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    15 Among Us SECRETS You MISSED!
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    1. Nikola Stankov

      Which is why I am disappeared scribing

    2. Nikola Stankov

      I tried free Christmas hats but they were with money

    3. Ashika Kanhai


    4. Jalpa Soni

      I have a question I don't know how to change day and time can you tell me z

    5. Nichole Segura

      8:08 where is the white crewmate I can't see it

    6. pat Yong

      The towering coin relatively fail because architecture moberly clean underneath a woebegone mother. chemical, comfortable step-son

    7. Carl Ivan E. Pujol

      4:24 its not the funny looking telescope its the shooter from destroy asteroids task inside the weapons

    8. Benji Mikkelsen

      My friend found about it actually someone knows my friend

    9. WrangWrang is me

      I found most of these

    10. Jess McDonald

      lol those XMAS hats are from an app!!!

    11. UnicornXGamer 9


    12. Kayla Norman

      My brother lovessssss drake

    13. Taiah Mohsen

      The hats doesn’t work for me

    14. Bella C

      Ok so that reactor fake task is going to kill you and here is what i mean if you see someone faking that task do not i repeat DO NOT call a meeting. As most of us know if you're imp you fake tasks, but occasionally crewmates also fake tasks to try to catch imps in the act. Now I once saw a crewmate faking a task (trying to do the sabotage task) I went and reported it. We voted them out and then (for being wrong) I was then voted out. So as you can see reporting for people who fake tasks can bite you later on. This is a true story

    15. Daniel Galvan-Hernandez

      my birthday is in April 1, no joke.

    16. Kimberly Fritts

      Among us was released on 2018 SO AMONG US CAN BE THE ALPHA!!!!!!!

    17. Watch Me Whip

      None of this worked for me

    18. ii_ Milk

      Also, in electrical in the bottom left corner, you can kill someone and you cant see it AT ALL the only way to report it is to see the report button flash

    19. Safari Op :D

      1:48 t5g: this is fine

    20. Skylar Domican

      It dint work!

    21. kiwikim09

      I knew 10

    22. ayanna

      Mobile users are crying rn

    23. Allen Jones Styles

      Yes spacemafia , i know

    24. Hafeni Omwenyo

      The April fool's day one worked

    25. Ambrose WONG

      the front cover of this vid has chinese words, though I can read it and it doesn't even make a word. UwU Busted!

    26. Talia Shnier

      Ik I’m late but am I the only one who thought the white crew ate wasn’t a spy but was just going to the toilet?

    27. Tal Amason

      Most of these are fake FYI

    28. Missie Cassandra

      8:12 its moaning myrtle hahaha

    29. autumnsdad5505

      How do you change the date

    30. Red_Vc

      That Is Crazy

    31. Artemio Muniz

      One secret is once you use the security cameras it shows a Minecraft screen start when funneh did that

    32. Elsworth 67

      That is fake i tried

    33. Lil Kille

      This was not even about the new map😑

    34. Dxrk Shxdos

      The telescope looking thingy is the weapons.

      1. Dxrk Shxdos

        Also, the satilite dish is actually also for weapons.

    35. For gaming


    36. jana abdulmajed

      Omg wow it flip in real life

    37. Daniel plays Roblox

      Fake video


      First it was fall guys now it’s among us do you guys agree??

    39. Fabiojazzie Jazzie putra purnomo

      Yeah i made my most best friend in among us hes name is player ina mong us we get so well and then i disconected so yeah goodbye buddy😢

    40. Irasha Ismail

      I made a glich how to make is go free play and soboged to O2 and go a vent and just stay there if you sscreen gets a something and you are gonna press to the,x, and you can go out no venting just invisible

    41. Fire King

      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    42. Raphael Macedo

      i know about the admin table from your first video

    43. Tito Elmer

      If ur waiting for the secret map Its a clickbait

    44. E mate 50

      Why do you use clickbaits?

    45. Joris Dobber

      T5G kinda sus

    46. Emerald Heidi

      There's another hiding spot in Mira HQ behind the shelf in storage

    47. Beast Gaming

      No.2 is false

    48. Devil Alfie

      Xmas hats don’t work

    49. Rishi Kukreti

      T5G You are good, You should open a KGup channel

    50. Jaxsyn Johnson

      Who else new number 11 already



    52. Jikutozuki The Ninja

      5:27 I'm pretty sure I'm on a list now.

    53. Kittens Fluffed2

      How on mobile?

    54. lifegoeson v and jimin

      wow that was cool and funny

    55. Miah Chung

      The admin blink trick Clash Universe already said that in one of his videos. LOL

    56. Ron Stafford

      Hi 11th crewmate

    57. Ron Stafford

      But how do u change the date to get the Christmas hats

    58. Xstarlii

      Why do this clickbaiter has over 600k subs?

    59. TTVVincible Goat

      0:02 me when I swipe the card

    60. Gillian Johanningsmeier

      "Here is a secret that ONLY the creators know about" now EVERYONE knows! 😜

    61. Michelle Rosenbauer

      You have to bye hats

    62. Dripper 1

      No no no no no no notability of it is done to you please call the doctors who did us and then us to do on it then they are done ✅ was a big game but I don’t have y and get it done and then get it to get it done ✅ I was like a noob and I have to stop 🛑 I get done and I’m done doing it right now I don’t know I u I need to get a call from you and then get it done ✅ was a time for I was singing

    63. liam official

      go into april 1st in settings change it and look and the name for the skeld it flipped

    64. Eliza Ullman

      eek i love this sooo much and YES THAT WHITE CREWMATE IS CREEPY

    65. purple among us player

      how do u chache the date on a iphone o_O

    66. Chasity Passmore

      I already know #13

    67. Black Templar

      This is rather useless.

    68. Greendot Media

      funny lol lol lol

    69. ًemmaً

      Clickbaiter lmao

    70. カムイカンナ

      You sure is a crewmate and not the edge of the toilet bowl

    71. Aashimation *

      Thanks for 13th!!

    72. Kalawati Bishnoi

      8:13 thats grey


      How do you make the day cach in among us

    74. Yohannah Bacay

      The calendar thingy doesn't work

    75. soumya singh

      I did got to know the 13th one on my own some days ago as I

    76. sanjit saha

    77. zainab laghari

      i was the black one lucifer that means i was playing with you

    78. William Fabiano

      I love he said “a small indie game”even though amoung us is the most popular game right now

    79. Dario Deda

      Everyone knows that

    80. Buttxercups


    81. SML24

      Thanks for not clickbaiting :)

      1. SML24

        @ًemmaً sorry i commented this on the wrong video

      2. ًemmaً

        He did clickbait, You literally can see it says secret map in the thumbnail when in the video he didnt even show lmaoooaoao

    82. Susan Mellage

      once i got that task in reactor

    83. Stefanie Moore

      Vote for geen all the time

    84. M De Rooij

      0:21 Distraction Dance

    85. supercar boi

      4:23 it's not a telescope thingie it's the cannon for weapons

    86. PinkyPurpleGalaxy

      on mobile you still have to pay for the xmas hats:(

    87. Edrin Edrin

      When you said there where white impostor in the bathhroom I could see it

    88. Qasimodo gamers

      once i had same green as a among us charecter with wizerd hat.

    89. Pov Meanleap

      If u are wacthing in 2020 leave a like :))

    90. Soft Mint

      How to change date 📅 in among us

    91. Faiza Prova

      thank you bro for this video.

    92. Nethuns object cosmos

      I got some imposter secrets,if anyone sees you venting you just need to tell them that you are cleaning the vents

    93. Reborn mommy 771

      The hats wont work

    94. •Zephyriah Therese Calderon•

      I know all ..

    95. jiahao yap

      In polish the weapon s room with the shooting thing on the side is visual task

    96. Julio Fernandes

      I already know the third one

    97. Violeta Trejo Cruz


    98. Joanne Alicia Darmady 1730025


    99. ꧁Atsuko Kagari꧂

      1:48 Anyone notice that’s a hacked server I got it before.... *ERIS LORIS*

    100. •Chill Gilli•

      So... what’s the new map?