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    1. Taekookie Monster

      I wish I was the girl

    2. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      Ring Ding Dong#137.3M Lucifer#119.1M Hello#78.8M View#56M Don’t Call Me#45.9M Atlantis#18.4M

    3. Sharmaine Villar

      2021 I'm still here 🥺

    4. Kim Chii

      i have this song in my laptop but that was the spotlight flashlight at the back to many shiny lights version that I can't even see their face when I first saw it.(I FORGOT THE TITLE VERSION) but i swear i got addicted to this song when i first heard it without even knowing their name......

    5. Sunny EXPLORAR

      I was listening Atlantis. Thought to listen old SHINee song. This came to me. Now this added to my playlist. listening over and over again. What a refreshing song. ❤️

    6. Natsuki K

      So View is how old? It still gives us a fresh and refreshing vibe, and although I am a new Shawol, I can tell it is a very "SHINee" kind of song. Let's keep enjoying :-)

      1. Indraneel Das

        @Natsuki K so trueeee

      2. Natsuki K

        @Indraneel Das SHINee has so many wonderful songs :-)

      3. Indraneel Das

        It just came out few hours ago 😂😂 I never feel like it's going to be 6 years in few days

      4. Natsuki K

        @XxSavageXx Thank you so much, it does not feel like it is 6 years old! It is truly the masterpiece.

      5. XxSavageXx

        View will be 6 years old in 4 days

    7. Bbusyeo ONEUS

      still cant believe this masterpiece is turning 6 years old in few days

    8. Melisa San

      "Time goes by. It is just slower when you are having a hard time. If you try to enjoy the time, everything will be alright.” - Jonghyun

    9. this nctzen can hear it calling

      may is just shinee's month

    10. Indraneel Das

      Never bored got even after listing to the song for the 489498392910232th time

    11. heart taem

      I feel a thousand senses~~~

    12. 우나

      지금은 뷰의 계절

    13. 5HINee 5ever

      So sad in 3 days we only get 64K vi3ws but other younger group can reach 60M in 3 days. In 6 more days View will be 6 years old but how many vi3ws can we get by then?

      1. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

        @5HINee 5ever , Hello! Hello! Same here, whenever I see new comers, I introduce them to SHINee’s MVs that might interest them. Let’s keep doing our best. I hope that our core group will get larger and larger and more active. Take care. Thank you

      2. 5HINee 5ever

        @Excuse me miss Chocolate! yes, exactly. Although we got new subs till 2.06M now but it seems maybe many are the dormant type just checking the new songs not older songs, that’s why I try to read comments & leave comments in any new reactions video in case anyone interested in SHINee then I’ll try to encourage them to watch SHINee’s older MVs. But it’s not easy. Anyway let’s keep on trying n not giving up supporting our boys. I know I can definitely depend on you and some SHAWOLs as I always see you and some other leave comments everywhere (in SHINee’s other MVs I mean). Fighting ❤️

      3. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

        Hello! Hello! I feel you. I remember sitting there and staring at my screen in disbelief, watching their numbers go up faster than I could blink. I must admit that they have some real fire power.

    14. 좋아하면소리지르는 고영

      미안한데 초반에 태민이 얼굴에 손수건 대고 기절을 시키는 거임 아니면 코를 풀라고 대주는 거임?...

      1. 민서

        기절시키는게 아닐까요? 약간 납치느낌 나는거같아요..!!

    15. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      View will get 6 years old in 6 days.

    16. HanMilk

      Necesitaba una maratón de SHINee , es perfecto.

    17. EXOGLOW

      Canción que nunca pasa de moda

    18. Ira Terre


    19. Giridhar Das

      O yaah

    20. Ananya

      57M lets goo

    21. Ananya

      This song is nostalgic in one way whenever I listen to this song it takes me back to 2015

    22. Ananya


    23. Ananya


    24. Ryan Quince

      This song has a drug in it because I can’t stop listening

    25. 챠렌

      뷰의 계절

    26. Alfa Two

      Esta siempre va a ser mi canción favorita del mundo. Es preciosa en todo sentido

    27. E. W.

      song of the summer babey!!!!

    28. Melisa San

      "Before spring comes Before it gets warm Shall we meet? Before the day comes When everyone else is asleep Let’s meet" -Jonghyun

    29. SUMMYR L

      Aquí viendo a mis Reyes SHINEE en 2021👇😁👇😁👇😁🎶 like, okey ? ... me encanto solo la musica jejeje, estoy bien (quita la mano de.mis.ñinos)

    30. Siti Maylia


    31. Szymon 8750


    32. Wengie loves SHINee

      No-one Minho: gets hit on the head by glass bottle Me:............. I thought shinee were friends

    33. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      I consider View and Tell Me What To Do as the coming of age of 5HINee

    34. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      Tonight is the night for crazy party

    35. Melisa San

      "Baby, when I’m with you, I don’t care if we do nothing So comfortable, I fall over with laughter over nothing I don’t even know how my days are passing The moment I open my eyes, to when I close them, I’m filled with you" - Jonghyun

      1. Fabiola Oliveira

        is that lyrics from any of their songs?

    36. 애치

      솔직히 나는 문특에서 나온 ‘한국하이틴’이란 수식어는 좀 안맞는다고 생각함 하이틴은 블랙핑크같은 컨셉이 하이틴이고 이거는 그냥 한단어로 정의할 수 없는 그때 그시절 세련되고 개아련했던 민희진 감성 그 자체임 정말 샤이니랑 에프엑스만 소화할 수 있던 앞으로도 전무후무할 감성

    37. Hessa Kwt


    38. Elizabeth Le

      happy 56 million queen

    39. Ma. Kathleen Joy Sol

      This song never gets old ❤️

    40. abook945

      Haven’t been a kpop stan in nearly two years. This is still one of my favourite kpop songs, I come back to listen to it often.

      1. Fabian Rioseco

        they are legends pls check out their latest release Don't Call Me and Atlantis all the songs in their 7th album are fire👌

    41. aerəmœ


    42. ManGa Nasıl Kazanamaz Yah!

      Life is full of chances. Take it lightly. - a friendly dino

    43. Melisa San

      “If there is a problem, it would be a problem with the company than between us” - Key

    44. Excuse me miss Chocolate!




    46. F L


    47. 야옹이

      또 들으러왔다...ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 너무 아름 다운다운다운다운 샤이니!

    48. Jongtaeminjinkey

      Let's keep going

    49. Jongtaeminjinkey


    50. Azizah 1610911016


    51. 5HINee 5ever

      Finally we reached 56M. Congrats all for your dedication and support. Let’s keep going next goal 57M. We can do it. SHAWOLs fighting.

    52. Lee SanJuk


    53. Sam Sam

      55 999 074

    54. Cannd 331

      que tristeza, jamás me va a pasar esto

    55. Moonlight


    56. Melisa San

      "It's important to understand the arts. I believe understanding art allows on to understand other people." -Jonghyun

      1. Melisa San

        @XxSavageXx Every shawol miss him

      2. XxSavageXx

        I miss him :(

    57. Babeby Oon


    58. Moonlight

      shinee world

    59. Moonlight

      shining SHINee

    60. Anna Anna

      Ngl, the first time I looked for this song, I typed down down down shinee HAHAHAHHAAH

      1. Taemin Milk

        Omg same!!! Always thought they are singing down down down xD

    61. 뿌듸뿌듸

      still a masterpiece even after 5 years

    62. Melisa San

      SHINee"shining bright like diamond"

    63. Melisa San

      SHINee is the best best best

    64. nct dream minnieee

      55,977,635 56m soon go for it shawols

    65. Melisa San

      "When your tears are falling just let them shed. I wish you'll think of it as if that weight inside your heart is getting out of your body drop by drop like that." - Jonghyun

    66. Soleil Choi Minho


    67. Brit Banana

      I wish there were more kpop videos like this!

    68. Melisa San

      Zamanın ötesinde bir şarkıydı ilk çıktığı zaman hak ettiği değeri tam olarak görmese de şuan listelerde tekrar yükselmesi sevindirici

    69. Natsuki K

      0536PM 55,971,436----->29K to 56M, this song still shines, so beautiful. :-)

    70. Gerry Lomboy

      This group is phenomenal

    71. Gerry Lomboy

      55 968 410

    72. Melisa San

      Top 10 Most Searched SM Groups on Melon (Apr.25-May 1) #1 #SHINee(10 weeks at #1) #2 GirlsGeneration #3 RedVelvet #4 EXO #5 fx #6 SuperJunior #7 NCTDream #8 TVXQ #9 NCT127 #10 aespa

    73. 5HINee 5ever

      Another 35K more to 56M.fighting

    74. Melisa San

      The other meaning of perfect is SHINee.

    75. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      Let’s aim for 56.5M for May 25th. Thank you

    76. Moonlight

      beautiful view

    77. Moonlight

      56m is coming

    78. Tirto Ananda

      Taemin is Very Handsome and Cool.

    79. aisha lovesshinee

      I want to dance to this but I know I will look stupid. Meaning of this comment: no one will ever be able to dance this as well as shinee

    80. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      View will be 6 years old this month!

    81. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      Take me to a fun trip with SHINee.

    82. cumleakage

      So catchy

    83. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      It is satisfying to know that I’m not the only person listening to View at this specific moment.

    84. Melisa San

      Je t'aime SHINee ♡

    85. Kimberley Gray


    86. 사랑해요샤이니


    87. Luana Velozo

      vengo acá cuando lo extraño:(

    88. 샤이니가답이다

      뮤비가 진짜 K-하이틴 그자체 노래는 진짜 김종현 미쳤어 청량그자체

    89. Moonlight


    90. Moonlight


    91. Moonlight


    92. Moonlight


    93. Moonlight


    94. SHINee World

      Masterpiece oh yeah

    95. Melisa San

      SHINee is not trying to be legend but Legend is trying to be SHINee

    96. Melisa San

      Gaon Top 5 SM Albums (Apr.25-May1) #1 #WayV Kick Back #2 #SHINee Don't Call Me #3 #Wendy Like Water #4 #Baekhyun Bambi #5 #SHINeeOdd

    97. Melisa San

      Even without lights, you shine brightly Even without lights, you dazzlingly shine" - Jonghyun

      1. Shay Wilson


    98. 허정호

      ㅋ 노래에서 색이 그려지는건 처음봄