Tortilla Pizza - You Suck at Cooking (episode 58)

You Suck At Cooking

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    Pizza. The ultimate open-faced sandwich.
    Use parchment paper or non stick spray.
    Slap down a tortilla shell with intention.
    Spread some tomato sauce or pesto with vagueness.
    Add mozzarella or a mozza-anything combo with passion.
    Add various ingredients with indifference.
    Cook until the cheese is blistering from the physics.
    Cool until you are out of danger.
    Eat until the pizza is gone.
    Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin

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    1. Ashish Srivastava

      Gigguk would this pizza

    2. awoo

      I came here because I was lazy and wanted pizza. What is this

    3. Ka Young Soo

      If the robots ever rebel now we know why :')

    4. Eldritch Being

      I'm gonna cry how dare you kick him out

    5. PSI-Blast

      screw the robot, you opened my eyes and have made a diet possible. thank you.

    6. jacob

      justice for hand

    7. Andreev Gleb

      Well, I want to call it art because I experienced emotions



    9. Mr. Slim Tinty

      "Add 3 tablespoons of oil- goddamnit."

    10. tiacat11

      Science Fiction: mankind will never trust robots and will eventually go to war with them Real Life: an entire comments section yells at a chef for being mean to a fake robot

    11. S&S AMERICA

      2:18 Face reveal

    12. Shihab

      Forgive him please

    13. BreJinx

      I don’t know why this was on my feed. But I feel very blessed. 😆

    14. Aden Gilbert

      Pimblokto I miss you 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    15. Molly W

      How long do we put the tortillas in for?

    16. Jenny S

      Omg 😭😭😭😭😭

    17. oh sees police

      These are the episodes that make me feel like YSAC is the avgn of cooking

    18. 2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague

      Spanking as punishment, which is sexual, which robot person wants.

    19. Soloman Vandy

      If you make pizza with gigantic bland crusts I have some bad news for you

    20. Jay Mcgregor

      Pimblokto is so asmr lmaooo.

    21. intoTheVoid385

      I cri :(

    22. Ricasio Gaming

      I wanna give pimblokto a hug 😢

    23. Zubair Sheikh

      @2:46 i m happy to see that mr tin tin is going homeless but @5:16 i'm worried that rusty would find an excuse to stay, please leave before i unbolt u and sell you to local wrecker for tim horton's coffee

    24. SPLURGE

      Such a heart wrenching story

    25. j borrego

      I say toasted the tortilla 1st so bottom is hard

    26. Derpysket Gaming

      Pimblokto got clapped

    27. Ponthos

      Pimblokto:*speaks* Me:"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me"

    28. Stuflames

      I showed this to my dad, and he threw me out. He told me I could never do for Sussex County, what Pimblocto had done for Modern Native Floridian Female Literature, and The World.

    29. Stuflames

      You think it's a joke, but the syntheticons will twist this piece of discrimination into their meaticon hating propaganda for several thousand years. Of course, after several thousand years, the syntheticons will interprete, indoctrinate, and ultimately encode the concepts of sarcasm, context, and parody. But, by then it will be far too late.

    30. Sophia

      man i miss pimblokto.

    31. B_mrkr


    32. Magnus Svane


    33. Jay Mcgregor


    34. Mr. Despacito

      Pimblockto ;(

    35. Ruben Trujillo

      Disliked cause you were mean to Pimblokto, apologize or i unsub >:[

    36. A. B.

      This was Great!! Awweee pooor robot, tho!!! Lol

    37. RadicalEdward37

      Did anyone else actually like pimblokto more than YSAC? 😭

      1. Maison

        Fr 😭

    38. william attina

      6:25 turn on captions

    39. weebified


    40. Delarch


    41. HighonMarsx _

      im sad nowwww

    42. Jay Mcgregor

      Love these videos holy shit thank you

    43. NL Magic

      I’m am not saying this as a joke I legitimately cried. I feel so sad for pimblockto.

    44. Mr. Slimeboy

      i finished the video and i do not know what the *fuck* just happened.

    45. Roland Deschein

      Oh I'm pretty sure this is casually explained. Like can I get my verification now?

    46. Kağan Tek

      Pimblokto , You were the besto İnside my chesto Pimblokto

    47. Sonya Vincent

      I cant believe I care about a fake robot. Wtf have I become.

    48. Alex Quiroz

      The suitcase has a sad face

    49. Mai Star

      Wait but can we just imagine what he would’ve looked like dragging the suitcase down the stairs with plastic clippers 😂😭

    50. Frederik Wathne

      My heart, why does it hurt?!

    51. This is Michael

      This has more plot and drama than the latest Wonder woman movie

    52. what ever

      Noo, i feel really sad :(

    53. NightwishTarja

      winderfyk vudeis, nice contetn cheers from Ukraine

    54. Putu Jovano

      Pimblokto nooo

    55. Gus

      Why does this feel like an anime?

    56. zan w

      That's a quesadilla

    57. Atlas 13


    58. Abronymous

      Top 10 anime betrayals

    59. Ryan Xu

      whats a freshlock bag?

    60. Sky Widows

      This episode hurts my heart.

    61. Tanash Sultania

      why you do him like that T^T

    62. Grim DaReaper

      Imagine if someone was following step by step.

    63. a housewife's vibrator

      You know i actually think the crust tastes nice my favorite part of the pizza is where the saucy part and the crust mix if you know what I’m talking about

    64. Zayden Nguyen

      Dude if you eatting a poop pizza ofc the crust will be the best thing

    65. Doge Toast

      YSAC Doesn't deserve such an amazing robot

    66. Random Guy

      We need a Film Theory on the lore of YSAC

    67. Cynthia Thompson

      How do I feel sad about this and it’s not even real My god and I’ve seen the end when P comes back and blows you up I’m still sad lol it’s stupid I’m fucking stupid

    68. wolfdog980 34

      00:00 CYBERPUNK 2077


      I like crust...

    70. FireFaerie Gacha

      I feel so bad for pimblokto ;~;

    71. Gwen Deshotel

      I swear. Your videos make me actually laugh out loud.

    72. Otaku Plays

      Anyone else had there heart broken from this

    73. BananaLizard


    74. Katie Tran

      You don’t know how bad I just wanna snap those hands in half

    75. Ronaldo_ Slayer21

      Why was that funny lol 0:44

    76. SinHi

      very good pizza recipe!

    77. Carl Shrekarl

      I genuinely hate ysac for this episode after feeling sad for pimblokto. I almost didn’t laugh

    78. Richa


    79. TanakaHanzo

      I can make better ur robot for i am coder from twitter and faceblook . I help by make better coding . all is lost without make robot better. I am Rgh..BB..iiden! relations Kamala Dr Drrrgh Harris good intentions make good AI!

    80. Maggot St. Pierre

      What is wrong with me i thought that was a condom floating in the bowl at the beginning

    81. me and Lucille

      Did he just call the oven onion?

    82. Constant Chaos

      Can we get pimblockto back?

    83. Wonchan Cho

      i genuinely didn't like pimblokto becomes too frustrating of a cooking video

    84. Spicy Ice

      Bu- but, it can't end like this... right?

    85. Truls Oven

      I love this man

    86. crutec

      yes the story is sad and all, but YOU CAN MAKE PIZZA WITH TORTILLA ??? WHAT.

    87. Zach Zamora

      Thank you youtube algorithms for helping me stumble across this gem 😂😭

    88. syncopatedglory

      poor pimblokto.

    89. DustyDoots

      The onion stays on 350 My brain:💀

    90. The Gravemind

      Fuck it I’m trying this pizza

    91. Ryan Kim

      Legitimately sad and pissed at the Pimblokto abuse 😠

    92. Rathika Ramadoss

      I die a little each time he says "tortilla shell"...just me? ok

    93. Sergio edhi

      These videos are what god had in mind when creating the internet

    94. QuwehShunMark

      I would say that the crust is where the honey goes but really that's the whole pizza.

    95. Felipe Pubillones

      Not gonna lie, the robot schtick was off-putting.

    96. Aryan Shahu


    97. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Why is he shredding shredded cheese

    98. bangtans blueberry bingsu

      3:52 did u mean three-fundo

    99. moriah93ohio

      I was not expecting to feel so sad when I clicked on this video

    100. Brandon Emerson

      got me right in the feels...