick Yea they shot the lights out and that defense was crazy they deserve it

      3. brady chick

        Congrats Baylor!🎉🥇🏆😎🏆🎤 drop.It wasn't even close.Bye Gonzaga.

      4. brady chick

        Sports....Your comment is not aging well right now.Baylor is putting on a pure tee clinic right now! Wow!

      5. Yo Momma

        @brady chick It should be a classic. I would love to see Gonzaga get one. They've grew on me the past few years

    65. ᄐᄋ

      THUMBS UP!

    66. anandguruji83


      1. anandguruji83