Lawyer Paul Davis fired after recording a video of himself outside the Capitol on Wednesday

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    A North Texas attorney says he lost his job because of a "Twitter mob," after videos he shared on social media show him protesting outside the Capitol building Wednesday.
    FOX 4 News is a FOX-owned station serving Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas.

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    1. Kyra Neto

      Puts a smile on my face to watch all these idiots getting arrested, losing their jobs, losing family & friends. And all for what? Listening to a false prophet while he golf's, eats his cheeseburgers and watches all his followers lose their freedom. Wonder how much they still love & support tRump.

    2. weatherthestorm

      MLK didn't sack the Capitol.

    3. Aaron Swafford

      Another crazy Jenna Ryan

    4. frederick anderson

      Maybe mango can use him on his legal team.


      Davis should not forget that MLK Civil Rights participants were assaulted, jailed, and Fined for their participation in Peaceful demonstrations during the Civil Rights era. He wants to emulate them? Stop your Bit**ing and Man Up!

    6. Eddie Boggs

      No man is worth losing your country for.

    7. IOnceAteAPinecone

      I really want to see David shred those guitars he's always sitting in front of. He's got all that deadhead merch on his wall, I want to hear a fox news agent play some psychedelic rock

    8. Gary Jackson

      I hope all of you Qanon supporters go to jail for a long time.

    9. AgentCody Banx8

      Damn, so they were receiving so many calls that they made a voice-mail saying they fired him already

    10. scott b

      I wouldn't hire this guy to represent my dog! Why? He states you don't hide evidence yet how many recounts were done! Look at Georgia and Wisconsin! They recounted multiple times and even GOP lead state officials agreed yet this supposed lawyer says no evidence? YEP! I wouldn't let him represent my dog! Whatever law school gave him a pass should be ashamed of themselves! Not to smart!

    11. mark tolbert

      He has been deceived, in a job where you need to be able to spot deception. Not a good look.

    12. Louis Barone

      It's not fair to quote me in context !!!!!

    13. Louis Barone

      Put him in a prison cell with the man that crushed Jeffrey Damher's skull !!!!!

    14. Louis Barone

      Good luck finding a job with a criminal record, maybe you have a future as a bathroom attendant !!!!!

    15. jd2616

      A Kool-Aid drinking lawyer now in deep dodo.

    16. Georgette Cosenza

      Ha ha.

    17. Erik Hopkins

      so...does he need a lawyer? 🤔

    18. Mark Frederick


    19. Shiji Nahatni

      He set himself up by 1 being there 2 saying they were trying to get in 3 saying they were going to stop the steal etc etc etc -- he set himself up == Goosehead protected itself and rightly so

    20. jd2616

      Trumptards, seeing the repercussions of following trumps stupid a$$. May they all rot in jail for the next decade.

    21. Purpod Gallagher

      His participation in trying to get into the Capitol is *evidence of his participation in the riot & insurrection. The Dominion machines have already been inspected & the ballots have already been recounted*

    22. Milesblue

      "We are trying to get into the capitol." Seems pretty self-explanatory.

    23. Shon Newton

      Good be fired from Kiss 💋 Trump butt

    24. Toothpick

      Background check. Guess he wont find a good job anymore.

    25. Glenn Lobo

      what proof have theserioters that the ballots wee stoled ecept at the instant ofTrump the conspirator a tritor of Ameria cannot be in any post of theAmerica. The fats the rioter were present in the prob=hibited area is guilty whether you have caused violence or not why were theses riotters were present. show us the evidence of your presence.

    26. Brenda Scott

      I thought lawyers were suppose to be smart. Imagine that another dumba$#

    27. Danny Burton

      LMAO peaceful protest dang don’t believe a word of it

    28. GoodNewsPress

      Good Job Goosehead

    29. GoodNewsPress

      Good Job Boss Man

    30. Ernesto Delgado

      Being a lawyer he knows the law and still he committed this crime,he has to be accountable for his actions.

    31. Simon Hughes

      All they are calling for is an audit of the ballots🤷‍♂️ but that’s been done, recounts and checks have been done but they still don’t believe them so what call for something they aren’t going to believe 🙄

    32. stéphane Painchaud

      C’est St-André

    33. Joseph De la torre

      Disbar him, disbar him, disbar him. Jail him now, jail him now, jail him now. How's that for a chant?

    34. mikei

      was wondering why they kept saying "protest", and then I noticed it was FOX lmao

    35. james wagner

      What is wrong with people? They are a disgrace to America which gave them very prosperous lives.

    36. Daryll Oberes

      No wonder he join the riot hes employed by a loosehead

    37. Jody Lowe

      So i assume this dolt makes a good paycheck. What the heck is he mad about?

    38. D JeasyLis

      O.M.G. To be a lawyer he must have a brain why isn’t he using it?

    39. I Live in the Woods

      Arrest, trial, conviction, prison. NEXT!!!

    40. Leodous Kyron

      Those bits both say he should have been fired 1) he says he was trying to get into a secured building (crime) 2) they will not show us the ballots or the machines is not the way voting is done or validated (incompetence)

    41. Rick Sanchez


    42. Walking D-day

      A lawyer that doesn’t know real evidence or the absence of such should be fired.

    43. D.sheree life

      Mind your business... attend to who you have to defend....the country has spoken.😬😬😃😃 The company has a voicemail saying he's no longer employed 😭😭😭😭😭that's hilarious

    44. FAB

      MAGA..Morons Anti-American Getting Arrested !!

    45. Bee Em Wyllie

      THE LAWYER NEEDS A LAWYER! YOU JUST SAID "WE" You will be going in "Pro Se" look up U.S.S.G. so you will have an idea how long you will be on vacation.....but you are a lawyer you might want to try 5K1....there are plenty of positions available...Baller!!

    46. Fresh Northwest

      fantastic... We need people that live in reality to be part of our courts.

    47. TonesTheGeek

      Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from Consequence Also when a company named "Goosehead" takes this embarrassment seriously, you know you've F**ked up

    48. Hai Leo

      He's a lawyer then he should know Trump is a liar.

    49. Jean Nieves

      Cameras 📸 everywhere

    50. Johnny Ramirez

      Theres a opening at berger king's

    51. John Dexter

      You broke the law, stop the crying. Do the time! Trump will be with you.

    52. Barbara Knight

      Who is he to count ballots, it's not your job Davis

    53. Mark Saguindel

      He's now employed by Goose Step Law

    54. jaime cayamanda

      Paul Davis go ask Trump to be one of his Atty for his coming trials.

    55. TheHojirt

      True facts-- 98.5 % of trailer park residents are Trumpers and 97.6 % of Trumpers are below average intelligence

    56. TheHojirt

      Any lawyer who believed the BIG LIE should be disbarred for excessive stupidity.

    57. Forty Deuce

      Now he can represent himself in court. Haha

    58. Jerry Walz

      When I read in an interview he said he was there praying over the police, I knew every word out of his mouth had to be a lie.

    59. Jerald Cuccurullo

      Lawyers always LIARS

    60. Lex C

      Well done.

    61. Terry Nash

      Hey pal I know a good lawyer if you need one. Better call Saul. If he is busy Ben Matlock might be available however you will just have to call him.

    62. tiredmummy

      The assault on the Capitol building was absolutely reprehensible-however if theres no proof of him being in the building then he shouldnt have been fired. If he Sue's for wrongful dismissal, he'll win.

    63. Sindibad Terry

      He should know better trump lied to them dump trump should be responsible for all these republicans who didn’t know he lied to them

    64. Janelle Burns

      Director of HR, a shame to our profession.

    65. Gi Suzi

      I never thought I would see so much ignorance in the US.....people just waiting to have the Communist Left take over and lock them up.

    66. Gi Suzi

      This is ILLEGAL.....He now has a very large lawsuit against his former employer.

    67. Chief 90

      He didn't do anything? When has murder not been a crime? If you and your peers break into an occupied dwelling with weapons and someone dies, you will get charged with murder.

    68. Alfil Kemper

      It's a pity he slept through social studies and watches Fox News. There is no excuse for ignorance like his. Many of the so-called swing states recounted by hand and no voter fraud was found that could be brought before the courts. It's tough becoming minority 'race.'

    69. Keren Tolbert

      He says he was looking for a full audit of the votes, in spite that the Homeland Security said the vote was free of fraud. Seems to me he would not except anything less than evidence that supports his beliefs there was fraud.

    70. Xoxo

      Sacrificed a great paying job meanwhile Trump is enjoying his gulf course 🤣😂

    71. Ramjet Riddick

      Thank youuuu

    72. NYRM1974

      In New York City alone there was monumental election fraud

    73. j s

      Tru liar ! I’m offended that he would even refer to MLK! he was trying to get inside, he wouldn’t leave even after he was tear gassed, now that he is FIRED! He said he was trying to stop this, he’s said earlier her was trying to get in then his second statement he says he didn’t! Crazy

    74. Lenny M

      Another one bits the dust, hey hey their gonna get you too...

    75. Johnny Ramirez

      He should of posted him self getting fired

    76. Nate Drake

      alll of that schooling for nothing lol

    77. Betty Reed


    78. Betty Reed


    79. Glen Johnson

      Unsubstantiated claims=LIES!

    80. xoof89

      was it worth it? I don't think so.

    81. Roman Ward

      Former FBI official, a Navy veteran, is ‘key figure’ in Jan. 6 riot, prosecutors say...And a Lawyer! More proof that Biden and the media's MSNBC,CNN,CBS and ABC all need to be defunded and over thrown! This lawyer and this FBI guy are smart and a knowledgeable people! The Media's and the Democrats mocked and attacked President Trump for over 4 years! They all committed TREASON 100%...

    82. kathy chrostowski


    83. luz goncena

      A lawyer. How did this guy believed Trump's lies?

      1. Georgie F

        Stupid stupid.

    84. Erick Medrano

      Imagine if we stormed the capitol when trump won? We’d still all be classified as terrorist and be locked up til this day still

    85. poosnip


    86. Joe Weis


    87. The M Network

      Now this young man praying over the police but yet he listens to Trump and now out of a job cause no one will hire him and the bar might make him return his papers. The holy spirit should have told him that Trump was a liar but I guess it does not work for some people. He needed to have got fire he was that weak minded.

    88. ME Alston

      More proof that Texas is chock full of insanity and in fact Texas should be removed from the sovereignty of the US. Give Texas back to Mexico. Then we can defend Texas threats from 5 flanks with ease.

    89. Shoo0 C

      Mask? Mask? These ppl weren’t smart at allll

    90. Intelligent Hoodlum

      MKL Style 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️

    91. Matthau San

      You’re a lawyer. Your voters fraud cases are all shut down inCOURTS. Your got no evidence. The fee frauds found are from your party.

    92. Donna Moore

      Ctfu you don’t hve a job now this is funny 😄

    93. Gerald O'Hare

      Goodbye to the law practice and the good life. He should learn to code.

    94. Benoit Vanhees

      Goosehead... Come fly with us ???

    95. T H

      Hahahaha did he get his law degree at Trump University?

    96. Robert Burnett

      Send him to JAIL🤣😂🤣 just for lying alone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    97. Triggered Wizard

      Damn i've always defended ppl against racism but this comment section is as low as its counterpart so sad to see that you too are brainwashed by this both sides got played and you guys still think its a home and away teams. Two different heads of the same seven headed dragon....

    98. Raul Machado

      I guess going to college and getting a degree doesn't mean you have common sense

    99. mariaansah

      Who would want him as a lawyer. He can not even think for himself.🤪

    100. hon yee chou

      Wait....The President Of 45th needs defense lawyer right?